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Raw Materials for Technical Textiles


Textile products manufactured primarily for their technical and performance properties Technical Textiles Importance of Fibre How do we get the Functional ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Raw Materials for Technical Textiles

Raw Materials for Technical Textiles
  • Exhibition- cum- Conference on Technical Textiles
  • 25th Aug11

Manohar Samuel Birla Cellulose
Presentation Covers.
  • Fibres and Functional value in technical
  • Business Growth recommendation for technical

Global Fiber Production Scenario
All Fibres 80 Million T
Mn T In Million Tons
Technical Textiles Million T
Apparel/Textiles Million T
Olefin 6 Mn T
Jute extra
Based on Average Production as on 2010
Source Fibre Organon
World Fibre Basket in last five years
  • Dominance of Synthetic filament yarns
  • Cotton is flat but highly sought after due to its
  • Consistent growth in VSF with highest CAGR

Source- Fibre Organon Jun-11
What is Technical Textile?Textile products
manufactured primarily for their technical and
performance properties
Technical Textiles Importance of Fibre
How do we get the Functional Performance for the
End User?Differentiation at Fibre stage Yarn
Stage Fabric Stage Wet Processing
Stage Technology at Fibre, yarn, Fabric and End
Conversion stage
Raw Materials for Technical Textiles
  • Regular/Generic fibers
  • Natural fibers Cotton, silk, wool, jute, hamp,
    ramie, flax
  • Regenerated fibers Viscose, Lyocell.
  • Synthetic fibers Nylon, PET, PP, Acrylic.
  • 2. Specialty variants of
  • regular/generic fibers
  • Flame retardant
  • Super absorbent
  • Antimicro bacterial
  • Ultra fine fibers. etc.
  • 3. High tech/high performance fibers
  • High chemical- and combustion-resistant organic
    fibres Nomex, Kevlar
  • High performance inorganic fibres Glass,
    Asbestos, Carbon

Worldwide Fiber composition in Technical Textiles
  • World over, PSF/PFY and PP based products have
    maximum application in Technical textile,
    comprising over 50 of the share, the
    applications are across product categories and
  • Viscose and other cellulosic fibres has 6 share

Fiber composition in Technical Textiles in India
  • In India the fibre composition in Technical
    Textile is quite contrasting to the world as
    natural fibres have 50 share.
  • Viscose, Cellulosic and Regenerated fibre
    comprise of 6.6 share which is comparable to the
    share of these fibres in technical textiles
    across the world
  • Glass fibre for Technical textile in India is
    just 2.1 where as worldwide it has a 15 share

World Technical Textiles Consumption, 2010
Volume wise
Value wise
23,774,000 tons
127 bn.
Sportech although is 6 of the Volume, in Value
terms it contributes 15, Mobiltech is 14 in
volume but 24 in value terms in 2010 Packtech is
15 in Volume but contributes 5 in Value terms,
similarly hometech is 12 in volume terms but
contributes 7 in volume terms
Specialty Variants of Viscose, Polyester and
other fibres
Viscose Viscose Polyester Polyester Other fibres Other fibres
Basic Characteristics Specialty Variant Basic Characteristic Specialty Variant Fibre Additional Characteristic
Very good softness Viscose for nonwovens High melting point, high heat and chemical resistance High Tenacity PET Super-absorbent fibre (acrylic) High absorbency
Excellent absorbency Viscose with tri-lobal cross-section Very low moisture absorbency trilobal cross-section High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) High tensile strength
Added strength and moderate abrasion resistance Temperature regulating Viscose (Outlast ) High strength, Good abrasion resistance,, Good resiliency Hollow fiber High Modulus PE (HMPE) Higher modulus
Relatively poor strength wet Short cut PET/Viscose Inert, biocompatible flexible Flame retardant High Tenacity Nylon High tenacity and low shrinkage
Low resiliency Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial viscose fibers. Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial PET fibers. High Tenacity PP High strength and stability
Natural and pure Fire Retardant (FR) Viscose/PET Cationic dyeable Anti bacterial Acrylic Prevents limits the growth of bacteria, fungi and microbes.

