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Preparations for including Finland into the USSR


At the very beginning of the Winter War the Labour People Front Committees were ... People's Government Karelian Pavel Prokofiev became Finnish Paavo Prokkonen. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Preparations for including Finland into the USSR

Preparations for including Finland into the USSR
  • At the very beginning of the Winter War
    the Labour People Front Committees were organised
    among those inhabitants of the east of Finland
    (from the district of Petsamo to North Ladoga),
    who hadn't been evacuated deep into Finland. The
    total number of them was more than 2 000 people.
    The aim of those Committees was the organisation
    of agitation and propaganda in support of the
    People's Government of Kuusinen programme
    throughout the Finland republic. Most of Finns
    (500 000) evacuated into Finland.
  • Special brigades of the representatives of
    Terioki government (People's Government) were
    sent to form the Committees in the districts,
    occupied by the Red Army. The Karelian Communist
    Party and Soviet activists, speaking Finnish,
    were members of those brigades.
  • By the beginning of January 1940 - 15 Committees
    had been formed in towns. After the war the
    Committees had to become the political foundation
    of Soviet democratic Finland.

The Finnish People's Army
  • Before the beginning of military actions Finnish
    Peoples Army (FPA), which were consisted of
    Karelians, Finns and Ingermalands of Soviet
    Karelia and Leningrad region, was formed with the
    purpose to help the Peoples government of
    Kuusinen. Firstly it was said in Declaration of
    the Finnish Peoples government about the
    establishment of this army, and the information
    was pressed in Pravda newspaper, from December
    1, 1939.
  • Finnish People's Army had to become national Army
    of Soviet Democratic Republic of Finland after
    the victory in the Winter War.
  • Units of the Finnish People's Army were disposed
    along the whole length of the Soviet - Finnish
    front from the Barents Sea to Ladoga.
  • It should be noted that to create FPA completely
    from the national staff did not manage. In
    Karelia the biggest repression were against
    Soviet Finns, who lived in the Republic.
  • In 1937-1938 Stalin set the task for republican
    government to struggle against "Finnish bourgeois
    nationalism".The most Finns in Karelia were
    either repressed or killed. By the end of 1930s
    the number of Finns in Karelia reduced from 15000
    to 8300 people.

One of the Finnish Peoples Army officer,
Terijoki, December, 1939
Before the training skiing rush march one of the
subdivisions of I corps Finnish Peoples Army,
January 5, 1940
The Finnish People's Army
  • According to archival documents by the beginning
    of March 1940 the total number of soldiers in the
    Finnish People's Army had been about 18-20
    thousand people. It included besides soviet Finns
    and Karelians (that is F.U. people) many Russian
    soldiers and officers. As a rule they
    changed  their Russian surnames into Finn
    surnames for example Russian man Ivanov became
    Finnish man Ivainen Petrov became Petrinen and
    so on.
  • Before the Winter War one of the members Finnish
    People's Government Karelian Pavel Prokofiev
    became Finnish Paavo Prokkonen. Stalin wanted to
    show to the world opinion that Pro-Soviet Finnish
    People's Government has own Army. Therefore, the
    question about uniform for the soldiers of this
    Army was on the agenda. The soldiers and officers
    of Finnish People Army cound'nt wear the uniform
    of Red Soviet Army.
  • By the end of September 1939 Red Army occupied
    the territory of East Poland where Belorushians
    and Ukrainans were lived, and seized some ware
    houses with Poland military uniforms. After that
    Poland symbols on this uniforms were taking down,
    and solders and officers of Finnish People's Army
    received this uniform.

Failure of Stalin's plans
  • Finnish population in Finland did not support
    this pro-Soviet Finnish Government.
  • At the middle of the Winter War, having failed to
    realise its plans, the Soviet Government set the
    Party-Soviet Karelian Leaders another task - to
    resettle all inhabitants from the 40 kilometres
    wide frontier zone before the beginning of a new
    attack in February 1940.
  • Finns inhabitants of the eastern part of Finland
    occupied by the Red Army in 1939-1940 became the
    resettles. More that 2 000 Finns citizens moved
    to 3 settlements on the territory of Karelia.
  • . In accordance with the Soviet-Finnish Treaty
    dated 12.03.1940 and the Resolution of Soviet
    Government dated 04.05.1940 the Finnish citizens
    were allowed to return to Finland. Most of the
    Finns took the opportunity.
  •  Attitude towards Finnish language was changed.
    Before Winter War we can say about a Struggle
    against Finnish language and Finnish literatures
    in Karelia like bourgeois literature, but with
    first days of war Finnish become the second state
    language in the Karelian Republic.