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Charting Plus Electronic Medical Records


Not all EMR's are the same. Single screen note window. No jumping from ... Not all EMR's are the same. Notes are created by selecting choices from dialogs ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Charting Plus Electronic Medical Records

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Company Summary
  • Over 2,000 install sites nationwide
  • Founded in 1995, Incorporated in 1996
  • Finalist in the 2003 TEPR Documentation Challenge
  • Rated 5 out of 5 for Value by Medical Software
  • Rated by Sidney Ontai, M.D. November/December
  • Featured in cover stories
  • Podiatry Management, January 2004
  • Ophthalmology Management Technology, December
  • Health Management Technology, August 2003
  • Ophthalmology Management, June 2003
  • Health Management Technology, May 2003
  • For the Record Magazine, April 15, 2003

Medical Specialties
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • OB-GYN
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optometry
  • Orthopaedics
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pediatrics
  • Podiatry
  • Primary Care
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology

Best of Breed
Interfaces with popular software and hardware
Not all EMRs are the same
  • Single screen note window
  • No jumping from screen to screen
  • What you see is what you get template design
  • Database Synchronization Available
  • Remote access to all of your patient data without
    need for a dial-up
  • Infinitely flexible medical content
  • Templates and exam object text can be modified
    for the specifics of your practice
  • EM Wizard to suggest EM codes based on the
  • Document locations using point-and-click
    anatomical graphics
  • No typing required all physician entry is point
    and click.
  • True point-of-care charting
  • Access to information and new entry can be
    performed right at the point-of-care
  • Real-time clinical alerts and drug interaction
    warnings promote better care
  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Nurses can add information right to the patients
    folder when the physician begins the note it is
    pre-populated with the information entered by the
  • Mini-Templates
  • Create collections of similar exams in one
    mini-template that can be added to many templates

Not all EMRs are the same
  • Notes are created by selecting choices from
  • Note is compiled into a text file for viewing and
  • Each mouse click is stored as discrete data which
    can be analyzed using the optional Practice
    Panorama data mining tool
  • Notes can be put on-hold to be finished later
  • Printing functionality allows users to filter
    documents by physician, date range, document type
    and patient.
  • Easy to print records for audits and patient
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Rule-based health maintenance criteria
  • Completely customizable for your practice
  • Attentive Service after the sale
  • Installation/Implementation, Training, Technical
    Support and Client Services departments are in
    place to ensure your satisfaction

Instantaneous Accessibility
  • The Electronic Patient Folder gives you immediate
    accessibility to all of your patient records.
    Information is broken down by exam category for
    at a glance review.
  • Patient records can be viewed simultaneously by
    multiple users.
  • History elements can be added from the front
    screen by a nurse and then can be repopulated
    into the body of the note.

Shown with optional Patient Monitor module
Tablet PC Enabled
  • Charting Plus has been designed for point-of-care
    charting on Tablet PCs. Dialog boxes have been
    carefully constructed for use in a touch-screen
  • Measurement dialogs include slider bars and
    nudge arrows for fine adjustment.

WYSIWYG Documentation
  • The basis of each template is the what you see
    is what you get, color-coded, default-based
    hypertext. Hypertext can be launched (by
    clicking) to add more information or simply left
    as the normal default value.
  • Black Template headers or hard-coded text.
  • Green - Completed object.
  • Blue - Default text. This can be left as default
    or launched to include additional information.
    Red - Optional text. Click this text to launch
    an entry dialog.

