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How Islamic Banking Becomes Safe in International Financial Crises


How Islamic Banking Becomes Safe in International Financial Crises Presented By: Faraaz Shaul Hameed Thrust of the Presentation First Global at a glance Sri Lanka as ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How Islamic Banking Becomes Safe in International Financial Crises

How Islamic Banking Becomes Safe in International
Financial Crises
Presented By Faraaz Shaul Hameed
Thrust of the Presentation
  • First Global at a glance
  • Sri Lanka as business center
  • Introduction
  • Issues Challenges in the Islamic Finance World?
  • Basics of islamic finance (IF)
  • The financial crisis what caused it?
  • Why did the financial systems crumble?
  • Islamic finance An alternative

First Global at a glance
  • Recognized contributor to Islamic finance locally
    and globally
  • First Global incorporated as public limited
    liability company in November 2007 in Colombo,
    Sri Lanka
  • Received Aspiring Leader award in the global
    Islamic finance industry
  • Instrumental in Abu Dhabi Commercial Banks
    venture into Islamic Banking, branded Meethaq
  • Silver Award for Financial Related Services at
    Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Awards 2008,
  • First Global with Investec Capital were joint
    lead arrangers for the first-ever Sri Lankan
  • In the Islamic Business Finance Awards 2008
    conducted by CPI Financial, First Global was a
    finalist in the categories Best Advisory Services
    and Best Investment House along with prominent
    players like Ernst Young, McKenzie, and Unicorn
    Investment Bank

Our business lines
Sri Lanka as business center
  • Strategically located at crossroads of East and
  • Business-friendly open economy with attractive
    and transparent investment laws offering the most
    business-friendly climate in South Asia
  • Highly literate labour force with high quality of
  • Peace dividend as end of almost three decades
    of ethnic war enables public spending on
    infrastructure projects
  • Reawakening Programme aims to restore livelihoods
    through agriculture and irrigation projects

Size 65,610 sq. km Population 20.2
million Per Capita GNP USD 1,969 Languages Sinha
la, Tamil, English Ethnic Groups Buddhists
77 Hindus 8 Muslims
9 Christians 6
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Issues Challenges in the Islamic Finance World?
No Lender of Last Resort?
No International Islamic Money Market
No secondary market for global Issues?
No Common Agreement on Shari'ah Issues?
Absence of/Underdeveloped Islamic Capital Market?
Non-acceptance of standards, accounting practices
by the industry players?
No Harmonization of Islamic products or
Integration of Islamic and International
financial markets.
Innovation on Islamic Funds, still very slow
No uniform regulatory and legal framework
Emerging Stock Markets not fully compatible with
Educating the masses lack of awareness
Islamic Banking Finance is safe, given the
global crisis- beyond economic and financial
and more.
Basics of islamic finance (IF)
  • The following is the Fundamental Difference
    between Islamic Finance and its conventional

The financial crisis what caused it?
  • Reckless lending fuelled by greed and
    irresponsible and excessive risk taking to
    achieve higher profits
  • Banks losing their vocation traders rather than
  • Very fancy instruments developed with no
    substance other than a lot of hype and lack of
    transparency of its underlying value

The financial crisis what caused it?
  • Rising defaults among mortgage borrowers
  • Low interest rates causing a housing bubble that
    was bound to eventually burst
  • Insufficient regulations of sub prime mortgage
    lending practices
  • Insufficient monitoring of complex financial
    products and services,
  • Rating agencies and derivatives markets
  • Short selling
  • Selling assets that one does not own
  • Rating Agencies giving very liberal ratings to

Why did the financial systems crumble?
  • Over supply of houses in US housing market
  • Speculative purchases of real estate
  • Indiscriminate mortgage lending
  • Rising Interest rates leading to resetting of
    mortgage loans together with oil price hikes in
    turn high default rates
  • Unprecedented financial leverage which gave high
    profits during the good times now led to very
    large losses
  • Banks holding such paper had to raise additional

Islamic finance An alternative
  • Basic principles
  • Prohibitions
  • How could Islamic finance have prevented the
  • Can Islamic finance come out of the mess?
  • Islamic Finance Infrastructure Institutions
  • Successes of Islamic finance

