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Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment Program


Spring 2005 EOC Term Graduate Administration. Spring 2005 EOC Administration ... Term Graduate Administration consists only of previously equated forms (For ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment Program

Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment Program
  • Update for Spring 2005 Online Test

Todays Topics
  • Important Fall and Spring Dates
  • Spring 2005 Test Administrations and Forms
  • Training Information (Student Administrative)
  • New eMeasurement Features

Important Fall and Spring Dates
Spring 2005 Test Administrations and Forms
Online SOL Tests Administered
Expansion of Virginias eMeasurement Homepage
eSOL Assessment Center
VFT Assessment Center
VGLA Assessment Center
Spring 2005 eSOL Assessment Center
  • Spring 2005 EOC Term Graduate Administration
  • Spring 2005 EOC Administration
  • Spring 2005 EOC Expedited Retake Administration
  • Spring 2005 Grade 8 Science Administration
  • Spring 2005 Content Specific History Admin

Spring 2005 VFT Assessment Center
  • For Grades 4, 6, 7 English Reading and
    Mathematics Field Test
  • Spring 2005 Administration

Spring 2005 VGLA Assessment Center
  • For Virginia Grade Level Alternative Assessment
  • Spring 2005 Administration

Spring 2005 Online End-of-Course SOL Tests
  • All subjects available except English Writing
  • Unlike Fall 2004 Administrations, all forms are
    NOT previously equated
  • Multiple online forms available in all EOC
    subjects except 1995 History Tests
  • Main, Alternate, and Expedited Retake
  • Audio Main, Audio Alternate, and Audio Expedited
  • Read-aloud Main, Read-aloud Alternate, and
    Read-aloud Expedited Retake

Spring 2005 Online End-of-Course SOL Tests
  • Unlike Fall 2004 Administrations, all forms are
    NOT previously equated
  • Term Graduate Administration consists only of
    previously equated forms (For students planning
    to graduate no later than Summer 2005)
  • Only one Geometry form is available in the Online
    Term Grad Administration
  • This one form is available as a standard form, an
    Audio form, or a Read-aloud form
  • Irregularities and Expedited Retakes for Term
    Grads in Geometry must be taken via paper/pencil
    to receive a previously equated form
  • Limited availability of 1995 EOC History tests
  • No Audio versions
  • Two online forms for VA/US History (1995), World
    History I (1995) World History II (1995)
  • One online form for World Geography (1995)

Spring 2005 Core Assignments
  • Possible options
  • Early Testing Division (non-equating division)
  • Core 1 Division
  • Core 2 Division
  • Core 3 Division
  • Determined via the sampling plan (variables
    include division testing dates, graduation date,
    last day of school, of first time testers per
  • Divisions will be notified via email
  • Every attempt will be made to have the same core
    assignment for a division across online and
    paper/pencil tests
  • A specific forms matrix will be identified for
    use based on a divisions core assignment
  • Please review your divisions forms matrix when

Spring 2005 Content Specific History Tests Online
  • Similar to End-of-Course tests administered
  • When creating sessions, select
  • Spring 2005 Content Specific History Test
  • Student Level Reports are viewed and printed from
    the eMeasurement System
  • Alerts and record changes are handled via the
    online system
  • Online scores merged with paper/pencil scores for
    Summary Reports
  • Electronic Student Data Extract File available
    via the eMeasurement System

Spring 2005 Grade 8 Science Online
  • When creating sessions, select
  • Spring 2005 Grade 8 Science Administration
  • Paper/Pencil Grade 8 Science answer doc coded as
    DNA(8) for students taking it online
  • Two sets of Student Level Reports
  • Online Science score
  • Paper/pencil Mathematics, English Reading, and
    History and Social Science scores
  • Scores merged for Summary Reports
  • Two electronic data records for each student

Spring 2005 Online English Reading and
Mathematics Field Tests
  • Newly available online in Grade 4
  • Continued availability in Grades 6 and 7
  • Will access these tests via the Virginia Field
    Test homepage
  • Same administrative login ID but different
    password will be issued
  • No reporting or Electronic Student Data Files
    will be provided

Training Information (Student Administrative
Online Training Materials
  • Training Center is being purged from the Group
    Level down
  • Administrative accounts are NOT being purged
  • UserID trainltdivision codegt
  • Password training
  • Adding a training test for use with students
    taking Gr 8 Science or Content Specific History
  • NOT for remediation or content review purposes
  • Will consist of a variety of released SOL items
  • When creating a training session, the test to be
    used will have to be selected
  • EOC Training
  • MS Training

