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Title: www'soulcare'org sidsoulcare'org

www.soulcare.org sid_at_soulcare.org
Not just sharing my opinions . . .Hebrews
121Therefore, since we have so great a cloud
of witnesses surrounding usPast and present
witnesses . . .
1000s of PhD Scholars
  • 1,000s Non-Christian PhDs - Science Theology
  • Spetner (Johns Hopkins)
  • Popper (Philos. of Science)
  • Behe (Berkley)
  • Barr (Oxford / OT Hebrew)
  • Atheist Dawkins ????
  • Evolutionist / Oxford
  • Mutation Ques
  • NO answer
  • Panspermia??????
  • See video online
  • 1,000s of Christians PhDs - Science Theology
  • Damadian (MRI)
  • Wilder-Smith (3 PhDs)
  • Lumsden (Tulane)
  • Sarfati (Chem / Chess)
  • Baumgardner (Los Alamos)
  • Sanford (Cornell)
  • Humphreys (Sandia)
  • Menton (Washing. Medical)
  • Wise (Harvard under Gould)
  • Wang (Stanford / Hebrew)
  • Keil Delitzsch (Old Test.)

Scholars evidence cont. . . .
Answers in Genesis
Creation Ministries International
1,000s of Resources
Outline for Origins / Creation
  • I. Significance of Origin Hypotheses
  • A. GOD (God of Violent Competition?)
  • B. Graphae (Greek term for written Scripture)
  • C. Gospel (Did Jesus pay our death penalty?)
  • D. Glorify (Reflecting Whose Character?)
  • II. Evidence for Origin Hypotheses
  • A. Scholars (Weakest Appeal to Authority)
  • B. Science (Stronger Cant prove hypotheses)
  • C. Scripture (Strongest Proven by Prophecy)

I. Significanceof Creation!This is NOT a minor
issue!Belief that God designed survival of
the fittestis blasphemy.
Dr David DeWitt (Creationist)Biochemist and
  • Theistic evolution is a significant threat to
    the Christian church.  It undermines the very
    foundation of the Christian faith and causes
    people to doubt the truth of Scripture. . . .
    In theistic evolution, death is not the enemy
    but the very means by which God created
    everything.  But the Bible is very clear about
    this  the wages of sin is death.  Death came
    into the world through Adam's sin.  Therefore
    there was no death prior to the fall of man and
    therefore there could be no evolution whatsoever
    before that time.

Evolution is Everywhere
  • Taught in public schools
  • Biology textbooks
  • Library books
  • TV and Movies about nature, science fiction
  • PBS (Propaganda Broadcasting System)
  • Natural history museums
  • Zoos, Aquariums
  • Popular magazines

Teens asked to estimate the likelihood that
they will continue to participate in church life
once they are living on their own, levels dip
to only about one of every three teens. only
Barna Research Online, Teenagers Embrace
Religion but Are Not Excited About Christianity,
January 10, 2000, www.barna.org/cgi-bin/PagePressR
Q 901
Even though America has the most Churches
Bible Colleges/Seminaries Christian Colleges
Christian Bookshops/Resources Christian
Radio/TV It is becoming less Christian every
day. Why? Doubt about Creation.
Creation is Significant !
  • University students in Scotland saidWhen were
    trying to witness to non-Christians at the
    university, they always bring up the same two
  • Ken stopped them and said, I can tell you what
    those 2 questions are about 1.
    creation/evolution 2. death and suffering.

I. Significance of Creation
  • A. GOD (God of Violent Competition?)
  • B. Graphae (Greek term written Scripture)
  • C. Gospel (Did Jesus pay our death penalty?)
  • D. Glorify (Reflecting Whose Character?)

SignificanceA. God
I. Significance A. GOD
  • What kind of God is our Creator?
  • Is He trustworthy? How can we know?
  • General Revelation (Science) Studying the world
    only reveals that a powerful, intelligent
    designer must exist (Romans 1).
  • Special Revelation (Scripture) reveals His
    personal character and nature.

