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Comtech Meeting June 04 - 2008


Expression in D Major Building on Digital Media. Information Security ... Bob Swan, Consultant. Sandy Healy, Project Co-ordinator. Our Accomplishments ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Comtech Meeting June 04 - 2008

Comtech Meeting June 04 - 2008
  • Whats New at UCIT
  • Expression in D Major Building on Digital Media
  • Information Security Communication Plan
  • Data Centre Electrical Update
  • UCIT Project Office One Year Later.
  • PeopleSoft Student Update - Past, Present and
  • File Storage Project
  • EDU-Roam at the UofC

Some Key Projects Across the Six IT Portfolios
  • Process and Organization
  • ITSM
  • Information Security
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Governance and Project Management

Learning Classrooms Labs E-Learning Student
Research HP Labs Campus and Eco Grid WestGrid
Administration IT Governance Mainframe
Decommissioning Project IMAGinE PeopleSoft
Upgrades Info for Improved Decision-making

Community Digital Library Planning Web Content
Infrastructure Disaster Recovery PlanningData
Centre Expansion Network Renewal Next
Generation Storage
Expression in Major Building on Digital Media
King Chung Huang
Information Security Communication
Plan Dennis Tracz
Information SecurityCommunication Plan
  • Monthly Security Bulletins
  • Poster Awareness Campaigns
  • Department/Faculty Presentations
  • In person
  • On line

Information Security Bulletins
  • Passwords (May)
  • Phishing (June)
  • Laptop Security

  • Student
  • New Faculty/ Staff
  • Technical Personnel
  • Senior Management

UCIT Web Site Alerts
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Alerts
  • Critical
  • Moderate
  • Low
  • Rss Feed

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
How can you help?
  • Distribute the Information Security bulletins to
    your faculty/department staff
  • Post the IS posters in prominent places around
    your offices (coffee rooms, copier space)
  • Call UCIT for more posters
  • Let UCIT (Support Centre 220-5555) know of any
    Information Security concerns

  • OPC Priorities and Data Center Status
  • Bryan Bates

UCIT Data Center
Production ControlPriorities Review
  • Release Processes - Release Management
  • Ensure that all services follow a formal process
    for release into production
  • Control Processes Change, Configuration
  • Ensure that all services and assets are managed
    and changes are controlled to protect service
  • Ensure that all hosted systems are provided with
    a safe, secure environment to operate in
  • Resolution Processes - Problem, Incident
  • Ensure that all problems are recorded and action
    taken to resolve them
  • Relationship Processes Service Levels and
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed
    regarding the operation and status of their
    respective services

Math SciencesCritical Power Issue
  • Maximum Safe Power Draw is 1100k VA
  • Includes all 600 V building power loads
  • Current draw is 977k VA
  • New commitments (Network Core, Teradata) 100k
  • Available power is 23k VA
  • Requested power for new installs 500k VA
  • Swing Space The need to reserve power for
    transitioning from old to new systems
  • Available Power Swing Space

Math Sciences Power Status
  • No additional 600 V load allowed anywhere within
    the MS Building
  • All new system installs (except one-for-one
    swaps) will be deferred until additional power
    can be brought on-line.
  • Currently negotiating possible addition of 250k
    VA to MS DC available 9 to 12 months from now
  • Research Computing Data Center is being
    considered to relieve the longer term issue
    available in 18 to 24 months

Math Science Building Power
  • UCIT Project Office
  • Janet Cameron

The Project Office
  • Mission
  • To help guide and support IT initiatives as they
    proceed from inception through to delivery of a
    solution into the production environment.
  • Approach
  • To leverage and improve best practices and
    consistency in business analysis and project

Our Staff
  • Dedicated project management professionals with
    skill sets in project management, portfolio
    administration and business analysis with a focus
    on helping units and faculties understand,
    articulate and progress initiatives that deliver
    value to the University.
  • Janet Cameron, Manager
  • Janet Harvey, Senior Project Manager
  • Bob Swan, Consultant
  • Sandy Healy, Project Co-ordinator

Our Accomplishments
  • Developed and launched our web-site
  • Developed and delivered training for Methodology,
    Governance and some templates
  • Led the initiative to implement IT Governance
  • developed model
  • implemented committees
  • defined governance principles and risks
  • Trained 125 people
  • Methodology and Governance
  • PM2 for PMs
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Developed and implemented a Project Deliverables
  • Created an extensive template library

