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Lansing School District Effective Parent Involvement Programs


Kids win because at an early age they learn responsibility and the logic of life ... selecting classes that fit their family interests. ... Operation Back Pack ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lansing School District Effective Parent Involvement Programs

Lansing School District Effective Parent
Involvement Programs
  • Dr. Carolyn Stone and Paula Frantz
  • Title I District Parent Involvement Coordinators
  • November 6, 2008

Michigan Requirements School Improvement
  • MCL 380.1277 (1)
  • Each school district shall adopt and implement
    andshall make available to the department a copy
    of a 3 to 5 year school district school
    improvement plan and continuing school
    improvement process for each school within the
    school district.

Michigan Requirements School Improvement
  • MCL 380.1277 (1)
  • School board members, school building
    administrators, teachers and other school
    employees, pupils, parents of pupils attending
    that school, and other residents of the school
    district shall be invited and allowed to
    voluntarily participate in the development,
    review, and evaluation of the district's school
    improvement plans.

Board Adopted Goals 2007 - 2008 Focus Areas 2008
- 2012
  • To think beyond today and propose for the
  • Student Achievement and Quality of Instruction
  • School Safety, Climate and Environment
  • Staff Development and Employee Relations
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Facilities and Support Services
  • Parental and Community Involvement
  • Customer Service and Communications
  • Cultural Competence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stabilize or Increase Student Enrollment
  • Community Education and Extended Learning

2008 2009 District Strategic Plan Protocols of
  • Goal 6 Parental and Community Involvement
  • The district will increase involvement by
    parents, businesses, faith-based agencies and
    other community interests through partnerships
    designed to achieve both management and academic
    improvement and will increase volunteerism,
    service learning, and mentorship among our
    students through an extensive community outreach

2008 2009 District Strategic Plan (3) Target
  • Goal 6 Parental and Community Involvement
  • Increase parent, family, and community
    involvement at all elementary and secondary
  • Establish a working partnership between teachers,
    administrators, students, parents, families, and
    the community to maximize student achievement.
  • Maximize two-way communication between teachers,
    administrators, students, parents, families, and
    the community and include them in decision making
    and policy development.

Parental and Community Involvement Performance
  • Target Objective 1 Increase parent, family,
    and community involvement at all elementary and
    secondary schools.
  • Annual 10 increase in parent involvement at each
    elementary building.
  • Annual 10 increase in parent involvement at each
    secondary building.
  • Enhance access to Lansing School Districts
    information so that a majority (80) of survey
    respondents among families rate access to
    district information as B or better.

Lansings Effective Parent Programs Objective 1
  • Region H Officers Training
  • Putting The Pieces Together, Together
  • The Lansing School District will be hosting a
    PTSA Officers training for all of Region H on
    Saturday, November 8, 2008.
  • The training will include sessions on
  • Servant Leadership
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Treasurers
  • Secretaries/Bylaws
  • Membership
  • PTA Potpourri
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • MPTSA Annual Conference
  • Brought 50 parents from the Lansing School
    District to the MPTSA Annual Conference in May
  • Provided registration costs and transportation
    for participating parents.

  • Parent Involvement Conferences/Workshops
  • Parent Involvement Program sponsors the following
    conferences and/or workshops to increase parent
    involvement at the schools and to assist parents
    with their students academic achievement.
  • Retention Workshop
  • MEAP Workshop
  • PTA Officers Training Workshop
  • School Improvement Workshop
  • How To Make Your Schools More Family Friendly
  • Parent Involvement School Policy Workshop
  • District Wide Parent Involvement Policy Workshop
  • District Wide School Improvement Workshop
  • Parenting Conference
  • NASBE Conference
  • PTA National Conference

  • Three-For-Me Parent Program
  • A parent volunteer program where parents commit
    to three hours of volunteer service for the
    entire school year.
  • Parent Involvement Sponsored Initiatives
  • To increase parent involvement at the schools
  • Visit Your Childs School
  • Have Lunch with your child
  • Fathers Day at School
  • Home Visitations
  • Parent Involvement Coordinators do home visits to
    encourage parents to sign the parent-teacher
    compact, lunch applications, attendance issues,
    possible retentions and at the request of the

Parental and Community Involvement Performance
  • Target Objective 2 Establish a working
    partnership between teachers, administrators,
    students, parents, families, and the community to
    maximize student achievement.
  • Increase parent, family and community
    participation by 10 in a working partnership
    between administrators and teachers.