Where Did We Come From?
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Or
  • The Great Predator

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Think Why Suffering?
Are Parasites from God ???
Animal Assisted Ministry Soul-care for all
nephesh creatures
Complexity, Beauty, CutenessWHY?
If evolution is not true, then why did God make
apes so much like us?
Micro vs. Macro -Evolution
  • Univ. Calif. Berkeley
  • http//evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article//
  • Microevolution is simply a change in gene
    frequency within a population.
  • http//evolution.berkeley.edu/evosite/evo101/VIADe
  • Macroevolution encompasses the grandest trends
    and transformations in evolution, such as the
    origin of mammals and the radiation of flowering

A Few Important Definitions
  • The word evolution simply means change
  • Micro-evolution is a TRUE process
  • Horizontal change ONLY in size, color, etc
  • NOT a change in Kind and NO new DNA
  • Macro-evolution is a FALSE belief
  • Vertical change into new Kinds of creatures
  • Microbes to monkeys to man with new DNA

Review of Views (Worldviews)
  • Biblical Creationism
  • Pseudo-Creationism
  • Theistic Evolution
  • Atheistic Evolution

Two Types of Science
  • Direct Hard Sciences (Physics, Chemistry,
  • Variables Physical, tangible, controllable,
  • Repeatable (evidence in present / minimal
  • Hypotheses tested by experiment, lab test, X-ray,
  • Indirect Soft Sciences (Origins, Psych,
  • Variables Intangible, uncontrollable,
    immeasurable(past historical events, emotions,
    thoughts, will, etc)
  • Not Repeatable (often from the past / many
  • Hypotheses test inferences are much less

Bio-logy Study of Life
  • Physical Life
  • Spiritual Life
  • Abundant Life
  • Eternal Life

Ultimate Questions of Life
  • WHEN did man come into existence?
  • HOW did man come into existence?
  • WHY did man come into existence?
  • Where is man going?

Beliefs Produce Actions
  • Remember Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, et al
  • Roaches? Are they dangerous?
  • GOD? Is He Trustworthy?

Evolution of man
Why do so many eagerly embrace this?
Why do many reject this?
The REAL Tree of Evil-ution
Fruit bat skull
Fruit Bat Vegetarian like the Panda
Genesis 129-30
29 Then God said, I give you every seed-bearing
plant on the face of the whole earth and every
tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be
yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the
earth and all the birds of the air and all the
creatures that move on the groundeverything that
has the breath of life in itI give every green
plant for food. And it was so.
The wolf and lamb shall feed together,The lion
shall eat straw like the ox,.They shall not
hurt in all My holy mountain,"Says the LORD.
the heaven is my throne and the earth is My
footstoolIsaiah 6525-661
  • God promises to Restore creation to its
    original peaceful state. BUT if Eden was not
    true, then Gods promise is based on a LIE.
  • Isaiah 11 65
  • Romans 8

So, what kind of Creator is Christ?
This statue is both beautiful yet broken
So is the Earth! Romans 821 the creation
itself also will be set free from its slavery to
corruption into the freedom of the glory of the
children of God.
Yet our CREATORis theCornerstoneofCharacter
He is theGood ShepherdHIS priority is the
weak, vulnerable, lost.
Five Easy Questionsto help other people think
  • Stuff ?
  • Life ?
  • Kinds ?
  • God ?
  • Cross ?

Five Easy Questionsto encourage logikos
  • Stuff ? - space, time, matter, energy?
  • Life ? - chemicals to a cell / DNA?
  • Kinds ? - new DNA coding?
  • God ? - suffering and death?
  • Cross ? - why did Jesus die?

The Five Origin Questions
  • Which is a more logical, scientific, moral answer
    to these 5 questions Creation or Macroevolution?
  • Which model or theory requires rational faith to
    believe and which one is blind faith?
  • The first 3 questions cannot be adequately
    answered by an atheistic evolutionist.
  • The 4th cannot be answered by a theistic
  • The 5th can only be answered by biblical
  • What evidence supports each one?

Origin Question - 1
  • 1. Stuff? Where did matter and energy come from?
  • Fact 0 0 0
  • Fact Thermodynamic Law says stuff cannot arise
    from nothing by itself.Yet atheistic
    macroevolutionists claim that Nobody Nothing
    Everything in a Big Bang
  • In contrast, the Bible's message says that a
    transcendent Creator created matter and
    energy.In fact, it says only God can (Hebrew
    term, "bara") create "stuff out of nothing.

