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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Europe 2009

Europe 2009
  • 30 slides

Europe shivers as Russia shuts gas tap
Daily Telegraph, January 2, 2008
State-run Gazprom shut down pipelines after talks
Naftogaz broke down without the two sides
reaching a
supply deal for 2009. The move
raised fears Ukraine would start siphoning off
gas bound for Europe as it did during a similar
crisis in 2006. Eighty per cent of the gas that
Europe buys from Russia arrives through pipelines
that cross Ukrainian territory. A Gazprom
spokesman said We have cut off all gas that is
meant for Ukraine. All our other contractual
obligations are being fulfilled. The European
Union and the US today urged Russia and Ukraine
to restart negotiations, and to honour all supply
commitments. Britain is Gazproms third largest
customer in the EU with Russian gas comprising
about 16 per cent of the countrys annual
consumption. Germany and Italy are Gazproms
largest customers in the EU, taking in over 34
billion cubic meters and 22 billion cubic meters
of Russian gas annually.

Once more Russia is using energy as a weapon. The
Ukraine was part of the USSR but gained
independence in 1991. It has recently sort to
join NATO. It is Europes second largest nation.
It depends on Russia for its gas supplies and
forms an important part of the pipeline transit
route for Russian gas exports to Europe. With a
pro Western government in the Ukraine, Russia is
seeking to exert enormous pressure by literally
switching of energy supplies. This is not a
commercial decision it is entirely political.
Yesterday Russia accused the Ukraine of stealing
gas destined for Europe. Shortfalls in gas supply
were already being registered in the Balkans. As
we enter 2009 Russia continues to be turned
back to her authoritarian ways.
  • And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy
    jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine
    army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed
    with all sorts of armour,

(Ezekiel 384)
Fears mount of Gaza conflict spill over in Europe
Associated Press, January 6, 2009
Government officials and Jewish leaders are
concerned the conflict in
Gaza may spill over into violence in
Europe, with attacks reported
against Jews and synagogues
in France, Sweden and Britain. Assailants rammed
a burning car into the gates of a synagogue in
Toulouse, in southwest France, Monday night. A
Jewish congregation in Helsingborg, in southern
Sweden, was attacked Monday night by someone who
"broke a window and threw in something that was
burning," said police spokesman Leif Nilsson. And
on Sunday slogans, including "murderers ... You
broke the cease-fire," were daubed on Israel's
Embassy in Stockholm.

Anti-Semitism is on the increase since Israels
invasion of Gaza. In fact the Daily Telegraph had
the headline this week Surge in attacks on
Jewish sites. In Britain, one Jewish charity,
the Community Security Trust, or CST, has
reported 24 anti-Semitic incidents in the past
week the most serious occurred on Saturday when
three youths tried to set fire to Brondesbury
Park Synagogue in northwest London. The CST said
that the threat had increased after calls from
Hamas leaders to attack Jewish people around the
world. It has revived memories of a sharp upturn
in anti-Semitic crimes in 2000, with the outbreak
of the second intifada or Palestinian uprising
against Israel. In 2002, as fighting raged in the
Middle East and Afghanistan prior to the allied
invasion of Iraq, some 2,300 Jews left France for
Israel because they felt unsafe. We can see the
world turning against the Jew. Anti-Semitism was
rising anyway due to the fact that many blame
Zionist bankers for the financial collapse! We
know that as the Jews turn against God, He brings
the nations against them.
  • Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled
    against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his
    own inheritance. And he gave them into the hand
    of the heathen

(Psalm 10640)
Jews urge EU to act against anti-Semitism
Daily Telegraph, January 14, 2009
The European Jewish Congress called on EU
government s yesterday to
take action against anti-Semitism during
demonstrations against Israels Gaza offensive.
The plea follows a wave of attacks on synagogues
across the continent and death threats sent to
prominent Jewish leaders. In a statement the
groups said European governments and police
have ample evidence that some anti-Israel
demonstrations have descended into openly
anti-Semitic tirades, which on many occasions,
call for the killing of European Jews. It urged
the European Parliament to pass a resolution
condemning the recent wave of anti-Semitic
incidents. Among a reported 55 attacks in
France, nine fire bombs, were thrown at a Paris
Synagogue on Sunday, and a Kosher restaurant was
set on fire.

We reported last week how anti-Semitism is on the
increase in Britain. This week we have the Jewish
Congress urging Europe to take action to stop the
growing number of attacks on Jews in
Europe. France is home to Europe's biggest Muslim
and Jewish communities and in recent years,
flare-ups between Israel and the Palestinians
have often been followed by acts of violence
against Jewish people or buildings in France.
The Bible prophesied that there would be hatred
between Arab/Muslim and Jew. They are in fact
half brothers! They both have Abraham as their
ultimate father but Abraham had a wife (Sarah)
and a concubine (Hagar). But the Jews are
descended from Isaac (Sarahs son) and many Arabs
are descended from Ishmael (Hagar's son). The
angel said to Hagar that Ishmael would become a
very numerous people BUT he also went on to say
the following words quoted below.
  • He will be a wild donkey of a man his hand will
    be against everyone and everyones hand against
    him, and he will live in hostility toward all his

(Genesis 1612 NIV)
'Last chance' gas talks in Moscow
BBConline, January 17, 2009
The prime ministers of Russia and Ukraine are to
meet in Moscow
in an effort to end the dispute
disrupting supplies of Russian gas to
Europe. However, there are sharp divisions within
Ukraine over whether to link transit supplies to
supplies for Ukraine itself at the
negotiations. The EU has urged Russia and Ukraine
to prove they are "credible" partners and said it
was their "last chance". A bid to hold a Moscow
gas summit on the same day appears to be
floundering. Some central and east European
states have been reduced to rationing gas. Others
have been seeking alternatives to the pipelines
carrying Russian gas via Ukraine. Russia ceased
supplies of gas to Ukraine on 1 January after
talks on the price Kiev should pay in 2009

