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Title: What%20My%20Client

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What My Clients think of my service Testimonial
from Chris Melgoza, New Park Village. Mike,
I have no idea what I would have done
without Your help. I truly appreciate All you
have done for me Will think of your kindness
help for the rest of my days --- Chris
Ken and Kellie Sturtz, New Park Village. I
truly feel if it were not for the skill of Mike
King, my husband and I would never have been able
to sell our home for the price that we did, in
turn, giving us the wonderful opportunity to
purchase the beautiful home we have now. This was
not the traditional sale, as my husband was out
of town at his new job, and many of the details
had to be handled via fax and long-distance phone
calls, but Mike was there 100, no, make that
110, making the sale of our first home as
painless as possible. Ken and Kellie
Ritchie Froelich Charles Bryden, Union
City, Mike King helped us in many, many ways
while we were looking for the ideal property to
serve as an investment and later as a retirement
home. He took the time to find out what we
really wanted, and after that, he quickly zeroed
in on the house we bought. There was an absolute
minimum of looking at unsuitable properties, and
no problem with bids that failed in a highly
competitive market. His advice was invaluable.
Ritchie and Charles
  • MEET Mike King
  • Mike has been buying and selling property in the
    Newark/Tri-City area for the last 20 years. He
    Lives in Newark and loves it here.
  • California Department of Real Estate Licensed,
    Member of the National Association of Realtors,
    California Association of Realtors and the Bay
    East Association of Realtors.
  • Member of the MAX Multiple Listing Services
    Marketing properties to over 14,000 cooperating
    Agents and Brokers in 7 counties with 10 Boards
    of Realtors, from South San Francisco to Contra
    Costa, to Livermore, to King City/Monterey and
    all points in between.
  • Markets properties on 7 internet sites
  • www.realtor.com , www.listinglink.com,
  • www.homes.com, www.homeadvisor.com,
  • www.century21.com, www.century21.com/ca
  • www.BayAreaSpecialists.com
  • Completed the DRE recommended Real Estate
    Appraisal and Real Estate Financing courses.
  • Completed California Association of Realtors
    sponsored continuing education courses in Real
    Estate Ethics, Real Estate Agency relationships,
    and Modern Real Estate Documentation-Listings,
    Deposits, and Escrow.
  • Completed additional training courses in Real
    Estate Principals, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate
    taxes, and VIP Referrals.

I am a real estate agent with the full backing of
CENTURY 21, the largest real estate company in
the word. CENTURY21 has over 6,600 Offices in
all 50 states and in 41 Foreign countries
territories with in excess of 100,000 Agents. It
is the largest single real estate organization in
the first thing on peoples mind when asked about
real estate organizations - CENTURY 21 is the
highest rated Real Estate organization when
clients are asked who they would use for their
next purchase or sale. - CENTURY 21 has its own
Web site for Property Sales (www.century21.com/buy
more that 70 million dollars for Easter Seals -
CENTURY 21 supports the National Baseball
Associations charitable activities
  • A Sellers Guide
  • How To Interview Real Estate Agents
  • Interested In Selling Your Property
  • There are hundreds of real estate licensees
    in our area. Choosing the right agent for your
    home can be confusing. It is especially difficult
    when you speak with several different agents, and
    they all seem so convincing.
  • There is a way to determine who is the most
    likely to succeed in getting your price and
    terms. The key is
  • knowing the right questions to ask.
  • The following list provides you with
    questions to ask your prospective Realtor. This
    list will not only help you select the right
    Realtor, but also get you the very best from the
    one you choose
  • Do you work as a full-time Realtor?
  • Do you have an assistant to see that no details
    are overlooked?
  • How many potential buyers and sellers do you talk
    to in in a day? A week? A year?

