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Mobile Devices: PDA


... within the game offers prizing and the opportunity to play in a live soccer game with the Adidas – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mobile Devices: PDA

Mobile Devices PDAs and Game Consoles
This presentation was updated October 2007
A mobile device (also known as converged device,
handheld device, handheld computer, "Palmtop" or
simply handheld) is a pocket-sized computing
device, typically comprising a small visual
display screen for user output and a miniature
keyboard or touch screen for user input. In the
case of the personal digital assistant (PDA) the
input and output are combined into a touch-screen
interface. Smartphones and PDAs are popular
amongst those who require the assistance and
convenience of a conventional computer, in
environments where carrying one would not be
practical. The following are typical mobile
devices Mobile phone Portable media player
Smartphone Personal digital assistant
Information appliance Personal Communicator
Handheld game console Ultra-Mobile PC Handheld
Source 10/07 Wikipedia
Mobile Device Penetration
Which of the following would you be interested
in doing with your game console?
Source Forrester Consumer Technographics N.
American Youth Devices Access Finance Online
Mobile Devices Target Marketing
  • Target Buying Power, Influence
  • Dispelling Mobile Marketing Myths I Leave SMS to
    the Kids
  • By Neil Versen
  • By targeting smartphones, PDAs and
    cellular-wireless handhelds marketers gain
    distinct advantages by reaching those with buying
    power and influence with the ability to deliver a
    richer user experience.
  • A busy mom may use her smartphone to keep track
    of recipes and grocery lists. Doctors might rely
    on their PDAs to access key medical publications
    or the latest clinical trial information. An
    advertisement for the new Cadillac STS
    performance sedan would have greater influence on
    this demographic than on a 16 year-old who works
    at the local mall.
  • Delivering a rich user experience is key when you
    are accessing vital news and applications and
    this makes screen size a big differentiator.
    Rather than relying on text-messaging that is
    more conducive to the small cell phone screen,
    marketers can take advantage of rich, interactive
    media on mobile Internet services (for example)
    that use larger PDA and smartphone screens.
  • Content delivery platforms that deliver both text
    and graphics for smartphones and PDAs can be
    leveraged for a broad range of marketing
    programs, from simple banner advertisements to
    in-depth mobile product brochures or even a
    full-blown extension of the marketer's website.

Mobile Devices Target Marketing
  • Weve all heard of or experienced the
    multitasking teen doing four things at once on
    their broadband connected computer and moving
    between text messaging cell phones, iPods, game
    machines and video players.
  • The next group up, the 21- to 34-year-olds (I'll
    call them Generation B for the Broadband
    Generation) have lived with the internet for the
    past 10 years, had broadband wired dorms with
    PlayStations and Xboxes, found their dates, jobs
    and housing online, and now consume most of their
    news online.
  • Here is how to take advantage of this new
  • Think video. Can your product or service be
    explained and marketed with video instead of text
    and flash banners? You have a receptive audience
    out there.Watch the video game and film
    markets. They are already heavily using video
    trailers, ads and integrated broadband messages
    that resonate well with Generation B.Think
    speed. Check out a game at EB Games or Best Buy.
    Notice the speed of the action, the tight
    integration of music, action and imagination.
    Slowness will bore Generation B. Think fast,
    witty and entertaining -- especially if yours is
    a consumer product not usually associated with
    these traits.
  • Games Movies Entertainment.

Source Mark Friedler, CEO and co-founder of
Gigex, Inc./GameDAILY /
AudienceTargeted and efficient reach into the
teen and young adult male buying demographic, an
audience that has shifted billions of hours of
media attention out of television and into video
games. EngagementVideo games by their very
nature are the only medium that can command the
audience's attention with limited to no
multi-tasking. RelevanceBuild relationships
with game consumers in their world versus
interrupting them in yours. The key is to move
beyond a skyscraper or 30 seconds between shows
and introduce your brand into the entertainment,
taking a lead role in the action.
AccountabilityIf a brand invests in a
30-second placement, it is guaranteed the ad will
be seen on screen for that period of time, a
commitment no other medium provides its
customers. MindshareLook at the numbers 67.8
million gamers have yet to be reached by an
in-game ad. Research to date indicates that the
combination of storyline engagement and brand
signage offers the greatest lifts in awareness
and brand affinity.
Game content offers marketers a way to connect
with consumers on a deeper, more meaningful
level. . . . the mass medium of games is
tracking to reach 42 billion by the end of the
decade. Often referenced as the most immersive
form of media ever invented, the influence of
video games inescapable and steals countless
hours from millions of gamers across the globe.
Analysts are predicting a growth curve for
in-game advertising that outpaces the growth of
online and follows suit with what has already
happened gamer hours surpassing time spent on
the internet. In-Game Branding Get In While
Its Hot 2007
  • On-portal mobile game revenue jumped 61 percent
    year-to-year to 151 million in 4th Qtr06.
    Nearly 17.4 million mobile consumers downloaded a
    mobile game last quarter, up 45 percent from a
    total of 12 million downloaders a year ago.

