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Campbell Robertson


Spreadsheet 'apps' hard to manage, share, keep current. Silo-ed, outdated information ... Compliance Warehouse for Legal Control ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Campbell Robertson

Words and Numbers Converging for Government
  • Campbell Robertson
  • Global Director of Public Sector Strategy
  • IBM Information Management
  • Information Agenda

A State, I said, arises, as I conceive, out of
the needs of mankind... let us begin and create
in idea a State and yet the true creator is
necessity, who is the mother of our invention.
/Early examples
What you should expect from this presentation.
Government Optimization
The Promise
What you should expect from this presentation.
Cost of Physical Paper
  • The Cost of Handling Paper
  • Costs
  • Paper 14,000
  • Photocopying 60,000
  • Printing 55,000
  • Faxing 9,000
  • Mailing 11,000
  • Courier (Not including Environmental Impact)
  • Short-Term Storage 9,000
  • Long-Term Storage (Physical Records Management)
  • Disposal Costs (Not including Environmental
    Impact) 6,000
  • Total Cost of Handling Paper (50 Employees)

Environmental Cost of Paper
Cost to Find Paper Based Information
Other Costs/Risks
  • Clean Audit Trail
  • Measurement of Workload of Workers
  • Knowledge Management Poor
  • Sunshine Laws
  • Security Breaches
  • Misuse of Information
  • Privacy Laws

It is all about Process
  • Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Content Management
  • Forms Management
  • Contract Management
  • E-Mail Management
  • Case Management
  • Diagram Management

Management is the Common Theme
Government EIM Examples Show You Need to Get the
Basics Right
eGovernance for a Cost Effective Government
  • Last hurdle for government programs
  • Align Policy, Process and People
  • Economic Stimulus Management
  • Applies Legislative Compliance with technology
  • Culmination of technology, policy and todays
    world of expectations
  • Repeatable and interoperable with existing
    architecture and shared service models
  • Needs a co-ordination platform to normalize
    content for re-use

End User Experience
  • MOSS Integration
  • Zero Click Records Management
  • Auto Classification
  • Knowledge Management Interoperability
  • Web 2.0/Mashup Use
  • Privacy
  • Data Loss
  • Work Load Analysis

Secret Life of a Document
  • Built in Intelligence
  • Event Triggers
  • Life Cycle Knowledge
  • Archiving vs. Archiving
  • Security
  • Redaction
  • GPS Auto-Tagging
  • Self-Analysis (BI, Content and BPM Combined)

Web 2.0
  1. Rich Internet Application (RIA)
  2. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  3. Social Web

Challenges The Long Tail
Strategic, long-term apps (created by IT.)
Business Challenges
  • Lack of agility IT cant respond fast enough
    to business requirements
  • Spreadsheet apps hard to manage, share, keep
  • Silo-ed, outdated information

Number of users per application
IT Challenges
Backlog of simple, tactical applications.
  • IT is backlogged and suffering from too many
    business requests
  • Underground or shadow IT
  • Security violations
  • Loss of information

of applications

IT can leverage existing assets and complementary
new products to address situational needs
Strategic, IT built applications
REST accessible content MQ, WAS
Number of users per application
Mashup Center ECM Application Framework
Long Tail - situational
Number of applications
Service Oriented Architecture
  • Web Services
  • Widgets/Gadgets
  • Mashups
  • Mashup Hubs
  • Addressing the needs of Government

