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HRT 3M: World Religions Beliefs, Traditions and Issues


Chastity belts are still worn today throughout the world but are definitely not ... 'Dirk's Chastity Belt FAQ'. Dirk M. 11 Jun. 2004. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: HRT 3M: World Religions Beliefs, Traditions and Issues

HRT 3M World ReligionsBeliefs, Traditions and
  • Chastity

QuestionWhat is Chastity?
  • a) An organization that accepts money
  • b) A religious vow one takes to abstain from
    pre-marital sex
  • c) An overexposed 80s rock band

Answer b) A religious vow one takes to
abstain from pre-marital sex
  • Although chastity usually refers to a vow
    taken by one to abstain from sexual intercourse
    until marriage, it is not strictly confined to
    that. It is known as a form of the virtue of
    temperance, which controls a persons greatest
    sensual pleasures which can be in the form of
    food, drink, or in this case, the union of the
    sexes. Most religions, specifically Catholicism,
    Hinduism, and Sikhism, believe that to be chaste
    is to sustain from sexual intercourse until
    marriage as the sacred bond of intercourse is to
    be within marriage between a man and a woman.

What do the religions think?
  • Catholicism strongly encouraged a mortal sin if
  • Hinduism strongly encouraged unacceptable to
    engage in sex before reaching the stage of the
  • Sikhism strongly encouraged pre-marital sex
    brings shame on ones family

  • Early Christian views on chastity date back to
    the days of Jesus Christ who saw the human body
    as the temple of the Holy Ghost, not to be
    mistreated. Even today the same values are
    applied to chastity by the Catholic Church and
    chastity is seen as the virtue that moderates
    sexual desire and separates us from animals
    allowing us the power over our own lives, and the
    ability to choose when and whom we want to be
    intimate with. The Catechism of the Catholic
    Church explains that the virtue of chastity
    involves the integrity of the person in order to
    be successful, which means that one must be able
    to exercise self-control. Catholics must take a
    vow of chastity with the full intent to keep it
    until marriage.

Why do Catholics practice chastity? The answer
is that most Catholics are looking for a closer
relationship with God, and in order to devote
themselves fully to Him as well as their own
spiritual interests, they must refrain from even
the licit pleasures of the marital state, thus
perfect chastity becomes virginity. Once this
happens, these certain individuals can be taking
interest in becoming nuns or priests- those who
devote their lives fully to God- and live the
life of celibacy.
Signifying your vow of chastity
  • For many centuries there have been many items (in
    early Christianity and especially Catholicism)
    that are meant to represent a vow of chastity.
    Chastity belts were very common back in medieval
    times and were used mostly on the womans behalf.
    These were usually large brass and metal shorts
    with a lock that serve as undergarments that
    prevent the wearer from engaging in sexual
    intercourse. Chastity belts are still worn today
    throughout the world but are definitely not as
    common as a few centuries ago.
  • Today, those who have taken a vow of chastity,
    and teenagers in particular, prefer a more subtle
    approach as a means to keeping their vow.
    Chastity cards and rings signify that the owner
    intends to remain chaste until marriage, and are
    very popular among teens today.