Charting Plus note templates are infinitely
modifiable and an unlimited number of new
templates can be created for your use practice.
WYSIWYG Documentation
  • Single Screen What You See Is What You Get
  • The entire note is visible as you chart
  • No jumping from screen to screen
  • Eliminates confusion and rework
  • Template concept is simple to understand and easy
    to follow
  • Visual prompts for what needs to be completed
  • Ensures uniform documentation by all physicians
  • Fields may be set as required
  • Color coding gives a visual cue of what has been
  • Text objects utilize default values
  • Normal or routine exams may need very few changes
  • Additional documentation can be created from the
    note window
  • Billing statement
  • Referral letter
  • Prescription
  • Patient instructions

Dynamic Charting
  • Charting Plus charts use the most flexible
    templates in the EMR industry. You have complete
    control of your note text using the text choices,
    graphic elements database fields in the program.
  • Text Formatting Charting Plus formats notes like
    a word processor with section indents, table
    layout and text justification. Font size, style
    and characteristics can be set for each template
    or adjusted manually in each note.
  • ObjectsMedical content objects can be
    user-defined and added to the template for
    comprehensive and accurate charting.
  • Database FieldsDemographics such as the
    patient's name, sex, race and age can be added to
    the note automatically from the database for a
    personal feel in each note.
  • System Data Time and date information can be
    pulled into the note in places that you specify
    in your templates.

Infinitely Flexible
  • Medical content is infinitely customizable
  • The most flexible EMR on the market!
  • From the Object Explorer, for changing many
  • While creating a note (on the fly)
  • Many input methods
  • Mouse/Keyboard
  • Fully Touch-screen enabled
  • Tablet PCs
  • Touch-screen monitors
  • Lightpen
  • Speech Recognition
  • Compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM
  • Client-Server
  • Works well with Terminal Services or Citrix LAN
    or WAN
  • Mobile users can use a local database and synch
    to the main server
  • Optional database synchronization for on-call
    rotation or satellite offices

ListBox Dialogs
  • The ListBox is one of the most frequently used
    objects in Charting Plus. With it you can
    manipulate text to explain virtually any
  • The ListBox constructs clear and concise medical
    descriptions of the exam with just a few
  • Every mouse-click is stored as discrete data,
    ready for data mining from our optional report
    module Practice Panorama.

Green Plus icon allows you to add new choices
on the fly!
Anatomical Graphics
  • Charting Plus utilizes point-and-click graphics
    to add anatomical locations to your
  • As you move you mouse over the graphic the text
    descriptor is listed on the right side of the
    dialog box.
  • The mapping for images is completely customizable
    by the user and additional images can be added to
    the program for specialized use.
  • Point-and-click charting like this is fast and
    extremely functional on Tablet PCs.

Review of Systems
  • Another Common/Topic/All dialog used to quickly
    document the major systems examined during the
    patient encounter.
  • Allergic/Immunologic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Constitutional
  • ENT
  • Endocrine
  • Eyes
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Genitourinary
  • Hematologic/Lymph
  • Integumentary
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
  • Psychiatric
  • Respiratory

  • Medical history dialogs use a unique filtering
    mechanism - Common/Topic/All tabs.
  • Common - User-defined list
  • Topic - Category Topics
  • All - Alphabetical search

Timesaving Tip To quickly document that a
patient denies a specific list of allergies, it
is possible to set up a user-defined list in the
Common tab and then press the D column header
to select all of the allergies listed.
  • You can quickly and easily write scripts for your
    patients with the Charting Plus prescription
    dialog. Each prescription is logged into the
    patient's folder and can be repeated with just a
    few mouse clicks for refills.
  • The optional Drug Interaction module helps to
    determine if the prescription conflicts with
    known medication, food or allergies.

Vital Signs
  • Convenient slider bars are functional with a
    pen-based tablet PC or a mouse. Keyboard users
    can simply TAB to the appropriate box and use
    keystrokes to add the measurements.
  • Blood Pressure - 3 ways
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration
  • Temperature
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index Calculation

Vitals can be taken and entered directly into the
patients folder and then included in the
physicians note.
Image Annotator
  • The Image Annotator allows you to add location
    markings or other annotations to a selected
  • The annotator can utilize line art, graphics from
    Charting Plus or digital images of the patient
    themselves. The image can be dragged and dropped
    into the body of the note and saved with the