CENTURY 21 Oliver-Jackson, Regional Sales Center,
Full Service Real Estate Company gt over 100
years of experience 30 year History in Tri-City
Area gt Full Service Property Management gt
Purchase Loans/Refinancing gt Nationwide
Relocation Services gt Offices in Fremont and
Castro Valley gt Premier Quality Awards 4 years
running gt Real Estate Sales from Single Family
Homes to Multi-Unit Investment Properties gt Local
Community Involvement particpated in many local
fundraisers including Aids Walk, Special
Olympics, Alameda County Food Bank, Community
Assistance for the retarded and handicapped.and
many others gt For Instance...
  • Services Mike Provides To The Seller
  • Assist in determining Fair Market Value by
    reviewing market demand, seasonality of sales,
    location and many other variables which often
    alter your homes value.
  • Suggest ways to improve salability based on Fair
    Market Value.
  • Locate qualified Buyers through the local and
    national multiple listing services, our
    Agent-to-Agent Referral Network, direct mail,
    phone contacts, and special projects.
  • Keep you, the Seller, informed at all times.
  • Highlight showings by illustrating the best
  • Present an objective, third party viewpoint.
  • Qualify and counsel serious buyers toward a
    decision. Buyers need answers to countless
    questions, not only on your property, but on
    other technical matters such as financing,
    payments, insurance and title clearance. As your
    Realtor, I will have the answers, make detailed
    arrangements for financing and serve the buyer in
    dozens of ways to make it easier for him/her to
    complete the purchase of your home.
  • Keep up-to-date with the best financing
  • Synchronize buyer/seller transactions.
  • Assist with all the steps involved with the
  • Handle any and all complications that occur
    throughout this process, from before the contract
    to after the closing.
  • Arrange to relocate sellers when applicable and
    take advantage of our Referral Network with over
    6,600 offices, and 100,000 agents world wide in
    47 countries and territories

  • Performance Guarantee I Guarantee
  • To position your property to attract the most
    likely buyers and to get as many qualified buyers
    as possible to see your property.
  • To assist you in getting the highest value for
    your property with the least amount of
    inconvenience, and in the shortest time possible.
  • To create a specific marketing plan for your
    unique property and constantly utilize the best
    possible methods to expose your property to the
    most buyers.
  • To communicate with you regularly to insure a
    smooth, timely and trouble free transaction.
  • Provide you with a complete package of
    information so that you will best understand the
    many subtle aspects of the sale of your property.
  • Research and compile a thorough market analysis
    of your property so that you can correctly
    position your property to attract the most
    motivated buyers.
  • Develop with you a list of features and benefits
    of your property to best market your property and
    attract the most qualified buyers.
  • Review with you my unique Salability Check List
    to assist you in making your property the most
    salable possible.
  • Explain the many ways of financing that you may
    offer for maximum exposure of your property to
    the most potential buyers.
  • Develop promotional fliers for your property,
    which promote its best features and benefits,
    along with complete financing information.
  • Submit your property to the Multiple Listing
    Service, exposing your property to over 11,000
    cooperating agents in five counties, from South
    San Francisco to King City.

  • Provide you with a video tape which explains how
    to correctly price your property.
  • Provide you with a sellers plan of action to
    insure that you dont lose any prospective
    buyers, and you understand the process of selling
    your property.
  • Pre-qualify prospective buyers whenever possible,
    to separate the lookers from the buyers, prevent
    escrow fallout and eliminate unnecessary
  • Assist you with interim financing if necessary.
  • Review all offers prior to presentation to you.
  • Represent you and negotiate the best price and
    terms for you.
  • Open escrow and make sure that all necessary
    terms and conditions are included correctly in
    the written escrow instructions.
  • Meet and cooperate with the appraiser, and supply
    comparables to assure the highest appraised value
  • Follow-up with escrow to see that all terms and
    conditions are met, and that all appropriate
    documents are in escrow to insure a timely
  • Follow-up with buyers lender (I.E. status of
    application, qualification of buyer, verification
    of employment, credit, verification of down
    payment, underwriting, and loan committee through
    loan approval.
  • Follow-up with the buyers agent to make sure the
    buyers and their agent are performing in a timely
  • Meet inspectors (i.e. Pest control, building,
    pool/spa, roof, soils, septic or geological.
    Review all reports and advise you of your
  • Review preliminary title report to make sure that
    there are no unknown clouds on the title that
    could impede or prevent the sale of your
  • Close escrow and deliver your check to you, my
    favorite part.
  • Help you with any relocation needs.

