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coffer: a large strong chest for holing money, jewels, or other valuable objects ... ornate: having a great deal of decoration; not simple adj.???, ... Baroque: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Architecture

Unit 9
  • Architecture

Part I Warming up
  • Section A. Vienna
  • Vocabulary
  • coffer a large strong chest for holing money,
    jewels, or other valuable objects???
  • ornate having a great deal of decoration not
    simple adj.???, ???, (??)???
  • opulent having or showing great wealth??
  • guilder ???

  • fresco painting in water color on a surface
    usu. of a wall, made of wet plaster
  • n.????????????, ??

  • a usu. large branched decorative holder for
    candles or electric lights, usu. hanging from the
    ceiling ????as crystal chandelier

  • catacomb an underground burial place made up of
    many passages and rooms????
  • jumble larger than others of the same kind

  • Versailles A city of north-central France
    west-southwest of Paris. It is best known for its
    magnificent palace, built by Louis XIV in the
    mid-17th century, where the treaty ending World
    War I was signed in 1919. Population 91,494.

  • A royal German family that supplied rulers to a
    number of European states from the late Middle
    Ages until the 20th century. The Hapsburgs
    reached the height of their power under Charles V
    of Spain. When Charles abdicated (1558), the
    empire was divided between the Spanish and
    Austrian lines. The Spanish branch ceased to rule
    after 1700 and the Austrian branch after 1918.
  • n.(Hapsburg)??????

Schonbrunn Palace
  • This palace of nearly 1,500 rooms was completed
    in the early 18th century as a smaller model of
    Versailles. In earlier times it served as summer
    residence to various Habsburg rulers Due to this
    historical importance, its beautiful location and
    its gardens this palace is one of the very top
    sights in Vienna. Furthermore the entire complex
    was added to the UNESCO's world cultural heritage

  • A style of art, especially architecture and
    decorative art, that originated in France in the
    early 18th century and is marked by elaborate
    ornamentation, as with a profusion of scrolls,
    foliage, and animal forms.
  • adj.?????, ?????

St. Stephens Cathedral
  • Gothic cathedral in the city center was the site
    of Mozart's funeral in 1791. Its lace-stone spire
    has become Vienna's signature. Its construction
    began in the 12th century during the reign of
    Ottokar II of Bohemia. The cathedral, devastated
    during World War II, was so essential to the
    Austrian identity that all Bundeslander (Regional
    States) contributed to its reconstruction.
    Austria's most prominent national symbol, this
    magnificent cathedral is known for its
    intricately tiled roof and its nearly
    500-foot-tall South Tower, which provides amazing
    views of the entire city.

(No Transcript)
Imperial Burial Vaults
  • A burial chamber for the royal family, especially
    when underground. The intestines (?) of the dead
    bodies of Habsurgs are kept in the copper
  • Copper urn

  • The city's stately imperial palace once served as
    the residence of the powerful Hapsburg emperors
    and today is home to several museums

  • relating to, or characteristic of a style in art
    and architecture developed in Europe from the
    early 17th to mid-18th century, emphasizing
    dramatic, often strained effect and typified by
    bold, curving forms, elaborate ornamentation, and
    overall balance of disparate partsn.?????????????
    , ????adj.?????, ?????, ?????

  • Of or relating to an architectural style
    prevalent in western Europe from the 12th through
    the 15th century and characterized by pointed
    arches, rib vaulting, and a developing emphasis
    on verticality and the impression of height.
    n.??? adj.????, ???

ornate caskets
  • A coffin

  • The humanistic revival of classical art,
    architecture, literature, and learning that
    originated in Italy in the 14th century and later
    spread throughout Europe. The period of this
    revival, roughly the 14th through the 16th
    century, marking the transition from medieval to
    modern times.

  • You are going to hear a description abut the most
    outstanding monuments in Viennaa royal city.
    Listen and supply the missing words. Try to get
    the ideas before you start to write down the
    missing words.

Key to Ex.
  • Europe enrich empire palaces buildings opera
    house museums and libraries government
    buildings themselves Vienna
  • cost 1 million 260 gold precious
  • 35-foot frescoes crystal mirrors
  • skyline 450 343 12th
  • copper urns ornate caskets visited.

  • Pedestrian malls ruins underground museum.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts2,600 jumble times
    styles 13th 1700s

Palais du Louvre
  • Vocabulary
  • art gallery ???
  • transparency A transparent object, especially a
    photographic slide that is viewed by light
    shining through it from behind or by projection.
    The quality or state of being transparent. ??

  • complement To serve as somethingg that
    completes, makes up a whole, or brings to
    perfection to
  • Roses in a silver bowl complement the handsome
    cherry table.
  • continuity The state or quality of being
    continuous. An uninterrupted succession or flow
    a coherent whole

Palais du Louvre  
  • A castle was built around 1190 and in 1370 this
    castle was converted into a Palace on the orders
    of King Charles V. This was demolished in 1527
    and a Renaissance design was planned for Francis
    I, completed during the reign of Henry II.
    Further developments continued until in 1667. In
    1678 the royal residence moved to Versaille and
    the Palais du Louvre became an art gallery. The
    Lourve became the "Museum Napoleon" in 1803 and
    further work was completed along Rue Rivoli.
    During the reign of Napoleon III, the Tuileries
    and the Louvre palaces were linked and further
    courtyards completed

(No Transcript)
Glass Pyramid The Louvre Pyramid
  • In the 1980s, Chinese-American architect I.M Pei
    designed the celebrated pryamid in the main
    courtyard. This leads into a new central
    circulation space for the main wings of the
    galleries and as a visual centre point for the
    vast sprawling exterior.