Lansings Effective Parent Programs Objective 2
  • The Parent Involvement Coordinators work with
    Central Administration and provide the following
  • Review and revise District Parent Involvement
  • Implement and monitor the Parent Involvement
    Strategic Plan 2008-2012
  • Recruit parents to serve on the Student
    Reinstatement Hearings
  • Recruit parents to serve on various committees,
    task force, advisory councils and other
    organizations, such as the following
  • Instructional Council
  • Drug Free Safe Schools Advisory Council
  • Board Committees (NCLB, Finance, etc.)
  • School Improvement Teams
  • Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
  • District Wide Parent Advisory Council (DWAC)
  • Parent Involvement Task Force

  • Central Administration Support Cont.
  • Be a facilitator or presenter for professional
  • Attend elementary and secondary principals
  • Promoting Academic Success with Boys of Color
    (PAS) Assist with the parent component of this
  • Restorative Justice Assist with the parent
    breakfast meetings once a month at the elementary
  • Do interviews with Lansing State Journal
    reporters and provide appropriate parent
  • Do interviews with television news reporters and
    provide appropriate parent information

  • The Parent Involvement Coordinators work with
    twenty-five elementary schools. We provide the
    following services at the buildings
  • Home visitations
  • Parenting Classes
  • Literacy Night Make-It-Take-It
  • Math Night Make-It-Take-It
  • Science Night Make-It-Take-It
  • Review School Improvement Plans
  • Revise and Monitor Parent Involvement Policy
  • Parent Teacher Compact
  • Attend PTA/PTO and other parent group meetings at
    the schools
  • Attend Open Houses, Curriculum Nights at the
    schools and assist in recruiting parent

  • Provide community resources to the schools
  • Provide parent support and advocacy at the
  • Assist with parent involvement planning and/or
    activities at the schools (such as Title I
    meetings, Cafes, Literacy Night, Math Night,
    Science Night, etc.)
  • Provide translations at the schools as needed
  • Assist with calling parents
  • Assist with creating parent rooms at schools
  • Provide parent workshops, presentations at the
  • Provide counseling to parents with issues and
    concerns, problems and/or complaints and with
    proper procedures and protocol
  • Provide summer packets to parents, such as math
    packets, literacy packets, and MEAP practice

  • Love Logic Parenting Classes
  • Parenting with love and logic is all about
    raising responsible kids. Its a win-win
    philosophy. Parents win because they love in a
    healthy way and establish effective control over
    their kids, without resorting to the anger and
    threats that will haunt them later through
    rebellious teenage behavior. Kids win because at
    an early age they learn responsibility and the
    logic of life by solving their own problems.
    Thus they acquire the tools for coping with the
    real world. Foster W. Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay
  • Parents are taught how to discipline their
    children with love and logic without losing their
    respect through a variety of tools and
  • Parents work through workbooks, class
    discussions, CDs and have homework assignments.
  • 2 Classes are taught Ages 0-5 and Ages 6-18
  • Each class is 6 weeks long
  • Dinner and child care are provided
  • Classes consist of 20-25 students with a waiting
    list of 10 or more

  • Parents as Educational Partners starting 2008
  • Parenting Program for language minority parents
  • Objective of program is to increase awareness and
    understanding of local school system, understand
    the importance of parent involvement, learn ways
    they can become involved in their childs
    education and school, and improve their English
    language proficiency.
  • Topics will include
  • School Personnel the School Day
  • School Procedures
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Report Cards Curriculum
  • Study Skills Homework
  • Health
  • Gang Drug/Alcohol Awareness.
  • Each session will be taught by language group
  • Each session will meet twice a week for 6 weeks
  • Interpreter will be in each class
  • Food, transportation, and child care will be

  • Promoting Academic Success Program (PAS)
  • The purpose of PAS is to help families, schools,
    and communities promote the academic, social, and
    emotional development of boys of color between 3
    and 8 years old.
  • The 5 major components of the PAS Program are
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Mentoring
  • After-School, weekend, and summer enrichment
  • Character and moral development
  • Parent Involvement
  • Parent Involvement Coordinators are involved in
    the operations team and planning of the parent
    component of the program.
  • PAS Parent Involvement Program Manual V1 (3.1.08)

  • Parent Leadership Institute Network (PLIN)
  • The Parent Leadership Institute Network of
    Michigan (PLIN) focuses on developing parents as
    leaders to form a network of parents to make a
    positive change in student achievement
  • Learning Goals for PLIN Graduates
  • Able to provide leadership in parent-school-commun
    ity partnerships that enhance student achievement
  • Will design and implement school-wide or
    district-wide projects designed to improve
    student achievement
  • Will reach out to historically under-involved
    parents to involve them as partners in their
    childs school
  • Academic Expectations for PLIN Graduates
  • Bring parents and schools together
  • Create family-friendly schools
  • Take action to improve student achievement
  • Understand Michigans standards-based education
  • Design and implement a project
  • In 2008, 17 parents completed 90 hours of
    training and graduated from PLIN
  • PLIN Fellows are provided with a 250 mini-grant
    to help fund their project.
  • Parents are taught skills in conducting meetings,
    disaggregating MEAP data, designing an
    educational project, developing a budget, and
    writing a proposal.

