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DLC Student Handbook


Checks lesson plans for assignments / makeup work and upcoming tests / projects ... If you didn't do it yourself or give credit to who did, it's not ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: DLC Student Handbook

DLC Student Handbook
  • What does it take to succeed as a
  • DLC student?

http//dlc.k12.ar.us This material is the
property of the Arkansas Department of Education
and may be used and reproduced for non-profit,
educational purposes only. Contact the
Instructional Coordinator at the ADE Distance
Learning Center.
A Successful DLC Student.
  • Attends class and acts in accordance with the ADE
    DLC Policies
  • Desires to enhance technology skills in addition
    to learning course content
  • Excels in the classroom and is responsible
  • Directs attention to reading and following weekly
    Lesson Plans
  • Learns by actively participating in class
  • Checks lesson plans for assignments / makeup work
    and upcoming tests / projects

Technology Skills
  • Learn Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Internet Meeting Room procedures
  • Email
  • Digital camera use
  • Digital Science Labs
  • Educational Websites used in class instruction
  • Internet Research skills

What is active participation?
  • Which of these students is actively
  • Head down on desk taking a nap
  • Eyes open, listening and taking notes
  • Which of these students is actively
  • Answers questions only when called on never
    asks questions
  • Volunteers to answer questions and asks questions
    when needed

DLC Terminology
  • The licensed teacher, responsible for teaching
    all subject matter and grading student work.
  • Is your in class facilitator the teacher?
  • No. She is not licensed to teach the subject
    matter. She is there to help with handouts and
    discipline. Address all course questions to your

  • The on-site coordinator, responsible for printing
    handouts / lesson plans, maintaining a positive
    learning environment, collecting student work,
    and communicating school issues to the ADE DLC.

Content Integration Day (CI Day)
  • Students are responsible for all assignments on
    Content Integration Day. Assignments may include
    independent study, reinforcement worksheets,
    review games, or group projects.
  • Normally on Fridays.
  • Is this a day for skipping, goofing off, studying
    for other classes, cosmetic makeovers, or various
    other non-class activities?
  • NO

  • Each student will have a computer with access to
    the Sametime program in order to participate in
    an interactive meeting for class. Students will
    see notes, class announcements and assignments,
    and will interact with their instructor and
    classmates using Sametime.

  • The ADE DLC utilizes WebGrade to post student
    grades online. Each student will be given a
    WebGrade username and password in order to view
    his/her scores for the class.
  • The teacher and facilitator can always access the
    grade reports even if passwords are changed.
  • Parents will be given the login information to
    access grades.

Lesson Plans
  • Each Tuesday students will be given a copy of the
    lesson plans for the upcoming week. All the
    handouts, notes, and assignments will also be
    posted online with the lesson plan and can be
    found within each instructors Web site. Lesson
    plans cover the period of Tuesday through Monday,
    and generally include Content Integration Day
    assignments on Friday.

  • Online program that many instructors utilize for
    testing and review games.
  • Can also be used for surveys, evaluations and
    essay writing.

  • Online testing program that instructors may
    utilize for exams and quizzes.
  • The program automatically grades objective
    questions. The teacher grades open-ended or
    essay questions.
  • The program can also be used for test reviews.

Student Responsibilities and Behaviors
  • You are responsible for making sure you know ALL
    the rules for ADE DLC classes.
  • Students are expected to
  • Be respectful to everyone in the CIV classroom.
  • Complete all assignments ON TIME.
  • Actively participate in class.
  • Maintain high attendance standards for class.
  • You are responsible for ALL class activities
    regardless of CI Day, school absence or illness.
  • You will not engage in cyberbullying or academic

Academic Dishonesty
  • Plagiarism Stealing and passing off the words
    or ideas of another as your own. Examples
    include copying and pasting from the Internet
    without proper citation.
  • Stealing work belonging to another students,
    institution, or any other person, or allowing
    another person to copy your work.
  • Cheating, whether on tests, class work, or
  • Failing to present the truth when asked by an
    authority figure.

If you didnt do it yourself or give credit to
who did, its not academically honest.
Facilitators and Academic Dishonesty
  • If your facilitator suspects or knows a student
    is being academically dishonest, she will notify
    the ADE DLC instructor immediately.
  • If the suspicion is found true, the student will
    not receive credit for the work and a discipline
    report will be issues.
  • The facilitator is not the only person who can
    notice academic dishonesty, the teacher can also
    notice and investigate.

  • In 2007, the Arkansas General Assembly enacted a
    law addressing the issue of Cyberbullying.
  • Cyberbullying is defined as using electronic
    devices to ridicule, harass, intimidate,
    humiliate, or otherwise bully another student or
    school official.
  • The act can take place on or off of school
  • Can include email, instant messages, websites,
    chat rooms, and personal cell phone devices.

The DLC recognizes that cyberbullying is a
constant threat to both students and teachers and
will not condone any cyberbullying actions.
HelpCyberbullying is rampant
  • Many people think the cyber world is an
    anonymous, faceless entity or that victims will
    not come forward.
  • If you feel you are the victim of cyberbullying,
    or you know of someone who is being cyberbullied,
    contact your ADE DLC instructor immediately and
    forward all evidence to him or her.
  • If you think your instuctor is the cyberbully,
    contact the ADE DLC Instructional Coordinator and
    your site facilitator.
  • The DLC will investigate all reports of
    cyberbullying and, if warranted, will take
    appropriate action.

What will happen?
  • Students found guilty of cyberbullying will be
    subject to disciplinary action. Depending on the
    severity, school suspension or removal from class
    without credit may be issues.

