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crafts to teach (not entertain) --audio, video, music, object ... Bible Stories. Some pre-school resources. St. Joseph Picture Books. God wants All of Me ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Christian%20Education%20and%20Formation

Christian Education and Formation
  • In the United States
  • 67 of Christians were converted prior to age 12
  • 87 of Christians were converted prior to age 18

  • Part of it is just spiritual. Kids are
    relatively innocent they arent in so much of
    the bondage of the king of this world, who veils
    the mind so that they cant understand and
  • Part of it is parental responsibility to train
    and form and insist.

Promiseland Model (Overcomers Model)
  • 1. fun
  • 2. prayed for
  • 3. safe
  • --parents wont allow kids to attend if they
    dont know the steps taken to ensure volunteers
    wont molest their kids
  • --every child cherished
  • 4. purpose-driven
  • --content
  • --curriculum sequence
  • --repetition
  • --4 pillers Creed
  • Sacraments
  • Morals
  • Prayer
  • foundationobedience and love in
    response to Gods love
  • 5. creative
  • ---relevant/application
  • --crafts to teach (not entertain)
  • --audio, video, music, object lessons/activity
    that is hands on
  • --drama, storytelling

Anglican (Trinitarian Model)
Anglican (Trinitarian Model)
  • Father (catholics) Son (evangelicals) Holy
    Spirit (charismatic)
  • Sacraments Importance of Bible
  • Creedal Theology Biblical principles
    Spirit-led intercession
  • 10 commandments love obedience
  • Eucharist evangelism
    spiritual gifts
  • Confession prayer
    hearing God
  • Liturgy responsibility
  • Social justice marriage family
  • Morals virtues ministry of all the

Family Involvement
  • Parents have the PRIMARY responsibility to teach
    and train their kids in the faith!
  • Its Biblical!
  • So how do we encourage and support them in a
    positive way

Encouraging and Supporting Parents in Catechizing
  • Get them THINKING about it. (newslettter Sunday
    bulletin ideas, quotes, comments)
  • Adult resources (bookstore or library)
  • Adult studies, book studies, parenting workshop,
    book of month
  • Mailed quarterly parents newsletter
  • Handouts sent home w/child w/info about what they
    are learning about ideas for reinforcing it at
    home, memory verses
  • Christian Ed goody table
  • ---prayer calendar for month
  • ---parents flip prayer concerns for child
  • ---family devos (10 minutes on index cards)
  • ---seasonal table Advent wreath, craft,
    seasonal devotion, list of seasonal resources
    they can buy in bookstore
  • Make is EASY. Think Service

Lets start at the very beginning its a very
good place to start!
  • A relationship of love and obedience
  • Ask forgiveness for sins each time they become
    aware of sin
  • Ask Jesus to be their leader
  • Applies to the youngest child ongoing
    conversion built on this foundation
  • START remind
  • Repeat this message often for newcomers and
    assimilation of further details/information/growth
    in understanding morality

Kids can commit!!
  • 67 before age 12
  • 85 before age 14
  • Catholic teaching
  • --infant baptism
  • --receiving the Eucharist
  • --if they cant commit, Eucharist would be bad
    for them
  • Common senseobserve
  • Roman Catholic school system most effective
    means of evangelism in the US
  • --remarkably consistent lives-apply Biblical
    truth to family, work, community
  • African Church Child Protection Law-forbids
    teaching kids the faith
  • Many accept Christ before they can remember.
  • Prayer changes everything!
  • --not merely intellectual
  • --an encounter with the Living God
  • --bring them to the sacraments, also a
    supernatural encounter

Liturgy is prayer
  • Many times we ask God to be our leader and ask
    His forgiveness
  • Renewal of Baptismal Vows
  • Offer body and soul as a reasonable sacrifice
  • General confession
  • 1. Explain the meaning of the words.
  • Encourage meaning what is said.
  • Point out they shouldnt receive Communion unless
    they have asked God for forgiveness and intend to
    obey Him/let Him be their leader (wake up call!)
  • Summary
  • Ask God to forgive you for everything you have
    done wrong.
  • Ask God to be your leader.