Online Testing Training Materials
  • Stand alone application with Gr 5 English
    Reading and Mathematics released SOL items
  • ESATT (new for Spring 2005 )
  • Stand alone application primarily with Gr 3
    English Reading and Mathematics released SOL
  • EOC Training Test
  • MS Training Test (new for Spring 2005 )
  • eTools
  • TestNav Tutorial

Email notification will be sent when it is
posted for use
Upcoming Hands-On Training Sessions
  • Registration Survey will be coming via email
  • Locations
  • SW Virginia Higher Education Center March 16 and
    17 (4 sessions)
  • Greenfield Education Center in Troutville March
    23 and 24 (4 sessions)
  • Richmond Area Week of March 28th (sites and dates
  • Limited to 3 attendees

Technology Training
  • Will be delivered electronically via WebEx and/or
    other electronic media (available in March 2005)
  • Notification will be sent to DDOTs and Project
    Managers via email
  • For network administrators, technicians, or other
    individuals responsible for the technical
    preparation of online testing
  • Divisions are STRONGLY encouraged to have at
    least one individual review the information prior
    to completing preparation for online testing.

New eMeasurement Options, Features, and
Requirements (Available beginning March 14,
Purge of Fall 2004 Data
  • Reports will be locked but still available
  • No record changes will be possible (easily)
  • No alerts can be resolved (easily)
  • Purge date is ltsee Important Dates handoutgt
  • Group level and below will be purged
  • Administrative accounts will NOT be purged ?
  • esolltdivision codegt
  • DDOTs must remove user access at the time ATP is

New Read-Aloud Procedures
  • DDOT or STC will create a session ONLY for
    Read-aloud tests (available option when creating
    a session)
  • Strongly encouraged to use the term Read-aloud
    in the Session Name when creating a Read-aloud
  • All students in that session automatically will
    be assigned the same Read-aloud form
  • DDOT (or STC with appropriate access) will be
    able to print an Examiner Read-aloud Ticket for
    that session (includes login ID, password, and
    test code)
  • Proctor Authorization button on Session Roster
  • Read-aloud permission assigned in Security

New Read-Aloud Procedures
  • Once the session is started, the Examiner ticket
    will become valid for use
  • Examiner logs in and views the test via TestNav.
  • Examiner ticket may login multiple times (Resume
    function is not needed)
  • Examiner ticket remains active until the Session
    is stopped
  • Maintenance of Read-aloud Sessions is critical to
    test security
  • Stopping a Read-aloud Session Collecting paper
    test booklet from the Read-aloud Examiner when
    the student has completed the test

New Read-Aloud Procedures
  • Most administration procedures still apply
  • Use of Transmittal Forms
  • Tape record the administration
  • Examiner is not to answer items
  • Read-aloud accommodation will still need to be
    coded for each individual student in the session

Required Upgrade of TestNav
  • New version is 4.13
  • Will be available on the Delivery Page on March
    14, 2005
  • Must be installed for spring online testing
  • Will require the Upgrade Installation
    procedures for previously installed versions

Required Upgrade of TestNav
  • If a previous version of TestNav is launched for
    Spring testing, the following message will
  • Click Okay and complete the Upgrade
    Installation procedures

A version from the last 1 to 2 years
Student Data Upload
  • ?

Updated Hierarchy
  • Training Center and Live side will be updated
  • High Schools and Middle Schools will be loaded
  • Elementary Schools will be loaded as needed
  • Contact VDOE if elementary schools are needed in
    the Live side for SOL testing
  • Adding World History I (2001) to all Middle

Proctor Caching Software
  • Updated version now indicates version 1.1
  • Does not have to be updated again if updated in
    the Fall 2004 Administration

Java Plug-in
  • Updated often by software companies
  • Web-based applications using Java must test with
    each new release of Java version
  • Information coming within shortly regarding any
    potential conflicts

School Readiness Certification Requirements for
Spring 2005 Testing
  • Must be certified at the Middle School Level
    prior to administering online SOL tests at the
    Middle School
  • For Field Test Participation Only
  • School Readiness Certification will be allowed on
    a per-school basis
  • To check Certification status, go to

Enhanced Early Warning System
eMeasurement Server
Proctor Caching Server
Student workstation w/TestNav
STC or DDOT Workstation
Contact Information
  • Pearson Educational Measurement
  • Help Desk
  • 1-888-597-1103, 700 AM 600 PM Eastern, M-F
  • Virginia Department of Education
  • Sarah Susbury, 804-786-5823, ssusbury_at_mail.vak12ed
  • Ellen Kozlowski, 804-225-4386, ekozlows_at_mail.vak12