Save the image into the body of the note!
Coding and Billing
  • The Billing Wizard pulls the medical codes
    directly from the objects used in the note.
    Diagnosis and treatment codes are linked together
    for direct export to a compatible billing
    software or a printed Superbill statement.
  • The EM Wizard suggests proper EM coding based
    on the number and type of history elements and
    other information is documented in the note.
  • Our users have found that using these features
    makes them more secure in their billing and, in
    many cases, they are able to bill at higher

Problem List
  • The Charting Plus problem list allows clinicians
    to add and monitor acute or chronic problems for
    their patients.
  • Diagnosis and treatment problems are linked with
    the diagnosis and treatments themselves. If an
    item is resolved in the problem list, it is
    automatically resolved in the diagnosis or
    treatment folder and vice versa.
  • Free-text Problems can simply be added by
    typing the complaint and adding an appropriate
    status level.
  • Diagnosis Add to the problem list from the
    patients list of diagnoses.
  • Treatments Add to the problem list from the
    patients list of treatments.

Preventive Medicine
  • If Health Maintenance exams are important to your
    practice, youll want to become familiar with the
    Charting Plus Preventive Medicine utility.
  • This is a completely customizable, rule-based
    tool that filters and assigns patients to health
    maintenance exams based on
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Family history
  • Diagnoses/Treatments
  • The Preventive Medicine engine runs in the
    background assuring that patients are scheduled
    for the appropriate exam for their age and risk

Lab Results
  • The Lab Results area of Charting Plus will
    electronic import labs from 5 different reference
  • Doctors Laboratory
  • Labcorp
  • Quest
  • Sunrise Labs
  • Unilab
  • This electronic exchange requires less effort by
    staff and is not prone to errors like manual
  • Reference lab interface sold at additional cost.

Growth Charts
  • Charting Plus growth charts give a dynamic visual
    representation of a childs growth patterns over
  • Birth to 36 months
  • Length over Time
  • Weight over Time
  • Length vs Weight
  • Head Circumference over Time
  • 2 to 20 years
  • Height over Time
  • Weight over Time

Measurements can be entered and displayed as
either English or metric
  • Immunization Injection and Immunization History
    are similar dialogs used to chart a current
    immunization given by the physician, or to record
    the immunization history of the patient.
  • Both dialogs include tabs for Childhood, Adult
    and Travel immunizations.

Obstetrical HX
  • The Obstetrical History dialog allows the user to
    quickly enter the appropriate information
    following the birth of a child.
  • This dialog may be used after delivery, or to
    record previous births in the patients record.

Prenatal Dashboard
  • Charting Plus includes a Prenatal Dashboard for
    OB-GYN and Primary Care disciplines. This
    modularized view allows you to quickly see the
    Pregnancy information, Due Date, Prenatal Visits
    (with graph) and Ultrasound data.

Vision Objects
  • Several dialogs have been created for the
    specific measurements used during a vision
  • Each object uses Touch Screen friendly slider
    bars and arrow buttons to quickly enter the
    patients information.
  • Data from past exams can be pulled into the
    dialog as a starting point for the new exam.

Referral Letters
Patient Instructions
Note on Hold
  • Charting Plus notes can be completed in real-time
    at the point-of-care, or can be started during
    the visit and completed at a later time.
  • With the Note on Hold functionality, you can
    enter the bulk of the information while you are
    with the patient and then add the details before
    saving it in the finished form.
  • Note on Hold is also an excellent way for
    nursing staff to start a document and then set it
    aside for the physician to finish.

Document Explorer
  • Although Charting Plus is a paperless system, the
    Document Explorer print utility is an incredibly
    flexible mechanism for printing any of your
    patients documents based on user defined filter
  • Filter by Physician
  • Filter by document type
  • Filter by date range
  • Filter on multiple areas
  • Each type of document can be printed to a defined
    office printer using unique margin settings.

