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National Math Trail Hydroelectric Power


National Math Trail. Hydroelectric Power. Alexei Freire. Carlos Filipe Gomes. Luan Bueno ... the city of Paulo Afonso was born through its emancipation politics. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: National Math Trail Hydroelectric Power

National Math TrailHydroelectric Power
  • Alexei Freire
  • Carlos Filipe Gomes
  • Luan Bueno
  • Paulo Ramos

Paulo Afonso Location
History of Paulo Afonso City
  • The region of Paulo Afonso started to be
    inhabited by Portuguese bandeirantes in the
    beginning of century XVIII. Commanded by Garcia
    Davila, they went up the river San Francisco
    and they reached lands where the city is located
  • In the XIXs, Emperor D. Pedro II visited the
    waterfall of Paulo Afonso and became impressed
    with the beauty of the place. Its size commanded
    studies on the hydroelectric potential of Pablo
  • Later, in 1913, Delmiro Gouveia, industrial and
    entrepreneur of the time, glimpsed the potential
    of the region, and implanted the first northeast
    hydroelectric plant called the Angiquinho Plant.
  • The President of Brazil, Getúlio Vargas, signed a
    decree authorizing the organization of the CHESF
    - Hydroelectric Company of the San Francisco.
    CHESF became official in 1948 with the first
    general meeting of its shareholders.
  • Around this time, the city of Paulo Afonso was
    born through its emancipation politics. Paulo
    Afonso is a still young city, with a great
    future. It is led by strong hands of diligent
    and glad people.

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TVA Location
History of TVA
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed
    innovative solutions if the New Deal was to lift
    the U.S. out of the depths of the Great
    Depression in the 1930s. Roosevelt asked Congress
    to create a corporation clothed with the power
    of government but possessed of the flexibility
    and initiative of a private enterprise. On May
    18, 1933, Congress responded by creating the
    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).
  • The TVA is one of Americas largest producers of
    electric power and the nations largest public
    power system. Through 158 municipal and
    cooperative power distributors, TVA serves about
    8.3 million people in a region covering Tennessee
    and parts of Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina,
    Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The TVA power
    system consists of 3 nuclear generating plants,
    11 coal-fired plants, 29 hydroelectric dams, 5
    combustion-turbine plants, a pumped-storage
    plant, and about 27,000 kilometers of
    transmission lines.
  • TVA continues to strengthen its position as an
    energy leader in price, reliability, efficiency,
    and environmental stewardship as it helps lead
    the utility industry into the 21st century.

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The Problem
  • The Paulo Afonso facilities produced
    3,900,000kw of energy in the year 2002 and has
    increased at a rate of 250,000kw per year. TVA
    produced 390,000,000kw in the year 2002 and has
    increased at a rate of 50,000kw per year. How
    long will it take Paulo Afonso to produce the
    same amount of energy that TVA produces? What
    would be the amount of energy they would be
    producing in that year?  

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The Solution
Paulo Afonso Production
TVA Production
P1250,000Y1 3,900,000
P1250,000Y1 3,900,000
To find in how many years the production of
energy will be equal we solve the system
250Y3900 50Y390000 200Y 386100 Y 1930.5
To find how much they will produce in that year
we substitute the value of the year in the
P1250,000Y1 3,900,000 P250,000
(1930.5)3,900,000 P 783,525,0003,900,000 P
So they will produce the same amount of energy
1930.5 years
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