Origin Question - 2
  • 2. Life? When, how, from where did cells and
    DNA come from?
  • Fact Cells are the smallest thing alive.
  • Fact The Scientific Law of Biogenesis says life
    comes only from life.
  • Fact A cell is necessary to make DNA, yet DNA is
    necessary to make a cell.
  • Fact DNA is complex information coding and
    information always comes from intelligence.
  • Yet atheistic macroevolutionists believe life
    (cells DNA) arose from nonliving "stuff".
  • In contrast, the Bible says the living God
    created the first cells with functioning DNA.

Origin Question - 3
  • 3. Kinds? What mechanism produced the new DNA
    information for all new, different creatures?
  • Fact Lots of new DNA coding would have to be
    produced for bacteria to change into men.
  • Fact Trillions x trillions x trillions, etc of
    new information would be necessary.
  • Fact Natural selection merely sorts the
    variations of existing DNA information.
  • (Selection of genetic variation in each "kind"
    can only change size, color, minor shape, etc.)
  • Fact Mutations are errors in DNA that produce a
    loss of information.
  • Yet atheistic macroevolutionists believe
    mutations produced the new DNA for new animals.
  • The Bible says an Intelligent Designer created
    the "kinds", each limited in genetic variation.
  • Many former atheist have become convinced a
    Creator must have made stuff, life, kinds.

Origin Question - 4
  • 4. God? What kind of person is the Creator?
  • A "god" who would desire originally design
    "survival of the cruelest" would be a monster.
  • If Earth's fossil layers represent trillions of
    diseased dead things buried over millions of
    years, and not the result of a catastrophic
    global flood, then God is the designer of
    suffering death.
  • Scores of physical measurements and new evidences
    show the earth universe to be only thousands of
    years old, not billions. (Such as C14 in
    diamonds, helium diffusion in zircon, etc . . .)
  • A God who would desire originally design "Eden"
    would be a Good Shepherd.
  • Yet theistic evolutionists say that god designed
    suffering death so animals could evolve.
  • The Bible says God created a peaceful Eden
    without suffering death of any feeling
  • The Bible says that God will recreate a New Earth
    without suffering death.
  • This issue is not minor, it impacts the very
    character of God, Himself!

Origin Question - 5
  • 5. Cross? Why did Jesus have to die?
  • The Bible says death is not the original desire
    or design of our Creator, whose character is
  • The Bible says that death is the "wages of sin",
    the result that started only after man sinned.
  • The Bible says that death is separation from God
    who is the only source of Life.
  • The Bible says that God became a sinless man to
    pay the death penalty on the cross.
  • If macroevolution (competition death) is the
    Way of God, then Jesus died for nothing.
  • This issue is not minor, it impacts directly the
    Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ!

Mankind in His Image
  • Gen 126-28 Let Us create man in Our image . . .
    male and female He created them
  • Image in part indicates the kind of FAMILY
    relationships that reflect Gods character (at
    home, church, etc.)
  • Both AGAPE and AUTHORITY are crucial.

We are created called to be Protectors
  • NOT
  • Predators
  • Parasites
  • or prey
  • Cruel should NOT be Cool

Who are modern heroes? Sadly its . . .
  • NOT protectors and rescuers like soldiers,
    policeman, firemen, nurses, EMTs, etc
  • BUT instead its people whove made it to the top
    in the survival of the fittest competition,
  • Sports Stars
  • Movie Stars, etc

Darwins Book
  • The books full andracist title
  • by Means of Natural Selection The Preservation
    of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life

Darwins The Descent of Man
  • With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon
    eliminated and those that survive commonly
    exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized
    men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check
    the process of elimination we build asylums for
    the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick . . .
    Thus the weak . . . Propagate their kind . . . .
    this must be highly injurious to the race of

Darwins Book The Descent of Man
  • Chapter V the civilized races of man will almost
    certainly exterminate and replace the savage
  • Chapter VI . . . The Negro or Australian
    aborigine . . .