Our Accomplishments continued
  1. Implemented a Project Portfolio Management tool
  2. Partnered with Med IT
  3. Built relations with senior leaders across campus
  4. Our manager (Janet Cameron) and senior project
    manager (Janet Harvey) became Lean Six Sigma
    "Yellow Belts"
  5. Janet Harvey became a certified PMP (Project
    Management Professional)
  6. Mentored Project Managers in other departments
    and faculties
  7. Started the Project Management Community Practice
  8. Integrated the methodology with the IT Services
    Management (ITSM), IT Information Library (ITIL)
    model to provide full life cycle view
  9. Provided delivery management services for larger
  10. Worked with Gartner Consulting Services to
    provide briefing sessions to various units
    through out the University

The Coming Year
  1. Continued Training Business Analyst and
    Project Management courses Governance and
    Methodology sessions
  2. Project Management Community Practice continue
    monthly sessions
  3. Continued consulting/mentoring on project
    management and business analysis
  4. Continued work on IT Governance
  5. Develop and implement a scorecard system
  6. Expand current scope of governance
  7. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tool
    selection / implementation
  8. Resource project managers, business analysts to
    projects on request

Our New Web-site
  • Or
  • gt click Services tab gt click
    Project Management under Business
    Administrative Services
  • (demo)

Contact Us
  • Send an e-mail to
  • Use the feedback form at
    t Feedback/Request tab
  • Call us at 210-8792

Thank you!

  • Student Update
  • Past, Present and Future
  • Don Barker

Campus Solutionsa.k.a. Student
Administration,Student Information System, SIS,
PeopleSoft, and _at_
Application Portfolio
  • Help clients get an understanding of the Student
    Information System implemented at The University
    of Calgary
  • Discuss a roadmap for the future

Application Portfolio
  • Past
  • - Only a Chief Financial Officer can get away
    with trying to run a company by looking backwards
    through accounting?....Don Barker
  • 2. Present
  • - No matter where you gothere you are.
    Buckaroo Bonzai in the 5th Dimension
  • 3. Future
  • - Impossible to see the future is.Yoda

Application Portfolio
  • Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you discover
    you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is
    to dismount. However, in business we often try
    other strategies with dead horses, including the
  • Buying a stronger whip
  • Changing riders
  • Saying things like "This is the way we have
    always ridden this horse.
  • Appointing a committee to study the horse.
  • Increasing the standards to ride dead horses.
  • Appointing a team to revive the dead horse.
  • Arranging visits to other sites to see how they
    ride dead horses.
  • Creating a training session to increase our
    riding ability.
  • Comparing the state of dead horses in today's
  • Changing the requirements, declaring that "This
    horse is not dead!"
  • Hire contractors to ride the dead horse.
  • Harnessing several dead horses together for
    increased speed.
  • Declaring that "No horse is too dead to beat!
  • Providing additional funding to improve the
    horse's performance
  • Launch a study to see if contractors could ride
    it cheaper.
  • Purchase a product to make dead horses run
  • Declare that the horse is "better, faster and
    cheaper" dead.

Application Portfolio
Past (cont.)
  • Existing system was developed more than 25 years
  • Obsolete technology, inflexible, costly to
    modify, not supportable.
  • New Student Admin System provides a modern,
    web-based interface
  • Much more flexible, a base for improving service
    to students and staff, opportunities for
    increasing efficiencies in business processes

Application Portfolio
Past (cont.)
  • Implementation Effort
  • Approximate for Illustrative Purposes
  • Base Implementation 7.0 million
  • Includes
  • Conversions
  • Configuration
  • Operational Reports
  • Interfaces to other applications
  • Bolt-Ons (for adding missing functionality )
    2.0 million
  • Examples
  • High School Admission Average Evaluation
  • Self- Service Change of Program
  • GPA Calc for Internal Quota Admissibility
  • Application/Admission to Combined Programs
  • Govt Reporting snapshots
  • Enrolment Checks (pre-engine)
  • Locker Reservation Management System
  • T2202A Tax forms self-service

Application Portfolio
Past (cont.)
Application Portfolio
Past (cont.)
  • Phase 1 - October 2006 Timetabling
  • Phase 2 - November 2006 Admissions and Entrance
  • Final Phase - February 2007
  • All remaining system components (Registration,
    Transcripts, Student Records, etc.)

