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Harry The Hamster!


Harry The Hamster! A Whole Lot Of Rubbish. Harry looked around in amazement. He counted the school children, 32 in all. They all listened carefully to the tour guide ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Harry The Hamster!

Harry The Hamster!
A Whole Lot Of Rubbish.
  • Harry looked around in amazement. He counted the
    school children, 32 in all. They all listened
    carefully to the tour guide who showed them
    around the landfill. The teacher took lots of
    photos along the way.
  • Learn all about what happens to our rubbish at
    the Landfill Site, just as Harry did.

What is a Landfill?
  • Every week trucks come to our homes and schools
    to collect our rubbish, but where does it go? It
    goes to Landfill.
  • A landfill site is a huge hole in the ground
    which is being filled up with rubbish.

Whats in a landfill?
  • Its like a giant rubbish bin. Large earth movers
    dig a pit, they cover the bottom of the pit with
    a thick layer of waterproof clay. The clay is
    then covered with soil and then layers of trash
    and soil and eventually the pit is full and
    covered over with a layer of grass.

So Whats The Problem?
  • Isnt that a great idea? thought Harry, Cover
    over all the rubbish with lovely grass, so whats
    the problem?
  • He listened carefully as the tour guide
    explained. Harry soon realised that throwing all
    of our rubbish away was not a good idea.

Smelly Smelly.
  • People dont want to live near a landfill site.
  • They can cause a lot of bad smells in the area.

Flying Rubbish.
  • Rubbish often flies away in the strong wind and
    people living near a landfill worry about rats
    and mice near their house.

Dirty Water.
  • People also worry that rainwater that soaks
    through the rubbish will eventually end up in
    their homes.

Landfills Cause Lots of Problems.
  • Harry was happy to be inside the cosy handbag.
    All this talk of smells and dirty water was
    making him feel ill again. He kept listening to
    the tour guide.

Very Little for Landfill.
  • As Larry listened carefully, he realised that we
    should put very little in our landfill bin.
  • We should ask ourselves three questions. Harry
    Listened very carefully because he wanted to
    remember the 3 questions which he must answer No
    to. Will you be able to remember them too?

  • Can I compost it?

  • Can it be recycled?

Is it Dangerous Waste.
  • The tour guide explained that some people throw
    very dangerous things into their rubbish bins.
    The teacher took some photos. Harry wondered why
    these items were dangerous. Can you help him?

Paint Motor Oil
Bulbs. Batteries.
Old Medicine. Waste oil.
Cleaners. Phones.
  • After Harry had listened to the three questions.
  • 1.Can I compost it?
  • 2 Can it be recycled?
  • 3 Is it dangerous waste?
  • He realised that very little waste should go
    into your landfill bin.
  • Can you think of some items?

Harry Returns Home.
  • So, as Harry hoped on the bus and returned to the
    school to find Jacks school bag, he was glad to
    have his adventure. He learned that very little
    should end up in our landfill bin. Some items can
    last for hundreds of years in a landfill and this
    is not good for the environment.
  • Harry has one last message for everyone

Say NO to Landfills!!
Reduce the amount of rubbish you throw away. If
we all work together we will use up less landfill
Slán go Fóill Harry Hamster
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