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Appreciative Inquiry


'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. ... One could say a key task in life is to discover and define our life ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry
  • An Open Moment
  • A Time to Re-think Human Organization and Change

Appreciative Inquiry The Positive Core
of Change
  • WelcomeWe Are Excited to Be With You!

  • Magnified Moment of Meaning Making
  • World Trade
  • Heroic Acts Generous Spirit
  • Relationships and Reality
  • Humanity Rising

An Open Moment We Are In It.
  • Thank God our precious time is now M.L. King
  • A Positive Revolution
  • No Limits to Cooperation Power of Wholeness
  • Executive Courage/Business Leadership
  • The Language of Life
  • Shift in Metaphor World is Problem? Or?

Generative Webs of Relatedness Alive,
Infinite Capacity, Co-creative
  • No problem can be solved from the same level of
    consciousness that created it. We must learn to
    see the world anew.
  • There are only two ways to live your life. One
    is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is
    as though everything is a miracle.
  • Albert Einstein

Our Metaphors Matter Human Organizations Are?
  • Machines in need of endless fixing?
  • Organizations are problems to be solved?
  • OR?
  • Centers of Relational Appreciation
  • homes of infinite capacity, infinite
    imagination, ever expanding alive relations,
    creative construction, mystery gift.

1. Moments of Magnified Meaning Making
2. Exploring Moments of Leadership in Your
  • A story of a high point moment?

3. Your Vision of a Better World Your Images
and Vision of
  • Business as an Agent of World Benefit? How
    Ideally Organized? Practices? Bring Out Best in
    Human Beings?

4. Connecting to the Positive CoreLeading
  • Stories of todays leading organizations and

5. Creating Epidemics of Positive Change
  • Smallest steps with biggest impact?
  • Bolder steps you can imagine?

Starting AI Interview (dialogue
in pairs)
  • A--gtB (40 min)
  • B--gtA (40 min)
  • Spirit of discovery
  • Take brief notes
  • At the end.. summary thanks
  • Return _at_ 705

Warren Bennis on Appreciative
Leadership and Change
  • Our meeting in 1981 talk at Cape Cod
  • Ascending into Our Fields History
  • 3 Core Elements
    The Spirit of InquiryBig
    Issues of the Day
    Positive Assumptions About
    Human Being Y Vivid Utopias and
    Daring Predictions

  • Exciting Roundtables, Continuity in Plenaries,
    Special Happenings

Discovery Plenary Drawing From the Past and
Present The Positive Core
  • Welcome .Going Deeper Into Our Topic
  • Principles of Appreciative Inquiry and the Idea
    of the Positive Core of Change
  • Groups Discoveries, Maps of the Positive Core
  • Commentary and Tales from Corporate Life
    We Live In Worlds Our Questions Create

AI 4-D Cycle
  • Discovery
  • Opportunity Call
  • Positive Core
  • History as Possibility
  • Destiny
  • People Practices
  • Structures
  • Improvisation Learning
  • Dream
  • Purpose
  • Visions New Story

Topic Vision of Business As Agent of World
  • Design
  • Provocative Propositions
  • Ideal Organizations World
  • Constitutional Principles

We Live in the Worlds Our Questions Create
Be patient and try to love the questions
themselves. Live the questions now. Perhaps you
will then gradually, without noticing it, live
along some distant day into the answer. Rainer
Maria Rilke
Five Principles of AI
  • Constructionist Principle
  • Principle of Simultaneity
  • Open Book Poetic Principle
  • Anticipatory Principle
  • Positive Principle
  • (One MorePrinciple of Wholeness)

Groups (222)6 peopleplus 1
  • 1. Introduce your partnerhighlights!
  • 2. Draw highlights from question one and twolast
    nights AI conversation
  • Welcome, welcome to those arriving this
    A.M.invite them to share from the 2 questions.

Deficit Theory of Change and Cultural
Consequences of Deficit Discourse
  • Identify problem
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Brainstorm solutions and analyze
  • Develop action plans
  • The signal accomplishment of the industrial age
    was the notion of continuous improvement. It
    remains the secular religion of most managers
    has reached the point of diminishing returns in
    incremental improvement programs. Gary Hamel
    Leading The Revolution

Metaphor Organizations are problems to be solved
Ap-preci-ate, v.,
  • 1. Valuing
  • The act of recognizing the best in people and the
    world around us
  • Affirming past and present strengths, successes,
    and potentials
  • To perceive those things that give life (health,
    vitality, and excellence) to living systems.
  • 2. To increase in value, e.g. the economy has
    appreciated in value.
  • Synonyms valuing, prizing, esteeming, and

In-quire (kwir), v.,
  • 1. The act of exploration and discovery.
  • 2. To ask questions to be open to seeing new
    potentials and possibilities.
  • Synonyms discovery, search, study and systematic

