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Back to School Night


Back to School Night Welcome Parents and Students My name is Socorro Tejeda. I have taught 1st grade for 24 years. I have lived in Brawley all my life. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Back to School Night

Back to School Night
  • Welcome Parents and Students

  • My name is Socorro Tejeda.
  • I have taught 1st grade for 24 years.
  • I have lived in Brawley all my life.
  • I have two children, Angel Cristian.
  • My hobbies are meeting celebrities and
    collecting anything with ladybugs.

  • Teacher Tejeda
    Grade 1 Room 28
  • 810.. Enter classroom, Take
    attendance, Pick-up homework
  • 815-1000Language Arts
  • 1000-1010Recess
  • 1010-1035Language Arts
  • 1035-1100PE
  • 1100-1135...Lunch
  • 1135-1250Math
  • 1250-100Language
    Arts/Science/Social Studies
  • 100-110..Recess
  • 110-140..Flexing with other
  • 140-225Language
    Arts/Science/Social Studies
  • 225230----------------------------------------
    ------------Clean-up Get ready for Dismissal

  • My name is Ms. Tejeda. I am excited about having
    ______________ in my class this year and I look
    forward to working with you. As your childs
    teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this
    classroom stopping another student from learning
    for any reason whatsoever.
  • Below I have outlined my classroom expectations
    that will be in effect for the duration of this
    school year. Please read and sign this form
    indicating you have read it. I will keep you
    informed of your students progress in my
    classroom, so that he/she may obtain the best
    education possible. Please do not hesitate to
    call me with any concerns at 760-344-0750. If I
    am not available, you may leave a message at the
    school office.
  • Classroom Rules
  • Follow instructions
  • Keep hands, objects and feet to self
  • No teasing, bullying, name calling or profanity
  • Stay on task
  • Respect personal and school property
  • Positives
  • Behavior Reports (Happy Faces) will be sent home
    on Fridays.
  • Students will get verbal praise, stickers, and
  • Students will participate in Monthly Good
    Citizens Assemblies.
  • Consequences
  • 1st Warning
  • 2nd 5 minute time out.
  • 3rd 10 minute time out.
  • 4th Buddy room and parent phone call
  • 5th Administrator
  • If severe disruption occurs, it will be an
    immediate referral to the site administrator.

  • Dear Parents,
  • Homework has a definite place in the educational
    process. It is an extension of the learning
    experiences children have during the
    instructional day. Homework is designed to aid
    the students in achieving classroom and school
    goals. I consider your childs homework to be the
    most important element that will help your child
    to succeed in school, now and in the future. It
    has been my observation that a child who is
    consistent in doing homework and who is also
    consistent in turning it in on time is one who
    succeeds in school.
  • HOWEVER, your child will need your help. You can
    help your child in the following ways
  • Provide a quiet place to do homework. No TV, loud
    noises and/or distractions.
  • Make homework time a consistent time.
  • Help your child with their homework, but do not
    do it for him or her. Remember, he/she will be
    the one to come back to the classroom and be
  • Check your childs homework to make sure it is
    done correctly.
  • Finally, make sure your child returns completed
    homework to class every day.
  • Daily Homework Schedule
  • The homework folder will be sent home daily
    containing the days homework. The folder needs
    to be returned with all homework completed every
    morning (Monday - Friday).
  • Homework will consist of spelling high
    frequency words, math, and reading stories for
  • . A weekly Behavior Sheet will also be sent home
    every Friday inside their homework folder. On
    this form, please check your childs behavior and
    discuss it with them, then sign stating that you
    have done this. This form needs to be returned
    every Monday inside the gray homework folder. It
    is my way of making sure that you are aware of
    your childs behavior.

Homework Explanation Room 28
  • Math Each day your child will receive two pages
    of math. The work activity will directly
    correspond with math standards that have been
    taught in the classroom.
  • Reading Fluency Each week your child will bring
    home a story to read. Please listen to your
    child read the story each day to help increase
    their fluency. You will need to write down the
    number of words read per minute each day.
  • Spelling Activity Sheet Your child will
    receive a spelling list consisting of spelling
    words for each Language Arts story. Please study
    these words with your child daily. A spelling
    test will be given each Friday. On Mondays and
    Wednesdays there will be spelling worksheets to
    complete as part of the homework.
  • High-Frequency Words Your child will receive a
    High-Frequency word list for each story. These
    words can be studied in a variety of ways. You
    can decide what works best for your child. Your
    child will be tested on their ability to read
    these words.
  • Math Facts Each week your child will be given
    a set of math facts
  • flashcards to study. Your child will then be
    given a two-minute timed-tested on Friday. Your
    child will not progress to the next level until
    he or she passes the timed test. It is very
    important that they learn the math facts.
  • Behavior Cards Every Friday your child will
    bring home a behavior card for the week inside
    their homework folder. Please read it, discuss
    it with your child, sign it, and return it to me
    on Mondays.
  • Homework Folders and Backpacks Your child
    needs to bring their homework folder and backpack
    to school every day. Please make sure all
    homework has name and last name always. Homework
    without name goes in the trash.

