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Welcome to Suisse Adventure 09


Ice Climbing. Rock Climbing ... Beginners Rock Climbing Workshop 15 10 30.00. Bern N/A None 38.00 ... Ice Climbing Workshop 12 14 80.00. Ice Skating N/A None 8.00 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Suisse Adventure 09

Welcome to Suisse Adventure 09
  • Thank you for coming to our Presentation.
  • Tonight is to go through the fundraising part of
    the Adventure.
  • We have tea and coffee available.
  • We hope to be able to answer some of your
    questions if we can not we will find out and get
    back to you.
  • A list of all questions asked and the answers
    will be posted on www.1stbedhampton.co.uk click

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Suisse Adventure 09
  • 1st Bedhampton Scout Group
    OVER TO BE ABLE TO JOIN IN! You will also need to
    have an Explorer Uniform!

Suisse Adventure 09
  • Its from 26th July 2009 08th August 2009, just
    over a year and a half away, this will allow
    anyone who wishes to go plenty of time to
    fundraise the money.

The Important Bit's
  • The cost for the two weeks including all
    transport (a coach for yourselves and a lorry for
    your camping and cooking kit etc) all camping
    fees, and some activities is 435.00 per person.
    (List of activities included will appear later
  • This cost does not include food which will be
    self catering (in your group) which has been
    costed at 65.00 per person for two weeks.
  • This now makes a total of 500.00 (Transport,
    food, fees and some activities).
  • Larger Light Weight tents will also be needed, so
    fundraising for equipment will also have to be
    done by all who are going.

The Fun Bit
Activities included in the
price are
  • Dawn Hike,
  • White Water Rafting
  • 1 Day Hike
  • City Day Trip
  • Open Air Swimming
  • Swiss National Day
  • International BBQ
  • Evening Entertainment.
  • Also included will be a weekend training camp in
    the UK where you will meet the other 249 campers

Activities you can do at an extra charge include
  • Paragliding,
  • Ice Climbing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Overnight expedition including a stay in a
    mountain hut (We would recommend that you have a
    go at this one as you will have a nice bed to
    sleep in for one night in a warm mountain hut
    with catering done for you!)
  • Canyoning/Hydrospeed (water activities at speed
    with little equipment, like white water rafting
    without the boat!)
  • Possible QSA Expedition (not sure what this is)
  • Via Ferrata (Climbing a rock face using ropes,
    ladders etc).

  • Bedhampton Executive has agreed that 50 of the
    money raised at ASDA can go towards your costs
    whilst the other 50 will go towards new tents
    and other equipment needed. You will need to
    show a commitment to fundraising and a record
    will be kept of who has attended bag packs and
    how many hours you have done. The more hours you
    do the quicker you will get the 400.00 needed.
    If you do not attend any of the bag packs or
    arrange any other form of fundraising and you
    still want to go then you will be asked to pay
    the full amount yourself.

The Paperwork bit
  • In January 2008 the booking form will be
    available online to print off and fill out. This
    will be collected in by the Group and a cheque
    written for (everyone who is going) the deposit.
  • The deposit will be 100.00 per person and will
    need to be with the group before we send in the
    forms. The Group is asking you to pay your own
    deposit as this will show a commitment to the
    camp and to fundraising for the other 400.00.
  • When the booking form has been received by The
    Ferny Croft office you will be sent details of
    the Suisse Adventure 09, and in this will be
    details of the extra activities along with how
    much each one will cost. This price will be in
    Swiss Francs so divide the amount by 2.2 and you
    will get the UK pound equivalent.
  • The activities you would like to do along with
    any extra money will need to be paid by December
    08 so you have a year to save or collect to pay
    for these.(These will need to be paid by you and
    not fundraised).
  • Throughout the year will be dates when the next
    instalment will need to be paid and again this
    will need to be with the group before we can pay
    Ferny Croft.
  • If you manage to fundraise all your 400.00 by
    attending the ASDA bagpack from December 20th
    -24th 07, then you will have no worries about
    raising or paying any money as you would have
    achieved your target.

The Health and Safety Bit
  • All the leaders travelling with the scouts are
    first aid trained and all the KISC (Kandersteg
    International Scout Centre) staff are first aid
    trained as well as mountain rescue trained.
  • Petrol for cookers is not permitted to travel
    with the equipment but can be arranged with the
    Suisse adventure staff beforehand and collected
    once on site, if Gas bottles are required then
    this also needs to be pre arranged with the staff
    and again can be available upon arrival.

The Journey bit
  • You will be given pre arranged coach pickup
    points and will travel by Coach to the Swiss
    alps, going by ferry to France and then
    continuing on road by coach. The journey there
    will take up the first day and the return journey
    will take up the last day (about 24 hours
    travelling each way).

The Small Print
  • Closing dates that the group will set will need
    to be adhered to as we will need to make sure
    that all the money is in before we can send any
    cheques. Please make sure that your Payments are
    prompt. Waiting for one person to pay may mean
    losing spaces for everyone.

