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BEN Creative Industries


Creative industries are 'those industries which have their ... music composition and publishing. new media such as animation, games and internet content design ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: BEN Creative Industries

BEN Creative Industries
  • Šarunas Radvilavicius
  • Petrozavodsk, 2008.12.12

Definition of Creative Industries (CI)
  • Creative industries are those industries which
    have their origin in individual creativity, skill
    and talent and which have a potential for wealth
    and job creation through the generation and
    exploitation of intellectual property. The
    creative industries include
  • literature and print media
  • visual and performing arts
  • music composition and publishing
  • new media such as animation, games and internet
    content design
  • broadcasting electronic media and film
  • heritage activities.
  • UK Government Department for Culture, Media and
    Sport (DCMS) 2001, p.1.

Background / Problems
  • New concept of creative industries (CI),
    possibilities to utilize in the development of
    knowledge society and economic development in
    border regions
  • Specific problems unique possibilities of
    border regions need to develop new solutions in
    order to support the economic deveopment of the
  • How to develop innovative solutions within
    creative industries that could be utilized in the
    development of cross-border tourism?
  • How to utilize the cultural differencies of
    cross-border areas?
  • Business possibilities of creative
  • Creative industries as a cluster how to link
    creative industries into other expertice/knowledge

  • Overall objective Increase capacity of
    cross-border regions in development of creative
    industries for social-economic growth of their
    territories, especially focusing to possibilities
    to enhance the groth of tourism industry. To
    enhance cross-border cooperation in participating
  • To promote the development of tourism industry
    and increase of attractiveness of the region by
    developing new products/services based to the
    creative industries
  • To establish new facilities for supporting
    innovativeness and business skills of the
    artists/creative people
  • To develop new strategies for local, regional and
    national authorities for supporting creative
  • To facilitate dialogue between regional/local
    authorities, business, artists community and
    academica in the border regions.

Target groups
  • Regional and local authorities of border regions
    in the BSR
  • Euroregions and other CBC structurs
  • Business community in border regions
  • Artists community in border regions
  • Academic and research institutions.

Project structure
WP 1 Project Management
WP 2 Communication Dissemination
WP3 Research Studies
WP4 Training Activities
WP 6 Regional Cross-border pilots
WP 5 Institution Building Activities
WP 1 Project Management
  • WP1 Leader Lappeenranta Innovation
  • Project Management Group
  • Meetings bi-annually
  • Financial procedures
  • Procedures for project reporting
  • Communication with project financers
  • Utilization of Severa PSA project management
  • De-centralized financial management
  • Results
  • - Effective and transpearent management
    coordination of the project

WP 2 Communication Dissemination
  • WP 2 leader Peipsi Center for Transboundary
  • Dissemination activities
  • Web-sites development
  • Project newsletters brochures
  • Exchange of best practices
  • Seminars for the project partners
  • Collection and dissemination of information
  • policies and strategies in Creative Industries
  • activities of partner regions
  • Networking with other projects and relevant
    cooperation organisations
  • Results
  • - Web-site
  • - newsletters
  • - materials of the seminars
  • - studies

WP 3 Research Development Studies
  • WP 3 Leader Copenhagen Business School
  • Comparative studies of the creative industries in
    the Baltic Stea Region
  • Research of the economic potential of the
    creative industries in the cross-border regions
  • Research work based to the pilot activities
  • Results
  • - x number studies

WP 4 Training activities
  • WP 5 Leader Humak University of Applied Science
  • Training of different target groups of the
  • Creative enterprises artists
  • Tourism organisations
  • Local/regional authorities
  • Results
  • - training moduls
  • - x persons trained
  • - x training sessions arranged in selected
    regions and for all partners.

WP 5 Institution building
  • WP 6 Leader ??
  • Developing advisory capacity for long term
    support in border areas how to serve business
    needs and local development
  • Setting up innovation centers in the border
    regions with advisory capacity
  • Establishing nettworks/associations of creative
    industries in the region
  • Defining non-bureaucratic models for creative
  • Results
  • - X number of new institutions established
    (clusters, CI centers, CI councils etc.)

WP 6 Regional Cross-border Pilots
  • WP 7 Leader Lappeenranta Innovation
  • Establishment of 1-3 innovation centres of
    cross-border creative industries (every center
    having own focus area)
  • Selection of enterprises/artists and reserches to
    take part in piloting activities
  • Testing and development of tools created in the
    framework of the project

Project Partnership
  1. Lappeenranta Innovation (FIN) Lead Partner
  2. Peipsi CTC (EE)
  3. Tchudskoj project (RUS)
  4. Humak University of Applied Art (FIN)
  5. Center for Tourism and Culture Management of the
    Copenhagen School of Economics (DK)
  6. Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy
    of Science (RUS)
  7. Vyborg municipality (RUS)
  8. Siauliai County Governors Administration (LT)
  9. Zemgale Planning Region (LV)
  10. International Secretariat of Euroregion Baltic
  11. Latvian office of Euroregion Country of Lakes
  12. Murmans City Youth Council (RUS)
  13. Finmark County (NO)
  14. Glubokoje District (BY)
  15. Secretariat of Euroregion Belovezhskaia
    Pushtcha (BY)
  16. Nordic Council of Ministers (DK)
  17. Secretariat of CBSS (SE)
  18. Kaliningrad regional non-governmental
    organisation Agency for support of cultural
    initiatives Tranzit (RUS)
  19. NGO Arhipelaag (EE)