Evolution Wars
  • August 05 TIME Mag. Evolution Wars
  • does God have a place in science class?
  • March 2006 AAAS (Amer. Assoc. Adv. Sci)
  • call to arms for American scientists, . . . to
    recruit troops for the escalating war against
    creationism and its spinoff doctrine, intelligent
  • Jonathan Wells, PhD it has erupted into a
    full-blown culture war (2006)
  • Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism ID

2 Cor 103-5 Psyche not the Flesh
  • For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war
    according to the flesh, for the weapons of our
    warfare are not of the flesh, . . . .
  • We are destroying speculations and every lofty
    thing raised up against the true knowledge of
    God, taking every thought captive to the
    obedience of Christ . . . .

  • Battleground mind
  • Weapon Sword of the Spirit (Scripture)
  • Lie of the Enemies
  • No morality, no guilt, no death
  • Truth of God
  • Holiness, sin, separation, suffering, judgment

Evidence Scholars (1000s)
Historical(Origins) Science
  • Creation Cornerstone of TruthEspecially
    Bio-Logical Science

Biblical vs. Non-biblical Views
  • Biblical Creationism six 24-hour days, about
    6,000 years ago, no death before sin, a global
    flood with earthquakes that formed most fossils,
    rock layers, etc. Science and Scripture are in
    harmony. (ICR, CRS, AIG)
  • Pseudo-Creationism the six days long
    periods no global flood, death before sin
    (Pseudo false) - Example (Progressive
    Creation, by Hugh Ross, which is really a
    form of theistic evolution) - Example (Gap
    Theory, claiming a time gap between Genesis
    11 and 12, but no solid evidence for it)
  • Theistic Evolution - God designed evolutions
    process of death and survival to create man from
    microbes, using mutations and natural selection
    over millions of years.
  • Atheistic Evolution - No God is necessary (chance)

Why so many Theistic Evolutionists?
  • The majority of people and scientists today
    believe in macroevolution (microbe to man).
  • But new evidence shows that macroevolution is
    scientifically and statistically impossible.
  • Now, many theists are saying that God helped this
    violent process of evolution along.
  • But this makes God a Monster, desiring and
    designing survival of the fittest / cruelest.

Science, Philosophy, Politics
  • Science and politics have become inseparable
    because of funding and regulation policies.
    Moreover, politicians intervene in the practice
    of science, sometimes diverting science and the
    interpretation of scientific findings away from
    where the evidence leads to directions deemed
    politically desirable.
  • From, POLITICIZING SCIENCE, 2003 edited by
    Michael Gough a biologist involved in science
    policy congressional Office of Technology
    Assessment, think tanks, etc.

ImagineThe Garden of Eden
So why is there suffering?
Gods Character?
The God of Creation?vs.The idol of Evil-ution?
Which Creator? Did God design the system of
selfish competition, pain, fear, suffering,
death that dominates nature today? An artists
heart is revealed by His work of art.
What would you think, if . . . ?
  • You hired a brilliant artist-sculptor to make
    something special for your living room.
  • He brings you in to see it for the first time.
  • Standing before you is a sculpted scene of a
    crocodile ripping a baby antelope into pieces
    alive blood dripping from the torn flesh as the
    baby cries out for its mother.
  • What would you think about the artist?

What kind of Creator does this picture
portray? The Good Shepherd? or Evil-utions Monst
John 11-3
In the beginning was the Word Logos, and the
Word Logos was with God, and the Word Logos
was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3
All things were made through Him, Gen 11-3
Col 116-17 Heb 11-4 Christ IS God, our Creator
Atheistic Evolutionists Believe
  • Nobody nothing produced everything, through a
    process of mutations and survival of the fittest
    (believing the fossil record shows millions of
    years of violent competition, pain, fear,
    suffering, death).
  • This is the heart of Hitlers WAY of life.
  • Atheistic evolutionists cant explain LIFE
  • Because of the Law of Biogenesis the Myth of

Hitlers Way
  • http//www.wise.virginia.edu/history/wciv2/kampf.h
  •    He who would live must fight. He who does not
    wish to fight in this world, where permanent
    struggle is the law of life, has not the right to
    exist. Such a saying may sound hard but, after
    all, that is how the matter really stands.