  • Math Mamas Papas
  • A math project developed as a result of the
    Parent Leadership Institute Network (PLIN).
    There are two components of this project
  • Provide monthly parent workshops
  • Teachers facilitate the workshop sessions and
    teach a math lesson to the parents
  • MEAP Practice
  • Strategies for working on math at home
  • Summer activities/resources
  • After School Math Tutorial for 3rd 4th grade
    students who do not reach proficiency on the MEAP
  • 4 days per week for one hour
  • Math practice and tutoring by MSU high school

  • Circle of Parents
  • Mission Prevent child abuse and neglect and
    strengthen families through mutual self-help
    parent support groups (http//www.circleofparents
  • Issues are brought up and discussed by parents,
    community resources are shared and presentations
    are sometimes provided by community leaders and
    businesses based on parents needs and concerns.
  • The meetings are led by a trained facilitator and
    a parent leader.
  • Parent Involvement Coordinators have been trained
    as group facilitators.
  • Groups will be starting at various sites this
    school year.

  • Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Math and Science
    Education PROM/SE
  • An academic program in partnership with MSU where
    parents work with teachers to develop math parent
    guides for grades K-8.
  • Parents are trained to do power point
    presentations in math at schools, faith based
    institutions, and community groups and agencies.
  • Mathematics Counts Science Matters
  • Collaboration with MSU and Lansing School
  • Initiate a dialog in our community about the
    importance of math and science education to our
    children and provide parents with the school and
    community resources they need.
  • 17 Lansing School District parents were trained
    as facilitators

  • Nurturing Parenting Program
  • A parenting class that teaches parents and/or
    guardians, or whoever takes care of children, how
    to be more nurturing.
  • Allows parents to work through exercises with
    workbooks, discussions, lessons assignments and
  • A pre and post test are administered to determine
    the parents level of nurturing before and after
    taking the class.
  • Grandparents University
  • A program for grandparents (or other adults) and
    grandchildren (ages 8-12) to spend time together
    while enjoying the college experience of living
    in a dorm, attending classes across campus, and
    sampling the many highlights of MSU.
  • Grandparents and their grandchildren attend
    programs together, customizing their experience
    by selecting classes that fit their family
  • Participants share hands-on learning activities
    led by MSU faculty and staff members.
  • Provides parents and their children an
    opportunity to experience college life and attend
    classes with the hope that they might attend a
    college and university in the near future.

  • Parent Teacher Resource Center
  • A wealth of FREE resources for parents and
  • Computer lab with internet access
  • Meeting area for up to 12 people
  • Bulletin board, construction, and oak tag paper
  • Poster board
  • Book binding machine
  • Ellison machines (cut designs, numbers, and
  • Reproducible clip art
  • Laminating machine
  • Educational materials by grade level
  • Opaque projector for tracing and enlarging
  • Paperback books for children in all grade levels
  • An extensive library that is updated frequently
  • Parenting and teaching tips from the experts,
    including audio tapes on motivating parents,
    disciplining students, and being a better parent
  • Love Logic books, audio tapes, CDs, and DVDs
  • A host of booklets on topics including Skills for
    School Success, Homework and Study Skills,
    Building Student Responsibility, and Reinforcing
    Learning at Home
  • Childrens Learning Center
  • For children in pre-kindergarten through sixth

  • Round Up Rally
  • Coordinate the Districts kick off event at the
    beginning of the school year
  • Parade of all schools and programs in the
  • Community speakers to welcome students and
    families back to school
  • Games and activities for students and families to
    participate in together (field games, moonwalk,
    dunk tank, face painting, etc.)
  • Free food
  • Students register for a free bag of school
  • Promotes unity among all students, families, and
  • Operation Back Pack
  • Partnership with DeWitt Rotary Club, UAW Local
    6000, and ATT to provide backpacks stuffed with
    school supplies to elementary students.

