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Lathe Machines


Lathe Machines Types of Lathes: Center Lathe Engine Lathe Bench Lathe Capstan & Turret Lathes Automatic Lathes Multi Spindle Lathes Vertical Turret Lathes – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lathe Machines

Lathe Machines
Types of Lathes
  • Center Lathe
  • Engine Lathe
  • Bench Lathe
  • Capstan Turret Lathes
  • Automatic Lathes
  • Multi Spindle Lathes
  • Vertical Turret Lathes
  • CNC Lathes

Kinematic Scheme of Lathe Machine
Speed Gear Box Headstock
Tool Post
Tail Stock
Feed rod
Feed Gear Box
Lathe Bed
Lead Screw
Half Nut
Lathe Machine Pulley driven (Light Duty)
Lathe All Geared High Speed Precision
Lathe All geared (X- Y Movements)
The machining operations generally carried out in
centre lathes are Facing Centering
Rough and finish turning Chamfering,
shouldering, grooving, recessing etc Axial
drilling and reaming by holding the cutting tool
in the tailstock barrel Taper turning by
offsetting the tailstock swivelling the
compound slide using form tool with taper over
short length using taper turning attachment if
available combining longitudinal feed and cross
feed, if feasible. Boring (internal turning)
straight and taper Forming external and
internal Cutting helical threads external and
internal Parting off Knurling
A Turret Locking Handle, B Turret, C -
Capstan Slide, E - Capstan Slide Block,
D - Capstan Rest, F - Sliding Bridge
  • The capstan lathe, having a relatively short
    stroke of the tool head and automatic indexing,
    results in a rapid presentation of the tools to
    the work.
  • The turret lathe, on the other hand, is suitable
    for long and heavy work, the larger size of
    machines having a capacity for bar work up to 200
    mm diameter X 1500 mm long or for chuck work up
    to 750 mm diameter. Capstan lathes are limited to
    a maximum of 300 mm diameter chuck works.
  • It is clear that turret lathes are larger, in
    size as compared to capstan lathes. Unlike
    capstans, the turret and dead stops on turret
    lathes have to be indexed into position by hand.
  • Capstan and turret lathes give quite effectively
    the normal accuracy required for interchangeable
    mass production. The dimensional accuracy may be
    within 0.002 mm for turning and boring and within
    0.005 mm for reaming.

A Headstock, B Spindle, C - Pilot Bar, D
Tool post, E - Rear Tool post, F - Cross slide, G
- Intermediate saddle, H Turret, I - Turret
Clamp Lever, J - Saddle Looking Lever, K - Star
Handle for Turret Operation, L - Turret Apron, M
- Turret saddle, N - Intermediate saddle Apron, O
- Feed Gearbox
Mini Turret Lathe
Mini Capstan Lathe
Mini Capstan Lathe Specs
  • Max. Collet Cap (Round) mm 25 32 32 42
  • Spindle Bore dia mm 32 38 40
  • No. Range of Speeds RPM 3/ 650 to 1600, 3/ 650
    to 1600
  • 4/560 to 1600, 4/560 to 1600
  • Length of Bed mm 980 980 1210 1210
  • Max. Dist. Between Spindle -to Turret Face mm
    275 275 400 400
  • Effective Travel of Capstan Slide mm 95 95
    130 130
  • Power Required HP 2 2 2 3

Vertical Turret Lathe CNC 16 dia
Vertical Turret Lathe 88 Dia Table (2 Turret
Vertical Turret Lathe CNC 46 dia
Multi Spindle Lathe 6 Spindles
Shimada Machinery Co. Ltd,
  • The 6-Spindle Automatic Lathe uses one spindle
    for loading and unloading.
  • The other five spindles are used for turning
  • The Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe moves work
    pieces between 6 or 8 stations (processing
    locations), with processes such as boring,
    turning, chamfering, screw cutting, grooving, and
    drilling conducted at separate stations.
  • Pos1 loading/unloading requires the most time.
    This longest position time becomes the cycle time
    when using a 6 or 8 spindle automatic lathe

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