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Imagine a project that ' ' '


Is it a thought, a wish, a dream, a hope? Imagination is the ability to form images and ideas in the mind ... Out of this antithesis the future is born.' F. Pollack ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Imagine a project that ' ' '


Sydney Scott Howard B. Esbin
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge -
  • What Is Imagination?
  • Is it a thought, a wish, a dream, a hope?
  • Imagination is the ability to form images and
    ideas in the mind
  • Why Is imagination more important than knowledge?

Strategic Partnerships
  • Imagination is the eye of the soul - Joseph
  • Al Mithal The Land Of Nowhere
  • An intermediate zone existing between the
    immaterial material world
  • A nexus between what is and what may be.
  • Breathes life into airy nothings

  • De realibus a realora - V. Ivanov
  • The Blue Rose
  • Exemplar of the power of imagination
  • The Blue Rose Society
  • From the real to the more real

The EARTH Project
  • When what if becomes what is from luxury
    car ad
  • Imagination Is The Great Mediator
  • ? The blue rose is a symbol of all that we long
  • ? It is a symbol of all that is imaginable

International Projects
Workshop Process
  • We have forgotten how to practice dreaming and
    visioning, severing ourselves from springs of
    communal understanding and regeneration - Mary
  • The Sad Truth
  • Most of us have lost faith in our imaginal
  • We no longer hear our own intuitive voice
  • Weve been conditioned into left brain thinking
  • We become largely externalized in perception and

EARTH Symposium
  • The vast majority of us aren't just putting our
    dreams on ice -- we're killing them - P. Bronson
  • Consequences
  • ? So many people dislike their work and lives
  • ? We have been conditioned by years of
    negativity, denial, and fear
  • ? Our education is based on rewards for being
    right and penalties for being wrong
  • By 18, well have been praised and encouraged
    30,000 times and criticized and discouraged over
    250,000 times

EARTH Production
  • We are citizens of two worlds the present and
    the imagined.
  • Out of this antithesis the future is born." F.
  • The Heliotropic Effect Turning To The Light
  • Weve never lost our imaginal power
  • It is a natural capacity always available to us
  • ? Reconnection is as easy and effortless as
    wishing on a star
  • ? When individuals or groups imagine positively
    then great transformation occurs

EARTH Festival
  • I was a hidden treasure longing to be known
  • Tales Of Transformation
  • ? Each of us has a hidden treasure deep within
  • By discovering our hidden self, we discover
    our own unique story
  • ? This wisdom has been known in all ages

More EARTH Platforms
  • The world is made up of stories, not atoms -
    M. Rukeyser
  • Serious Play Games
  • Through imagination, play, story telling, and
    games all things become possible
  • Imaginal education games such as piXplay and
    Inpower help us restore balance
  • Opens up many more options to learn and
    understand our selves and others

The Spirit Of Connection
  • It showed me who I am Inpower Player
  • Where There Is Imagination, There Is Hope
  • Inpower helps players
  • Discover their own inner treasure
  • Bring it to light and fruition
  • Envision a holistic, empowered self image

Play is the exultation of the possible.
Martin Buber Kaleidoscopic Being Thinking Is
Key ? piXplay! is an art-based group learning
game ? Players use multiple literacies
intelligences ? A striking wall sized mural is
produced ? Players gain powerful insights
about holism interdependency
The EARTH Project

BCE The EARTH Project
  • If you cant imagine it, you cant change it -
    Chicago Housing Coop
  • Limitless Imagination In An Expanding Universe
  • People dont succeed by migrating to a hot
    industry. They thrive by focusing on who they
    really are and connecting to or creating work
    that they truly love (and, by doing so,
    unleashing a productive and creative power that
    they never imagined).
  • - From What Should I Do With My Life, Po Bronson

The EARTH Project
Sydney Scott Howard B. Esbin Thank
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