  • Parent Involvement Coordinator Partnerships
  • Partner with Community Agencies
  • Michigan State University
  • Lansing Community College
  • Lansing-DeWitt Rotary Club
  • ATT
  • UAW Local 6000
  • Prevention Network Parenting Awareness Month
  • Chicano/Latino Advisory Committee
  • Refugee Services Refugee Development Center
  • CACS Head Start

Parental and Community Involvement Performance
  • Target Objective 3 Maximize two-way
    communication between teachers, administrators,
    students, parents, families, and the community
    and include them in decision-making and policy
  • Two-way communication will be increased so that
    100 of teachers, administrators, students,
    parents, families, and the community are better
    informed and report a more positive attitude
    about communication.
  • Two-way communication will be maximized so that
    100 of teachers, administrators, students,
    parents, families, and the community are included
    and part of the decision-making process and/or
    present at meetings where important matters are
    discussed and implemented.

Lansings Effective Parent Programs Objective 3
  • District-wide Parent Advisory Council (DWAC)
  • The purpose of this Council is to provide a
    parent voice on a district-wide level and
  • To bring about effective communication between
    parents and the Board of Education.
  • To express parent concerns and encourage parent
    involvement in school issues.
  • To strive toward unity among all facets of the
    Lansing School District.
  • The DWAC consists of parent representatives,
    principals, and teachers from elementary, middle,
    and high schools, and community representatives.
  • The Council empowers parents so they are able to
    take on leadership roles, have a voice in
    decision-making and governance, and act as a
    liaison between the district and their school.

  • District-wide Parent Advisory Council (DWAC)
  • 5 Sub-Committees were created this year to
    implement the target objectives of the Districts
    Strategic Plan
  • Survey Committee responsible for creating 4
    surveys to be used district wide a parent
    needs/involvement survey, a parent satisfaction
    survey, a school accessibility checklist, and a
    building level parent involvement survey.
  • Community Outreach Committee establish
    partnerships with local businesses and the
    Chamber of Commerce and challenge local
    businesses to adopt schools to offer mentoring
    and shadowing opportunities for students,
    recognition events, and student and business
  • LSD Resource Book Committee create a resource
    book for families in the Lansing School District
    that lists all of the extracurricular activities,
    clubs, organizations, sports, etc. at each of the
  • Parent Handbook Committee create a handbook for
    all parents that includes information on
    volunteering, expectations, school etiquette,
    problem/issue resolving, complaint procedure,
  • DWAC By-Laws/Policy Committee review current
    DWAC by-laws and policies to make recommendations
    on any changes, additions, updates, etc. to
    ensure compliance with district parent
    involvement policy and district strategic plan
    and goals.

  • Parent Involvement Strategic Task Force
  • Established to look at a 4-year strategic plan
    from 2008-2012 for parent involvement for the
    Lansing School District.
  • The task force consisted of teachers,
    administrators, parents, students and the
  • A survey was done based on five questions and
    ideas were generated through a brainstorming
  • Target objectives were determined from the
    surveys and strategies and action steps were
    developed based on the target objectives.
  • The Parent Involvement Strategic Task Force did a
    presentation before the Strategic Advisory
  • The Parent Involvement Strategic Task Force went
    before the Lansing School District Board of

  • Connect-Ed
  • An automated telephone computer calling system
    that sends emergency messages, community outreach
    messages, etc. to Lansing School District
    families and employees in less than 10 minutes.
  • Messages are sent via email, telephone, cell
    phone, etc.
  • The Parent Involvement Program uses this system
    to announce programs, send messages and also
  • Ed-Line
  • A software based computer program where teachers
    develop their own web pages.
  • Teachers able to post class grades, homework
    assignments, tests, etc on their web pages.
  • Parent Involvement provided a series of sessions
    to make parents aware of this program and how to
    use it.
  • Parents are given access codes to use this
  • As a result of parents wanting more teachers to
    use ed-line on a more regular basis they are in
    the process of writing a proposal to strongly
    encourage all teachers to use it.

  • Technology
  • Parent Involvement Program Webpage
  • Parent Involvement Program has a school success
    content web page.
  • Parents are able to type in a parenting concern
    or question and receive an answer fairly quickly
    by national experts in the educational field.
  • Parents are also able to research over 10,000
    educational topics.
  • Parent Involvement is scheduling a series of
    technology workshops for parents to assist them
    in communicating more efficiently with one
    another by showing them how to establish their
    own wiki pages.

  • For more information, please contact us at
  • Dr. Carolyn Stone
  • (517) 755-4081
  • Paula Frantz
  • (517) 755-4083
  • Parent Teacher Resource Center
  • 5815 Wise Road NE Annex
  • Lansing, MI 48911