We have mentioned this week how Daniel chapter 8
speaks of a latter day northern power that is
connected with the ancient Seleucid empire. In
fact the little horn of Daniel 8 was originally
Antiochus Epiphanes. This despicable man hated
the Jews and invaded Israel. He desecrated the
Temple in Jerusalem by sacrificing a pig on the
altar. He was a proud, stern and deceitful
man. Daniel says that there will be a latter day
Antiochus Epiphanes. We know from Daniel 11 and
Ezekiel 38 he will be Russian. Putin certainly
fits the bill. Note the verse below that he
(latter day Antiochus) will cause craft to
proper. Craft being crafty / deceitful. He is
treacherous and proud. It then says by peace he
destroys many. The word peace is more often
translated prosperity! The dictionary says
prosperity can mean financial conditions. He
uses prosperity to bring destruction.
  • And through his policy also he shall cause craft
    to prosper in his hand and he shall magnify
    himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy
    many he shall also stand up against the Prince
    of princes

(Daniel 825)
EU states monitor spread of civil unrest
EUObserver, January 22, 2009
EU member states are "intensively" monitoring the
risk of

spreading civil unrest in Europe, as riots over
the economic crisis erupt in Iceland following
street clashes in Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and
Greece. The worst street disturbances for 50
years struck Reykjavik on Thursday (22 January),
as police streamed a hardcore of a few hundred
anti-government protesters in the early morning
with pepper spray and then tear gas after an
earlier crowd of around 2,000 gathered outside
the Althingi, the country's parliament, to demand
the government resign. Iceland is not an EU
member, but the protests could result in it being
the first European country to see its government
brought down by the economic crisis. The events
in Iceland come hot on the heels of
anti-government clashes in Latvia, Lithuania and
Bulgaria in recent days, where economic
discontent mixed with local issues erupted in
violence. Concern about the spreading unrest is
high on the EU agenda, as governments find it
increasingly more expensive to borrow money,
putting pressure on social programmes. In a
Wednesday interview with the BBC, the head of the
International Monetary Fund, Dominique
Strauss-Kahn, predicted that the economic
downturn will cause more unrest. Asked which
countries were most at risk, Mr Strauss-Kahn
mentioned Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia and Belarus.
"It can be my own country France, the UK, it
can be eastern Europe," he said. "The situation
is really, really serious," he added.

The time of trouble such has never was has not
yet begun. We can see though with the financial
crisis affecting the whole world how such a time
could come. Jesus spoke of the sea and waves
roaring when he gets back. The sea and waves are
symbolic of people and nations. They will be
crashing against each other. As the verse says
below only God can still the tumult of the
people. He will send his Son to do it
  • Which stilleth the noise of the seas, the noise
    of their waves, and the tumult of the people.

(Psalm 657)
French strike over economic crisis
Reuters January 29, 2009
Hundreds of thousands of French workers staged a

nationwide strike on Thursday to try to force
Nicolas Sarkozy and business
leaders to do more to
protect jobs and
wages during the economic crisis. Public
transport was snarled in many cities, scores of
flights were cancelled, and schools, banks,
hospitals, the post office, law courts and state
broadcasters were also expected to be hit by the
protest. The strike aims to highlight fears of
growing unemployment, discontent over Mr.
Sarkozy's reluctance to help consumers and
resentment towards bankers blamed for the
economic slump.

Similar (but far smaller) actions are starting to
occur in the UK. There is growing industrial
unrest over imported labour affecting oil and
energy plants. Hundreds of UK workers have gone
on "sympathy strikes" to support a walkout by
energy workers in Lincolnshire angry at the use
of foreign workers. Note in the article above
that the word fears and discontent are
mentioned. These will only continue to grow and
worsen. Not my words but the International
Monetary Fund. Global economic confidence has
plumbed the lowest depths on record. The past 5
quarters have seen 40 of the worlds wealth
destroyed. This was quoted at this weeks World
Economic Forum! Surely this week in France and
elsewhere we have seen the beginnings of the sea
and waves roaring and mens hearts failing them
for fear. This is the beginning because plainly
it is going to get much worse. Mammon will be
shown for what it is. WORTHLESS. The merchants of
the earth will weep and mourn when they cannot
  • And the merchants of the earth shall weep and
    mourn over her for no man buyeth their
    merchandise any more Babylon is more than
    just false religion. It is the false systems of

(Revelation 1811)
EU Israel pursuing annexation of E. Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post, March 7, 2009
An EU report accuses Israel of attempting to
annex east Jerusalem
by expanding Jewish settlements, demolishing
Arab homes,
implementing discriminatory housing
policies and exploiting the
West Bank security fence, The
Guardian reported Saturday morning. According to
the document, dated December 2008, Israel's
demolitions are "illegal under international law,
serve no obvious purpose, have severe
humanitarian effects, and fuel bitterness and
extremism." While the report recognizes Israel's
security concerns in Jerusalem, it indicates that
"illegal actions" being taken seemed difficult to
justify. The "accelerated plans" for east
Jerusalem cited in the report by the British
newspaper "constitute one of the most acute
challenges to Israeli-Palestinian peace-making."