Patient for the Day
  • Who are you seeing today?
  • At a glance you can see the patients that are
    scheduled for you daily. On a Tablet PC, this
    allows you to call up a patient without typing
    and searching for the name.
  • This feature can be used manually with all
    systems, or automatically with
  • AppointmentsPRO
  • Elligence
  • Lytec 2004
  • Medisoft 9

Billing Software Interfaces
  • Demographic Interface
  • AlphaMed
  • CompuMedic
  • DR DOS
  • EasyWay
  • EdgeMed
  • Florida Medical Computers
  • Medical Manager
  • MedWare
  • Practice Point Manager (McKesson)
  • pmsGold
  • STI Computer Systems
  • THOMAS Genius Solution
  • Demographic/Coding Interfaces
  • 20/20 Office Solutions
  • AltaPoint Medical
  • AS/PC from DB Consultants
  • Fox Meadows
  • House Officer
  • Lytec
  • MicroMD
  • Millbrook
  • Mysis
  • MediSoft
  • NexTech
  • PracticeView
  • Raintree Practice Management
  • RLIsys

If your billing software is not listed, please
discuss it with your Account Manager. It is
quite possible that we can work with your
software vendor to establish an interface.
May require additional software to interface.
Multimedia Link
  • The Multimedia Link is a section of the patient's
    folder that can be used to store a link to any
    file on the network.
  • Video Files - AVI, MPG
  • Audio Files WAV, MP3
  • Graphics - BMP, JPG, GIF
  • Web page links, x-rays, scanned documents,
    spreadsheets and more
  • Optional Document Management Module with TWAIN

HIPAA Certified
  • Charting Plus 4.3 has been certified by HIPAA
    Academy for compliance with HIPAA regulations
    that are applicable to electronic medical records
  • Analyzed for the Interface, Database and
    underlying code
  • Enhanced Security and Passwords
  • Enhanced Audit Trail functionality
  • Auto-logoff due to inactivity
  • Ability to authenticate notes with a digital
  • For more information on the Charting Plus
    certification or HIPAA in general, please consult
    the HIPAA Academy at http//

Data Repository
  • Two processes with each click
  • Creating text note
  • Adding data to the database for data mining
    through Practice Panorama
  • Data Mining
  • Practice Panorama is an additional module that
    allows users to query the Charting Plus database
  • Multi-variable queries
  • Export to Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Report
  • Data Repopulation
  • History elements automatically populate to new
  • All objects can repopulate from a previous note
  • Data completed using objects from the front
    screen and not tied to a note can be pulled into
    a current note
  • Follow up visits - New Note from an Old Note

Documentation Work Flow
  • Patient Demographics entered
  • Exported from billing software
  • Manually by office staff
  • Medical History Added
  • Import patient files from Instant Medical History
  • Nurse adds/updates medical history from patient
  • Note Started
  • Nurse adds initial exam information (vital signs,
    chief complaint) from a custom intake area in the
    patients folder (requires optional Patient
  • Nurse begins note, puts it on-hold and assigns it
    to the physician
  • Note Complete
  • Physician access/reviews past records through
    Charting Plus
  • Physician examines the patient and finishes the
    note started by the nurse
  • Physician saves the note into the permanent
  • Automated Office Tasks
  • Patient Instructions
  • Referral Letters
  • Superbill Statements
  • Prescriptions

Audit Trail
  • Changes that are made to a patients permanent
    record are logged in Charting Plus for review
    through the Audit Log View dialog.
  • Filtering mechanisms allow administrators to
    quickly sort and view the audit log by date or
    date range.

  • Charting Plus is stable, reliable and has been
    tested by over 2,000 physicians. Our emphasis is
    on accessible, comprehensive documentation that
    is safely stored in a scalable SQL database.
  • Auto Logout
  • Charting Plus will be automatically logged after
    a period of inactivity in the program.Manual
  • Patient information can be removed from the
    screen by pressing F11, or a manual logout can be
    forced with F12.
  • Password Protection
  • Every user has an individual password to enter
    the program. SQL Database
  • Our database is reliable and scalable for large
    practices.Internal Messaging
  • Charting Plus allows you to send secure
    intra-office messages from within the Charting
    Plus database.