Application Portfolio
Past (cont.)
  • However we are still stuck in the past.
  • Tied to legacy systems, policies and procedures
    which no longer work.
  • People unable or unwilling to change.

Application Portfolio
  • Supporting all of the Student Administrative
    needs from cradle to grave
  • 28,000 Students
  • 120,000 Alumni
  • 1,700 Faculty
  • 2,700 Staff
  • Our clients are infinite.

Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Faculties Supported
Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Departments Supported
Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Technical Background
  • Screens in PeopleSoft (called pages) are used
    for either
  • On-line access
  • Requesting a batch process
  • The vanilla (ie. delivered) Peoplesoft Campus
    Solutions (ie Student) system has 4386 pages.
  • We implemented 1210 pages. (We didnt implement
    much of Financial Aid, Recruiting or Academic
    Advisement, or any of the non-Canadian
    country-specific functions, or any of the
    Ontario-specific Admission functions).
  • In addition, we build bolt-ons (new components)
    comprising 489 pages
  • So we are using a total of 1699 pages.
  • By comparison, the Legacy Student system had
  • 507 On-line (CICS) screens
  • 89 Web pages (Infonet for Students / Infonet
    for Staff)
  • 241 Batch jobs
  • This would equate to 828 pages in PeopleSoft
    terms (less than half of what we are using in

Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Technical Background
  • Programming Languages
  • PeopleCode (for online screens)
  • Application Engine (for batch update jobs)
  • SQR (for complex reports)
  • PS Query (for simple reports)
  • COBOL (for complex batch programs, and complex
    online subroutines called by PeopleCode the
    Student system contains 672 delivered COBOL
    programs and subroutines)
  • PL/SQL (for Oracle stored procedures)
  • Java (for specialized interface routines)

Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Some of The Work Involved
Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)The Assets
  • The Dream Team
  • 25 F.T.E.
  • 1 Manager
  • 2-3 Architects
  • 9 Senior Application Consultants
  • 1 Intermediate Application Consultant
  • 10 Senior Application Developers
  • 1 Intermediate Application Developers

Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Strengths
  • Project management
  • e.g. Implemented a 72 person year project on
    time and under budget.
  • We Deliver and Meet Deadlines
  • Quite frankly the best team I have ever seen.
    (and this is in comparison to anyone in the
    corporate sector)

Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Issues
  • Size and extreme complexity of the system
  • Lack of experienced Business Analysts (but we are
    getting there)
  • Huge amount of work required to apply Bundles
    (of fixes) or Maintenance Packs
  • Need to minimize customizations so that upgrades
    to new releases wont take forever, vs the desire
    by users to make the system work more effectively
    for them
  • Users in many areas (Admissions, Awards, the
    Registrars Office, many Faculties) are burned
    out by the amount of new stuff they have had to
    learn, and the number of problems they have had
    to deal with.
  • Although the number of bugs per new function is
    not really different than with the legacy system,
    because there were essentially over a thousand
    new functions (delivered plus custom) being
    implemented at once, all the bugs hit at once.
    The users have never had to face anything
    remotely like this before.

Application Portfolio
Present (cont.)Issues
  • Key Staff Members have been worked to excess.
  • Senior management staff have quit or are burned
  • Tired of hearing how things will change.
  • e.g. restructuring, working environment, etc.

Application Portfolio
  • To be Continued
  • End to End Service Oriented (not just PeopleSoft)
  • Evolving our Investment
  • In People and Technology
  • Staff exchanges Australia (current and ongoing)
  • Training staff and clients (investing in our
  • Version 9.x
  • Enable Business Processes

Application Portfolio
  • Questions ?