At some point, Jerusalem will be the very
epicentre of a great war. Before that happens
Jerusalem becomes a burdensome stone for ALL
people. Anyone who burdens themselves with
Jerusalem will be destroyed. See Zechariah
123 With Bible in hand we know that Jerusalem is
Gods city. He has desired it and wants to live
in it. See Psalm 13213,14. He has given it back
to the Jews as Jesus said would happen in Luke
2124. Jerusalem would be under Gentile control
UNTIL.. Without the Bible in hand Jerusalem is
just another city where many people lay claim to
it. The best way forward is to divide it up. This
will bring the final judgment of God. Europe is
the beast system of Revelation 17 that opposes
Christ and the saints at his return. Europe wants
Jerusalem divided. They seal their fate in
wanting this.
  • And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth,
    and their armies, gathered together to make war
    against him that sat on the horse, and against
    his army. And the beast was takencast alive into
    a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

(Revelation 1919)
Violence on Paris streets as millions protest
Daily Telegraph, March 20, 2009
Click Here to watch days like Noah
Violent skirmishes broke out in Paris last night
after a day in
which millions took to the
streets as part of a nationwide protest over the
government's handling of the economic
crisis. Schools, courts, post offices,
universities and hospitals were closed, with
public transport severely disrupted, as up to 200
marches were organised against President Nicolas
Sarkozy's approach to the global downturn. The
biggest protests were in Paris, where police said
up to 85,000 people took five hours to walk from
Place de la République to Place de la Nation. As
the light faded, hundreds of riot police were
sent to the area where anarchist groups waving
revolutionary flags were among those massing.
Riot police fired rounds of tear gas after
demonstrators lit fires and smashed shop windows.
Fighting broke out on all corners of the square,
with police moving in to try to arrest ring

God judged the world once before 4,500 years
ago when Noah was alive. He flooded the entire
landmass of the earth and destroyed every living
man, woman and child and animal. Millions
possibly even hundreds of millions perished. Only
8 people survived. God brought this destruction
on the earth because of violence and corruption.
The whole earth we are told in Genesis 6 was
filled with violence. The word fill means full
up and overflowing. Jesus warned us that before
he comes back the world would be as it was in
the days of Noah. Luke 1726. Jesus also speaks
mens hearts failing them for fear and of the sea
and waves roaring. The sea and waves are symbolic
of people and nations. See Psalm 657. The scenes
this week in France are just the start. We must
not fear though the nations will be in uproar
but the Almighty is with us.
  • Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give
    way and the mountains fall into the heart of the
    sea, though its waters roar and foam Nations are
    in uproar, kingdoms fall he lifts his voice, the
    earth melts. The LORD Almighty is with us

(Psalm 462,3,6 NIV)
Sarkozy attacks US interference in EU
Daily Telegraph, April 5, 2009
President Nicolas Sarkozy berated President
Barack Obama
for interfering in European Union affairs
by backing membership
for Turkey on the eve of his visit to
the country. The rebuke came after the French
leader refused to commit any combat troups for
the new strategy in Afghanistan that involved
21,000 additional American troops. The sparring
was provoked by Mr Obamas efforts to broker
Turkeys support for Anders Fogh Rasmussen,
Denmarks former prime minister, as Natos new
secretary general. Turkey had threatened to block
the appointment because the Dane had angered the
Muslim world by refusing to apologise for the
publication of cartoon caricatures of the Prophet
Mohammed in his countrys newspapers. Mr Obama
promised that both America and Europe would show
Muslims a new respect if Mr Rasmussen was
appointed. At his first formal summit with EU
leaders in Prague yesterday, Mr Obama urged
Europe to speed up Turkeys application to join
an implicit criticism of France which has blocked
The Ottoman Empire 1580

The country of Turkey is all that remains of the
Ottoman Empire. This empire lasted for about 600
years and at its peak controlled South Eastern
Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. It
controlled Israel as well. It is predominantly
Muslim. Europe however is a Christian project.
Christian meaning Roman Catholic in this case. It
is highly unlikely that Europe will ever accept a
Muslim nation into its fold. The Bible speaks of
the Turkish power in symbolic terms as the
Euphrates the river that starts in Turkey.
Revelation tells us that the Turkish power will
be dried up. The Ottoman Empire began to decline
in the mid 19th century and dissolved in 1922.
  • And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the
    great river Euphrates and the water thereof was
    dried up, that the way of the kings of the east
    might be prepared. Kings of the east the

(Revelation 1612)
Italian earthquake kills at least 150
Daily Telegraph, April 7, 2009
Italy's most deadly earthquake for almost 30
years struck in the
middle of the night, giving tens of
thousands of people just
seconds to wake up and
run for their lives before their homes
reduced to rubble. Within half a minute of the
first violent
tremor being felt at 3.32am local
time, the earthquake was over,
leaving those who were
lucky enough to get outside staring in
bewilderment at a
scene of devastation. "It was the apocalypse,"
said Maria Francesco, a survivor in
L'Aquila, the
medieval city nearest to the epicentre of the 6.3

magnitude shock, using an image which was echoed
by others
in the 26 towns and villages which
were hit in the Abruzzo region of central Italy.

The Apennine mountain range is the geological
"backbone" of Italy. But this mountain range
shows in effect where two tectonic plates meet.
The African plate and the Eurasian plate. It
makes Italy one of the most seismically active
regions of Europe. There is a similar situation
in Israel. A fault line passes right through the
centre of the land which is also marked by a
spine of mountains. We know from the Bible
about a great earthquake that will be centred on
Israel. This earthquake will have the effect of
raising up the area of Jerusalem. Isaiah 22
says that the LORDs house will be established
in the top of the mountains. However the
earthquake elsewhere has the opposite effect.
Revelation 1619 says that Great Babylon will
be destroyed and her mountains not found. Rome
is the centre of the religious side of Babylon.
This earthquake (felt in Rome) is a warning of
what is to come. The false religion of Rome will
come to an end. Gods truth will prevail.
  • and great Babylon came in remembrance before God,
    to give unto her the cup of the wine of the
    fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled
    away, and the mountains were not found.

