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to be the result or work of. intraregional: with the region' ... of carrying but one person, who sits amidships and uses a double-bladed paddle. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tourism

Unit 10
  • Tourism

Part I. Warming up
  • I.  Vocabulary
  • detract to take something of value away from
  • ascribe to believe sth. to be the result or work
  • intraregional with the region
  • intra- prefix) within e.g. intravenous.????
    intramural .???, ??? intraocular ???

  • long-haul (esp. of an aircraft flight) covering
    a distance round the world. A long distance It
    is a long haul from New York to Los Angeles.
  • A long period of time Over the long haul the
    candidates performed well

World Tourism Organization
  • The World Tourism Organization is the leading
    international organization in the field of travel
    and tourism. It serves as a global forum for
    tourism policy issues and a practical source of
    tourism know-how and statistics.Its membership
    includes 139 countries, seven territories and
    some 350 Affiliate Members representing regional
    and local promotion boards, tourism trade
    associations, educational institutions and
    private sector companies, including airlines,
    hotel groups and tour operators.

  • With its headquarters in Madrid and an
    international staff of 90 tourism specialists,
    WTO is an intergovernmental organization vested
    by the United Nations with a central and decisive
    role in promoting the development of responsible,
    sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

  • You are going to hear some information about
    world tourism, and complete the following
    information according to what you hear on the

  • 1. Size of international tourism (1999)
  • phenomena keep this position a bigger portion
    majority tourism dynamic growing
  • 1)      664 million
  • 2)      4.5
  • 3)      us455 billion
  • 4)      3.1
  • 5)      US 685

  • 2.       International tourism by means of
    transport (1999)
  • Road transport most widely used
  • 1) 43 2) 42 3) 7 4) 8

  • 3.       International tourism by purpose of
    visit (1998)
  • 1)      62 2) 18 3) 20
  • last rising detracted from leisure holiday
    business professional stable

  • 4.       WTO long-term forecast tourism 2020
  • Forecast and assessment tourism
  • 1.56 billion
  • a. 1.18 billion b. 0.38 billion
  • (top 3 receiving region).
  • a. 717 million 46 b. 397 million25
  • c. 282 million 18

Part Two
  • Tourism In Europe

A. Vocabulary
  • 1. trench a deep furrow or ditch.
  • 2. erode to weaken or damage sth. by taking away
    parts of it gradually to cause to diminish or
    deteriorate as if by eating into or wearing away
  • Land without vegetation is prone to be eroded by

Lake District
  • A scenic area of northwest England including the
    Cumbrian Mountains and some 15 lakes. It is a
    popular tourist attraction for its associations
    with the 19th-century Lake Poets, notably
    Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Southey.

Scenery of Lake District
Sistine Chapel
  • a chapel in the Vatican at Rome, built by Pope
    Sixtus IV., and decorated with frescoes by
    Michael Angelo and others.

  • Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris, decided to
    build a new cathedral for the expanding
    population, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
    Although construction started in 1163, it was not
    completed until roughly 180 years later in about
    1345. Built in an age of illiteracy, the
    cathedral retells the stories of the Bible in its
    portals, paintings, and stained glass.

Notre Dame
(No Transcript)
Alpine of or pertaining to the Alps, or to any
lofty mountain as, Alpine snows Alpine plants.
  • A mountain system of south-central Europe, about
    805 km (500 mi) long and 161 km (100 mi) wide,
    curving in an arc from the Riviera on the
    Mediterranean Sea through northern Italy and
    southeast France, Switzerland, southern Germany,
    and Austria and into the northwest part of the
    Balkan Peninsula. The highest peak is Mont Blanc,
    4,810.2 m (15,771 ft), on the French-Italian

  • You are going to hear a short report on the
    problems of some tourist sights in Europe. Listen
    and complete the following chat.

(No Transcript)
B. Vocabulary
  • eliminate to get rid of remove
  • an effort to eliminate poverty eliminated his
  • surplus
  • being more than or in excess of what is needed
    or required
  • surplus grain
  • bilateral
  • Having two sides arranged upon two sides
    affecting two sides or two parties.

  • The basic unit of currency among participating
    European Union countries. Introduced in 1999 as
    an alternate denomination for non-cash
    transactions, the euro is scheduled to replace
    the existing national units in these countries by

(No Transcript)
  • You are going to hear a report about tourism in
    Europe. As you listen, take notes for each of the
    following questions.

  • Listen again and answer the questions in note
  • 1) 613 million
  • 2) 448 billion
  • 3) 1.6 billion every year
  • 4) Because of the introduction of the Euro /
    elimination of exchange fees.

  • 5) Some 77 million
  • 6) 16.5 million
  • 7) EU countries are already operating in a single
  • 8) a. The market will become more transparent.
    b. The market will be more stable
  • 9) Itll gain the upper hand over the U.S. in
    all respects.

Part III Pole to Pole 2000
  • Vocabulary
  • kayak A light canoe, made of skins stretched
    over a frame, and usually capable of carrying but
    one person, who sits amidships and uses a
    double-bladed paddle. It is peculiar to the
    Eskimos and other Arctic tribes

  • foster to help feelings or ideas to grow or
    develop to promote the growth and development
    of cultivate detect and foster artistic talent.
  • concede to admit as true, correct, or proper,
    often unwillingly to yield or make concession
  • stalk to hunt by following closely and quietly
    and staying hidden
  • As for shooting a man from behind a wall,
    it is cruelly like to stalking a deer. --Sir W.
  • ridge a long narrow raised part of a surface,
    such as the top of a range of mountains or of a
    sloping roof where the two sloping surfaces meet.

  • insight a sudden, clear, but not always complete
  • bizarre unconventional odd

  • You are going to hear a report about a
    pole-to-pole trip and complete the following
    information according to what you hear on the tape

  • Duration of the expedition 10 months
  • Participants of the expedition
  • Numbers of participants 8
  • Age Between 20 and 25
  • From which countries?
  • France, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Argentina,
    Canada, and the United States
  • Some activities during the expedition
  • Helping clean up rivers in Yukon Valley
  • Assisting the homeless in New York City
  • Planting trees
  • Giving presentations to more than 4,500 students
    throughout North America

  • Comments and remarks from some of the
  • It was a pretty bizarre environment for me to be
  • Theyve come here with a passion and a will to
    succeed and are proving them every single day.
  • That is the way to succeed and you break down
    those boundaries, because you can believe that
    your human potential is far greater than youre
    really aware of.
  • I think my biggest challenge is to keep the same
    passion and the same enthusiasm that I had at the