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Due to the unique and special combination of agro-climatic conditions Kolhapur Jaggery has a distinctive and naturally-occurring quality and flavor which has won the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Kolhapur%20Jaggery

  • Kolhapur Jaggery
  • A Geographical Indication

Why Kolhapur Jaggery is a Geographical Indication?
  • Due to the unique and special combination of
    agro-climatic conditions Kolhapur Jaggery has a
    distinctive and naturally-occurring quality and
    flavor which has won the patronage and
    recognition of discerning consumers all over the
    world for well over a century.
  • The quality, reputation and characteristics of
    the Jaggery is essentially attributable to its
    geographical origin and cannot be replicated
  • Perennial flowing of rivers in the sea lap, wind
    coming from the sea accompanied by hot and humid
    atmosphere in Kolhapur area plays a significant
    role in making of sugarcane.
  • The unique river basin in Kolhapur flowing from
    mountains enriched in minerals and minute food
    particles gives sugarcane a salt less water
    because of which the jaggery gets the unique
    taste, color and durability.

Kolhapur Agriculture Produce Market Committee
  • Established at Kolhapur in 1945 under Purchase
    Sale Statute
  • Objectives
  • To get proper price for agricultural goods
    including the Jaggery
  • To gain weightage, and mark, and register their
    presence in market
  • To keep all over legal control to maintain
    quality of agricultural food including Jaggery

  • Actions Undertaken by KAPMC with respect to
    kolhapur jaggery
  • Provided financial support to the jaggery farmers
    to protect the crop in heavy floods in 2005
  • Making sure that the farmers are getting
    guaranteed price every year for Jaggery
  • Attempts are being made to form a Jaggery Export
    Zone in Kolhapur which will aid to export jaggery
    on a huge scale
  • Application for the sanction of Agri Export Zone
    (AEZ) is pending before the Agricultural and
    Processed Food Products Export Development
    Authority (APEDA), Government of India.
  • KAPMC has applied for their logo cum symbol for
    Kolhapur Jaggery and applied for Trade Mark
    registration with Trade Mark number 2172435.

Geographical Area In The Map
1.   Latitude           16-43'N 2.  
Longitude        74-14'E 3.   Elevation      
  574 m above
Proof of Origin of Kolhapur Jaggery(Historical
  • Maharashtra famous for Jaggery production since
    18th century
  • Kolhapur district has been producing sugarcane
    and jaggery since long.
  • In 1886, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj established a
    Jaggery market for Kolhapur region. Traders were
    given plots and other concessions and were
    persuaded to start market.
  • 27 of total sugarcane production in Kolhapur
    division is used for jaggery production as
    compared to merely 11 in rest of the State.
  • Jaggery from Kolhapur is being exported in great
    quantities to 44 countries around the world
    including Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Sri Lanka
    and so on.
  • Present exports of Jaggery from Kolhapur region
    valued at 250 300 Crores.

Uniqueness of Kolhapur Jaggery
  • The five perennial rivers famously known as
    Panchganga make the Kolhapur soil rich in
    minerals and increase the nutrient value that
    lead to quality jaggery.
  • The atmosphere of Kolhapur region is humid (30
    370C) in which sugarcane grows quickly.
  • Sweet water of the rivers make the Sugarcane
    sweet and distinctive giving the jaggery its
    distinctive taste, color and durability.
  • Colorbody proportion is less in Kolhapur Jaggery
    compared to others helping to remove impurities
    to maximum extent.
  • Kolhapur Jaggery is prepared under most hygienic
    environment and scientifically packed with no
    added chemicals, colors, additives and flavors.

Health Benefits of Kolhapur Jaggery
  • Jaggery made from sugarcane contains vital
    nutrients such as Glucose, Minerals, Calcium,
    Vitamins, Iron, Phosphorous, Proteins, Copper
    etc. essential for human body.
  • Jaggery prepared in natural and chemical free
    processing which makes it rich in important
    minerals like salts 2.8gms/100gms, whereas only
    300mg/kg is obtained in refined sugar.
  • Magnesium in Jaggery strengthens nervous system
    helps to relax muscles gives relief from fatigue
    and takes care of blood vessels.
  • Magnesium along with Selenium acts as an
    antioxidant scavenging harmful free radicals from
    our body.
  • Potassium and low amount of Sodium present in it
    maintains the acid balance in the body and
    control the blood pressure.
  • Iron rich jaggery helps to prevent anemia.
  • Anti allergic properties of jaggery take care of

  • Jaggery is good for migraine and is good for
    girls who are struggling to get free flow during
  • Jaggery in helps to remove clotted blood from
    the body of a woman during post pregnancy period.
  • The preventive ability of jaggery on smokers
    smoke induced lung lesions suggest the potential
    of jaggery as a protective food for workers in
    dusty and smoky atmosphere.
  • The wool dust clogged in the food pipe could be
    cleared with jaggery.
  • Moderate amounts of calcium, phosphorous, and
    zinc purify the blood and prevent rheumatic
    afflictions and bile disorder helping to cure
  • Jaggery is good for dry cough, cough with sputum,
    Indigestion and constipation.

Method of Production of
Kolhapur Jaggery
Clean fresh sugarcane
Juice storage tank (juice pH 5.2 -5.3) (storage
for 2.5- 3 hrs)
Deposits and insoluble impure substances
Calcium carbonate 150 to 200gm/ 1000 lit
Churner (1000lit. capacity) juice pH 5.8 - 6.0
boiling temperature
Powder Lady finger (2kg/1000lit. )
First dirt removed (temp. 850 C)
Boiling the juice (juice pH 5.5
Liquid jaggery making process
Jaggery making process
Kolhapur Jaggery Production Part B
Liquid state of the juice 105 -1060 C
Liquid syrup is cooled down
Liquid jaggery kept in the barrel for 72 hours to
cool down
Citric acid (0.04)
Potassium metabisulphite 0.01
Slightly boiled
Benzoic acid 0.5
Germfree bottles
Clean liquid filled in the bottles
Labels stuck
Bottles made air tight
Kolhapur Jaggery Production Part C
Edible oil 200 ml/1000 lit. (1060C)
Boiling the juice in the churner.
Inspect the solid syrup and remove from the fire
118 to 1200 C
Cooling down of juice by blowing.
First Stirring 960C
First Stirring 960C
Jaggery containers filled 760C
Cane Juice in an open pan
Cane Juicer
Continuous stirring of boiling
Cane Juice
Cane Juice boiling in an open pan
Transferring of hot syrup into moulds
Removing solid jaggery from moulds
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Inspection Body and Quality Control mechanism
  • Kolhapur Krushi Bazar Samiti, Kolhapur
  • Electronic weighing machines
  • Will keep full control on use of any harmful
    chemicals for jaggery production
  • Any other required measures to maintain the
    unique quality of Kolhapur jaggery.

Other Relevant Information
  • Nearby 25000 farmers have their dependence on
    jaggery production in kolhapur
  • They produce 9 lakh quintal jaggery per year
  • Kolhapur jaggery is an intellectual creation from
    the farmers in that region
  • Quality and reputation are specially attributable
    to kolhapur for more than 100 years

Documents produced in light of kolhapur Jaggerys
GI application
  • Notification by Development Minister, 1945
  • Kolhapur Government Gazette 1948
  • Soil inspection report
  • Water inspection report
  • Articles pertaining to subject
  • Affidavit by KAPMC
  • Other supporting documents

  • Kolhapur Agricultural Produce Market
    Committee, Kolhapur
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