  • Conventional software design
  • Database is not exposed online like an ASP system
  • Stored/maintained onsite
  • Tiered levels of program accessibility
  • User-level passwords
  • Physician Level Full program access
  • Nurse Level Full program access, can not
    complete notes
  • Office Staff Level Access to demographics, can
    print documentation, and add multi-media links
  • Audit Tracking
  • Audit Log View dialog shows which record elements
    have been changed
  • Internal database auditing mechanism
  • Notes show who completed information
  • Database is secured by an encrypted password
  • Database can not be hacked to gain information

Actual ROI Numbers
  • Foot and Leg Centers of Georgia, PCDr. George R.
    Vito, DPM4,000 per month savings by eliminating
    transcriptions1 Staff position has been
  • 1,000 per month is saved because of the
    accessibility of electronic charts
  • Bond Clinic, P.A. OB-GYN Dept.2,700 per month
    savings by eliminating transcriptions
  • Alan Tannenbaum, M.D.
  • 2,000 per month savings by eliminating
  • Athens Podiatry Mauro Rossi, D.P.M.800 1,600
    per month savings by eliminating transcriptions

Actual ROI Numbers
  • Dale Smith, DPM
  • 1,000 per month savings by eliminating
  • 3 Staff positions have been eliminated
  • Rob Levine, DPM
  • 750 per month savings by eliminating
  • David Watts, MD400 per month savings by
    eliminating transcriptions
  • Christiane H. Gardner, D.P.M.
  • "I love your software.  It is very easy to use
    once you get used to it, very fast.  I find it to
    be very complete.  I anticipate your software
    will save us approx 9,000 /yr in transcription

Client Testimonials
  • "After I purchased EMR software (Charting Plus),
    I was able to reduce my staff by three people, a
    savings of 75,000 per year and that is a
    permanent manpower reduction. Actually I see 20
    to 25 more patients per day than I did before I
    had the software. I am more efficient because
    what I do now is see patients, not produce a
    record of the visit the EMR software (Charting
    Plus) does that.Michael R. Hoffmann, M.D
  • This product is worth its weight in gold and I
    could not go back to paper ever again.Ivan
    Jacobs, M.D.
  • "Charting Plus absolutely saved my bacon, without
    it I would have had difficulty producing
    documentation and would have had to repay
    150,000 to Medicare! My return on investment has
    been about 2,000." Alan Tannenbaum, M.D.
  • I am sure there is a tremendous amount of things
    this program will do that will help me in my
    practice. My wife is a RN who does quality
    management for an insurance company. She reviews
    physician's records to check levels of
    documentation. I showed her one of my finished
    initial visit notes and she said it was the best
    she had seen. Great job!Robert N. Osdyke, DPM,

Client Testimonials
  • Frankly, I'm just blown away by how easy this
    program is and how easily we can customize it.
    You can quote me on that! Lawrence W. Elmer,
  • I have already started to sell MediNotes as an
    idea for changing from dictation in the practice
    I am purchasing. Once they see the vast potential
    they will think I'm a genius! Do you sell stock?
    Maybe I can get in early if you all are going to
    be the next Microsoft!Debra Young, D.P.M.
  • The program is great - could not manage w/o it
    !Robert Solomon, M.D.
  • The product is easy to learn and easy to use. It
    is very flexible and adaptable to any specific
    procedures or protocols an individual practice
    may utilize. ...I would rate this product as a
    10.Thomas Pusterla, D.P.M.
  • Just wanted to let you know that we love
    Charting Plus and have been telling every one we
    know!Misti Boone, R.N.