What Makes Mashup Platforms Unique?
Mashup Development Traditional IT
Scope Time to value Days to weeks Months to years
Lifespan Variable, often short Long lived
Process Dev. phases Ad-hoc or good-enough Defined, scheduled
Governance De-centralized, community Formal, centralized
Evolution Organic Top-down, centrally driven
Users Application builders LOB, individuals, groups Corporate IT
Targeted users Small teams or known user Large groups
Technology Technology REST, RSS, ATOM, AJAX, JSON, XML, etc. SOAP, WS-, J2EE, BPEL, etc.
Example with Enterprise Content Management
ECM Application Framework
Databases, ERP/CRM, Systems of Record
Web Content Feeds
Personal / Departmental Content
ECM Managed Elements
Mashup Hub Included Elements
Web Assets
Industry Widgets
Data Sources
Out-of-the-box with BPM Application
Common Customer Web 2.0 Challenges
  • Need to more rapidly respond to business needs
  • Need to lower cost of development, and reduce
    application development time
  • Business users want to drive their own solution
    in ways that are highly personal/situation to
    their needs
  • Need to cross organizational information silos
  • Need to present both structured (data) and
    unstructured (content) information in context
  • Flexibility of UI and consuming device is
    important, need to be able to support mashup
    makers, portals, internally developed web
    applications and mobile devices

The Challenge Continues
  • Has to encompass the whole range of information
    sources, including Departmental (SharePoint),
    Personal (Excel), Enterprise (ERP), and external
    web assets
  • Business users and citizens are already swamped
    with information and need a way to tag and rank
    high value information sources
  • Enabling information flows cannot come at the
    cost of security or governance risks
  • Business users need to have their information
    follow them/be accessible as they jump between

The Need for Strategic ECM still exists
Operational Flow
Auditable Flow
Copy file
Move and leave a link
Official Content Repository
Operational Content Repository
Move the file
Files can be processed more than once to
allow flexible file processing and management
Auditable Accountable Traceable
eGovernance Content Discovery Vision Driving
visibility and business optimization from ECM
Content Classification Classification Module
Content Access Search
Analyzed Content visibility business insight
Organized Content in ECM repositories
Disorganized or Lost Content
Classification Automating content-based decisions
  • Overview
  • Automatically classifies documents and emails
  • Benefits
  • Automate decisions, saving users time
  • Improve productivity and reduce risk
  • Handle digital landfills
  • Rapid ROI on your ECM investment
  • Product Capabilities
  • Combines text classification via statistical
    analysis with rule-based approaches
  • Adaptive learning provides high accuracy,
    specific to your enterprise
  • Integrated to ECM architecture, accelerates BPM,
    Content Compliance applications

Classification Module
  • Auto Classify
  • Extract Metadata
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Taxonomy Proposer

Compliance Warehouse for Legal Control Leveraging
End-to-End Capabilitiesfor Records and Risk
Disorganized Enterprise Content Manual
Processes Paper Storage
Optimize Legal Discovery Operational
Controls Analytics, BI Reporting
Organize / Control Automatic Classification Record
s Management Intelligent Content Archiving
Bringing it all together Co-ordination
ROI within State Government
ROI within State Government
Pinpointing Content Information (Law Enforcement)

New York Police Department
The Results
The Problem
  • Text Analytics can describe events, categorize
    them and allow for concept searches across often
    unstructured and at times inaccurate descriptions
  • In the first week of deployment 2 old murder
    cases were solved, and directly attributed to now
    being able to analyze this data
  • Search and analyze complaints, police reports,
    911 records, arrest records, and data marts
  • All of these forms of text suffer from the common
    problems of call center text i.e. abbreviations,
    misspellings, synonyms (Police-specific i.e.
    perp, ML, FM, MO, pistol, gun, etc...)
  • Find events that keyword search can never find
    because they are all described differently what
    keyword to use?

What you should expect from this presentation.
Especially those with knowledge and a reason to
A grassroots social network of locally tagged
information and support praised by the UK
Cabinet Office
/tigrs those closest
Let people closest to the problem form solutions
Junior officers built a tactical ground reporting
system based on geo-located information
Image mockup via DARPA
/anyone can solve
Let anyone form a solution
Typical 311 application? BUT nationwide, zero
cost to government, and arguably more effective
(public, visible, chased)
/cost of reach
Reduce your cost of reach
Novartis and YouTube team to set up a competition
for a public information video
/potential effect
Increase your potential effect
City, private and community partners provide
carbon footprint calculator and related advice
/collective action
Reach them where they live - match the medium to
the message
CA DMV runs a YouTube channel and a MySpace site
to educate drivers and learners
The Promise