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The Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs


The Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs Informative Research Paper Course Target: I will understand and apply the 6+1 Traits of Writing to my writing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs

The Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs
Informative Research Paper
  • Course Target I will understand and apply the
    61 Traits of Writing to my writing.

Write down whatever is in GREEN!
Introduction Paragraph Purpose
  • The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to
    capture your audiences attention by providing
    background information about your topic and
    introduce your subject matter. Begin broad or
    general and become more specific.
  • It should be at least 5 sentences long including
    your thesis statement which is the last
    sentence(s) of your introduction.

Remember the triangle?
Rubric Requirements
  • Writer captures the audiences attention by
    providing important background/detail sentences
    that introduce the heros relevance.

What resources will help me write an
  • Biography notes on your hero-introduce your
    readers to your topic!
  • Concepts of what a hero is.
  • Good beginnings and endings hand-out on the wiki

Example Introduction Paragraph
Growing up in a poor family in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, Bill Cosby maintained a busy
schedule mixed with academics and sports while at
the same time working two jobs before and after
school to help support his family (Gale). He
continued working hard in life and became a
famous successful comedian and actor who truly
made a difference in this world. A hero is
someone who can defeat all odds and take risks,
sacrificing something in order to stand up for
what they believe in. Famous actor and comedian,
Bill Cosby shows heroism by breaking racial
barriers and risking failure by expressing his
beliefs on race.
Notice that the thesis is at the bottom?! The
thesis includes a definition of a hero, the
subject, and how that person is a hero!
Conclusion Paragraph Purpose
  • The purpose of the conclusion paragraph is to sum
    up your evidence or claims. Its a brief
    overview of the material you described in detail
    in your body paragraphs.
  • It is 4-6 sentences long
  • It restates your thesis argument!

This time its this type of triangle!
Rubric Requirements
  • The conclusion restates the thesis and raises
    issues to a greater whole. It contains no
    distracting information that strays from the
    focus of the thesis.

Example Conclusion Paragraph
Bill Cosbys ability to bring a smile to
every face and experience success amidst all
kinds of adversity make him an obvious hero that
many feel naturally connected to. He broke many
racial barriers and faced criticism on what he
believed were the racial barriers facing America
in his time. Criticism did not stop him, but
only encouraged him to stand up to his beliefs,
Civilization had too many rules for me, he
said, so I did my best to rewrite them
(Cosby).  Because of Cosbys success and
achievements, America has a role model to look
back on.
Notice the unique way in which I reworded the
thesis and brought the topic to a greater whole?!
Introduction Paragraph Rough Draft
  • On a half-sheet of paper, write a draft
    introduction paragraph for your paper.
  • Turn this in on the way out today so Mrs. Moll
    can give you feedback.

  • Additional Introduction Paragraph Examples from
    Honors Students of Old

  • Oh Im rich, Im rich! Carnegie exclaimed one
    day during the 1860s when a fiend asked how he
    was doing (Heilbroner 63). At first glance, the
    statement sounds greedy, selfish and cocky a
    phrase that would seem to come out of someone who
    avariciously sought money. Yet, unexpectedly,
    the same man grew to be one of the most notable
    philanthropists of his time, donating millions of
    dollars to aid the general public. Andrew
    Carnegie, the industrialist that rose from
    poverty to prosperity, was a man that not only
    gained a massive amount of wealth, but gave away
    the majority of his fortune to the needy. He was
    a man who acknowledged the need for change in
    order to advance, both economically and
    educationally. The steel magnate changed the
    industrializing period of the United States,
    attempting to make it for the better. Not all
    heroes need a super power, a secret identity or
    the strength to overcome malicious evil forces.
    In fact, heroes could simply be human beings who
    strive to benefit others in the world. Andrew
    Carnegie was such as he gave away an unbelievable
    amount of money to assist many populations in
    both the new and old worlds.

  • In the world today, there are many different
    kinds of heroes people who accomplish seemingly
    impossible tasks, people who discover life-saving
    breakthroughs, or fictional people who save the
    world everyday. Lewis and Clark were not
    fictional, but were actual people who traveled
    thousands of miles to the Pacific and back to
    further inform people all over the world about
    what was in the unknown. Heroes like them touch
    lives in varieties of ways, and give rise to
    heroes of the future. Lewis and Clark proved
    themselves as heroes by furthering the expansion
    and knowledge of Western America.

  • Sandra Day OConnor is a very powerful and
    outstanding woman of the United States. Sandra
    Day OConnors early life, school years, law
    work, volunteer work and retirement have all
    influenced her actions and thoughts. A hero is
    someone who has made a difference and has
    accomplished something extraordinary. Sandra Day
    OConnor is a hero and she has achieved an
    astonishing accomplishment as one of the few
    women Supreme Court justices.

  • Additional Conclusion Paragraph Examples from
    Honors Students of Old

  • A hero is someone who benefits society in some
    way and leaves an impact for the better. Dr.
    Seuss is a hero because he taught and continues
    to teach children and adults important morals
    through his innovative novels and illustrations,
    so that they can lead more responsible lives. He
    has been a leader in social issues throughout his
    life and continues to be now even though he has
    passed away. To honor his passing a sculpture
    garden and museum were built in his hometown of
    Springfield, and it includes some of his most
    popular characters that have endeared the hearts
    of millions and encouraged people to care for all
    things on the earth despite their differences.
    He was the first to combine the elements of humor
    with serious to create literature where children
    have fun and learn. Seuss has become so
    cherished that he was admitted to the California
    Hall of Fame in 2008 (Reading Today). Dr. Seuss
    is the creator of creatures, the inventor of
    imagination, the manger of orals, the redeemer of
    reading, the izard of words, or more simply He
    is a hero.

  • Heroes stand up for what they believe to be
    right they endure hardships and criticism all in
    a hope to achieve a selfless and honorable
    mission. Wilberforce might not have been an
    accomplished warrior hero like George Washington
    or Napoleon, but he was still a type of warrior.
    He fought for twenty years against the British
    government in order to see the downfall of the
    slave trade. When he started out he was a
    vibrant young man who set out on a quest to end
    some of the injustice and cruelty he saw in the
    world. Two decades later, after many trials of
    faith and conviction, his determination yielded
    the sweet fruit of victory. However after all
    those hardships that young man had grown old. He
    found the courage and risked and sacrificed so
    much for the sake of his brothers not for his own
    glory. This is why history honors the name
    William Wilberforce. For what makes a hero?