Spaces Available
  • There are a total of 250 spaces available for the
    whole of Hampshire for Explorers and Network
    including leaders so first come with deposit and
    filled out booking form will be first served.
  • With this in mind the first closing date will be

Pocket money
  • 80.00 for the two weeks is being suggested by
    the Suisse Adventure staff. Pocket money cannot
    be fundraised.

Rules and Requirements for going
toSuisse-Adventure 09
Rules and Requirements for going to
Suisse-Adventure 09
  • 1. Subscriptions must be paid in full.
  • 2. Upon leaving a scout group you must join an
    Explorer Group.
  • 3. Payments due to be paid to Suisse Adventure 09
    must be prompt and for the full amount required.
  • 4. Behaviour between now and departure must be
    acceptable to scouting/explorers as anyone
    displaying bad behaviour will not be allowed to
  • 5. Attendance through Scouts or Explorers must be
    consistent from now through to departure.

  • 6. Behaviour whilst away must also be acceptable
    otherwise unaccompanied flights home will be
    arranged and will have to be paid for by the
    scouts/explorers parents.
  • 7. Written permission from your parents will be
    required to allow you to have alcohol whilst on
    Suisse-Adventure 09 (the legal age to drink in
    Switzerland is 16). Anyone found to be drinking
    without consent will be seen as breaking the
    behaviour rule.
  • 8. Uniform of trousers, shirt, neckie, Lanyards
    (where applicable) must be worn weekly (unless
    the weekly programme states otherwise).
  • 9. Fundraising must be done and a respectable
    amount of hours covered per day towards raising
    the money required for Suisse-Adventure 09.

  • 10. Bag packing will be counted individually with
    a bucket with your name on. The Bucket will be
    handed out from Mandy and must be returned to
    Mandy for counting with you. Each collection will
    be logged with amount raised and hours done.
  • 11. If you do not raise the 400.00 required
    then the difference must be paid by your parents.
  • 12. Extra fundraising must be organised by the
    scouts/explorers for t-shirts, holdalls, special
    neckies and day sacks. By taking the same
    size/design of bag will enable us to stack
    luggage better in the coach and will enable us to
    take more.
  • 13. This camp will be operating a NO Smoking and
    NO Drugs policy.

  • 14. When travelling on the Ferry, NO-One will be
    allowed out on deck. You must all stay in groups
    and watch each other. The Duty free shop and the
    Bar will also be out of bounds. Each group must
    report back to the leaders every ½ Hour.
  • 15. MP3 players and entertainment for on the
    coach and in your tents will be allowed although
    they can be taken away if the individual is using
    them to be anti-social.
  • 16. Take an inflatable Pillow and a blanket on
    the coach as the trip will take about 24 hours.
  • 17. Mobile phones are not allowed, the signal
    will not be good from the bottom of the Alps.
    Also there are no recharging facilities at the
    camp site. Phone cards are available and should
    be encouraged to use.
  • 18. Should a member pull out then the deposit and
    any monies paid cannot be refunded. The only way
    you can get your 100.00 deposit back will be if
    you can find a replacement to take your place.

Activities that you can doPrices in CHF
  • Title
    Max. group  Min. age Cost Details
  • Aare Boat Trip 50
    8 53.00
  • Aare Self-Guided Rafting 70
    10 150.00
  • Aare Self-Guided Tubing 40
    12 33.00
  • Abseiling at Choleren Gorge N/A 12
  • Adelboden Adventure Package N/A 12
  • Adelboden Adventure Park - (Excl. Swing) N/A 8
  • Adelboden Adventure Park - (Incl. Swing) N/A 8
  • Allmenalp Cable Car N/A
    None 5.00
  • Allmenalp Dawn Hike 50
    10 Free
  • Allmenalp Hike N/A
    None Free

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Allmenalp Via-Ferrata / Klettersteig 5
    16 110.00
  • Alpine Cheesery Hike
    15 11 8.00
  • Alpschelehubel Hike
    N/A None Free
  • Astronomy
    N/A None Free
  • Bat Watch
    N/A None Free
  • Beginners Abseiling
    12 10 8 .00
  • Beginners Rock Climbing Course 10
    10 25.00
  • Beginners Rock Climbing Workshop 15
    10 30.00
  • Bern
    N/A None 38.00
  • Bern Mystery Trail
    N/A None Free

  • Title Max. group size Min. age
    Cost Details
  • Blausee N/A
    None 1.00
  • Blausee Hike N/A
    None Free
  • Blümlisalphutte Hike N/A None
  • Bunderspitz Hike 15
    14 15.00
  • Candle Making 10
    None 6.00
  • Canoe Trip on the Aare 40 14
  • Canyoning Advanced (Lenk) 24 16
  • Canyoning Easy (Zweisimmen) 24 14
  • Cheesery Peak Traverse 7
    14 20.00
  • Chocolate and Cheese N/A None