(Revelation 1619,20)
Russia furious with EU over Twitter revolution
The Independent, April 9, 2009
Moscow backs Moldovan President after he accuses
Romania of supporting coup. The crisis in
Moldova, dubbed the "Twitter Revolution", was
last night threatening to turn into another
showdown between Russia and the West. Just weeks
after Barack Obama's government spoke of
"pressing the reset button" with Russia, the
conflict risks derailing the fragile diplomatic
truce. Russia gave its backing yesterday to
Moldova's President, Vladimir Voronin, when he
accused EU and Nato member Romania of backing a
coup attempt, and expelled the Romanian
ambassador. Mr Voronin promised "harsh
punishment" would be meted out to the organisers
of protests which rocked the capital Chisinau on
Tuesday after the ruling Communists claimed
victory in weekend parliamentary
elections. Moscow, deeply suspicious of
anti-government protests in what it considers its
sphere of interest, condemned the protests in the
strongest terms.

We mentioned on a previous slide how Russia might
retaliate for President Obamas backing of the
missile defence system in Eastern Europe. Just a
few days later a crisis begins in the country of
Moldova (Eastern Europe) stoked up by
Russia! Moldova used to be part of the USSR. They
voted on Sunday for a new parliament. The ruling
communists won but protesters say there was
widespread rigging. The president of Moldova
blames Romania for the widespread
protests. Twitter is an internet chat site where
those who oppose the communist rule are
organising their protests. Russia wants Europe to
condemn the protests but so far Europe has
remained silent. The main point is that we have
another potential showdown between Russia and the
West. Russia will not be pushed around.
  • I am about to summon all the peoples of the
    northern kingdoms," declares the LORD. "Their
    kings will come and set up their thrones in the
    entrance of the gates of Jerusalem
  • Another northern kingdom will soon invade Israel
    this time Russia!

(Jeremiah 115 NIV)
Germany's slump risks 'explosive' mood as
second banking crisis looms
Daily Telegraph, April 24, 2009
A clutch of political and labour leaders in
Germany have raised the spectre of civil unrest
after the country's leading institutes forecast a
6pc contraction of gross domestic product this
year, a slump reminiscent of 1931 and bad enough
to drive unemployment to 4.7m by 2010. Michael
Sommer, leader of the DGB trade union federation,
called the latest wave of sackings a "declaration
of war" against Germany's workers. "Social unrest
can no longer be ruled out," he said. Gesine
Swann, presidential candidate for the Social
Democrats, said "the mood could turn explosive"
over the next three months unless the government
takes drastic action. While authorities have
belatedly agreed to create a "bad bank" to absorb
toxic loans and stabilise the credit system,
further financial troubles are almost certainly
in the pipeline. Swiss risk advisers Independent
Credit View said a "second wave" of debt stress
is likely to hit the UK and Europe this year as
the turmoil moves from mortgage securities to
old-fashioned bank loans.
Jesus tells us in Matthew 2421 of a time coming
on this earth that will see great tribulation,
such as was not since the beginning of this
world, no, nor ever shall be. There can only
ever be one time of trouble such as never was.
There cant be two! It seems clear that this time
of trouble such as never was comes at the very
end - with the final judgements of God on the
earth. Daniel 121 speaks of this very same time
and then tells us the dead are raised at this
time when Christ returns. The time of trouble
certainly involves great war and conflict. It may
well also involve immense social unrest as the
financial systems collapse. Only Christ can save

  • and there shall be a time of trouble, such as
    never was since there was a nation even to that
    same time and at that time thy people shall be
    delivered, every one that shall be found written
    in the book.

(Daniel 121)
Israel warns European critics
BBConline, April 30, 2009
Israel has told the European Union to stop
criticising Benjamin
Netanyahu's government or risk
being excluded from future Middle East peace
negotiations. A foreign ministry official called
EU envoys in Israel after a commissioner in
Brussels suggested freezing a move to upgrade
EU-Israeli relations. The commissioner said
Netanyahu should commit to talks with the
Palestinians. The warning comes ahead of the
first European trip by Avigdor Lieberman,
Israel's new foreign minister. Israeli media say
the warnings have been issued by the deputy
director for European affairs at the Israeli
foreign ministry, Rafi Barak. "We want the
European Union to be a partner but it is
important to hold a mature and discreet dialogue
and not to resort to public declarations," Rafi
Barak reportedly told diplomats, according to a
report in Haaretz. He concluded by "warning" that
Europe's influence in the area would be
undermined. "Israel is asking Europe to lower
the tone and conduct a discreet dialogue," Rafi
Barak is quoted saying. "However, if these
declarations continue, Europe will not be able to
be part of the diplomatic process."

Europe is the beast mentioned in Revelation 17.
It is the development of the 4th beast in Daniel
7. The beast has a woman riding it. The woman is
the false religion of Rome. The beast is the
political side, the woman the religious. In
effect the woman steers the beast in the
direction she wants it to go. This is why the
political side of Europe tends to reflect the
goals of the woman. Rome as we have said wants to
weaken Israels claim on the land and Jerusalem.
Europe (politically) has similar goals. The EU
commission Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that a
planned upgrade of bilateral relations would not
be implemented until Netanyahu commits to the
peace talks with the Palestinians. What Europe
wants is for Israel to concede land and also East
  • So he carried me away in the spirit into the
    wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet
    coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy,
    having seven heads and ten horns.

(Revelation 173)
Calls for Brown to go nuclear in City battle with
Daily Telegraph, June 11, 2009
As Europe's leaders prepare to strip Britain of
ultimate control over finance, insurance, and
securities, defenders of the City have begun to
talk darkly of the nuclear option known in EU
lore as the "Luxembourg Compromise". Britain
cannot veto the massive shift in regulatory power
to Brussels now under way. Internal market laws
are decided by qualified majority voting (QMV),
and London has few friends in this fight. What
Gordon Brown can do at next week's EU summit it
to play the Luxembourg card by invoking "vital
national interest", if he is willing to risk a
showdown with fellow leaders. This has no legal
status. It is the political equivalent of a
stamping bull, or a viper's rattle. It means back
off, or we strike. "This is an extremely serious
crisis," said David Heathcote-Amory, former
Europe Minister and now a key Tory MP on the
European Scrutiny Committee. "Once we lose of
control over the City of London we will never get
it back, and the consequences could be
catastrophic. I think we are in 'Luxembourg
territory'. If the City was in Paris you could be
pretty sure that French would fight like tigers
to save it," he said.