Basic principles
  • Islamic economics and financial system is based
    on values, ideals and morals
  • Ethical practices and fairness in all endeavors
  • Prohibits economic and financial transactions
    that engage lying, gambling, cheating, monopoly,
    exploitation, greed, unfairness and unjustly
    taking peoples money
  • Promotes participation in profit, loss and actual
    exchanges of money and assets
  • No constant winner or loser yet profit and loss
    is mutually shared
  • In a nutshell- Islamic Finance centers around

Prohibitions Riba/Usury (Interest)
  • Money is only a means of exchange no intrinsic
  • Trading of debts/receivables prohibited
  • Payment and receipt of interest is totally
  • Interest bearing investments are prohibited
  • Earnings must be by profit sharing investments
    or fee based returns
  • Risk sharing - the risk taker is justly rewarded
  • Interest rate may be used as a means of
    calculating profit element or quantum of rent

Prohibitions Maisir (Speculation)
  • Gambling or any form of speculation akin to
  • Swaps, futures, options and other derivatives
  • Contracts that insure for a profit
  • Speculation is taboo under Islamic law
  • Money proffered must be backed by collateral
  • Islamic Financial instruments must always carry a
    face value
  • Prohibition of selling that which you dont own
  • Selling anothers debt and engaging in high risk

Prohibitions Gharar (Uncertainty)
  • Uncertainty as to fundamental terms in a contract
  • Subject matter, price or time of delivery must be
    fixed in advance
  • Conventional insurance prohibited

How could Islamic finance have prevented the
  • No lending on interest
  • No selling on of mortgages or debts such as
    discounting promissory notes and cheques with
    postponed payments
  • Financial derivatives are not permitted in
    Islamic finance
  • Prohibits short selling - identified as a
    significant contributor to the global crisis

Can Islamic finance come out of the mess?
  • It is believed that Islamic finance could emerge
    as a strong contender provided it overcomes the
    following challenges
  • Work towards eliminating the perception that
    Islamic finance is merely a interest bearing debt
    in disguise
  • Aim for commonality in the application of
    Shariah to all Islamic finance products offered
  • Currently many differences in the application of
    Shariah in different parts of the world
  • Standardize Islamic finance products such that
    they look and feel the same wherever offered

Islamic Finance Infrastructure Institutions
General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial
Islamic Finance Infrastructure Institutions
  • Must have common thread to work together,
    whilst having diversity in their mandates.
  • Some of the areas looked into by these IFIIs
  • Regulations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Risk Liquidity Management
  • Islamic Capital Market
  • Accounting Auditing Standards
  • Rating
  • Guidelines Recommendations
  • Awareness Programs
  • Otherwise
  • Loss of talents, skills, resources, etc.
  • Overlapping goals and objectives
  • Duplications and Repetitions
  • Deviation from the common goal

Successes of Islamic finance
  • Rapid growth of 15 - 20 annually
  • US 4 Trillion worth market sector
  • Crossed boundaries of Islamic world and spreading
    in non-Islamic countries
  • UK, Germany, USA, France, Japan, Hong Kong,
    Thailand, etc.
  • Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes Benchmarks for
    Islamic investment related categories have
    outperformed their non-Shariah compliant
    counterparts by 3 to 4 in key indexes
  • Osservatore Romano, Vaticans official newspaper
    The ethical principles on which Islamic
    finance is based may bring banks closer to their
    clients and to the true spirit which should mark
    every financial service

Thank You Jazaka Allah Khair
Mohamed Faraaz Shaul Hameed MBA(USA)
Mr. Faraaz is a Professional Banker for more than
20 years locally and internationally and embarked
into Islamic Banking in 2007, and to date, he has
gained a wealth of knowledge and experience,
through his diverse positions held in various
organizations in Banking Operations, Management
Consultancy, Business Management, Strategic
Planning Budgeting, Islamic Banking Finance,
Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking,
Business Development, Compliance, Treasury
training and career development etc.
  • Organizations
  • Commercial Bank Ltd, Sri Lanka (Best bank for
    last 11yeras-in Sri Lanka)
  • Al - Rajhi Bank, Saudi Arabia
  • Seylan Bank, Sri lanka
  • Thomas Cook Ltd, India
  • Standard Chartered Bank , Sri Lanka
  • Habib Bank Ltd- Pakistan
  • Amana Bank , Sri Lanka
  • First Global Investments Holdings Limited, Sri

Deputy CEO/Acting CEO First Global Investments
(Holdings) Sri Lanka