  • I need to let you know that there are a number of
    things that I consider as lack of homework.
    Every school year I have parents who are shocked
    at report card time because they failed to
    understand my expectations concerning homework.
    To me, coming to school well prepared with all
    homework means much more than simply doing the
    childs written part. It also involves you the
    parents. Here is a list of everything that I
    consider and count as part of the everyday
    homework required of you and your child.
  • Homework without name goes in the trash. Names
    should be written at home when the child sits
    down to do the homework. If your child forgets
    to write his or her name they will get no credit
    on that day for homework.
  • Failure to return the signed Behavior Card (Happy
    Faces) counts as lack of homework. I consider
    the Happy Faces as Fridays homework.
  • Failure to return the Spelling Test Booklet every
    Tuesday with a parent signature counts as lack of
    homework. I need to know that you are checking
    your childs spelling tests every week and are
    aware of their progress.
  • Failure to bring the Gray Homework Folder every
    day counts as lack of homework.
  • Not doing the Spelling activities, 2 math pages,
    and daily reading fluency counts as lack of
  • As you can see, coming to school well prepared is
    going to be a joint effort between you and your
    child. I appreciate your cooperation at home.
    Together we can turn your child into a
    responsible, well prepared student.

  • Homework is necessary for several reasons.
    First, it teaches children how to work
    independently. It teaches responsibility.
    Homework also lets children practice skills that
    they are learning in class.
  • My job as your childs teacher is to check
    and correct all homework. As parents, I would
    like to encourage you to tell your child to do
    his or her best at school everyday. If it is
    necessary, please help your child at home with
    their homework. At the start of school, all
    students will need help at some point in order to
    complete their homework successfully. By the
    middle of the school year your child should be
    doing their homework on their own. It is my
    belief that by working together we can make
    homework a positive experience for your child.
    As parents, it is your job to do the following
    things for your child.
  • Show interest in your childs work. Ask them
    what they did in class. Discuss problems.
  • Encourage your child to do his or her best and
    help them if they are having problems with
  • Check to see that the homework is done everyday
    before putting it in the backpack and that it is
    done correctly. Make sure homework always has
    childs name and last name.
  • Have a designated area for doing homework. Your
    child should not sit in front of the T.V. while
    doing homework. The less distractions, the
  • Have pencils, erasers, crayons and scissors at
    home for your child to use at homework time.
  • Make sure that your child brings a backpack to
    class everyday. Backpacks help to keep homework
    from being lost on the way home.
  • Please let me know if there are any problems at
    home that may be affecting your childs academic
  • Once again, homework is necessary and lets work
    together to insure that your child turns in his
    or her homework on time and without problems.
    Thanks! Ms. Tejeda

  • Report card testing takes place 3 times a year.
  • I will meet with all parents the first time
    around November or December to discuss childs
    progress and explain report card.
  • Second time I will only meet with you if your
    child is considered to be at Risk of Retention.
  • Third time, again, I will only meet with you if
    it is needed.

  • Dear Parents,
  • Good behavior is very important in class.
    The less problems we have, the better the
    learning environment will be for all involved.
    In order to let you know about your childs
    weekly behavior, I will be sending home the
    attached behavior report every Friday. It is
    your childs responsibility to give you the
    report every Friday and it is your responsibility
    as a parent to read it, discuss it with your
    child and sign it. Your child needs to return
    the signed behavior report every Monday to me. I
    consider it as homework for Friday. A Happy Face
    means that your child had a good day. A Sad Face
    indicates that your child broke a class rule or
    misbehaved in some other manner. When that
    happens, I will write a detail telling you what
    your child did to get a Sad Face. Please speak
    with your child about what he or she did wrong.
    You may come and see me after school or before
    class if you ever have any questions concerning
    your childs behavior. I appreciate your help at

