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Philosophical Issues Of Evil


Question for believer and skeptic alike. We all ask this ... Florence Nightingale. Mother Teresa. Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King. Jesus of Nazareth ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Philosophical Issues Of Evil

Philosophical Issues Of Evil Suffering
  • Im a physicist, not a philosopher.
  • This will be brief.

Is there a God?
  • Question for believer and skeptic alike
  • We all ask this question sooner or later
  • Job to Jesus to Nietzsche
  • God, where are you?
  • All say There is no God in our hearts
  • just look at how we act
  • whats more foolish
  • to acknowledge unbelief, and act accordingly
  • to believe, but act in unbelief

Philosophical Problem of Evil
  • If a Creator exists, must be all powerful
  • If Biblical God is the Creator, must be all
  • An all powerful, loving creator wouldnt have
    created a world full of evil
  • Evil exists
  • Therefore, an all powerful, loving creator
    doesnt exist

  • What is basis for defining Evil ?
  • If accept reality of evil
  • must also accept the reality of not evil
    i.e., good
  • If accept good and evil then there is a moral law
  • There must then be some moral lawgiver
  • If a moral lawgiver exist, the question is
  • But the moral lawgiver is man, not God.
  • If so then morality becomes wholly subjective and
    without a moral imperitive i.e. no real
    difference in good and evil
  • If no difference in good and evil, the question
    is invalid
  • The only way the question can make sense is if
    that which it denies actually exists
  • showing that the dilemma is a false dilemma

Love Creates Possibility of Evil
  • A Creators Options
  • 1 create nothing
  • 2 create an amoral world no evil, no good
  • 3 create only automatons, no free choice
  • 4 create free will to choose right or wrong, to
    love or not to love
  • Love must not be coerced to be true love
  • no love possible in options 1-3, only possible in
  • love requires loving enough to give the freedom
    to reject the love
  • love without pain is superficial love
  • Evil is mans choice, not Gods
  • take responsibility for own actions
  • dont blame God for mans evil
  • natural pain is not evil but Gods Megaphone
    (C.S. Lewis)

  • Having sex with a woman
  • Good not intrinsically evil
  • However
  • If Carol and myself commit to love each other,
  • Fact of the existence of love creates the
    possibility of evil
  • Via unfaithfulness with Another Woman (just ask
    Carol if that is evil)
  • i.e., Sex (intrinsically good) becomes Evil
  • A possibility that exists only if the love exists
  • Love creates the possibility of evil as a
    corollary to loves existence
  • Allowing the possibility of evil is intrinsically
  • Justice allows the choice of love, the inherently
    Divine Nature Just Love
  • Possibility of Evil provides a feedback loop
    reinforcing good behavior
  • Possibility of Evil enhances the likelihood of
  • But her loving me did not create evil in
  • I must do that by my choice
  • If I do not love her by choice, it is not love in
    the first place

Philosophical Doom
  • How do we know which creation option is best?
  • Requires ultimate knowledge ourselves
  • Any choice but 4 annihilates ourselves
  • Assume we exist (self-evident, Descarte)
  • 1 create nothing poof -- were gone
  • 2 create amoral poof -- were gone
  • 3 create automatons poof -- were gone
  • Self-annihilation to limit pain is only logical
  • Atheists may not be willing to pursue this logic
  • But many have!

Meaninglessness of Existence
  • We are because one group of fishes had a
    peculiar fin anatomy that could transform into
    legs for terrestrial creatures because the earth
    never froze entirely during an ice age because a
    small and tenuous species, arising in Africa a
    quarter of million years ago, had managed, so
    far, to survive by hook and by crook. We may
    yearn for a higher answer -- but none exists.
  • S. J. Gould

The Darwinian Dilemma
  • Atheism religion is a negative burden that
    limits self achievement and survival fitness
  • However
  • the atheistic worldview naturally leads to self
    annihilation in despair
  • the religious worldview naturally leads to
    preservation of self and others in hope
  • The atheists dilemma The best survival
    strategy is to believe that which is believed

Religious Evils Nullify Religion
  • Copernicus, Galileo, Crusades, Inquisition,
    Slavery, Bosnia, Rwanda, Ireland
  • None of these injustices supported by Christs
  • Christs teachings clearly stand against such
  • After all -- that is the critics point the
  • What about the greater injustices of Atheism?
  • Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot, Idi Amin
  • All such actions consistent with tenets of
  • Self-destruction is not hypocritical to an

Where is God when it hurts?
  • Atheism has no moral basis to even ask this
  • Hurting is merely physics and chemistry in an
    atheistic worldview
  • Certainly not an evil that anyone must be
    compelled to fix
  • God does address hurting and evil
  • in His way
  • in His time
  • effectively
  • Response Where is Atheism when it hurts?
  • This pain isnt really bad because its only
    amoral chemistry and physics.
  • This injustice is okay because there is no

There is no absolute Truth
  • Then that truism also cannot be true.
  • That we may not know Truth, does not deny its
  • We live presuming reality of Truth.
  • and presuming that we can know truth
  • otherwise we could not know there is no truth
  • we would have no basis to challenge any view that
    claims to be truth -- couldnt know otherwise
  • atheists must logically remain silent

Solution to Problem of Pain/Evil
  • Jesus Christ
  • Pain and Evil
  • Exposed Gods Love to Man Cross
  • Love requires self-sacrifice to another trust
  • Love and Justice married through Mercy and
  • a world without love is no world we would have
  • a world without justice against evil is likewise
  • Demonstrates His Power over Evil Resurrection
  • Requires ability to create Life from Death
  • Cross shows mans inhumanity IS Evil
  • Cross shows Gods humanity IS Good
  • Without Jesus Christ, nothing makes sense
  • Requires a great deal of trust on our part as
    well as Gods

Show me an atheistic ...
  • Joan of Arc
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Mother Teresa
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Martin Luther King
  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Why were they what they were?
  • They knew truth of Gods reality

I Just Cant Know God Exists
  • God hasnt proven Himself sufficiently
  • the agnostic position
  • weaker unwilling to affirm absolute negative
  • but beliefs reflect atheism, not uncertainty
  • If one is uncertain about a matter
  • wisdom dictates not making choices reflecting
    certainty (Pascals wager)
  • Agnostics LIVE as if they accept Atheism
  • All of us have some unbelief Mark 910
  • Romans 120 Gods Three Great Proofs

Gods Three Great Proofs
  • 1 The origin of the universe
  • created, Gen 11
  • These are the three greatest hurdles for a
    naturalistic worldview to surmount
  • It IS enough -- they are without excuse