Client Testimonials
  • I love your software.  It is very easy to use
    once you get used to it, very fast.  I find it to
    be very complete.  I anticipate your software
    will save us approx 9,000 /yr in transcription
    costs!Dr. Christiane H. Gardner
  • I love Charting Plus. ... cut my dictation
    costs in half, and it contains all the needed
    information. They are really podiatry oriented. I
    checked all the other programs and this one held
    up to all my requirements. Dr. Tim Shea
  • Just recently, I had a follow up audit by
    Medicare to evaluate my coding versus the
    treatment rendered. Previously my charting was
    not concise enough for Medicare and I was
    required to reimburse some of the money to the
    Medicare program. I am pleased to announce at
    this audit they found no problems and
    congratulated me on the completeness of my
    records.It is due to your program that I am
    able to rest easy knowing that all of my charting
    is complete and accurate. The cost of your
    program has paid for itself. It is the best money
    I have ever spent.Dr. Rosa A. Montemayor

Client Testimonials
  • "I want to thank you again for the wonderful
    "pearls of wisdom" you passed along. I truly do
    appreciate it. It has taken hours off my daily
    dictation. I actually spent less than three
    minutes on an initial office visit level 3!Dr.
  • It is a rare pleasure when a product and its
    support services completely exceed one's wildest
    expectations. I will be recommending your system
    to all of our associates with enthusiasm and
    without reservation.  I look forward to a long
    association with your company.  Thank you for
    making a fine product with excellent support and
    service.Dermatologist using Charting Plus
  • I am celebrating one year now of not hand
    writing notes. My staff no longer questions my
    diagnoses or treatments. I have survived 2
    Medicare mail audits that I am sure would not
    have passed previously. Keep up the good work."
    Dr. Richard A. Stanley
  • only regret is that I did not buy the
    program when you first showed it to me a few
    years ago.Dr. Patricia Vitko-Shulla

Client Testimonials
  • "Charting Plus has allowed our high volume
    practice to reduce all costs associated with
    charting. Filing, dictating, transcribing, and
    re-filing are all processes that have become
    obsolete. The estimated annual reduction of
    expenses directly related to Charting Plus is
    30,000.John V. Guiliana, DPM, MS
  • As one of the three founders of Medinotes back
    in 1996, I have been very pleased to watch this
    program evolve. I am user number 1 and have used
    this program for every note every day since 1996.
    The new release is certified HIPPA compliant and
    is free (like all updates) to those who are up to
    date on their annual maintenance. This program
    offers tremendous value, is amazingly
    customizable, and works especially well in
    offices that do see a lot of Medicare patients. I
    believe there are now well over 1000 DPM
    users.Ken Malkin, DPM

Expansion Modules
Expansion modules are available at additional
cost to enhance the functionality of Charting
Plus. Modules can be purchased initially, or
added at a later date.
Synchronization Module
  • Synchronization simply means that data can be
    taken away from the network server and used
    locally. The changes can then be synchronized
    into the server.
  • Great for
  • Hospital rounds
  • Nursing home rounds
  • On-call rotations
  • Satellite Offices
  • Theres no need for a dial-up line all of your
    information is accessible on your mobile
  • MediNotes Corporation has purposefully avoided
    the ASP model. Because of issues regarding
    confidentiality, accessibility, internet traffic
    delays and the spread of viruses we have opted
    for a different and more practical solution -
    Database Synchronization.

Patient Monitor
  • Customize the patients folder to display any
    data object in the system with as many panels
    as your screen will allow.
  • Create custom nurse intake areas.
  • Examples of information that can be displayed on
    the front screen.
  • Vital Signs
  • Range of Motion
  • Visual Exams
  • Objects relating to surgery blade size,
    anesthesia, blood loss
  • Combined screen of similar exams

Practice Desktop
  • Using the same modular panels as the Patient
    Monitor, the Practice Desktop allows users to see
    global information for the practice.
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Messages
  • To-Dos
  • Incomplete Notes
  • Notes without Bills
  • Alerts
  • Patients for the Day

Data Mining
  • Practice Panorama has been designed to allow
    completely customized queries into the database
    structure of Charting Plus.
  • Data can be analyzed at a very granular level
    based on demographics, medical codes, text
    choices and more.
  • Information can be printed directly from Practice
    Panorama or can be exported to
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Access
  • Crystal Reports

Drug Interaction Module
  • The Drug Interaction Module allows users to be
    prompted for possible drug-drug, drug-food and
    drug-allergy interactions. This module uses a
    complex drug database to provide visual cues to
    the physician using Charting Plus.
  • Red Light indicates a high risk for interaction.
  • Yellow light indicates a mild risk.
  • Green light indicates that the drug is safe based
    on the information in the system.