  • Sincerely,

  • Ms. Tejeda

  • Dear Parents,
  • This booklet will be used for our Spelling Tests
    every week. I will give the students their test
    on Fridays. I will send it home for you to
    review and sign on Mondays. Please treat this
    booklet as part of the homework routine. You
    must sign it and return it the next day
    (Tuesdays). Your signature every week is my way
    of knowing that you are aware of your childs
    spelling progress. It is very important that
    your child learns to take care of this booklet.
    I do not want booklets to get lost or left at
    home when they should be at school. Make sure
    that your child studies the spelling words
    everyday at home so that they can get a good
    grade on their tests. Thanks for all your help
    at home. Ms. Tejeda

  • Beginning in September students will be
    exchanging classrooms for a period of 30 minutes
    per day.
  • Students will be grouped according to their
    academic language levels and sent to other
    teachers that will provide instruction at their
  • Flexing for ELD (English Language Dev.)

Parent Teacher OrganizationPTO
  • First meeting is Monday, Sept. 9th at 600 pm in
  • Three parent Volunteers
  • (1 representative 2 alternates)
  • Attend monthly meetings with me.
  • Keep other parents informed.
  • Participate in Halloween Carnival
  • Participate in Movie Nights
  • Participate in Picture Day

  • You can come to the classroom for a couple of
    hours a week, once a week, twice a week, etc.
  • You can take items to do at home.
  • I need to know when you are coming so I can plan
    work for you.
  • PARENT CENTER, information is forthcoming,
    sign-up available.
  • TB and Fingerprints needed
  • Sign-in at the office and get visitors pass.

Student Attendance
  • Our GOAL is 100 attendance daily!
  • It is important that your child attend school on
    a regular basis. Do not bring your child to
    school tardy.
  • If your child must be absent
  • call the office (760) 344-0750 or send a note.
  • report the absence that day, dont wait.
  • Incentives will be available for student
    attendance! Competitions betweeen classrooms
    will be held to see who has the highest
    attendance each month.

Uninterrupted Academic Time
  • Language Arts and Math are uninterrupted academic
  • Students and teachers are not to be interrupted
    all morning.
  • Contact teacher through office 344-0750, via
    email, before or after school.
  • Please make doctor appointments after school so
    that your child does not miss school.
  • If visiting, make arrangements with teacher and
    check in at the office. Make sure you wear your
    visitors pass.

Pick -Up and Drop-Off
  • Entrance Students will enter using the Malan
    Gate or front of
  • school gate on K Street
  • All gates will be closed at 830 am, except the
    main access on K Street.
  • Pick-up Kinder-in kinder area
  • First- Outside childs classroom
  • Second- Cafeteria area
  • Third-East K
  • Bus If your child rides the bus and you must
    make different arrangements send a note, call
    the office, come into the office. Students are
    NOT to be picked up in the bus area.

Infraction Cards
  • Students who break playground rules during recess
    will get infraction cards. These cards will be
    sent home and will need to be signed by the
    parent. Students with 5 infraction cards will be
    sent to the office to speak with our principal.
    Please talk to your children about the importance
    of following all school rules.

Field Trips and Fundraisers
  • Our goal is to take students to Sea World in the
  • Sell Krispy Kreme Donuts in September. Each
    family has to sell at least 10 boxes to meet our
  • Sell BBQ dinner plates from Haciendas in
    December. Each family has to sell between 5 10
    tickets to meet our goal.
  • Second option is Farm Smart in Holtville if we do
    not meet our money goal.

  • We are allowed 3 parties per year. I have chosen
    Christmas, Valentines and end of school year in
    June. Healthy snacks are encouraged by the
    school district.
  • Parents are not allowed to bring cake or cupcakes
    for childs birthday. We celebrate student
    birthdays by singing, wearing a crown, and
    birthday bag.
  • I will choose a student every week to be SUPER
    KID. Your child will bring home a poster on
    Friday to complete and return to me on Monday.
    Have fun making it together. May draw on it or
    use real pictures. Everyone will get a turn by
    the end of the school year.
  • We will have a 100 Day of School party in
    February. Students participate in 100 day
    activities all morning. I will need about 10
    parents to come run the activities.
  • We will publish a book in the Spring titled When
    I Grow Up. Parents will get the opportunity to
    purchase the book for 20. Purchase is not
    necessary but I will need parent signatures in
    order for every student to participate.
  • Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home every
    2-3 months.

Box Tops
  • Send with your student
  • Collected at the end of each month
  • Each Box Top coupon is worth 10 for your school.
    You can clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of
    your favorite products.   

  • Thank you for attending!
  • Come visit me if you have any concerns.
  • I appreciate your support so much!
  • Please enjoy some refreshments.