You may be surprised to learn that London is
mentioned in the Bible! Well not by its modern
name of course. Tyre was the ancient capital of
Phoenicia circa 500BC. A city that traded in all
sorts of goods with then known world. It was the
richest city on earth. The people of the city
setup colonies. They were pro Jewish to begin
with but turned against the Jews later on. God
judged them for this. Tyre was destroyed. BUT
after the destruction we are told Tyre passed
over to Tarshish (Britain). London is a latter
day Tyre. She becomes like a harlot and becomes
rich. She is judged and loses her wealth.
  • Pass ye Tyre over to TarshishAnd it shall come
    to pass after the end of seventy years, that the
    LORD will visit Tyre, and she shall turn to her
    hire, and shall commit fornication with all the
    kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth.
    And her merchandise and her hire shall be
    holiness to the LORD it shall not be treasured
    nor laid up

(Isaiah 236,17,18)
EU treaty faces delay
Click here to read what Europe itself says about
the Treaty.Note paragraph 5!
Daily Telegraph, June 30, 2009
Germany's highest court set a new obstacle for
the Lisbon Treaty when it ordered parliament to
pass a new law before the controversial document
can be ratified. In a ruling that could delay
the ratification of the treaty for months, judges
said it was broadly compatible with German law
but they refused to grant it approval for
immediate ratification. They said a new law was
required to guarantee the rights of the German
parliament in the European Union's
decision-making process because MPs had "not been
accorded sufficient rights of participation in
European lawmaking procedures and treaty
amendment procedures". The ruling presented
Sweden, which takes over the rotating EU
presidency on Wednesday, with a fresh challenge.
Its government must already oversee a second
referendum on the treaty expected in Ireland in
the autumn, while the presidents of the Czech
Republic and Poland have yet to sign off on
ratification. The latest ruling means the
ratification process in Germany is on hold and
may buy more time for opponents of the treaty,
potentially undermining efforts to have it
introduced by Jan 1 next year.

Europe wants this treaty (constitution) more than
anything. It will give Europe a legal personality
for the first time. Perhaps compare the current
situation to partnerships. In the UK a
partnership is a group of individuals who work
together for common profit. But a partnership is
not a legal entity. The partners are separate.
This is how Europe operates now. However they
want to become like limited company. A company is
a legal entity. It has a chairman and everyone is
employed by the company. This is what Europe
wants. The treaty would create a superpower or a
kingdom. But the Bible says this will not happen.
They do not receive the kingdom but have power
for one hour
  • And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
    kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but
    receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

(Revelation 1712)
Landmark home for EU empire and its president
Daily Telegraph, September 19, 2009
A state of the art building that will cost
taxpayers 280 million is to be built in Brussels
to showcase the European Union's growing global
ambitions and house the office of a new
President. The cost of the new environmentally
friendly building, centred on an "urn shaped"
summit meeting room, has already risen by 66.5
million since planning began. Named the Résidence
Palace after an existing Art Deco building it
will incorporate, the new summit venue, to be
completed by 2013, will have an "umbrella" of
solar panels and rain-water recycling
facilities. The complex of buildings will also
house the offices of a new EU President, "foreign
minister" and, possibly, the European diplomatic
service created under the Lisbon Treaty, should
it be ratified by a second Irish referendum next

The current EU parliament building in Strasbourg
is designed on the famous painting of Babel.
Europe wants its citizen to know that they see
the European project as a Babel project. In other
words bringing nations and languages together. We
know of course God separated the nations for a
purpose. To stop their godlessness getting
worse. This new building is for a future
president of Europe and his officials. Inside the
square building is an enormous room shaped like
an urn. Greek urns on which the design is based
were made of clay. Clay is symbolic of man and
his ways. See verse below. Interesting then that
the president of Europe (if we get one) will be
sat in such an object. Babel is all to do with
mans ways, mans thinking, mans
answers. Remember as well Nebuchadnezzars image.
Its feet were part iron and part potters clay.
Christ returns in the days of a divided Europe
we are living in those days.
  • But now, O LORD, thou art our father we are the
    clay, and thou our potter and we all are the
    work of thy hand.

(Isaiah 648)
Obama gambling with Europes security
Daily Telegraph, September 19, 2009
Mr Obama's decision to gamble with Europe's
security for this is what it means can only
be defended if he now secures a real and
incontestable gain. That hinges on Russia. The
Kremlin, which bitterly opposed the
missile-defence scheme, has had its way. In the
next few weeks, we will all learn the answer to
the burning question what will Russia give in
return? There is no doubt about what Mr Obama
wants. Iran's nuclear programme continues apace
and the underground centrifuges in Natanz are
still enriching uranium in brazen defiance of
five United Nations resolutions. Will Russia
allow such a resolution to pass or will Moscow
follow its usual practice and ally with China to
shield Iran? If the Kremlin vetoes or dilutes a
sanctions resolution, this will make a peaceful
resolution of the confrontation with Iran far
less likely, and shorten the odds on a war in the
Middle East next year. It will also show that Mr
Obama's monumental gamble has failed. The
President has effectively placed the fate of a
vital element of his foreign policy in the hands
of the Kremlin. That is a sorry pass for a
superpower to reach.