B1. Instructions
  • You are going to hear an introduction of Palais
    du Louvre and Louvre Pyramid. Complete the
    following facts

Key to Ex. B1.
  • The Palais du Louvre
  • Location heart of Paris.
  • Beginning year of construction 1527
  • Time when first used as a public art gallery 1793

The Louvre Pyramid
  • Designer Ieoh Ming Pei
  • Use the main entrance to the Palais du Louvre
  • Height 21m
  • Width 33m
  • Materials steel tubes cables glass sheet
  • Year of completion 1988

  • You are going to hear an architect commenting on
    the Louvre Pyramid. Fill in the blanks according
    to what you hear on the tape.

Key to Ex.
  • 1)      transparency light
  • 2)      shapes beauty
  • 3)      contradictory in dialogue complement
  • 4) mistake similar

Part II Eco-conscious construction
  • A. A speech by former U.S. president Bill Clinton
    on how to deal with global warming

  • outage A quantity or portion of something
    lacking after delivery or storage.
  • A temporary suspension of operation, especially
    of electric power.
  • besiege To cause to feel distressed or worried
    She was besieged by problems.
  • erratic Lacking consistency, regularity, or
  • an erratic heartbeat.
  • Deviating from the customary course in conduct
    or opinion eccentric erratic behavior.
  • ??????

  • devastating
  • destroying
  • insulation
  • protection from heat loss or electricity
  • contractor
  • a person or company providing material or
    services at an agreed price
  • retrofit
  • to alter or change
  • ?...?????
  • swelter to affect with oppressive heat
  • thriving prosperous

  • A state of the southeast United States.
  • It was admitted as the 16th state in 1796
  • Nashville is the capital and Memphis the largest
  • Population 4,896,641

Key to Ex.
  • Short term measure
  • Releasing 100 million to the 11 hottest states
  • Providing new crisis assistance to low-income
  • a. repairing and replacing air-conditioners and
  • b. installing insulation
  • c. giving advice on the best way to keep homes

Long term measures
  • Multipart initiatives for Federal Government
  • Retrofitting federal buildings and other
    facilities with the best energy-saving technology
  • Replacing conventional light bulbs and fixtures
    with more efficient fluorescents
  • Bringing existing buildings up to EPAs Energy
    Star standard of energy efficiency
  • Adopting sustainable design guidelines to
    reduce energy

Part III. Tomorrows house
  • Pre-listening discussion
  • What is home automation?
  • In your opinion, what are some of the things that
    could be examples of home automation?
  • What are some of the main interests in creating
    automated houses?
  • Can home automation offer benefits and lifestyle
    improvements for elderly and disabled people?
    Imagine now.

  • gee-whiz
  • astonishing an exclamation of surprise,
    astonishment etc.
  • spa a usu. Fashionable place with a spring of
    mineral water where people come for cures various

  • coax to ask gently and repeatedly for soothing
  • thermostat an apparatus that can be set to keep
    a room, machine, etc. at an even temperature by
    disconnecting and reconnecting a supply of heat
    when necessary

  • intriguing
  • very interesting, esp. because of some strange
    quality fascinating
  • abound
  • to exist in large numbers or great quantity
  • floodlight
  • a large electric light that produces a very
    powerful and bright beam of light, used for
    lighting the outside of buildings, football
    grounds, etc. at night
  • ???

  • skylight
  • a glass-covered opening in a roof
  • drapery
  • curtain
  • infrared
  • ????

Key to Ex. B
  • Safety
  • Security systems that detect
  • _________________________________________________
  • Security systems that limit home access
    _____________________ and tell you
    ______________________ are open.

fires, gas and water leaks, intruders, unwelcome
guests, etc.
to specific times of the day
which doors and windows
  • Lights that _______________ when you leave a room
  • _______ that help open skylights, turn on ceiling
    fans and close the draperies when the house
    reaches a certain temperature.

turn themselves off
  • Appliances that tell you when something is wrong
    with them.
  • Security system, spa, lights, CD player, garage
    door, thermostat, stereo, etc. that can be
    controlled while in the house or remotely from a
    touch-tone phone or computer and modem.
  • Lifestyle improvements form elderly and disabled
    people voice command, infrared remote control,

Part IV Housing problems
  • A conversation between husband and wife

  • demolish to destroy (esp. a large structure)
    pull or tear down
  • petition (a piece or pieces of paper containing
    ) a request or demand made to a government or
    other body, usu. signed by many people
  • Salt Lane

  • I. The problem being discussed
  • The demolition of some old buildings to make room
    for the erection of office blocks

II. Facts and ideas presented by the wife
  • A. pulling down old houses and selling the land
    to a property company to build office
    blocksdoing nothing about it
  • B. housing new homes office blocks
  • C. complaining the matter is receiving attention
  • D. promised to sign
  • E. people wont put up with this sort of thing

III. Facts and ideas presented by the husband.
  • A. in pretty bad
  • B. in business a good price
  • C. they are doing
  • D. moving offices to one of the new office