There is no other agent doing more to get your
home SOLD! It takes pro-active and
aggressive marketing. Not, passive, hopeful
selling. It is more critical than ever to
expose your home to as many targeted buyers as
possible in order to get it SOLD!
  • Five Ways I Will Expose Your Home to The Greatest
    Number of Potential Buyers.
  • 1. By networking with and marketing to the top
    real estate professionals, both locally and world
  • 2. By target marketing to the most likely
    buyers for your property, who will pay the most
    money for your property. I utilize the computer
    to access special databases, compose mailings and
    flyers and do qualification analyses.
  • 3. By performing specialized projects to develop
    additional buyers, such as telemarketing,
    workshops, special buyer programs and direct
    response marketing.
  • 4. By using a toll free interactive voice
    response system to advertise to and capture
  • 5. By utilizing my own substantial personal
    referral network to get the word out that there
    is a new home on the market.

Many potential buyers may be serious but they
arent qualified to purchase your home. I
PreQualify Prospects 1. Some are in a
hurry to move. 2. Some are serious
but not in a hurry. 3. Some
are bargain hunters. 4.
Some will never buy.
I can save you from having unqualified
strangers wandering through your home.
  • Two Ways To Sell Your Homegtgtgtgt
  • 1 Put Up A Sign.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Get A Real Estate Agent.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For A Serious Offer.
  • Get A New Real Estate Agent.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Reduce The Sales Price.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.
  • Wait For An Offer.

Seller Education Section. In the following
section of this marketing package you will find
valuable educational material for serious
sellers. Included are gt The Secrets of
Successful Selling gt What Buyers Want gt Tips to
Prepare Your Home to get the Best Offers, gt The
Offer Procedure, Necessary for Negotiating the
Best Deal, gt The First Offer gt Salability
Checklist gt Why Market during the Holidays gt Why
Sellers Should be Absent during Showings/Open
Houses gt Seller Plan of Action
ACCESS Easy access to your property by
showing agents is critical. Buyers time schedules
are very limited and agents usually will block
out 1-3 hours for a showing session. If the agent
cannot get an appointment to show during that
time period or needs to pick up keys during that
time, your property may not be shown. Electronic
security lock boxes that record the time, date,
and name of each agent showing the property, have
been proven to increase showings by 35, decrease
market time, and net more for the seller.
Do not miss the 1 buyer that could be the most
motivated to buy your property because they did
not see it. You have absolute
control over the accessibility to your property.
CONDITION The condition of your property
is not just whether or not the paint is peeling,
or the plumbing is leaking or the doors close
properly. It is a myriad of physical and
emotional factors unique to your property that
effect the desirability of your property. It is
the curb appeal landscaping floor plan size
utility systems color and quality choices of
paint carpets and fixtures furniture
lighting neatness etc., etc., etc. New
homes have an advantage over resale homes because
they are shiny and clean They have the most
modern fixtures amenities and contemporary floor
plans that buyers want. And their appeal is
enhanced by models that are decorated and
furnished by professionals. Our goal is to
make your home as close to a model home as
possiblebeing sensitive to cost. You can
increase value and decrease marketing time by
being sure that your property is in the best
possible condition. You have
nearly complete control over your propertys
Many people believe that to sell a home you place
an ad in the paper or hold an open house and wait
for a person to call and buy the home. NOT SO!!
If that were true, real estate professionals
would be out of work. ADS DONT SELL HOMES
PEOPLE DO! We are trying to educate sellers
and the public about tremendous changes in REAL
EASTATE MARKETING. A recent study by the Nation
Association of Realtors uncovered some
interesting statistics about WHERE BUYERS COME
FROM 40 - Utilized the services of a person
or company that they had previously done business
20 - Purchased because
they saw a sign in the lawn and
approved of the homes exterior and location.
18 - Responded to an ad but eventually
purchased a different home. 8 -
Visited an open house but bought a different
property. 7 - Were referred through a
relocation service. 3 - Bought the home they
saw advertised. 3 - Bought for a combination
of the above reasons. 1 - Bought the home
they saw at an open house.
  • Price Fact
    LESS THE SELLER WILL NET. It is very important to
    price your property at a competitive market value
    at the signing of the employment agreement. The
    market is so competitive that even over-pricing
    by a few thousand dollars could mean that your
    house will not sell. Interestingly, your first
    offer is usually your best offer. Here are
    reasons for pricing your property at the market
    value right from the start in order to net you
    the most amount of money in the shortest amount
    of time.
  • An Over Priced Home
  • Minimizes offers.
  • Lowers agent response.
  • Limits qualified buyers.
  • Lowers showings.
  • Lowers prospects.
  • Limits financing.
  • Wastes advertising dollars.
  • Nets less for the seller.
    THEY DO NOT CLEAN. If your house is squeaky clean
    you will be able to sell your home faster and net
    hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. If
    you are planning on moving, why not get rid of
    that old junk now so that your house will appear
    larger? Make more space. Odors must be eliminated
    especially if you have dogs, cats, or young
    children in diapers, or if you are a smoker. You
    may not notice the smell, but buyers do! Most
    agents have a difficult time communicating to
    their sellers about odor. By employing me to get
    the most amount of money for you, the seller,
    please do not take offense if I must inform you
    about odor problems.

