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Writing a Persuasive Essay


Writing a Persuasive Essay YES or NO? In persuasive writing, a writer takes a position FOR or AGAINST an issue The writer writes to convince the reader to believe or ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a Persuasive Essay
YES or NO?
  • In persuasive writing, a writer takes a position
    FOR or AGAINST an issue
  • The writer writes to convince the reader to
    believe or do something.

Persuasive writing follows a particular format
  • INTRODUCTION with hook and thesis statement
  • BODY PARAGRAHS where the argument is developed
  • CONCLUSION where main points are summarized and

The Introduction
  • This is your chance to introduce the topic and
    give brief background information about it.
  • You should start the first paragraph with a
    hook or grabber to catch the readers
  • You will choose one or two of the following seven
    methods to include in your introduction.

Hook 1
  • Opening with an unusual detail.
  • Did you know that a typical child needs
    2,000 calories for an entire day and Burger
    Kings Whopper with triple cheese has 1,230

Hook 2
  • Opening with a strong statement
  • Fast food consumption has risen 500 percent since
    1970 and today pervades nearly every segment of
    society, including some public school cafeterias.

Hook 3
  • Opening with a Quotation
  • University of Delaware professor John
    Doe, states, Advertising, including television
    ads, billboards, and other advertising, including
    toys in boxed meals, has had an effect upon
    children as never before. Children these days are
    growing up with low concern for their health and
    more concern for what tastes good.

Hook 4
  • Opening with an Anecdote. An anecdote can
    provide an amusing and attention-getting opening
    if it is short and to the point.
  • My hands felt sticky after pulling open the
    doors to Big Bobbys Boisterous Burger Hut.
    The odor smelled of fried everything. I ordered
    a Big Bobby Combo 2. There was enough food to
    serve a small third world country on my tray. I
    nibbled at the ¾ pound burger and my chin was
    covered in a mayonnaise and ketchup concoction.
    I asked the server if I could have a few fries
    with my salt. I left the place feeling like my
    stomach was mad at me.

Hook 5
  • Open with a Statistic or Fact
  • Thirty percent of the children in the survey ate
    fast food on any given day during the survey, and
    they ate an average of 187 calories a day more
    than those who did not eat fast food. These
    additional calories could account for an extra
    six pounds of weight gain per year, according to

Hook 6
  • Open with a Question
  • How many times have you eaten fast food this

Hook 7
  • Opening with an Exaggeration or Outrageous
  • Fast food is killing America!

Remembering the Hooks or Grabbers
  • Unusual detail
  • Strong statement
  • Quotation
  • Anecdote
  • Statistic or Fact
  • Question
  • Exaggeration or Outrageous Statement

Try this
  • Under
  • Some
  • Quilts
  • Are
  • Surprisingly
  • Quick
  • Elephants

The Thesis Statement
  • At the end of the first paragraph, you will need
    a thesis statement.
  • It says to the reader
  • Ive thought about this topic, I know what I
    believe about it, and I know how to organize it.

Creating a Thesis Statement
  • Choose 3 main focus points to discuss in your
    essay. These points will become the focus of
    three paragraphs in the body.
  • Lets use fast food as an example again.
  • Fast food
  • rapidly increases weight
  • causes high blood pressure
  • leads to lethargy

Writing the Thesis Statement
  • Now take your three main focus points and
    summarize them. Put your completed thesis
    statement at the end of your first paragraph.
  • I believe fast food is harmful because it rapidly
    increases weight, causes high blood pressure, and
    leads to lethargy.
  • I believe fast food has negative health effects.

The Body
  • The body of the essay is where you develop your
    three main focus points of your thesis.
  • We will look at six different ways to develop the
    body of your essay. The example, again, will be
    the effects of fast food.

Generating Hypothetical Instances
  • Start by using Suppose that or What if
    along with your first focus point.
  • I will use the first point from my thesis
  • I believe fast food is harmful because it rapidly
    increases weight, causes high blood pressure, and
    leads to lethargy.

