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Job Control Setup


Price List Job This job type is used solely in conjunction with the PLQ module. ... Billing OK Used only for the auto bill feature in ePace. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Job Control Setup

Job Control Setup
  • Fusion 08
  • Dave Arnold

Job Types
  • Determine job number assigned.
  • Determine job number prefix assigned.
  • Determines job jacket to print.
  • Can be used for capturing report data.
  • Can be integrated with the Job Planning module.

Seeded Job Types
  • Printing Job
  • Finished Goods Job
  • Combo Job
  • Price List Job

  • Printing Job Standard printing job which
    displays prepress, press, bindery, etc. for all
    press types.
  • Finished Goods Job Works in conjunction with
    the Inventory module. This is for customer goods
    which are going to be pulled, packed and shipped.
    System produces a pick ticket rather than the
    standard print ticket.

Function continued
  • Combo Job Used for the purpose of distributing
    job cost among 2 or more jobs. The order entry
    screen changes slightly however, prints the
    standard printing job jacket.
  • Price List Job This job type is used solely in
    conjunction with the PLQ module. This job type
    also produces a different job jacket specific to
    the PLQ module.

Possible Job Type Options
  • Sheet-fed Print
  • Web Print
  • Digital Print
  • Buyout Only
  • Bindery/Mail Only
  • Book Work
  • POP

Job Type Settings
  • Description User defined.
  • Jacket Type Choose most logical (hard coded).
  • Job number sequence Setup in Job Control
  • Job number prefix Setup in Job Control
  • Sub Job Types Optional and user defined. Breaks
    down the job type an additional layer.
  • Job Type Plans Only used in conjunction with
    job planning module.

Sub Job Types
  • Used to breakdown the job type for user level
    reporting purposes solely.
  • Possible options
  • Capturing print jobs and press size.
  • Capturing print jobs and type of piece
  • Digital jobs and type of data (variable vs.
  • Buyout jobs and type of purchase.

Job Type Plans
  • Creates the planning record ePace will use in the
    Job Planning module.
  • Estimating creates the planning record
    automatically eliminating the need to set this up
  • PLQ can create a planning record automatically if
    setup properly.
  • Planning record is based on the activity code.

Job Status Codes
  • Used to define the status of a job and all of its
  • Status control the behavior of a job.
  • Status codes are broken down into 2 types
  • Admin status job as a whole
  • Production status the job part only
  • Both admin production status share the same
    maintenance file.

System Status Codes
  • ePace uses the following status, therefore should
    not be altered for other intentions unless they
    will not be used.
  • Credit Hold
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Cancelled

Status Code Settings
  • Admin to Production System will automatically
    synchronize the production status with admin
    status. The production status will not change the
    admin status.
  • Admin If the status is available as admin
    status (job level) only.
  • Production If the status is available on the
    job part level only.
  • Open If the job is considered still open.
    Consider a job on credit hold is still open.

Settings Continued
  • Sched Ok Only used for those using ePace
    Scheduler software. ePace can prevent a job from
    migrating to Scheduler based on its status.
  • Editable - System can prevent a user from editing
    data on a job and/or job part. Often used with
    the closed status to prevent users from changing
    jobs after billing.
  • Auto-Changeable Determines if another process
    can change this status automatically.

Settings Continued
  • Billing OK Used only for the auto bill feature
    in ePace. This flag allows a job to automatically
    be invoiced.
  • Job Charges OK Allows a job to accept job
    transactions. These come from various places in
    ePace such as data collection entries, PO
    receipts, inventory pulls, etc.

Status Code Integration
  • What processes in ePace can control the job
  • Manual change on job
  • Manual change on job part
  • Job shipment
  • Job billing
  • Data collection entry (activity code)

Job Projects
  • Means to link multiple jobs together for the
    purpose of user level reporting.
  • No integration to billing.
  • User defined lists.
  • Can be de-activated upon completion.

Job Control Global Settings
  • Use Job Projects Enables the user drop down
    list in job control.
  • Split Forms Enables the job to display each
    press form (run) vs. sum of all forms. Additional
    control available on the press level.
  • Combo Job fields ePace will allow you to
    determine how you want costs split when using a
    combo job.

Global Settings continued
  • Job Number Sequences Relative to the job type,
    you will establish your job numbers here.
    Likewise, prefixes as applicable will be
    established here as well. Up to 9 variables are
  • Enable FreightLink Only for those who have
    purchased the FreightLink module. This flag will
    enable the FreightLink menu items in job control.

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