  • The Benefits Of Correct Pricing
  • 1. Your property will sell faster and with less
  • 2. You will receive more offers with better
    quality buyers.
  • 3. There will be no problems with appraisals.
  • 4. It will reduce the buyers remorse and have
    less chance of fallout during escrow.
  • 5. It will eliminate constant re-negotiations
    after the contract has been signed.
  • 6. More agents will be excited and willing to
    show the property.
  • 7. There will be less holding cost incurred
    because the seller will be able to move promptly.
  • 8. The property will net more.

Preparation Tips To The Seller Outside 1.
Make sure that the view of your home from the
street is bright and approachable. Keep the trees
trimmed and remove parked cars so that the house
is visible from the road. Many buyers make a
quick decision and may not even stop if your
house does not look attractive from the
outside. 2. Trim the lawn and fertilize it if
necessary. Keep all bushes and shrubs trimmed so
that they are not blocking the windows. Weed the
flower beds. 3. Paint the house if it needs it,
especially the front door and trim. 4. Keep the
walks, decks, and patios free of toys, tools,
barbecues, or other hazards and debris. 5. Check
the gutters and roof for dry rot and repair any
screens, shutters, etc. that need it. Repaint the
mailbox. 6. Rid the driveway of stains with
kitty litter or a chemical solvent. 7. Add
flowers along the entry walk, in pots or in
flower boxes. 8. Clean the garage and get rid of
anything you dont want to move.
  • An offer is written by the buyer and their agent.
    It is sent to and reviewed by me and then
    presented to you. Any questions you might have I
    will answer.
  • A typical offer will have price and terms
    spelled out in a standard format. Once you
    understand what the buyer is offering we will
    discuss your options and compose an appropriate
  • Your response options are
  • Accept the offer and open escrow
  • Reject the offer
  • Counter the offer with terms and pricing more
    suitable to what you want.
  • 3. Your response will be conveyed by me to the
    buyers agent and he will present that to the
    buyer. If you responded with a counter offer the
    buyers agent does 1. And 2. with the the buyer
    and we will get one of 3 responses accept,
    reject or counter. And the cycle continues.