Disciplinary Action
  • 1st Written Report Students will be asked to
    sign the report. This does not mean you agree,
    but only that you acknowledge receiving the
  • 2nd Written Report A conference with the school
    principal, DLC Instruction Coordinator, DLC
    teacher, facilitator, parents and student will
    take place. The student and parent / guardian
    will be informed that if a third written report
    is issued, the student will be dropped from the
    class with no credit issued.
  • 3rd Written Report The student may be dropped
    from the class with no credit for the current
    semester. It is the schools responsibility to
    put this student in another setting for the rest
    of the semester.

Disciplinary Action
  • Written reports are cumulative. If a student
    received one report in English, but two more in
    history 213.
  • The DLC will follow most discipline practices of
    local schools. However, at times the DLC may
    need to take harsher measures to maintain the
    academic integrity of the program.

Testing Policies
  • All students enrolled in an ADE DLC class must
    take the semester exam.
  • Your school offers a semester exam exemption if
    you maintain a certain grade or attendance
    status. Will you still need to take your DLC
    class semester exam?
  • YES
  • If the student does not attend class and complete
    each section of the semester exam, the student
    will not receive any credit for the semester.

Testing Policies
  • If a student misses a semester exam, or a section
    of the exam, acceptable documentation from a
    medical official or school principal must be
    presented to make up the exam on the scheduled
    make up day at the end of the semester.
  • For regular tests, students are responsible for
    making up all other tests, quizzes and
    assessments in the time frame established by the
    ADE DLC.

Grade Reporting
  • The ADE DLC instructors will provide numerical
    grades from 1 100 in four nine-week grading
    periods as determined by the ADE DLC calendar.
  • At the end of each semester, the instructors will
    submit semester exam grades and semester
  • Local school policy will determine the formula
    for semester grade calculation.

Attendance Policy
  • Attendance each day in an ADE DLC is imperative.
    However, there will be times that class is
  • If a student knows he may be absent, that student
    has the responsibility for obtaining needed work
    before the absence.
  • If a student will be absent for a school event,
    that student is responsible for turning in
    assigned work before leaving for the activity.
  • Sheree had math homework last night. She leaves
    for the goat showing at 9 am. When should
    Sheree turn in her homework?

Attendance Policy
  • It is NOT the responsibility of the facilitator
    or instructor to remind students to turn in make
    up work or assignments.
  • Sheree remembers her goat. She can remember her
  • Chris remembers his water polo tournament. Chris
    can remember his work.

Make-up Policy
  • The DLC has established the following calculation
    for determining when make-up work is due Days
    absent plus one.
  • A student misses three days Tuesday Thursday,
    when is the work due?
  • The following Wednesday. Five complete days are
    given to make-up the work.
  • It is the students responsibility to obtain
    make-up assignments.
  • Work not turned in within the allotted time frame
    will not receive credit.

Make-up Exams
  • If an exam cannot be made up within the allotted
    days missed one window, the student has 10 days
    to make up the exam as determined by the DLC
  • Many exams will be made up on Content Integration
  • This does not apply to the semester exam.
  • Extenuating circumstances for absences will be
    dealt with on an as-needed basis.

Computer Usage Policy
  • Computers and the network are for educational use
  • The care for the equipment and software is a
    priority. Intentional damage to any equipment or
    software will result in disciplinary action,
    including possible removal from class.
  • Email accounts are not private and can be viewed
    by local school, ADE Network Administrators or
    ADE DLC personnel at any time.
  • Electronic communication and files sent and
    received on the schools computer network or
    stored in directories on the school computer are
    the property of the school district and the ADE
    DLC program.
  • You do not have ANY privacy with your computers.
    Anything can be accessed and reviewed.

Computer Usage Policy
  • The following acts or behaviors could result in
    loss of computer privileges
  • Going to unapproved websites
  • Using inappropriate or offensive language in any
  • Accessing obscene or pornographic material
  • Cyberbullying
  • Destroying or hacking into any unauthorized
    network database
  • Using the schools computer for personal business
    or web page management
  • Trespassing or destroying files, folders or work
    of others
  • Knowingly infecting the computer with a virus

Work Submission Policy
  • All work submitted to the DLC instructor should
    have the following headings

First Page Students first and last name School
Name DLC Instructors Name
Subsequent Pages Students first and last
name DLC Instructors Name
Follow your instructors guidelines when
submitting work through email.
Inclement Weather
  • The DLC follows the policies of the Pulaski
    County Special School District. If they are out,
    DLC will not be online. Students will follow
    the lesson plans if at all possible. If not, the
    facilitator will access the instructors
    emergency lesson plans posted at the instructors
  • Students will follow the policies of their local
    school district in regard to inclement weather.
  • If your school is closed for inclement weather,
    do not risk life and limb to attend class.

Parent-Teacher Open House
  • DLC Faculty, site coordinators and site
    facilitators will participate in an
    Parent-Teacher Open House twice a year one per
  • This is an opportunity for parents to interact
    with DLC faculty to understand how a DLC class
  • Due to privacy concerns, neither individual
    grades or behavioral issues can be addressed.
    However, a private conference can be scheduled
    for a later date.

Reporting Concerns
  • If a student or site facilitator has a concern
    about, or a personality conflict with, an ADE DLC
    instructor, the student or facilitator should
    report the concern to the site coordinator /
    facilitator who will in turn contact the ADE DLC
    Instructional Coordinator. A conference may be
    scheduled to resolve the issue.
  • If an instructor has a concern about a receiving
    site, the instructor will report the concern to
    the ADE DLC Program Coordinator. A conference
    may be scheduled to resolve the issue.

Now lets fill out the My Course Page
  • DLC Course
  • Site Facilitator (ask for name)
  • Instructor
  • Office Hours
  • Office Phone 501.
  • Email
  • Navigating my Instructors Web site
  • Specific Instructor Rules / Classroom Procedures
  • Does this class require a notebook?
  • Course Supplies
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