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The Twisted Tale of Little Red Riding Hood


The Twisted Tale of Little Red Riding Hood 1 The End The Twisted Tale of Little Red Riding Hood The End Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl named Riding ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Twisted Tale of Little Red Riding Hood

The Twisted Tale ofLittle Red Riding Hood
Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl
named Riding Hood who lived in a simple cottage
with her mother. One day her mother said, Your
grandmother is not feeling well. Can you visit
her and deliver her a care package?
Because Red Riding Hood was such a lovely
daughter, she replied, Oh yes mother, of
course! But Red, please remember when you
walk through the forest do not talk to strangers.
So Red Riding Hood left home and began walking
through the deep dark forest. Suddenly a large
wolf appeared. Good afternoon dear, where are
you going this morning?
What did Red Riding Hood do?
She answered the wolfs question and told him
that she was heading to Grannys. Go to Slide 9
She obeyed her mother, did not talk to strangers,
ignored the wolf, and kept walking. Go to Slide 6
So Riding Hood continued on her merry way. When
she arrived at her Grandmothers house, she
noticed it was very quiet. She knocked on the
door and said, Granny are you home? Yes dear,
please come in.
Inside Grannys bed was the hairy and scary
wolf! Wheres my Grandmother! Red Riding Hood
screamed. Didnt your mother tell you to not
talk to strangers? The wolf replied. He then
took off his furry mask to reveal Granny wearing
a large smile.
You were very good to listen to your mother.
This was a test to see how much we could trust
you when you walk alone in the woods to visit me.
You passed! At that moment, Reds mother, and
friends jumped out from the closet and celebrated
with a party.
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Where does your Grandmother live? the wolf
asked. What does Red Riding Hood say?
Red answered honestly, She lives in a yellow
house under the oak tree at the far end of the
deep dark woods. Go to Slide 10
Red answered with a smart idea up her sleeve,
She lives on the far west end of the woods in a
brick building with metal bars. Go to Slide 11
When Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her
grandmothers yellow house, she was in a for a
surprise. Grandmother! What big eyes you
have! she shrieked. All the better to see you
with, my dear. the wolf replied. And what big
ears you have! All the better to hear you
with, my dear. And your mouth is huge! Gulp
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The wolf headed west to the far end of the woods
until he reached a large brick building. He
knocked on the door and a voice inside said, Who
is it? The wolf answered in the best little
girl voice he could, Its Red Riding Hood. Ive
come to bring you a care package. The door
opened and the wolf was immediately handcuffed by
the sheriff. We were expecting you after we got
a call from a responsible little girl. Your big
eyes, ears, and teeth will fit perfectly behind
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The End
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