Theistic Evolutionists Believe
  • A God designed and directed millions of years of
    violent competition, pain, fear, suffering,
    death, BEFORE Adam sinned.
  • Theistic evolutionists cant explain DEATH
  • Because the Bible says that death is the wages of
    sin, the after effect of separation from God.

The same evidence is observable to all
scientists, theologians, and students Trillions
of dead creatures Buried in sedimentary rock
layers That were laid down by water All over the
SignificanceB. Graphae
I. Significance B. Graphae
  • Graphae is the NT Greek term for the written
  • Gods Word is it trustworthy?
  • Does it have errors?
  • If you doubt the historical accuracy of Gods
    Word about Origins, why should you trust what
    it says about spiritual things?

JESUS said
  • If I have told you earthly things, (Astronomy,
    Geology, Biology, Physics, Anthropology,
    Psychology, . . .)and you do not believe, how
    shall you believe, if I tell you of heavenly
    things? John 312

Gospel Depends on Eden
  • 1 Corinthians 1520-22
  • But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has
    become the firstfruits of those who have fallen
  • For since by man came death, by Man also
    came the resurrection of the dead.
  • For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all
    shall be made alive.

BibleTime-lineAdam toJesus
4,000 BC to 1,500 BC
1,500 BC to 0 BC / AD
Hebrews 1113 The Scientific Method 1faith is
. . . the evidence of things not seen. (Not blind
faith) 3 By faith we understand that the worlds
were framed by the Word of God, so that the
things which are seen were not made of things
which are visible.
Biblical Faith is NOT Blind Belief
  • Hebrews 111 Faith is the evidence of .
  • Proverbs 1415 The simple-minded
  • 1 Peter 315 Be ready to give an answer
  • Hypothesis Hypo-thesis underlying belief
  • Hypo (under) Thesis (belief, proposition)
  • Formally, scientifically a testable prediction
  • Can be supported or falsified, but never proven.
    (Math is provable.)
  • Theory a hypothesis that is further supported
    by evidence, not YET falsified. Evolution is
    not a good theory.
  • Bio-logic (Greek for the Word Logos / logical)
  • Scientific Method fits the biblical process of
    logical discernment for what we believe and how
    we live.

Assumptions without sufficient evidence can be
dangerously misleading.
  • Assumptions can be dangerous, especially in
    science. . . . . assumptions often graduate to
    articles of faith religious beliefs, and new
    observations are forced to fit them. Eventually,
    if the volume of troublesome information i.e.,
    new evidence becomes unsustainable, the
    orthodoxy majority belief must collapse.
    Emphasis in yellow italics added comments
  • (John Mattick, PhD, professor of molecular
    biology at the University of Queensland and
    director of the Institute for Molecular
    Bioscience. The Hidden Genetic Program of
    Complex Organisms, Scientific American, October
    2004, p. 61.)

Things are not always what they seem at first. A
wise man examines things carefully.
Exegesis from Greek exit Is the correct
process of drawing out from Gods Word what IT
clearly means.
1. Context - context - context 2. Scripture
interprets Scripture 3. Gods authority overrules
mans majority He said what He meant meant
what He said! 4. Faith must be based on
evidence(Heb 111 Pro 1415 1 Pet 315)
Eisegesis A wrong process of forcing into
Gods Word your own beliefs, by ignoring or
throwing out clear statements in Scripture.
Remember JESUS said
  • If I have told you earthly things, (Astronomy,
    Geology, Biology, Physics, Anthropology,
    Psychology, . . .)and you do not believe, how
    shall you believe, if I tell you of heavenly
    things? John 312

SignificanceC. Gospel
Why is the Gospel so Important?
  • Good or Bad News?
  • The gospel says that Jesus died to pay the
    penalty for mans sin.
  • God told Adam in Genesis that if He rebelled, the
    result would be the beginning of death.
  • God withdrew a measure of His protection and
    allowed the escalation of disorder, leading to

According to Genesis
  • God is NOT the Creator of disease death.
  • Gods Eden was one of perfect peace and order
    that revealed His character of love.
  • Satan, sin, separation the source of
  • Doubt ? Disobedience ? Disorder ? Dysfunction ?
    Disease ? Death ? Dishonor of Gods Image and