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Compass Course N/A
    None Free
  • Crate Stacking 12
    10 8.00
  • Discovery Trail N/A
    None Free
  • Doldenhornhutte Hike N/A None
  • Eco Quiz N/A
    None Free
  • Eco-I-Spy N/A
    None Free
  • Electrifying Guide to Oeschinensee N/A None
  • Environment Trail N/A
    None Free
  • Environmental Hike N/A None
  • Evolving Alps Hike 15
    10 Free

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Flag Break Welcome 1000 None
  • Frundenhutte Hike N/A
    None Free
  • Gasterntal Bus N/A
    None 7.50
  • Gasterntal Hike N/A
    None Free
  • Gasterntal Hike 15
    10 15.00
  • Gemmipass Hike N/A
    None Free
  • Glacier Workshop 12
    14 80.00
  • Glaciers, Alps Avalanches 100 None
  • Green Chalet Trail N/A
    None Free
  • Green Living Workshop 10
    None Free

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Gällihorn Hike N/A
    None Free
  • High Ropes Park N/A
    10 24.00
  • Hike n Climb 15
    14 40.00
  • Hockenhorn 7
    15 97.00
  • Ice Climbing Workshop 12
    14 80.00
  • Ice Skating N/A
    None 8.00
  • Intermediate Rock Climbing Course 10 14
  • International Campfire 1000 None
  • International Evening BBQ 600 None
  • International Scout Disco 700
    None 5.00

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Jacob's Ladder 12
    12 8.00
  • Jegertosse Hike N/A
    None Free
  • Junfraujoch and Eiger Trail N/A None
  • KISC Light Trail 200
    None Free
  • Kandersteg Hike N/A
    None Free
  • Lake Day 50
    None 89.00
  • Leaders' Gathering 100
    None Free
  • Leather Work 20
    None 6.00
  • Lötschenpass Hike 15
    14 32.00
  • Mini Golf N/A
    None 3.50

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Mountain Biking 25
    12 35.00
  • Multi-Crafts 40
    None 12.00
  • Nature Explorers 10
    None Free
  • Nature Zone N/A
    None Free
  • Niesen N/A
    None 15.00
  • Oeschinensee Chairlift N/A None
  • Oeschinensee Hike N/A None
  • Overnight Lötschenpass Hike 15 14
  • Overnight Rote Chumme Hike 15 14
  • Overnight Ueschinenhutte Hike 15 10

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Paragliding Flights N/A 18
  • Petersgrat Expedition 12 16
  • Photo Challenge 50
    8 Free
  • Pioneering 12
    10 5.00
  • Pioneering Competition 100 None
  • Race Against the World 250 None
  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle N/A None
  • River Experience 50
    14 125.00
  • Rodelbahn N/A
    None 12.00
  • Sauna 20
    None 5.00

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Screen Printing 10
    12 8.00
  • Simme Rafting 50
    10 69.00
  • Skydiving N/A
    18 380.00
  • Snow Ice Combo 12 14
  • Stockhorn N/A
    None 14.00
  • Stone Carving 20
    None 6.00
  • Stresa - Italy N/A
    None 75.00
  • Sunnbuel Cable Car N/A None
  • Swimming Pool N/A
    None 4.00
  • Swiss Culture Night N/A
    None Free

  • Title Max. group size
    Min. age Cost Details
  • Team Building Initiative Exercises 12 10
  • Thun Castle N/A
    None 2.00
  • Thun Mystery Trail N/A
    None 27.00
  • Train Tickets N/A
    None 17.00
  • Trummelbach Interlaken N/A None
  • Ueschinenhutte Overnight 30 10
  • Volleyball N/A
    None Free
  • Weather Detectives N/A
    None Free
  • Wet 'n' Wild N/A
    None 5.00
  • Wildstrubel Expedition 12
    16 100.00

  • Title Max. group size Min. age Cost
  • World Scouting Workshop 20 8 Free
  • Zip Wire 12
    10 8.00
  • Üescheningrat Hike N/A None Free

When planning your programme think about the
  • Free Time, for washing clothes, chilling out,
    catching up on sleep, phoning home.
  • Remember you wont be able to do everything.
  • Choose things you may not have a chance of doing
  • Try something new!
  • Dont just do an activity because your friend is
    doing it.
  • Plan your time to get the most out of the

For more information on each activity.
  • http//www.kisc.ch/program/searchactivities/Defaul
  • Click on more info.
  • Check to see whether you have to pay for
    transport as well as the activity.
  • Note whether it is a whole or half day activity.
  • Remember that prices are in Swiss francs and need
    to be divided by 2.2 to get the equivalent in GB
  • All these extra activities need to be paid by you.

And Finally
  • From this trip you can get-
  • Either your Explorer Belt, you will need to
    keep a diary of all your trip, including before
    and after, and give a presentation to the group.
  • Or tick of parts of your Chief Scout Award
    (Platinum, Diamond, or Queens level).
  • Or parts of your Duke of Edinburgh Award.
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