What Would You Call It? (All These Things Taken
  • Achievements
  • Strategic opportunities
  • Product strengths
  • Technical assets
  • Innovations
  • Elevated thoughts
  • Best business practices
  • Positive emotions
  • Financial assets
  • Organization wisdom
  • Core competencies
  • Visions of possibility
  • Vital traditions, values
  • Positive macro trends
  • Social capital
  • Embedded knowledge
  • Business ecosystem resources and capabilities

The Positive Core
  • Complete Organizational WealthWell-being
  • An Incredible Energy
  • AI as an Organizational Yoga

Discovery What gives life? (The best of what
is) Appreciating
Dream What might be? (What is the world calling
for) Envisioning Results
Destiny How to empower, learn, and
improvise? Sustaining
Affirmative Topic Choice
Design What should be the ideal? Co-constructi

Appreciative Inquiry 4-D
Genius is Creating the Question
  • What would the universe look like if I were
    riding on the end of a light beam at the speed of
  • Albert Einstein

The Art of the Question
  • Whats the biggest problem here?
  • Why did I have to be born in such a troubled
  • Why do you blow it so often?
  • Why do we still have those problems?
  • What possibilities exist that we have not yet
  • Whats the smallest change that could make the
    biggest impact?
  • What solutions would have us both win?
  • What makes HR questions inspiring, energizing,
    and mobilizing?

What New Questions?
  • From a Study Customer Dissatisfaction and

Magnetic Connections
  • Preface
  • In the physical world, all matter is held
    together by the pull between opposite electric
    charges. Successful e-companies are highly
    nimble, flexible communities. People connect in
    new and innovative ways. Suppliers and customers
    are pulled together and become seamless
    edge-to-edge organizations. Communities of
    interest form and are pulled together by shared
    values. Knowledge networks form as catalysts for
    innovation and creativity.

Magnetic Connections (continued)
  • Think of a time when you felt magnetically
    connected to your client, your colleagues, and
    your community connected in a way that the
    force was so strong that it could not be broken.
    What was that experience? What did it feel like?
  • As you look into the future, describe how you see
    us connected to our customers and our colleagues
    in ways that are so strong that we are seen as
    inseparable business partners.

What Would You Study?
  • From Analysis of Baggage Delays
  • To

Exceptional Arrival Experience
  • Preface
  • Our goal is to provide an exceptional travel
    experience both in the air and on the ground. The
    handling of a flights arrival and baggage
    reconciliation is of equal importance to any
    other aspect of a passengers journey. The
    arrival experience is the time to leave a
    wonderful lasting impression. It also provides
    the opportunity to recover from any service
    shortfall the customer may have encountered.
    Focusing on Exceptional Arrival Experience
    demonstrates commitment to both our customers and
    to one another.

Exceptional Arrival Experience (continued)
  • Describe your most memorable arrival experience,
    as a customer or, as airline personnel. What made
    it memorable for you? How did you feel?
  • Tell me a story about your most powerful service
    recovery. Describe the situation.
  • What was it about you that made it happen?
  • Who else was involved and why were they
  • What tools did you use or what did you do that
    others might be able to do when in a similar

Exceptional Arrival Experience (continued)
  • If you had a magic wand, how would you use it to
    enhance our overall arrivals experience for our
    customers? What ideas do you have to ensure
    exceptional arrival experiences for all our
    customers? And to make the process easier for us,
    as well!

The Surprise of Friendship!
  • One could say a key task in life is to discover
    and define our life purpose, and then accomplish
    it to the best of our ability.     
  • Can you share a story of a moment, or the period
    of time, where clarity about life purpose emerged
    for you. For example, a moment where your calling
    happened, where there was an important awakening
    or teaching, where there was a special experience
    or event, or where you received some guiding
  • Now, beyond this story what do you sense you
    are supposed to do before your life, this life,
    is over?

  • Knowledge empowers people and people power Hunter
    Douglas. We each contribute to Hunter Douglas
    position of market leadership through personal
    knowledge of our jobs and equipment other
    functions in the Company our customers our
    competition and the industry.
  • To maintain our position as market leaders, we
    must continue to invest in each employees
    training and education through
  • Challenging work assignments
  • Individual coaching
  • Job cross-training
  • Tuition assistance
  • On- and off-site classes and
  • Family scholarships for our children

Education (continued)
  • If knowledge empowers people, and people power
    Hunter Douglas, what kind of learning
    opportunities would turbo charge Hunter Douglas?
  • Tell me about the best training you have ever
    experienced, and what made the best?
  • How did this influence your development as a
  • How did it influence the training you passed on
    to others?