Document Manager
  • The Document Manager module gives the users of
    Charting Plus more control on information being
    brought into the system. A TWAIN interface
    allows scanned images (single sheet) and digital
    pictures to be added to the system without the
    need for additional software. Simply use the
    acquire button in the multimedia dialog and
    specify the source.
  • The file can then be added to the Charting Plus
    database or linked to the multimedia folder and
    stored elsewhere on the network.

Custom Security Module
  • Similar to network permissions, the Custom
    Security Module allows the administrator to
    change the permissions for groups or individuals.
  • Program functionality may only be restricted
    for example physician licenses can be downgraded
    to restrict signing a note, but a nurse license
    may not be upgraded to allow them to sign a note.

Instant Medical History
  • Instant Medical History is patient interview
    software that gathers complete present illness
    and past medical histories before the encounter.
    Patients respond to multiple choice questions
    that branch based on their responses. These
    questions are mapped to the objects used in
    Charting Plus and can be directly imported into
    the patients note, requiring much less time and
    effort for the clinical staff. Once the
    information has been imported into the system it
    can be reviewed with the patient for accuracy
    before moving on to the physical exam.
  • Enabling the patient to enter the data necessary
    to populate the subjective portion of the medical
    record makes the time spent in the encounter more
    efficient and enhances communication. Both the
    patient and the doctor are focused on the health
    concerns presented at the start of the encounter.

12 minute exam without IMH
Physician time savings with IMH
Lab Results Interfaces
  • With an interface to Charting Plus, lab results
    for your patient can be electronically imported
    into the Lab Results holding area for review.
    Once properly reviewed, the information can be
    passed directly to the patients permanent
    medical record.

Electronic Patient Scheduling
  • The stand-alone patient scheduling system,
    AppointmentsPRO, can be interfaced with Charting
  • AppointmentsPRO integrates with the Patients for
    the Day screen in Charting Plus to allow
    physicians to more easily see their patient load
    and access the patients electronic folder
    without searching for their name.

  • The IMPACT.MD Document Management system allows
    users to quickly and easily scan multi-page
    documents and file them into the patients
    electronic depository.
  • IMPACT.MD can utilize either TWAIN and ISIS
    scanners to push your office to become completely

NDC Medical Connect
  • NDC Medical Connect exports data from your
    NDCHealth practice management system to Charting
    Plus. This link between your practice management
    software and your EMR system provides an end to
    end solution tying together the entire physician
    office from scheduling to exam and treatment to
  • Avoid Duplicate Data Entry
  • Maintain Timely Information
  • Avoid Errors in Data Entry
  • Ensure Compatibility
  • NDC Medical Connect has been developed by
    NDCHealth to work with its NDCHealth Preferred
    EMR Solutions giving you confidence in its
    compatibility. NDC Medical Connect is available
    for Medisoft 9, Lytec 2004 and higher products.

X-Link (Interface Middleware)
  • Over the past 7 years, MediNotes Corporation has
    established relationships with many Practice
    Management software companies and designed an
    interface between our two systems.
  • Many of the interfaces rely on a middleware
    program called X-Link. This software acts
    seamlessly between the two program and ensures
    that demographics from the PMS system are updated
    to Charting Plus and that the exam codes from
    Charting Plus are exported to the PMS system.

AltaPoint Medical Medisoft (Prior to Medisoft
9) Lytec (Prior to Lytec 2004) Reimbursement
Manager Medical Manager (demographics only)
Thank You
  • This is only a sample of what Charting Plus can
    do. To see more, contact MediNotes Corporation
    for more information on Charting Plus electronic
    medical records.
  • 877-633-6683