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The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander


The Ant Bully By: John Nickle. King of the Playground By: ... The Recess Queen By: Alexis O'Neill. When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry By: Molly Bang ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander
  • By
  • Barbara Coloroso
  • http//

The BullyWhy bully? Bullying is about
contempt a powerful feeling of dislike toward
somebody considered to be worthless, inferior,
and undeserving of respect
  • Four Markers of a Bully
  • Imbalance of power
  • Intent to harm
  • Threat of further aggression
  • Terror
  • The Ways and Means of Bullying
  • Verbal bullying
  • Physical bullying
  • Relational bullying

The Bullied
  • One thing in common- All were targeted by a bully
  • Targets can be just about anybody
  • If a child succumbs to the attack, gives them
    what they want, they become victim
  • If your child is a target of a bully dont count
    on him telling you
  • Warning signs

The BystandersNo innocent bystanders
  • The four reasons most often given for not
    intervening (see pg. 67)
  • Bystander is afraid of getting hurt himself.
  • Bystander is afraid of becoming a new target of
    the bully.
  • Bystander is afraid of doing something that will
    only make the situation worse.
  • Bystander does not know what to do.

It Runs In The Family
  • 3 Family Structures
  • Brick wall
  • Jelly fish
  • Backbone - - - - - - - - - - - ?

If There Is A Bully In The House?
  • What to do
  • Intervene immediately
  • Create opportunities to do good
  • Nurture empathy
  • Teach friendship skills-assertive, respectful,
    and peaceful ways to relate to others
  • Closely monitor your childs TV viewing, video
    game playing, computer activities, and music
  • Teach your child to will good
  • What NOT to do
  • Do not punish your child it will only teach him
    to be more aggressive and hurtful
  • Instead child should be given an opportunity to
    understand the consequences of their actions, to
    fix what they have done, or to emphasize with the
    child that was harmed

Is There A Bullied Kid In The House
  • Antidotes for bullying
  • Strong sense of self
  • Being a friend
  • Having at least one good friend who is always
    there for you
  • Being able to successfully get into a group

From Bystander To Witness
  • Four reasons kids may not help
  • Afraid of getting hurt
  • Afraid of becoming a new target of the bully
  • Afraid of doing something that will make
    situation worse
  • Does not know what to do
  • Three principles that foster moral independence
  • Teach your child that he and only he is
    responsible for the consequences for his actions.
  • Build your childs confidence in his/her ability
    to make good decisions
  • Teach your child how to evaluate reasons on
    his/her own

Caring Schools, Involved Communities
  • The 4 principles to ensure students safety at
  • Warmth, positive interest, and involvement from
  • Firm limits as to unacceptable behavior
  • Discipline as opposed to punishment
  • Authoritative not authoritarian parenting
  • Improving parental awareness of and involvement
    in working on the problem
  • Modeling positive respective and supportive
  • Strong sense of self
  • Make friends
  • Be part of a group
  • Stand up and speak out against injustices

Some books to use in your classroom!
  • Primary Grades
  • How Do I Feel About Bullies and Gangs By Julie
  • The Ant Bully By John Nickle
  • King of the Playground By Phyllis Reynolds
  • Preschool K
  • The Recess Queen By Alexis ONeill
  • When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry By
    Molly Bang
  • Middle and Up
  • No More Bullies For Those Who Wound or are
    Wounded By Frank Peretti
  • Hit Squad By James Heneghan
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