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Optimizing Post-Game Nutrition


Most said it was an important part of ... to overall health and nutrition Post-Exercise Nutrition Guidelines What The Experts Say Carbohydrate 1.5g of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Optimizing Post-Game Nutrition

Optimizing Post-Game Nutrition
  • Helping Your Athletes Refuel and Recover

Ruth Carey, RD, CSSD, LD
  • Ruth is a nutrition consultant specializing in
    sports nutrition, general fitness, weight control
    and disordered eating. She works with kids 8-18
    and adults in her private practice.
  • She has written for several publications
    including Muscle and Fitness Hers, Advance for
    Nurse Practitioners, Gatorade Sports Science
    Institute Coachs Corner and has been frequently
    quoted in Shape. She does media spokes work for
    food companies, doing satellite and live
    television and radio media tours. She is a
    regular on FOX 12 in Portland. Ruth has appeared
    on Good Morning America, Weekend Today Show, and
    the Food Network.
  • Ruth is the sports nutritionist for the Portland
    Trail Blazers NBA basketball team, and consults
    for Portland State athletics and Lewis and Clark
    track and field teams. Ruth speaks at meetings
    locally and nationally sponsored by Gatorade.
  • Ruth has two grown children, now ages 24 and 26.
    She enjoys golf, skiing and exercise in general.

What Well Cover Today
  • An overview of good post-game nutrition
  • Chocolate milk and post-exercise recovery
  • Tips to create a post-game nutrition action plan

Post-Game Nutrition
  • Can affect performance at the next game/practice
  • Can help reduce the chances of injury
  • Boost the health, well-being of your athletes

Its Just As Important As Pre-Game Nutrition!
The Workouts Finished But The Body Isnt
2-Hour Recovery Window
Replenish and Recover Immediately After Exercise
and Throughout the 2-Hour Window
Who Needs To Recover?
  • Football players after two-a-days
  • Cheerleaders after the big competition
  • Basketball players after a game
  • ALL athletes professional or high school

Do Your Athletes Already Know About Recovery?
Before The Game
After The Game
Endurance Athletes Recognize The Importance, But
Know Little
According To A Recent Study
88 of endurance athletes say that RECOVERY is an
important part of their training
Yet, only one out of three recognized the
importance of the 2-hour RECOVERY window
Laymon AS, et al. Medicine Science in Sports
Exercise. 200840S399.
How Do Athletes Recover?
Only 1 in 4 athletes opted for a recovery beverage
Laymon AS, et al. Medicine Science in Sports
Exercise. 200840S399.
In Addition To Water, Athletes Need
  • CARBOHYDRATES to refuel muscle glycogen
  • PROTEIN to reduce muscle breakdown, stimulate
  • FLUID and ELECTROLYTES to replenish what is lost
    in sweat and to rehydrate the body
  • VITAMINS and MINERALS to contribute to overall
    health and nutrition

Post-Exercise Nutrition Guidelines
  • What The Experts Say

Carbohydrate 1.5g of carbs/kg body weight during
first 30 min and again every 2 hours for 4 to 6
Fluids 16-24 fl. oz. for each pound of body
weight lost during exercise helps restore fluid
Electrolytes Based on extent of sweat loss (If
sweat water and electrolytes are not replaced,
then the person will dehydrate)
  • Protein
  • Ratio of about 31 or 41 carbohydrate to protein

Position of the American Dietetic Association,
Dietitians of Canada, American College of Sports
Medicine. Journal of the American Dietetic
Association. 2009109 509-527. International
Society of Sports Nutrition. Journal of the
International Society of Sports Nutrition.
200817-28. American College of Sports Medicine.
Medicine Science in Sports Exercise.
For Example, Within 2 Hours After Exercise
  • 120 Pound Athlete May Need