The event above refers to President Obamas
decision this week to abort Americas missile
defence system in eastern Europe. The text above
is the editorial comment in the newspaper about
this. It is significant that the press around the
world see this move as a monumental gamble.
Obama is now relying on Russia to reciprocate.
Russia is undoubtedly strengthened by this
decision. We reported last week on craven
Britain. America (a young lion) is also acting
cowardly here. World leaders may see this as
appeasing not leading. Obama is looking weak
the position the US is in when Russia invades.
  • The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger but
    they that seek the LORD shall not want any good

(Psalm 3410)
If Irish vote 'Yes' - what next?
BBConline, October 3, 2009
Political sensitivities surrounding the second
Irish referendum mean that the road ahead for the
Lisbon Treaty is less clear than many EU leaders
would wish. Since Irish voters rejected the
treaty in the first referendum, in June 2008,
politicians across Europe have tried to avoid
giving voters the impression that the Lisbon
Treaty is a fait accompli. If the Irish verdict
is "Yes" this time, however, the Lisbon
ratification process is likely to speed up,
because then only the Czech Republic will appear
to be the odd one out. The Eurosceptic Czech
President, Vaclav Klaus, is still quite capable
of throwing a spanner into the Lisbon works - and
the complex machinery of ratification might yet
grind to a halt for a few more months. He will
not sign the treaty until the Czech
Constitutional Court has ruled on another legal
complaint by a group of Czech senators - and that
complaint has only just been filed.

It seems very likely from exit polls that the
Irish will vote yes in the referendum on the
Lisbon Treaty. It is not the final hurdle for
Europe to jump however. As the report says above,
the Czechs still have to ratify and is has only
just gone to their constitutional court. It will
take at least 2 months and possibly 6 to go
through. The treaty cannot come into force until
all 27 nations have ratified it. This treaty is
very significant despite what some may say. It
gives Europe a unified legal identity for the
first time. It in effect creates an empire with a
president. The president can sign documents on
behalf of Europe whereas now all 27 nations have
to sign. Revelation 17 and Daniel 2 make clear
the kings of Europe do NOT get an empire and they
remain divided. They are in this state when
Christ returns.
  • And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part
    of potters clay, and part of iron, the kingdom
    shall be divided. And the ten horns which thou
    sawest are ten kings, which have received no
    kingdom as yet

(Daniel 241, Revelation 1712)
EU draws up plans to establish itself as 'world
Daily Telegraph, October 7, 2009
The European Union has drawn up secret plans to
establish itself as a global power in its own
right with the authority to sign international
agreements on behalf of member states.
Confidential negotiations on how to implement the
Lisbon Treaty have produced proposals to allow
the EU to negotiate treaties and even open
embassies across the world. A letter conferring a
full "legal personality" for the Union has been
drafted in order for a new European diplomatic
service to be recognised as fully fledged
negotiators by international bodies and all
non-EU countries. According to one confidential
paper, the first pilot "embassies" are planned in
New York, Kabul and Addis Ababa. The move is
highly symbolic in Britain as it formally scraps
the "European Community", the organisation in
which Britons originally voted to remain in the
country's only referendum on Europe 34 years ago.
It seems clear from the scriptures that Christ
returns BEFORE this empire is established. The
Lisbon Treaty in effect does establish an empire.
Europe will become a legal entity for the first
time ever. Hence it being able to sign
international agreements and open new embassies
around the world. Revelation speaks of kings
giving their power to the beast but not
receiving a kingdom (empire) as yet. They have
had power with the beast for one hour or 30
years. It was in1979 that Europe held its first
democratic elections. Add 30 years
2009. Calculation of one hour. One hour is taken
as being one twelfth part of the day in Israel.
One day 12 hours. One day one year in
prophecy. One year 360 days in Israel. One
twelfth of 360 days 30 days. But a day for a
year 30 years! 2520 years (7 times) after the
fall of Babylon brings you to 1979 Babel

  • And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
    kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but
    receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
  • let his portion be with the beasts of the field,
    till seven times pass over him

(Revelation 1712)
(Daniel 423)
The man who could sink the Lisbon Treaty
Daily Telegraph, October 14, 2009
One man stands between the EU and what its
supporters believe to
be its destiny. Vaclav Klaus, the
president of the Czech Republic, is
refusing to ratify the Lisbon
Treaty, and is therefore blocking the
creation of a new EU
president, foreign minister and diplomatic
service. He may only be one individual in a union
of 495 million citizens, and he may be up against
the massive political resources of the other 26
member states, but he has EU officials and
diplomats rattled. They are worried because his
stand cannot be written off as a symbolic or
quixotic personal fight. If Klaus stands firm
until next spring, then David Cameron will be
able to hold a British referendum on the Lisbon
Treaty. Without Klaus's signature, almost a
decade of EU negotiations, planning and ambition
would be likely to come to nothing at the hands
of Britain's voters.
Amazingly the whole European project i.e. to
make a European Empire is now stuck because of
one man! Their frustration at this is palpable.
European diplomats have longingly harked back to
the 17th century, when troublesome political
opponents were hurled from Prague Castle.
"Someone needs to give him a hefty push out of
the window," said one. Czech ministers have,
according to Brussels sources, been repeatedly
pressed to find constitutional means to impeach
or overrule their country's president. But the
fixers have a problem Klaus is both popular and
untouchable. And so the kings of Europe remain in
the position described both in Daniel and
Revelation at the point Christ returns. A divided
kingdom. One where they have given their power
and strength to the beast but do NOT have a
kingdom (empire) as yet..