  • Suppose that you ate just one meal from a
    fast food restaurant a week. Typically, you
    would consume around 1,500 calories at that meal.
    Your daily intake may be 2,500 calories if you
    include all three meals. Thats 500 more
    calories than you need. You may gain ½ a pound a
    week, which would be 2 pounds a month. Your
    weight would rapidly increase.

Clarifying a Position
  • This is where you need to think about what needs
    to be explained. Do students need to know the
    facts about your issue to make a judgment?
  • I will use the next focus point to clarify
  • I believe fast food is harmful because it rapidly
    increases weight, causes high blood pressure, and
    leads to lethargy.

  • Do you know what high blood pressure is and
    what it does to your body? Blood pressure is the
    force in the arteries when the heart beats
    (systolic pressure) and when the heart is at rest
    (diastolic pressure). If you consume foods high
    in cholesterol, the cholesterol clings to your
    arteries and builds up over time. This raises
    your blood pressure and forces your heart to work
    harder to pump the blood through your veins.

Thinking Through a Process
  • This is where you take someone through each step
    of the problem.
  • I will use my third focus point for this.
  • I believe fast food is harmful because it rapidly
    increases weight, causes high blood pressure, and
    leads to lethargy.

Think Through the Process
  • Eating fast food can also lead to lethargy,
    or extreme tiredness. When you eat foods that
    are high in fat and low in protein, you tend to
    have less energy. People eat fast food, feel
    tired, and end up sitting on the couch doing
    nothing. Then they decide that they dont want
    to make dinner the next night because it takes
    energy. The easiest solution is to get fast food
    again. They end up feeling even more lethargic
    and the dangerous cycle continues.

Drawing Comparisons
  • This is where you choose something similar or an
    alternative to your topic.
  • I will use the lethargy example again.

Drawing Comparisons
  • Increased fat content in fast food leads to
    lethargy. There are alternatives to the typical
    fast food. Lets compare typical fast food meals
    (burger and fries) to a meal higher in proteins
    and vitamins.

FOOD ITEMS Calories Calories from Fat
Burger Kings Whopper,Fries, Soda 1,600 56
McDonalds Chicken Strips, Fries, Soda 1,950 47
Wendys Big Bacon Classic, Fries, Soda 1,410 48
Taco Bells Taco Salad, Soda 970 47
Subway/Quiznos Sub (avg) 6-inch, Chips, Soda (diet) 430 12
Making an Analysis
  • You can make an analysis by looking at all the
    parts to help the reader understand. Break down
    all elements of your topic.
  • Fast food for example could be analyzed by
    looking at how each type of food contributes to
    high blood pressure.
  • Fast foods contribute to high blood pressure.
    For example, French fries have tons of saturated
    fats that lead to clogged arteries. This is
    extremely dangerous to the health of Americans!

Drawing an analogy
  • This is where you identify significant likenesses
    between two objects or ideas when otherwise they
    are quite different.
  • I will use the lethargy point for this.

  • The food you eat is a lot like the fuel or
    oil you put in your car. A car that has clean
    fuel and an oil change runs smoothly and
    efficiently. Race cars use only the best fuel
    and oil to perform at top speeds. Cars that
    arent tuned-up, havent had an oil change, and
    use poor fuel, struggle to make it down the road.
    Your body is the same way. Feed it the energy
    it needs and stay away from excess fat and
    cholesterol and you will perform at your
    greatest. Feed it fast food high in fat content
    and it slows to a stop. Do you want to be a race
    car or a clunker that will end up in the
    mechanics hands.

The Other Side of the Story
  • This is where you should explain why your
    opposition believes what they believe.
  • For example, a fast food company would be furious
    with me presenting you this information. They
    would have lots of reasons why fast food is good.
    They may say

Fast food is
  • FAST!
  • Convenient
  • Tastes great!
  • Offers lots of choices
  • Eaten on the go!
  • For the whole family!

Last paragraph of body
  • State what the claims are of your opponent.
  • Dispute as many as you can!
  • Win the fight by stating what you know is right.

  • Restate your thesis.
  • End with
  • A comment (Dont make your body suffer!)
  • A question (Are you willing to risk your health?)
  • A call to action (I highly recommend you consider
    your options the next time your faced with a
    decision about what to eat.)
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