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A Celebration of Diversity Thursday, April 23, 2009


A Celebration of Diversity Thursday, April 23, 2009 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Celebration of Diversity Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Celebration of Diversity Thursday, April 23,
  • Presenting…
  • Thailand
  • By, Mrs. Smiths Class
  • Second Grade

LAND AND CLIMATE By, Nickolas, Tabitha and Logan
  • The country of Thailand is a peninsula (skinny
    piece of land surrounded by water) and it looks a
    little like an elephants head and trunk.
  • There are tree covered mountains in the far north
    of Thailand, but the middle is flat farmland.
  • Thailand never gets cold, but the north gets a
    little cooler then
  • the south in the winter (November to February).
  • Much of Thailand is hot and humid.
  • In Thailand, they get bad monsoons (heavy rains)
    between June and October.

GOVERNMENT By, Michael, Connor and Roberto
  • Thailand has a constitutional monarchy and it has
    a prime minister and a royal family.
  • The king doesnt run the country of Thailand on a
    day to day basis.
  • The Thai people also elect representatives to
    serve in the National Assembly who then elect the
    prime minister.
  • In Thai villages, local chiefs are elected to
    oversee the villages.
  • The voting age in Thailand is 18.

Money and Economy in Thailand By, Ryan, Jenna
and Savannah
  • Thai money is called baht.
  • The Thai people grow rice, tapioca, flowers such
    as orchids, and sugar cane.
  • Today Thai people also mine rubies.
  • Many Thai people also make clothes, electrical
    parts, jewelry, fish products and tin. They
    produce more tin then any other country in the
  • Tourism is very important to Thailands economy.
  • Approximately one-tenth of Thai people live in

Food By, Lily, Madison and Haley
  • Thai people try to eat dinner together as a
  • Thai food is spicy. They use a lot of curries,
  • and garlic when cooking.
  • Some favorite Thai dishes include Pad Thai which
  • pan fried noodles and satay which is a barbequed
  • meat on a stick with peanut sauce.
  • Rice is always served at breakfast, lunch and
  • in Thailand.
  • Tropical fruits like mangoes, guavas, pineapples,
  • coconuts and papayas are commonly eaten in
  • Thailand.

Holidays By, Elian, Cameron and Emily
  • Thai people have up to three New Years
    Celebrations. They are the International New Year
    (Jan 1), the Chinese New Year and the Thai New
    Year, called Songkhran (in April).
  • Most Thai people try to spend time with their
    family and relatives in the Countryside on
  • On the Songkhran holiday, people throw buckets of
    water at each other, even when strangers are
    passing by!
  • Thai people also give gifts to the Buddhist monks
    and elders during this Songkhran holiday.

Games and Sports By, Andrew, Resul, Alyssa and
  • Kickboxing started in Thailand. They used to use
    their bare hands, but now they use gloves when
  • Takraw is a Thai sport that is kind of like
    volleyball, except players cant use their hands.
    They use their feet, elbows and heads.
  • Today, boxing, martial arts and soccer, called
    football, are favorite sports in Thailand.
  • Kite flying is also popular in Thailand.
  • Thai people even have competitions where people
    try to knock each others kites out of the air.

Life As a Kid By, Jessica, Trinity and Nicole
  • Every time Thai kids leave or come home, they
    bow to their parents.
  • In Thailand, respecting adults is very important.
  • Many Thai kids have to do farming chores before
    and after school.
  • After chores and homework, Thai kids get to go
    outside and play with their neighborhood friends.
  • Thai girls like to play store and house. The
    boys might climb trees and play marbles or

Thailand Schools By, Megan, Emily and Chelsea
  • In Thailand, all kids start school at age five
    and attend for at least nine years.
  • All Thai children have to take English and
    computer classes in school.
  • They take these classes along with their math,
    Buddhism history Thai geography and music
  • In Thailand, kids always wear uniforms. It
    usually is a white shirt and dark colored shorts
    (for boys) and skirts (for girls).
  • Boys and girls in Thailand must have short hair.

Can You Say It in Thai? By, Jessica, Ryan,
Cameron and Connor.
  • Hello Sawatdee
  • Good-bye Lar korn
    (lah KAHRN)
  • Please Dai proht
    (die PROHT)
  • Thank you Khobkhun
  • Yes Chai
  • No Mai chai
    (my CHAI)

Interesting Facts About Thailand By, Ryan,
Jessica and Cameron.
  • More then 65 million people live in Thailand.
  • 95 of people in Thailand are Buddhist.
  • Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.
  • Bangkok is the largest city, with roughly 7
    million people.
  • In Bangkok, you can travel on the Klong (canal),
    instead of a road.
  • Unlike in the United States, traffic in Thailand
    travels on the left side of the road.
  • Most of people that live in Thailand live in
    rural areas, not cities.
  • Every village in Thailand has a Wat which is a
  • Ban Chiang is the oldest known settlement in
    Thailand. It is thousands of years
  • old.
  • King Bhumibol is the king of Thailand.
  • King Bhumibol helped to set up the new and more
    democratic government that exists today.

A Picture Tour of Thailand
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  • Thank you for watching our slide show about
    Thailand! We hope you enjoyed it and that you
    learned a lot about Thailand like we all did!
  • Special thanks to…
  • Mrs. Franzese for all of her help and for
    letting us spend all of the time in the library
    that we did!
  • Mrs. Baisch For giving us the pictures from
  • Thailand that we used in our slide show.
  • Mrs. Sherman for helping us with all of our
    technical difficulties and for helping us set up
    the computer for this presentation!

Creators of the Slide Show…
  • Ryan Casamassina Haley Mileski
  • Jessica Collocola Katherine Muy
  • Connor OReilly Nicole Pauta
  • Cameron Wustenhoff Megan Reidy
  • Lily Addonisio Chelsea Reilly
  • Roberto Alvarado Michael Rosa
  • Trinity Barberis Alyssa Rosenberger
  • Emily Berkemeyer Andrew Sacco
  • Jenna Browning Nickolas Salvatore
  • Logan Dallojacono Emily Skarre
  • Elian Escobar Resul Ucar
  • Tabitha Ferreri Savannah Valentin
  • Madison Hadzicki

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