  • And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
    kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but
    receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

(Revelation 1712)
Pope Europe must not forget 'Christian roots'
EUBusiness, October 19, 2009
Pope Benedict XVI urged the European Union not to
forget its
"Christian roots" as he received the EU's new
envoy to the Vatican on Monday. European values
are the product of a long history in which
Christianity played a vital role, he said. The
European model of civilisation should not be
allowed to dismantle itself piece by piece, the
head of the Roman Catholic Church added. "When
the Church reminds Europe of its Christian roots,
it is not looking for special status, (but
instead) it is recalling the fact -- more and
more overlooked -- that the founding fathers of
the European Union were inspired by
Christianity," he said. If these Christian
principles were forgotten, the pope said, there
was a risk the European project could be
exploited by individuals and pressure groups to
pursue their own ends to the detriment of the
collective good. The pope said the Church wanted
to help in the construction of the EU. "This is
why the Church reminds the EU of the essential
founding values of European society - so they can
be promoted for the good of all," he said. The
pope also said he was pleased at the "excellent
relations" between the European Union and the
Holy See.

Europe is close to becoming an Empire. It is just
one signature away from getting the Lisbon Treaty
ratified. When ratified Europe will become a
legal entity for the first time. The beast of
Revelation 17 that comes out of the bottomless
pit is none other than Europe that we see today.
A new Roman Empire that exists at the time of the
end. But who is riding the beast? A harlot woman
sat on 7 hills. The woman must refer to the false
religion of Rome. She continues to guide and
influence the beast.
  • I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of
    the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven
    heads.. And here is the mind which hath wisdom.
    The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the
    woman sitteth.

(Revelation 177,9)
Lisbon Treaty more power surrendered to Brussels
Daily Telegraph, November 3, 2009
Britain's power to govern itself is to be
surrendered increasingly to
Brussels after the European Unions Lisbon
Treaty was finally ratified. The treaty, which
will come into force within a few weeks, will
create the first president of
Europe, as well as a European foreign minister,
and will end Britains right
to veto new EU rules in more than 40 policy
areas. The treaty's supporters say it will allow
the EU to operate more efficiently and give it
greater influence in world affairs. But critics
say it will cede too much more of Britain's
sovereignty to Brussels. Vaclav Klaus, the
President of the Czech Republic, yesterday signed
the Lisbon Treaty, ending eight years of
resistance to its attempt to give more power to
the EU. The Czechs are the last of the 27 EU
states to sign the treaty, and their move forced
the Conservatives to abandon their pledge to hold
a British referendum on Lisbon. The Lisbon Treaty
is based on the European Constitution, which
started at a summit in Brussels in December
2001. Gordon Brown hailed the Czech signature as
a historic step, and European leaders said it
will create a more powerful EU. The treaty will
give the EU many of the trappings of a
nation-state, including its own foreign minister
officially titled the high representative for
foreign affairs and an External Action
Service, effectively a European diplomatic
corps. Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the
European Commission, said that the signing of the
treaty would allow the EU to start acting as a
global player. The new external profile for the
European Union will be felt immediately," he
  • And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
    kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but
    receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
    These have one mind, and shall give their power
    and strength unto the beast.

(Revelation 1712,13)
Lisbon Treaty more power surrendered to Brussels
Daily Telegraph, November 3, 2009
Ever since the WWW began in 2003 the second slide
has always said that
one of the key things we should be watching for
is a developing political
union in Europe. This week has seen a massive
step forward towards this. Revelation 17 speaks
of 10 horns. They are 10 kings we are told. They
give their power and
strength to the beast but they do not receive a
kingdom as yet. The beast Europe. It is in
fact none other than the 4th beast of Daniel 7
resurrected. The 4th beast was of course the
Roman Empire. The beast of Daniel 7 also had 10
horns. These 10 horns symbolised the 10 barbarian
kingdoms that sprang up after the collapse of the
Roman Empire. They cover exactly the territory we
now call Europe. The reason the Bible continues
to use 10 kings in Revelation 17 and not 27 (i.e.
the number of nations that NOW make up Europe) is
to show us that in fact it is still the same
territory as before. And remarkably it is. As we
read on the previous slide the Lisbon Treaty
surrenders more power to Europe. In Bible
language the kings are giving their power and
strength to the beast. The Treaty finally comes
in to force on the 1st December 2009. At this
very point in time Europe becomes a legal entity
in itself. The treaty states under article 46a
The Union shall have legal personality. It will
become alive as an empire at this point. The
question then is how long is an hour? An hour in
Jewish language is one twelfth of the day. A day
one year in prophecy. One Jewish year 360
days! Therefore one twelfth of 360 30. So one
hour could 30 days. It could perhaps 30
years. It could perhaps both. I.e. the kings
could begin giving their power to the beast 30
years ago but then there is a shorter 30 day
fulfilment at the end. Whatever the time period
we know the events we are witnessing are directly
fulfilling the final chapters of Revelation.
  • And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
    kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but
    receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
    These have one mind, and shall give their power
    and strength unto the beast.

(Revelation 1712,13)
Lisbon Treaty likely to be ratified by end of year
Daily Telegraph, October 30, 2009
Jan Fischer, the Czech prime minister, said on
Thursday his country would ratify the European
Union's Lisbon Treaty by the year's end if the
text gets a go-ahead from top judges next week.
The treaty cleared a major hurdle Thursday as
the EU agreed on an exemption to it as a final
condition by eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav
Klaus, the last EU leader holding out on signing
the text. "I would like to assure you that if the
constitutional court on November 3 rules the
Lisbon Treaty is in line with the Czech
constitution, there will be nothing to prevent a
fast completion of the ratification," said Mr
Fischer. "The Czech Republic will (then) ratify
the treaty so that it could take effect by the
end of the year," he told reporters in
Brussels. The Czech Republic is the only EU
country that has not endorsed the treaty, which
is designed to streamline governance in the
27-nation bloc and which must be ratified by all
member countries to take effect.