High-tech fibre
Fiber Characteristics Applications Key players
Meta Aramid (Nomex) Heat Resistance, high strength and high impact absorbing capacity Fire retardant apparel, bullet proof jackets, helmets, gloves etc. Dupont (USA), Teijin Twaron (Japan), SRO Group (China), Yantai Spandex (China), Kermel (France)
Para Aramid (Kevlar) High strength to weight ratio, Excellent thermal chemical stability Fire retardant apparel, bullet proof jackets, helmets, gloves etc. Dupont (USA), Teijin Twaron (Japan), Yantai Spandex (China)
Carbon Low weight and high strength Air craft body, wind mill wings, racing cars. Toray Industries (Japan), Toho Tenax (Japan), Mitsubishi Rayon (Japan), Zoltek (USA), Hexcelcorp (USA), SGL Carbon AG (Germany) , Kemrock (India)
Polyphenylene sulfide Fibres (PPS) Highly resistance to heat, acid and alkaline Electrical products, liquid filters, dryer canvas. Armoco Fabrics Fibres Co (USA), Toyobo (Japan), Toray Industries (Japan), etc
Glass fiber Thermal insulation properties with high strength and low elongation. Automotive bodies, hockey sticks, boats, surfboard etc. Owens-Corning Fibreglas, Nicofiber (USA), Fibreglass (Canada), Asahi Fibre Glass Co (Japan), Chemitex-Anilana (Poland), Owens Corning , Goa glass, Twiga (india)
High-tech fibre
Fiber Characteristics Applications Key players
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Excellent dielectric properties, high melting point. Nonstick coating of pans, laboratory containers, magnetic stirrer. DuPont (USA), Newton Filaments, Inc (USA), Albany Internation Inc. (USA), Toyobo (Japan)
Phenolic fiber High strength Automotive and electrical components. Phenco (USA), The Vermont Organic Fiber Company (USA)
Conductive fiber Electric conductive Military garments, intelligent garments. Shakespeare Conductive Fibres LLC and Bekaert , Bakaert India (India)
PBI (Polybenzimidazole) High strength and does not burn or melt. Automotive parts, aircraft parts, insulation shield etc. Celanese Acetate
Alginate fiber Highly absorbent Wound dressing, textile printing etc. Speciality Fibres and Materials Ltd (UK), FMC Biopolymer (USA), Degussa Texturant Systems (Germany), Danisco Cultor (Denmark), Kimica Corporation (Japan), China Seaweed Industrial Association (China)
PBO fiber- Zylon Highest strength among fibers. Protective clothing and equipments. Toyobo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
Segment wise consumption of different fibres
Cotton Jute Viscose PET Nylon PP HDPE LDPE/ LLDPE Aramid Glass Carbon
Agrotech ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Meditech ? ? ? ?
Mobiltech ? ? ? ? ?
Packtech ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Sporttech ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Buildtech ? ? ? ? ?
Clothtech ? ? ? ? ?
Hometech ? ? ? ?
Protech ? ? ? ?
Geotech ? ? ? ? ?
Oekotech ? ? ? ? ? ?
Inditech ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Tech Textile Growth
  • Role of Fibre Manufacturers

Technical Textiles Indian Business Growth Focus
  • India as Global Manufacturing Hub
  • India as Consuming Hub owing to the large

The Key Challenge has been always whether Market
comes first or the product
The Answer is both come together
Business Development Components Focus
Role of Centre of Excellence in Tech Textiles
Review and Recommendations for Growth of Tech
Textile Sector
Recommendations Market Mapping 1
  • A global understanding o f the Tech Textile
    sector in size
  • Ministry of Textiles can extend the base line
    survey to Global context
  • Market potential from current to the next ten
    years mapped for need gap analysis
  • Technology and equipment gap bring in partners
  • Specialty fibre gap Aramid, Glass fibre etc.
    RD and collaborations
  • Capital equipment Gap - collaboration from

Recommendations Product Understanding- Role of
COEs 2
  • To Buy out relevant International samples and
  • Create facility for Prototype development exactly
  • Build a studio for their specialization with
    International samples
  • Commercials made for each potential product with
  • Tabulate different comparative standards
  • Formulate Indian standards for application based

Recommendations Product Understanding- Role of
  • ITTA should support standard formulation t
  • Buyers standards not mentioned in Global
  • Support COEs for fixing Indian standards with
  • ITTA should support technical projects with COEs
  • Practical projects which help to understand
    Indian conditions
  • Commercial information on worthwhile projects
  • ITTA should make a lifetime benefit for large
    applications - shared with respective user
    industry ministry along with Textile
    Commissioners Office

Recommendations Role of Gov. for Legislation 4
  • Gov. of Indias legislation for the safety, cost
    and welfare of the common man in the following
    areas wud help.
  • Only BIS and pharmacopeia consistent meditech
  • Flame retardant fabrics in public places and
    railways, buses
  • Geo tech in all express ways, highways, dams and
    rail tracks
  • Protech for firemen, mining, defense sectors
  • Textile Ministry support with the other
  • Health Ministry for meditech products and DGCA
  • Railways Ministry for Geotech
  • Education Ministry for including Tech Tex in
    syllabus of
  • Meditech for MBBS
  • Geotech for Civil Engineers
  • Agritech for agricultural engineering
  • ITI courses for operations of tech textiles

Recommendations Role of Gov. for Fiscal Non
Fiscal Correction 5
  • Excise duty to be at least in line with regular
    textiles for non-woven tech textiles.
  • Duty drawback and DEPB for nonwoven and converted
    products do not find a mention and needs to be
  • Specific HS codes is proposed for specialty
  • All standards for Non-implantables should have
    Woven Nonwoven both as product option and
    should thus find a place in govt. tenders

Recommendations Role of Indian Textile
Industry for Technical Textiles 7
  • Leaders in Industry to work with Gov to set up
    specific Tech Textile parks similar to Apparel
  • Technical Textiles should be promoted by all
  • Conferences with actual cost benefit and user
    industry participation for each sector
  • International Technical Textile Exhibitions
  • Specific websites for technical textiles in Gov.
    and Industry Association forums

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