Education (continued)
  • Reflecting on your past and where you are
    today, what types of training have proven the
    most beneficial to you?
  • Robert Fulghum wrote a book entitled All I
    Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.
    If this was kindergarten, what would you like to
    learn for the future?

Discovering Optimal Margins
  • With revenues, tonnage, and sales at record
    levels one of the most important opportunities we
    face is to engage everyone in increasing positive
    margins now and to do so will call on discovery
    of new strengths, build on old strengths, and
    carry us to higher levels financially.
  • As you look at Roadway from the perspective of
    our capabilities, and as you think about the
    business context and opportunities, how do you
    define "optimal margin for us? Define it what
    is the positive margin you want and believe we
    have the capability to create? Right now? In the
    moderate time frame? Longer term?

Discovering Optimal Margins (continued)
  • As you reflect on your leadership here at Roadway
    times where you have mobilized or helped
    develop others there have been high points and
    low points, successful moments, etc. Please
    describe one situation, or change initiative that
    you are proud about an achievement in which you
    feel you had impact in realizing better margins.
    What happened? What were the challenges" What was
    it about you or your leadership style? Lessons
  • If anything imaginable was possible, if there
    were no constraints whatever, what would the
    nature of an ideal Roadway organization look like
    if we were to rapidly move into stage of
    delivering optimal margins? Describe, as if you
    had a magic wand, what we would be doing new,
    better, or different? Envision it happening? What
    do you see happening that is new, different,
    better ?

Websites of Interest
  • http//
  • (Appreciative Inquiry Commons, Weatherhead
    School of Management, Case Western Reserve
    University, Devoted to Appreciative Inquiry
    Sharing of Tools Concepts Studies )
  • (a newly emerging network
    AI practitioners and consulting firms.)

We Live in the Worlds Our Questions Create
  • Be patient and try to love the questions
    themselves. Live the questions now. Perhaps you
    will then gradually, without noticing it, live
    along some distant day into the answer.
  • Rainer Maria Rilke

Simple Insights, Personal Learnings
  • We live in worlds our questions create.
  • Organizations are centers of human relationship,
    and relationships come alive where there is an
    Appreciative eye.

Simple Insights, Personal Learnings
  • We have reached the limits of problem solving
    (deficit-based theories of change)
    organizations need a lot less fixing and a lot
    more affirmation.
  • Appreciation magnifies collective intelligence,
    freedom and connectivity.

Simple Insights, Personal Learnings
  • Appreciative approaches are to self-organizing /
    web-like / networked / partnership organizations
    as deficit based approaches were to
    command-and-control bureaucracy.
  • Positive change is easy. It changes change.
    Changes lives. But it is different

Pioneering Research Across Many Fields
  • An Emerging Vocabulary of Positive Change

What New Questions?
  • From a Study of Information Technology Breakdowns
  • To

Revolutionary Partnerships
  • The mark of a revolutionary partnership is doing
    things radically different together. Not only
    different, but quicker, with a common focus,
    leveraging each others diverse strengths. Also,
    establishing new ways of doing business that are
    based on trust, mutual respect and a shared

Revolutionary Partnerships (continued)
  • Think of a time when you were part of a
    revolutionary partnership, a time in your life,
    at work, or in your personal or community life,
    when you not only met the other person(s) half
    way, but met and exceeded needs on both sides.
  • Describe the situation in detail. What made it
    feel radically different? Who was involved? How
    did you interact differently, what were the
    outcomes and benefits you experienced?

Inspiring Interfaith Cooperation
  • German Theologian, Hans Kung gave voice to the
    ever increasing call for interfaith cooperation
    when he wrote, There can be no peace in the
    world until there is peace among religions, there
    can be no peace among religions until there is
    dialogue among religions.
  • Interfaith cooperation takes many forms and means
    many things to people around the world. It may be
    as simple an act as sharing lessons from your
    sacred texts with members of another faith. It
    may be as joyful and yet challenging as a
    marriage among people of differing traditions or
    religions. Or it may be the intentional
    cooperation among people of differing religions
    and faiths to bring an end to war, abuse and
    hostility in their community.

Inspiring Interfaith Cooperation (continued)
  • As you have traveled your lifes journey, I am
    sure you have met with and perhaps even worked
    side by side with people whose religious and
    spiritual beliefs and practices are different
    from yours. Tell me about a time of inspiring
    interfaith cooperation, a time when you were
    engaged and enlivened in dialogue or action with
    a member of another religion. What drew you to
    this situation? What about it was inspiring to
  • What made cooperation possible?
  • What did you learn in that situation that would
    help others seeking to foster interfaith
  • If we were to create an award for Inspiring
    Interfaith Cooperation what would you want it to
    recognize and reward? Who today would you
    nominate for this award and why?