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Photographer. Experiences. Some experiences you need to be a graphic designer are: ... Three to five years of work experience ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Graphic Design

Graphic Design
  • By Megan Woodrow

Why I want to be...a Graphic Designer!
I would like to be a graphic designer because
they have a great career. Graphic Designers can
express themselves creatively like most things
involved with the arts. They design posters,
books, layouts and much more. I think this would
be a great career for me because I love to show
my creativity.
Career Description
Graphic designers make everything from magazine
layouts and advertisements to University
calendars etc. They create logos, graphics, and
eye-catching designs. They are excellent in
visual communications and use different colours,
photographs, font styles and other graphics to
communicate a message, tell a story or create a
specific feeling.
Education Training
  • Some Universities and Colleges that you can
    attend for a graphic design program are
  • York University in Toronto
  • Ontario College of Art
  • Carleton University
  • Ryerson University

Here are four skills you should have to be a
graphic designer,
I believe that I obtain all of these skills, and
most I have gained from school. For example
making new friends, presenting projects, taking
enriched English and keeping my work organized.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem solving and organization skills
  • Strong English skills
  • Strong presentation skills

My Personality
Tests have shown that my top two personality
types are Artistic meaning I am creative, and
Enterprising which means I lead and persuade
people to selling things and ideas. I am also
very friendly, outgoing, caring, honest,
responsible and hardworking. Other results have
shown that I am very curious, responsible and
Current Need
Work Prospects
  • In the future, work prospects in the Graphic
    Design area will be fair because
  • Retirement rate will likely be considerably below
  • The number of job seekers will likely keep pace
    with the number of job openings.

Salary Range
  • There are three separate parts throughout Graphic
    Design, here are the jobs and their salary
  • Junior Designer- 20,000 to 25, 000 a year
  • Intermediate Designer- 30,000 to 40,000 a year
  • Art Director- 50,000 to 80,000 a year

Potential Growth/Future Outlook
The potential growth.future outlook for graphic
design will most likely be dominating because
there will be more technology, and also more
demands for computer generated designs in the
near future since most people prefer to do most
of their work on computers now a day since it is
neater, looks better, and you can be more
Potential for Promotion
  • There are three sectors in graphic design in
    which you can get promoted. They are
  • Junior Designer

-You help Senior Level Designers.
  • Intermediate Designer

-You handle big projects and direct Junior
  • Art Director

-You develop designs and manage the other staff.
Potential Employers
Three companies that will hire a graphic designer
  • Tele-productions Mobile INC.

-Graphic Designer Web
  • World Wide Network

-Graphic Designer
  • Apotex INC

-Technician Graphic Designer
Related Occupations
Here are three jobs that are related to graphic
  • Animator
  • Set Designer
  • Photographer

Some experiences you need to be a graphic
designer are
  • One year work experience in web design
  • Diploma in graphic design
  • Three to five years of work experience
  • Have a graphic design background (art or design
  • College/University certificate in Business
    Administration or Marketing degree

Action Plan
There are many things that I will need to
accomplish before I can go into graphic
design.Throughout high school I will need to take
business, marketing and computer courses. To
prepare myself I am practicing designs on the
computer with projects at school and things at
home. I know this is going to involve a lot of
work but I am willing to go the distance to
achieve my goals.
Thank You for Watching My Presentation!
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