Carbohydrate 82 grams (amount in about 24 ounces
of chocolate milk)
Protein 20 to 27 grams
Fluids 24 ounces (depending on exercise
intensity, weight lost)
Electrolytes Sodium to aid hydration, others
minerals (depending on sweat losses)
And a 190 Pound Athlete May Need
Carbohydrate 130 grams (amount in about 40
ounces of chocolate milk)
Protein 32 to 43 grams
Fluids 24 ounces (depending on exercise
intensity, weight lost)
Electrolytes Sodium to aid hydration, others
minerals (depending on sweat losses)
Choosing An Effective Post-Exercise Drink What
The Research Says About Chocolate Milk
Why Milk?
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Electrolytes
  • Fluids
  • Calcium and vitamin D
  • B vitamins
  • 9 essential nutrients

To help build muscle, reduce muscle breakdown and
work with carbohydrates to restore muscle glycogen
To refuel muscles (restore muscle glycogen)
To help replenish whats lost in sweat (sodium,
calcium, potassium and magnesium)
To help rehydrate the body
To strengthen bones and help reduce the risk of
stress fractures
To help convert food to energy
Offers additional nutrients not typically found
in traditional sports drinks
The Nutrition Facts
Lowfat Chocolate Milk
Vitamin D
Good Source of 9 Essential Nutrients
Vitamin A
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural
Research Service. 2007. USDA National Nutrient
Database for Standard Reference, Release 21.
Why Chocolate Milk?
  • The Right Mix of Carbohydrates and Protein
  • 3.25/1

Theres research on the benefits of BOTH
chocolate and white milk for athletes But
chocolate milk has the added benefits of extra
CHO needed after exercise!
The Research
  • Refuel muscles
  • Build muscle and help reduce exercise-induced
  • Hydrate and replenish electrolytes

Chocolate milk may be just as effective as
certain commercial sports drinks in helping
athletes refuel muscles after a workout
Chocolate Milk Has The Right Combination Of CHO
And Protein To Refuel Tired Muscles
After Recovery, Researchers Compared Lowfat Chocolate Milk To After Recovery, Researchers Compared Lowfat Chocolate Milk To
Carbohydrate Replacement Drink (with CHO and protein) Fluid Replacement Drink (with CHO)
Indiana University (9 trained cyclists) When drinking chocolate milk they exercised longer and with more power during a second workout When drinking chocolate milk they exercised just as long
Northumbria University, UK (9 trained cyclists) After chocolate milk they were able to cycle 51 longer After chocolate milk they cycled 43 longer
Karp JR, et al. Journal of Sport Nutrition and
Exercise Metabolism. 20061678-91. Thomas K, et
al. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.
Milks high-quality protein helps build and
repair muscles
A Muscle Building Advantage
  • Compared to a soy beverage
  • Canadian researchers found that active adults who
    drank milk after resistance exercise experienced
    greater support for muscle gain
  • A second study found that untrained participants
    who drank fat free milk after exercise gained
    more muscle and lost more body fat at the end of
    a 12-week training program

Researchers suggest milks advantage may be due
to unique properties of milk proteins that may
cause differences in speed of digestion and
Wilkinson SB, at al. American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition 2007851031-1040. Hartman JW, et al.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,
Aids Protein Metabolism
  • Net
  • Muscle
  • Synthesis
  • Athletic men and women who drank milk one hour
    after a leg resistance exercise routine
    experienced a significant increase in two
    measured amino acids

Elliot TA, et al. Medical Science in Sports and
Exercise. 200638667-674.
Reduced Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
  • Research subjects who drank reduced-fat regular
    or flavored milk after a strenuous muscle workout
    had less exercise-induced muscle damage than
    those who drank water or typical sports drinks

Exercise-induced muscle damage can lead to future
impairments in muscle performance, which could
affect future exercise bouts.
Cockburn E, et al. Applied Physiology, Nutrition
and Metabolism. 200833775-783.
Recovery Aid For Soccer Players
  • Chocolate milk drinkers had significantly lower
    levels of creatine kinase an indicator of
    muscle damage compared to when they drank the
    carbohydrate beverage.