Application Portfolio
  • File Storage Project
  • Marc Wrubleski
  • Representing Integrated Technology
  • Action Group (ITAG)

Enterprise File Storage Project
  • Project created by ITAG to address common file
    storage issues
  • Develop a plan to implement a best-practices
    approach to campus data storage
  • Implement a storage project working model
  • Make available campus wide

Storage Challenges
  • Many types of storage storage infrastructure
  • Many storage access requirements
  • Storage management inefficiencies
  • Need for better storage management policies
  • Data protection and Disaster Recovery capabilities

Why Now?
  • Storage
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Ever increasing storage requirements
  • Proliferation of devices, software
  • 300/TB, Best Buy low initial , high hidden
  • Collaboration
  • More diverse groups working together
  • Power (Green Plan)
  • Better utilization

Whats wrong with this picture?
Theft or Loss, Fire, Flood, Accident
Problems with desktop storage
  • Difficult to maintain many instances
  • Backup schedules
  • Recovery testing/implementation
  • Multiplication of management software
  • Not scalable
  • Not secure
  • Availability

RAID will save me!!
Concepts of Enterprise Storage
  • High Availability
  • Redundant
  • Disks (RAID)
  • Servers (Cluster)
  • Facilities (Disaster Recovery)
  • Seamless Continuity
  • Transparently backed up
  • User recoverable
  • Integrated
  • End users one storage location
  • Platform agnostic (Windows, Mac, Unix)
  • Service agnostic (CIFS, NFS, sftp)
  • Secure
  • Physically and Logically
  • Scalable
  • Accessible
  • Same files available via DTP, Webdisk, Labs, etc.
  • Best Practices for Information Lifecycle

Base Requirements
  • Central storage solution
  • Best features of Webdisk and DTP
  • Single authentication domain (LDAP)
  • For ubiquitous access
  • Reliable, transparent backup and recovery system

Thank You
  • Working model to be put together by IT ITAG
  • Contact your ITAG representative, IT

  • eduroam edupass at the UofC
  • Tom Rolff

Where Ever You May Roam
  • The Connection Federation

  • What is eduroam?
  • What does this mean?
  • Where can I connect to eduroam?
  • How do I get more information?
  • What is Edupass?
  • What does this Mean?
  • How do I get more information?

What Is eduroam
  • eduroam stands for Education Roaming
  • RADIUS-based infrastructure
  • Uses 802.1X to allow inter-institutional roaming
  • Uses WPA/WPA2 encryption
  • Allows users visiting other eduroam institutions
    to access WLAN using home credentials

How it works!
  • SSID eduroam
  • International
  • .edu
  • National
  • .uk
  • .ca
  • 3
  • 2
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1
  • Home
  • UBC
  • U of C
  • oxford
  • cambridge
  • 6

Where Can I Connect To Eduroam
  • 5 Institutions in BC and U of C
  • Coming Soon U of A, U of Saskatchewan,
  • U of Western Ontario, Okanagan College, and more

What Does This Mean?
  • The ability to access your resources at other
  • No waiting for temporary accounts
  • Dont have to set up temporary accounts
  • Same username and password when traveling.
  • No down time in cross institutional meetings or
    research groups.
  • Global roaming.
  • Freedom

How Do I Get More Information
  • U of C Eduroam
  • Canada Eduroam
  • Main Eduroam Site

What Is
  • Edupass was created through the Canadian Identity
    Management Federation (CIMF)
  • Allows a user from an enabled
    institution, to access services by logging into
    the home institution
  • All logins are web based
  • Uses Shibboleth as the backend technology
  • Currently the U of C is the first University in
    Canada to enable this system for visiting
    wireless users.

What Does This Mean
  • When visiting a Canadian Institution that is
    connected to the federation
  • You can gain access to services provided by
    that institution.
  • Canadian visitors to U of C
  • Can logon the wireless system ( airuc ) using
    home credentials on the users home site.
  • In the future will allow access to other U of C

What Does This Mean?
  • Airuc users will login to a page connected to CAS
    and MyUofC
  • This will allow for a single sign-on when AirUC
    users want to access MyUofC services
  • users will be able to access
    Shibboleth to authenticate through a link on the
    MyUofC services sign-on page

Where Do I Get More Information
  • U of C edupass
  • Shibboleth
  • http//

Edupass Testing at Comtech
  • Connect your laptop to the temporary test SSID
  • Open your Browser, the page should look like
  • Login with your credentials
  • Click on the link to go to your home page.

  • Fragen?
  • Las preguntas?
  • As perguntas?
  • Le domande?
  • Des questions?
  • Vragen?