A Promise Based on a Lie?
  • If I promised to RESTORE my grading system to the
    one I used in the beginning when I gave everyone
    a guaranteed A, but in reality my A grading
    system is a MYTH since I never really did that.
  • Then, my promise to RESTORE would be based on a
    LIE and not worthy of your trust.
  • Gods promise restore the Earth is inseparably
    linked to a literal past Eden. (Gen 129-31)

Gods Promise? Isaiah 11 65
  • God promises to RESTORE the earth to the way it
    was in Eden where the lion, leopard, lamb, and
    calf lived in vegetarian peace.
  • But if Eden is a myth that never really existed,
    then Gods promise is based on a lie.
  • The Good News Gospel is that Eden was a
    garden of peace and the coming Kingdom for all
    who embrace His Lordship will be the same.

Gods Creation is Broken 1 Pet 5 your enemy
prowls about like a lion
Genesis 129-31 (Gods Peaceful Garden of
Eden) 29 And God said, "See, I have given you
every herb that yields seed which is on the face
of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit
yields seed to you it shall be for food. 30
Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird
of the air, and to everything that creeps on the
earth, in which there is life, I have given every
green herb for food" and it was so. 31 Then God
saw everything that He had made, and indeed it
was very good. So the evening and the morning
were the sixth day.
Genesis 91-3 Permission to Eat Meat
  • Gen 91  And God blessed Noah and his sons and
    said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill
    the earth.
  • Gen 92  "The fear of you and the terror of you
    will be on every beast of the earth and on every
    bird of the sky with everything that creeps on
    the ground, and all the fish of the sea, into
    your hand they are given.
  • Gen 93  "Every moving thing that is alive shall
    be food for you I give all to you, as I gave
    the green plant.
  • Gen 94  "Only you shall not eat flesh with its
    life Hebrew nephesh, represented by blood.

Survival of the Fittest Survival of the
Cruelest Survival of the Coolest
Sacrificing others for the desires of self.
  • The Way
  • ofEvolution
  • is
  • Based
  • Upon
  • ..

GODS WAY is the Opposite
  • Sacrificing self for the needs of others.
  • The WAY of the Cross.
  • The Way of the Son.
  • The Way to GLORIFY Him.
  • When people see Christs character in our lives,
    families, and churches, then they see something
    unnatural, supernatural and are drawn to Him.
    SO, . . . . .

SignificanceD. Glorify
I. Significance D. Glorify
  • The purpose of life is to glorify God.
  • Glorifying God means to reveal His character.
  • If a person, family, or nation believes that
    survival of the fittest is the Way of life
    (even designed by God), then what attitudes and
    actions will such a belief produce?
  • A rejection of God and His Way of Agape.

We are created called to be Protectors
Providers - Sheepdogs -
  • NOT
  • Predators
  • Parasites
  • or even prey
  • Cruel is never Cool

Sheepdog Duty
Why did Darwin Reject Creation?
  • Charles Darwin himself turned away from
    religion as much or more because of the
    senseless death of his 10-year-old daughter
    Annie than any logic. Emphasis added
  • Thomson, Keith Stewart, Natural Theology,
    American Scientist, vol. 85 (May/June 1997), pp.
    219-21. Dr. Thomson is University Distinguished
    Scientist in Residence at the new School for
    Social Research in New York. p. 221

Theistic Evolution Effects
  • Monod, Jacques, The Secret of Life, Interview
    with Laurie John, Australian Broadcasting Co.,
    June 10, 1976 (shortly before his
    death).Natural selection is the blindest, and
    most cruel way of evolving new species, and more
    and more complex and refined organisms. The
    struggle for life and elimination of the weakest
    is a horrible process, against which our whole
    modern ethics revolts. An ideal society is a
    non-selective society, one where the weak is
    protected which is exactly the reverse of the
    so-called natural law. I am surprised that a
    Christian would defend the idea that this is the
    process which God more or less set up in order to
    have evolution. Emphasis added

Hitlers Germany
  • The entire world had begun to embrace evolution
    and eugenics.
  • Hitler embraced survival of the fittest and
    eugenics as THE WAY.
  • Germans, some of the most educated people,
    embraced evolution its logical fruit.
  • Millions suffered and died as a result.