Chocolate milks natural muscle recovery
benefits match or may even surpass a
specially- designed carbohydrate sports drink
with the same amount of calories
Gilson SF, et al. Medicine Science in Sports
Exercise. 200941S577.
Milk may be an equivalent or better choice for
hydration after exercise compared to certain
beverages, replenishing needed electrolytes and
Milk Helped Restore Hydration Better Than Other
Popular Post-Exercise Beverages
4 hours
  • Significantly more urine excretion after drinking
    water or sports drink compared to milk

Researchers believe milks electrolyte content
and energy density may help restore and
maintain hydration after exercise.
Shirreffs SM, et al. British Journal of
Nutrition. 200798173-180.
Milk Helps Replace Essential
Electrolytes Lost in Sweat
  • Helps regulate the balance of fluids in your
    body. Plays a role in maintaining normal blood

Helps maintain nerves, muscles and bones. Plays a
role in maintaining normal blood pressure.
Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth.
Plays a role in maintaining normal blood pressure.
Milk Provides 12 of the Daily Value
Milk Provides 8 of the Daily Value
Milk Provides 30 of the Daily Value
Milk Is An Excellent Source of Calcium For
Strong Bones
  • One study found that basketball players had
    significant bone mineral content losses
    throughout the season (6 loss overall) likely
    related to sweat losses.
  • Adding calcium to the diet helped offset the

Rigorous exercise could cause substantial losses
of calcium, which if not replenished, could
increase the risk for bone fractures
Martin BR, et al. Medicine and Science in Sports
and Exercise. 2007 391481-1486. Klesges RC, et
al. Journal of the American Medical Association.
1996276226-230. Lappe J, et al. Journal of Bone
and Mineral Research. 200823741-749.
Teens Need Calcium During Peak Bone Building
  • Nearly 90 percent of teenage girls and 70
    percent of teenage boys dont get the calcium
    they need.

Teens ages 14-18 What We Eat in America, NHANES
2001- 2002 Usual Nutrient Intakes from Food
Compared to Dietary Reference Intakes
Scientific Support For Milk
Putting It All Together Creating A Recovery Plan
For Your Athletes
Our Recovery Must-Dos
Post-Workout Snack Ideas
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Natures fitness drink. Chocolate milk has the
    added bonus
  • of bone-building nutrients (not found in
    traditional sports
  • drink) to help maintain strong bones.
  • Turkey and Cheese with Apple Slices and Pretzels
  • If you're not in the mood for a sandwich, skip
    the bread and eat the fillings on their
  • Tuna on Whole Wheat
  • Tuna over a slice of whole wheat bread is a great
  • protein/carb mini-meal.
  • Banana and Peanut Butter
  • Provides a good source of protein and vitamin E,
    while the
  • banana provides the carbohydrates you need
    to get re-energized.

How Coaches Are Getting In The Game
Lori Baldwin Cross Country Coach Brings
Chocolate Milk Coolers To Practice My athletes
noticed a difference the next day in their muscle
recovery. Now its a routine the entire team
looks forward to and enjoys together.
Anjanette Arabian Whitman Track Coach Gives Her
Athletes Chocolate Milk 3-4 Times Per Week Its
not fancy or complicated just a gallon of
chocolate milk and cups. I know serving chocolate
milk plays a large role in the success of my
Denny Marsh Strength and Conditioning
Consultant Makes Chocolate Milk Mandatory Right
now, I have 120 clients doing this and Ive seen
results with every single one.
How YOU Can Get In The Game
  • Log onto MilkDelivers.org for tips and tools to
    share with your student athletes
  • Get your local processor to donate milk
  • Ask you School Food Service Director how to move
    milk vending machine outside the locker room
  • Copy and distribute the flyers to your students
    and fellow coaches
  • After a team practice, show your athletes the NBA

How Do You Help Your Athletes Recover?
Thank You
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