On-Portal Mobile Game Revenue and Audience Size
Trending (U.S.)
Q4 05 Q1 06 Q2 06 Q3 06 Q4 06
Number of downloaders 12.0M 12.8M 13.5M 15.7M 17.4M
Total Quarterly Revenues 94M 134M 141M 140M 151M
Source Telephia Press Release, 3/5/07
  • Projections for increased revenues could be well
    justified based on the results from a recently
    released study conducted by Nielsen Entertainment
    on behalf of Microsoft-owned in-game advertising
    specialist Massive Inc.. The research showed
  • Average brand familiarity increased by 64 due to
    in-game ads on Massives network.
  • Average brand rating increased by 37.
  • Average purchase consideration increased by 41.
  • Average ad recall increased by 41.
  • Average ad rating increased by 69.

Source 10/24/07 Research Brief from MediaPost
Advertising Format Description
Advergames Custom-made games specifically designed around a product or service (e.g. Burger King Sneak King)
Dynamic In-game Advertising elements within a connected game itself, that can be dynamically changed depending on location, day of week and time of day.
Inter-level Ads Display or digital video ads shown during natural breaks in gameplay, such as between levels or between rounds of play.
Game Skinning Includes game sponsorship of display units around the game, and/or custom branding integration into the game.
Product Placement Integrated brand messaging, sponsorship and/or products into a game.
Sponsorships Advertiser owns 100 share-of-voice in and around an existing game, such as sponsorship of a tournament, zone, or session of gameplay.
Static In-game Advertising elements within a game that may not be changed. This type of ad format is also referred to as Hard-Coded advertising.
Post-Game Ads shown following completion of the game.
Pre-Game Display or digital video advertisements shown before gameplay begins as the game is loading.
Source Interactive Advertising Bureau, October
Adidas in Power Football Gameplay attributes are
assigned to each of the Adidas shoe models that
the player chooses from. Corresponding gameplay
attributes match the brand attributes of each
shoe, delivering product education and virtual
sampling. General branding is throughout the game
via signage, branded ball, branded apparel and an
instant replay sponsorship. An Adidas tournament
within the game offers prizing and the
opportunity to play in a live soccer game with
the Adidas "stars," including David
Beckham. Pontiac in College Hoops 2K7 The
Pontiac-sponsored NCAA Final 4 tournament in
College Hoops 2K7 mirrors the actual NCAA
tournament, including all of the brackets with
team drafting and online play. The top four
gamers in the Pontiac Virtual NCAA Final 4 public
tournament will win a trip to Atlanta to play the
Final 4 match-ups at a live event. In addition,
four Pontiac Game Changing Performances -- plays
that turn the tide and change the outcome of the
game -- will be selected from games played during
each round of the virtual tournament.
  • There are now 23.5 million mobile subscribers in
    the U.S. who have phones with integrated music
    players. Many of these subscribers report loading
    music on their phones via their PC, but only a
    small number have actually downloaded music over
    the air (OTA) from a wireless carrier music

Uptake of Music Phones and OTA Download Services
Q3 05 Q3 06
Subscribers w/music players on their handsets 4,603,688 23,495,033
of all mobile subscribers 2.3 10.5
Subscribers who downloaded full tracks OTA NA 2,004,228
of subscribers w/music players on their handsets NA 8.5
Source Telephia Press Release, 3/5/07
  • There is no doubt that marketers will see
    rapidly escalating demand for activity centered
    on mobile music. It is one of the few bright
    spots in an otherwise clouded future for the
    global music business.

Source eMarketer
  • SmartVideo Technologies provides an
    advertising-supported streaming video channel to
    wireless phone subscribers. The service features
    15-second commercial spots in between videos as
    well as ad pop-up images.
  • WindowsMobile Media player, Symbian or Palm are
    compatible operating systems. Users can type in
    the DMV Network URL through the smartphone or
    PDA's public internet browser to access a
    selection of more than 40,000 music videos.

Universal Music will make its catalog of
recordings and music videos available for free on
an ad-supported Web site launching in 2007. The
two-year deal calls for New York-based to split advertising revenue with
the recording company, said Lance Ford, chief
marketing and sales officer for
SpiralFrog. Users can download an unlimited
number of songs or music videos permitting
playback offline and on portable devices by
registering at the site.
Source SpiralFrog / Associated Press 2006
  • TiVos TiVoToGo offers recordings in formats
    specifically for the Playstation Portable and the
    video iPod. It allows users to transfer their
    personal playlist
  • of videos to a handheld device.
  • TiVo Product Watch' offers advertisers a way to
    reach TiVo subscribers who are actively looking
    for products ("In Market") with advertising
    content and information.
  • TiVo Product Watch will deliver targeted,
    relevant advertising content, from more than 70
    advertisers and 100 leading brands, from up to
    five different product categories including
    Automotive, Entertainment, Financial, Lifestyles,
    and Travel and Leisure.
  • TiVo subscribers will be able to create searches
    and select advertising content, ranging from one
    minute to 60 minutes, from any of the five
    different product categories of interest and have
    it delivered directly to their Now Playing
    section of the TiVo service.
  • TiVo Product Watch will also offer subscribers
    the ability to create a search based on their
    favorite brands and opt-in to receive video
    content directly from that company on an ongoing

Source TiVo
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