Beliefs Produce Effects
  • Creation - man is special, different from
    animals put here for a purpose God is the
    authority and His law of love is the WAY we
    should live.
  • Evolution - man is nothing special, just an
    advanced animal man is an accident of nature.
    There is no ultimate authority, so the law of
    lust (selfish desire, competition, and survival
    of the cruelest or Coolest) is evolutions
    WAY .

Remember the yawning effect. We are socially
contagious?Contagious Sanctification
Created for Socialization / Discipleship
Yawning is contagious, and so are all other
social characteristicsAttitudes and Actions
Its a question of Lordship!
  • What or who is your source of authority for what
    you believe?
  • Will it be God, His Word, and the evidence He has
  • Or will it be something or someone less than God
    and His trustworthy authority?

Exciting News!
  • 2006 - Front Page Article - The Los Angeles
    Times Sometimes disruptive, but often
    sophisticated questioning of evolution by
    students has educators increasingly on the
    defensive. (Note It should never be
    disrespectful or disruptive.)
  • The UKs, Guardian, also reported that an
    increasing number of students are challenging
    their instructors when evolution is taught as
    fact. Not surprisingly, many secular educators
    are up in arms about this!

What Can We Do?
But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be
ready always to give an answer evidence to
every man that ask you for a reason of the hope
that is in you with humility and reverence 1
Peter 315
Application of 1 Peter 315
  • We must know what we believe.
  • We must know why we believe it.
  • We must be able to give logical, biblical
    evidence for our beliefs.The Holy Spirit uses
    His evidence through us to draw hearts to Jesus.
    See also Proverbs 1415

Only Two World-WaysGenesis 3 Ephesians 610 ff
Luke 923-26
  • Mans Way naturally is to love self
  • Sacrifice others for the desires of self
  • Gods Way of the Cross is to Stand Firm
  • Sacrifice self for the needs of others

Cains Attitude (Gen 4) Why? Gods A.B.C.s for
True J.O.Y.
  • Countenance
  • The face of God or not.
  • Behaviors
  • Our walk (stoicheo) is a symptom.
  • Attitude of J.O.Y.
  • Jesus 1st (Lord) ,Others 2nd, Yourself
    Last(Whoever thought up J.O.Y. did us all a

Tree of Life (Gen 2-3) / Foundation (Mat 7)
Gods Way
Mans Way
Unstable - Easily Falls
Strong Stable to Withstand Lifes Storms
3-D Problems in Relationships
  • 1. Symptoms (fruit) Gen 3 Gal 516-25
  • Fruit of Holy Spirit or the Flesh
  • Joy/Depression, peace/anxiety, etc....
  • 2. Temptations (influences) Gen 3 Jam 113ff
  • Your spouse, kids, PMS, etc....
  • Providential Pressures, NOT excuses
  • 3. Causes (roots) Gen 3 Jam 113ff 1 John 216
  • (Holy Spirit or Flesh)
  • (Body, toys, esteem)
  • (The Painful Pursuit of Pleasure)
  • Gen 4 Cain James 41-9

But now ask the beasts, and let them teach you
that the LORD has done it . . . . in whose hand
is the soul nephesh of every living thing . . .
.Job 127-8
Shouldnt Christians be leading in the use of our
Fathers creations for hurting people?
DOG Example of Faithfully Depending on God
  • If we can use Seeing Eye Dogs
  • How much more Caring Heart Dogs

My ownconcern
Book by Matthew Scully
Called to be Protectors
  • Not Predators
  • or Parasites
  • or Prey

Which is your Creators Character?
Good Shepherd!
Which image of God do YOU represent?
  • Christ Jesus the Good Shepherd?
  • The Bibles Way of the Cross (love).
  • Or evil-utions image of God?
  • Survival of the fittest, the cruelest.

Have you submitted to Him in faith?Please dont
wait until its too late!
God promises to Restore creation to its
originally peaceful state. But if Eden was not
like this, then Gods promise is a deception.
This is our Creators True Character
Coming soon Isaiah 11 Isaiah 65
For more resources to study further on your own,
please see the many links on my
100s of Resources Magazines Journals Newsletter
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