SALABILITY CHECKLIST Please grab a pencil and
take a moment to evaluate your market position.
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Why Sellers Should Be Absent During Showings 1.
Buyer will not feel free to make comments that
will enable the agent to determine if the buyer
is interested. 2. The buyer will not thoroughly
inspect the property. 3. The best place to write
the offer is at the dining room table. 4. The
buyer may not like the seller. 5. The seller may
not like the buyer. 6. Answering any of the
buyers or his/her agents questions weakens the
sellers bargaining position. 7. Not answering
any questions may cause the buyer or his/her
agent to think the seller is difficult to work
with. 8. The seller may say things about the
property that will prevent a sale. 9. The less a
buyer knows the more questions they will ask
their agents, allowing the agent to know the
buyer is interested. 10. Selling is being quiet,
watching and listening for nonverbal buying signs
which are 90 of communication. The agent cannot
do this properly when there are distractions such
as talking. 11. After financing problems,
buyer-seller contact is the most frequent cause
of lost sales and escrow fallout. 12. Buyer
lingering can be a significant buying sign and
many buyers will not do this subconscious action
with the seller present. 13. The buyer will be
self conscious and may not exhibit buying signs.
14. The Buyers agent may be reluctant to close
strongly in front of the seller.
8. The seller agrees to speak with THE AGENT the
moment a concern arises. The seller will not let
any disappointment, if any, build to the point of
distress. 9. The seller agrees to market the
property to all friends, family, co-workers,
neighbors and acquaintances. If any interest is
developed through these contacts, the seller is
to notify THE AGENT immediately. 10. The seller
agrees not to question the sequence of the
advertising, direct mail, telemarketing and other
marketing efforts. 11. The seller agrees
that an agent/client contact once a week is
enough to keep the seller informed. 12. The
seller will notify the agent immediately if any
circumstances such as liens, lawsuits,
re-finances or changes in marital status has
occurred since the ratification of the listing.
13. The seller agrees to contact THE AGENT if
another agent solicits the listing at any time.
14. The seller agrees to contact THE AGENT if a
change in motivation occurs. 15. The seller
agrees to contact THE AGENT should the seller
want to view or purchase any properties. 16. The
seller agrees to inform the agent of any
violations of city, county, state, building, fire
or health codes. 17. The seller agrees to inform
the agent of any building permit inadequacies.
18. The seller will keep the agent informed of
sellers itinerary when traveling. 19. The seller
agrees not to rent the property unless the tenant
is aware of all showing and sale procedures, and
has agreed to the same. 20. The seller agrees to
promptly provide any operating, utility or loan
statements upon request. 21. The seller agrees
not to talk to the buyer. 22. The seller agrees
not to negotiate without the agent present.
  • Open House
  • Facts
  • Approximately 1 of properties are sold at Open
  • It is a time for agents to get buyers.
  • They are to make the seller happy.
  • The agent receives increased viability in the
  • Security can be a problem because anyone can
    come in.
  • Displaces and inconveniences the seller.
  • The seller must not be present.
  • It is passive marketing, which has a very low
    efficiency rate.
  • May of the visitors are other sellers.
  • Criteria For An Open House
  • Property must be located in a high traffic area.
  • Property must be priced correctly.
  • Property must have excellent curb appeal.
  • Property must be in top condition.
  • Seller and all pets must be removed.

  • If you were the buyer, what features would most
    excite you about your
  • property?
  • Please take a moment to write down your
    thoughts to the following questions
  • . Why did you purchase this particular property?
  • . What about this property did you enjoy most?
  • . Who would purchase this property?
  • Your answers to these questions will be helpful
  • developing our marketing plan.

May I Answer Your Questions? It has been my
experience that the more knowledgeable and
experienced my clients are, the quicker their
properties sell, with the least amount of
inconvenience and the highest value possible.
With that in mind, keep this sheet handy and
whenever a question occurs to you, use this sheet
to write it on. That way, when we meet in person
you will not forget to ask any question that I
may be able to answer for you.
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