And now for a clip about chastity from
The Best Laid Plans
In Hinduism, there have been many stories
created that are meant to signify the importance
of certain values and traditions, usually
involving one or more gods. This is no exception
when the idea of to be pure is to be chaste was
introduced. The story dates back to Sitadevi,
wife of Rama, prince of Ayodhya. Once he gave up
his throne, Sita followed him into the forest but
was abducted by Ravana who wanted her to prove
her chastity by entering fire- establishing that
if she was hurt she was not chaste. She did not
hesitate to enter the fire and emerged unhurt,
establishing her purity.
Although the caste system does not play as
large of a role in todays modern Hindu society
as in previous times, values such as chastity
tend to be regarded as more important to those in
castes higher on the hierarchy. No matter of your
caste though, pre-marital chastity ranks high on
the scale of values for most Hindus, creating a
strong religious and social pressure to control
the senses, especially before marriage. Even in
early Hindu writings there is an emphasis on
self-control of sexual urges before a person
reaches the stage of the householder. Also, the
stage of life for males, known as the Celibate
Student reinforces Hinduisms view of sex before
becoming a householder- it is simply
inappropriate. Today, Hindus are trying to
instill the respectable ways and values of living
to their children. Harmony within the home
tolerance for others respect and appreciation
for elders purity of thought and of course,
chastity until marriage are some of the many
values taught to Hindu children.
  • Sikhism, the largest most recent religious
    addition to the world, created to eliminate the
    unfair bias and treatment of woman of early
    Hinduism, did not exactly have an opinion of
    chastity- that is until the tenth, and final
    Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, wrote in Sikh Scriptures
    that sexual activity is to be restricted within
    its responsible use within marriage. In Sikhism,
    family honour is a dominant concern and sexual
    misconduct (being sexual activity for both sexes
    outside of a marriage) brings immense shame on a
    family. A Union with god is not possible if one
    is at the mercy of a wayward impulse.
  • As a religion similar to Hinduism in many
    aspects, one of its core differences is that
    since the beginning of Sikhism, men and women
    have been considered equal, and in fact, the
    issue of equality has always been a large aspect
    in the shaping of Sikhism. Sikhs are required by
    their religion to stay loyal to their spouses and
    even celibacy becomes redefined in terms of
    chastity meaning that a celibate one is one who
    is married to one wife only and treats all other
    woman as sisters and daughters.

Guru Gobind Singh
Some Sikh males (and some females) may
choose to join what is called The Khalsa Order,
also known as the Brotherhood of Saints. The
Khalsa was founded by Guru Gobind Singh with the
goal of upholding Sikh values. Those who initiate
the order must follow a strict code of moral and
ethical conduct including the observance of the
five khalsas (or the 5 Ks), one of which being
the Kacha, a special undergarment worn as a
symbol of marital chastity.
Chastity and the Media
  • Chastity is an issue that seems to be
    loosing its true meaning behind the ever-powerful
    message of todays media. Whenever you watch
    television or read a magazine, you are bombarded
    with sexually suggestive ads and programs. In
    almost every teen orientated movie today there is
    at least one scene or suggestion of teens having
    pre-marital sex. Why is this the society that we
    live in? You have to be with a religious
    organization now-a-days if you are going to speak
    to others about chastity, and you hardly ever
    hear about pre-marital chastity otherwise.
    Teenagers need to hear about chastity in schools,
    on television and in magazines. Even at our
    Catholic school there should be more emphasis on
    chastity and the benefits of waiting to have sex
    until marriage. Ultimately chastity is an issue
    that should concern us, not just as an
    individual, but as a world, because it can help
    control the spread of diseases, especially STDs
    and AIDs which kills millions of people each
    year. The media does not tell of the consequences
    of a one-night stand or the diseases that you
    wake up with after unprotected sex. Waiting until
    marriage to have sexual intercourse will not only
    build a true bond between yourself and your life
    partner, but it will bring you one step closer to
    God, one of the best relationships that you will
    ever have in your life.

The Facts
Percentage of teenagers who have had sex at
different ages (1995)
In closing
  • The issue of chastity is an issue that
    deals with something as simple as a decision to
    wait to have sex before marriage, but is also an
    issue that illustrates how much three very
    different religions can have something in common.
    The issue differs fundamentally and practically
    from one religion to the next, but inconsequently
    serves the same purpose to show that
    self-control, self-respect and basic morals are
    important to oneself. It doesnt matter what
    religion you belong to, its important to do
    whats best for yourself. If you feel that
    engaging in pre-marital sex would conflict with
    your morals, dont give into the media or even
    peer pressure, its about whats doing right for

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