This treaty is hugely significant if it does get
ratified. For the first time Europe will exist as
a legal entity. At the moment Europe exists as 27
different countries. When/if the treaty is
ratified Europe will exist as its own
personality. It means a president of Europe could
sign other treaties on behalf of Europe. This is
why Europe will have its own foreign minister and
is looking at setting up embassies around the
world. Revelation 17 is talking about Europe. It
describes it as a beast coming out of a
bottomless pit. It describes 10 kings who do not
receive a kingdom as yet giving their power and
strength to the beast. These kings make war on
Christ when he returns.
  • And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten
    kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but
    receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

(Revelation 1712)
Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton given top EU
Daily Telegraph, November 20, 2009
A little-known Belgian federalist and a Labour
peer who has never held elected office were on
Thursday night chosen as the European Union's new
president and foreign minister. EU leaders
meeting in Brussels on Thursday night appointed
Herman Van Rompuy, the Belgian prime minister, as
the first President of the European Council.
Baroness Ashton, Britain's European Commissioner,
will be the union's High Representative for
Foreign Affairs. The two jobs were created by the
EU's Lisbon Treaty, which will take force next
month. EU leaders made the appointments over a
dinner of wild mushrooms and sea bass in Brussels
last night. The surprise combination emerged
after Gordon Brown ended Tony Blair's hopes of
becoming president, abandoning his support for
his predecessor and proposing Lady Ashton for the
foreign job instead. The Prime Minister's switch
surprised European leaders, not least because of
Lady Ashton's lack of diplomatic experience.

Europe is only weeks away from becoming in
Biblical terms a beast (an empire). The person
who will take the new post of president of Europe
is little known Herman Van Rompuv. He will have a
staff of 60 people - a cabinet of 22, 10 body
guards and 28 support staff. His total office
budget will be 22.3 million. A huge new 280m
state of the art building is also being built for
him called Résidence Palace. He is a Catholic
with strong views that Brussels should have
increasing powers. We move ever closer to the
final picture of the beast and woman in
Revelation 17.
  • The beast that thou sawest was, and is not and
    shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go
    into perdition and they that dwell on the earth
    shall wonder

(Revelation 178)
European Union celebrates first day of Lisbon
Daily Telegraph, December 1, 2009
The European Union celebrated on Tuesday the
entering into force of the Lisbon Treaty after
nine years of "battle" including referendum
rejections in France, the Netherlands and
Ireland. The Lisbon Treaty, signed by EU leaders
in Portugal's capital in December 2007,
resurrected most elements of the controversial
European Constitution thrown out by French and
Dutch voters four years ago.

At midnight on Monday night everything changed in
relation to Europe. The Lisbon Treaty came into
force. When it did, it effectively created a
state. A state as defined by article 1 of the
1933 Convention on the Rights and Duties of
States should possess the following 4
qualifications ... (a) a permanent population
(b) a defined territory (c) government and (d)
capacity to enter into relations with the other
states. Until yesterday, the EU qualified on
grounds (a), (b) and (c). Now it has ticked the
final box. Under the Lisbon Treaty, which came
into force Monday, Europe acquires legal
personality, which gives it the right to sign
accords and treaties with other states. Nor is
this right simply theoretical the EU now has a
foreign minister, a diplomatic corps (the
European External Action Service) and 160
overseas embassies. From a Biblical perspective
this is fulfilment of prophecy. In Revelation 17
a beast ascends out of a bottomless pit. When you
compare the beast to the 4th beast in Daniel 7
you will see that they are the same beast. The
4th beast was that of the Roman Empire. This
final beast is the Roman Empire resurrected.
Kings have given their power and strength to the
beast. There are still individual nations and
governments but they (through this treaty) have
created a beast. Precisely the picture in
Revelation 17!!
  • ten kings 10 kings Europe covering same
    territory as the original 10 Barbarian kingdoms
    that arose after the Roman Empire collapsed
    .These have one mind, and shall give their power
    and strength unto the beast.

(Revelation 1712,13)
EU joins Palestinians diplomatic war on Jerusalem
Israel National News, December 1, 2009
The Israeli Foreign Ministry warned Tuesday
morning that a Swedish
-led attempt to have the European Union recognize
eastern Jerusalem
as the capital of the Palestinian Authority
will backfire. The draft proposal, expected to
be placed on the EU table next week, would damage
efforts to reach peace with the PA and damage the
EUs standing as a trusted entity, ministry
spokesman Yossi Levy said. The Europeans must
pressure the Palestinians to return to the
negotiating table," he added. "Such moves like
the one being led by Sweden lead to the opposite
outcome." The Swedish proposal also omits any
recognition of the rest of Jerusalem as the
capital of Israel.

It seems incredible but on the day the beast was
created by the 10 kings (ie Europe), Sweden
attempts to insert language into an EU resolution
on the Middle East that would recognize east
Jerusalem as the capital of a future independent
Palestinian state! On December 7th, EU ministers
will meet to discuss a resolution that would
officially call for the division of Jerusalem.
"This disrupts the balance," an Israeli official
said, adding that the resolution is being pushed
forward by the Swedes, who hold the rotating
presidency of the EU, without any prior
coordination with Israel. Israel sternly warned
the European Union on Tuesday against recognizing
east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, saying
such a move would damage Europe's credibility as
a Mideast mediator. As Europe is a legal entity
and has a foreign ministry it feels that it is
now able to influence the Middle East Peace
process. The conflict over Jerusalem draws near.
  • For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem
    to battle and the city shall be taken, and the
    houses rifled, and the women ravished and half
    of the city shall go forth into captivity, and
    the residue of the people shall not be cut off
    from the city.

(Zechariah 142)
Europe Jerusalem should be joint capital
Associated Press, December 8, 2009
European Union foreign ministers urged Israel and
the Palestinians on Tuesday to make Jerusalem
their shared capital, prompting a swift, angry
reaction fro