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Social Media Marketing


Getting Connected: Social Media s and Networking Presented by: Suzie Sands Scott Naill & Tony Trapp Upper Valley JVS HVAC/R Program – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Getting Connected Social Medias and Networking
  • Presented by
  • Suzie Sands 
  • Scott Naill   Tony Trapp Upper Valley JVS HVAC/R

We dont need no stinkin social marketing..or
do we?
  • What is it?
  •   Blogs
  •   Twitter
  •   Facebook
  •   Marketing/Branding

What you will get from todays presentation
  • A working overview of social media and some
    considerations of how it might impact your
    marketing efforts?
  • Definitely
  • A complete answer on whether or not social media
    marketing is right for you and how you should
    implement it?
  • Not a chance

So, what is social media marketing?
Social Media Popularity Around The
World Internet Users in Select Countries Who
Have Created a Social Network Profile as of 2009
  • At its most basic, it is a means of communication
    that transforms a monologue into a dialogue
  • It transforms people from content readers into
    content providers
  • A snapshot of some current social media sites on
    the web can be found at http//

Social Media Popularity Around The World Internet
Users in Select Countries Who Have Created a
Social Network Profile as of 2009
Obsolescence disclaimer
  • Todays presentation is chock full of information
    that will probably all be superseded, laughable,
    or just plain wrong
  • in six months.
  • This is not the fault of the presenters.
  • This stuff just changes that fast.

Social Media are on the cutting edge of
technology. Right?
  • Well, not so much. Its been around for a while
  • Bulletin board systems Internet Relay Chat
    (IRC) 1980s
  • Commercial online services ICQ (precursor to
    instant messaging) 1980s 1990s
  • Compuserve, Prodigy, AOL
  • World Wide Web publicly available in 1991
  • Discussion forums

Cutting Edge (continued)
  • File sharing sites 2000
  • Napster, Limewire Pirate Bay
  • Social networking sites 2002
  • Friendster (02), MySpace (04), Facebook (07)
  • Media sharing sites 2004
  • Flickr (04), YouTube (05)
  • Social bookmarking 2006
  • Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit,
  • Real time statusphere 2008
  • Twitter

Lets take a look, shall we?
  • Facebook
  • http//
  • YouTube
  • http//
  • Twitter
  • http//
  • LinkedIn
  • http//

Why should we consider marketing on social media?
Our customers are already there..students
SITE UNIQUE VISITORS MONTHLY VISITS 68,557,534 1,191,373,339 58,555,800 810,153,536 5,979,052 54,218,731
These numbers reflect monthly counts for January,
2009. Source
Marketing on social media? (continued)
The demographics are getting broader
Marketing on social media? (continued)
Our customers are embracing the new media
  • Students have largely grown beyond email as a
    communication channel except with their
  • Students would rather text than talk
  • Students believe mass media marketing messages
    have little credibility
  • Students have conquered information overload
    they ignore it and seek out what they need when
    they need it
  • Students still seek out peers to get input on
    buying decisions
  • Students will tolerate a moderate amount of
    marketing on the new media

Word or phrase Abbreviation(s)
Been There Done That BTDT
Go For It GFI
Parents Over Shoulder POS
Excellent XLNT
By the way btw
Got to go g2g or gtg
Unpleasant Visual UV
I don't know idk
In my humble opinion imho
In my opinion imo
Just kidding jk
You Know What You Can Do YKWYCD
Who is already in the social media marketing game?
Some of the biggest businesses in the world
  • ATT Flickr, YouTube, a fan page
  • Best Buy Twitter, blogs, Blue Shirt Nation
  • Bigelow Tea MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
  • DirecTV Facebook, Twitter
  • Fidelity Investments podcasts
  • HR Block Twitter, Facebook
  • Luxor Hotel Casino Twitter, Facebook,
    YouTube, blogs
  • National Geographic Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,

What does a successful campaign look like?
Some of the best of 2009
  • Barack Obama has 6 million Facebook fans
  • http//
  • BMW What Drives You graffiti contest
  • http//
  • Papa Johns Pizza grew Facebook fans to 200,000
    in 2 months
  • http//
  • Coca Cola because of large brand equity, a
    softer sell
  • http//

Source http//
Social Media Marketing The Cost
  • There is no monetary cost at all to set your
    company up on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Social Media are labor intensive!
  • Facebook example
  • Setting up the account 15 minutes
  • Creating a plain page 10 minutes
  • Customizing your page 1 week (If you have prior
  • Providing content Never ending. These media
    have an insatiable appetite for content. The
    content is what attracts the customer

Social Media Marketing The Reason
  • Recognize that social media are dialogues
    people will not always say what you want to hear
  • Dont ignore the inevitable your students are
    now, or will be on social media.
  • Beware of what you post!

Creative Concept-Branding Everything We Do Is
  • A Brand is a Trademark or a distinctive name
    identifying or representing a product or
  • Serves as a unifying element
  • Everything that makes them think of you

Student Handout
Follow-Up Postcards
T-Shirt Handout
  • A person wearing a black T-shirt without a brand
    name is simply wearing it.- Build Your Own
    Brand by Doug Dovarak

T-Shirt Handout
  • A black T-shirt with a brand name on it is more
    than just clothing.- Build Your Own Brand by
    Doug Dovarak

Display Banner
Website/Landing Page
Movie Theatre Promo
Social Media Marketing-Q A
Questions Educated Guesses, Semi-logical
Deductions, and Wildly Unfounded Speculations
Contact Info
  • Suzie Sands
  • Scott Naill
  • Tony Trapp