  • Curriculums
  • Programs
  • People

Pre-schoolEarly Childhood
  • Relationship with Loving Father
  • Love of God
  • Wisdom of God
  • Obedience
  • Creed
  • Eucharist
  • Bible Stories

Some pre-school resources
  • St. Joseph Picture Books
  • God wants All of Me
  • Arch Books from Concordia Press
  • Videos Hanna Barbara, Ignatius catalog
  • Activities prayer, reading stories, visiting
    the Blessed Sacrament, make something/take
    something (charity)

Early Elementary goals
  • Remind, remind, remind (or theyll forget)
  • Reaffirm love and obedience
  • Reaffirm confession
  • Sanctity of life/kindness
  • Meaning of Creeds
  • 10 commandments
  • Foundational virtues
  • --responsibility
  • --perseverance
  • --charity
  • Prayer
  • Importance of Sunday Eucharist regularly

Early Elementary Resources
  • Story books (Arch, St. Joseph)
  • Videos
  • Curriculums Teal, Preparing for the Sacraments,
    David C Cook, Concordia, Augsburg Fortress,
    Kidmo, Faith and Life from Ignatius Press
  • Catechism
  • The Power of a Praying Kid Stormie OMartin
  • Veggie Tale devotional
  • Raise Happy ChildrenTeach them Virtue

4-5-6 Goals
  • Reaffirm
  • Deepen prayer
  • Use Bible
  • Major Bible themes (with stories)
  • 7 sacraments
  • Sources of truth
  • Importance of life-long learning and growing
  • Morals
  • Church, holy orders
  • Creedal truth
  • Church comfort (seasons, church words, vestments,
  • fellowship

4-5-6 Resources
  • NLT Bible (memorize books in order, practice
    looking up books)
  • childrens devotionals
  • 7 Checkpoints
  • My Path to Heaven
  • 100 Activities Based on the Catechism
  • DVDs
  • Focus on the Family
  • Proverbs
  • Curriculums
  • Christian TV
  • Childrens retreat (very hands on, active)
  • Prayer sacramental experience

Junior High 7 8 Goals
  • Apologetics or at least 1 more deeper repeat of
    catechisms 4 pillars
  • Chastity
  • Serious Bible Study
  • Virtuessocial, political, family career
  • Mentors and fellowship
  • Stress importance of Sunday Mass ongoing study
  • Confirmation preparation

Junior 7 8 resources
  • Confirmation Class Study Guide-Ackerman and
  • The Kings Highway (or 9-12 graders)
  • Love and Life
  • DVDs-Ignatius
  • Teal

High School (9-12) GoalsIdeals after you lay a
foundation for 9 years
  • Marriage and family preparation
  • Christian Health (emotional and physical)
  • Sacrament Preparation
  • Deepen Prayer
  • How to Evangelize
  • Apologetics
  • Biblical principals finances, relationships,
    dating, service, character and values
  • Discernment, goals
  • Bible? Church History?
  • Are there problems? Christ-centered ways to
  • --Willowcreek Recovery
  • --Lord I want to be Whole

High School (9-12) resources
  • A,B,Cs of Finding a Good Husband/Wife
  • Eucharist and Confession CDs (
  • Didache SeriesScripture, Morals, etc. (Midwest
    Theological Foundation
  • Becoming a Contagious Christian curriculum youth
  • Ye are the Body
  • Finances (Crown Financial Ministries,
    Willowcreek, Group, Catholic Answers)
  • Vocational Discernment LifeWork
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Christian Formation
  • Teal
  • St. Joseph Covenant Keepers
  • DVDs
  • Stormie OMartin, Evelyn Christianson learning
  • Integrating into adult groups?
  • Peer Support Happening, St. Michaels Camp,
    Companions of MDC, Promise Keepers

Resources for Catechists
  • Age-appropriatewhat should my kid know at their
    age/learn this year
  • Remain in Me (from Spiritus Sanctus academies)
  • Focus on the Family also has a guide which covers
    protestant expectations

Marriage and Family Strengthening Resources
  • Marriage Savers (marriage prep and rescue)
  • RB Media
  • Promise Keepers
  • St. Joseph Covenant Keepers
  • Focus on the Family
  • Marriage Encounter/Engaged Encounter

Resources to Point Mom and Dad to
  • Christian bookstore
  • Ministry/church bookstore
  • Focus on the Family
  • Heritage Builders
  • Ignatius Press
  • Concordia Press
  • Light and Life
  • RB Media
  • Arch Books
  • St. Joseph Picture Books
  • Baltimore Catechism
  • Love and Life
  • St. Joseph Covenant Keepers
  • CBD www.christianbooks. Com
  • All Catholic Books

  • ? encouraging conversion
  • ? drawing into prayer and service
  • ? creating fellowship
  • ? leading to the sacraments
  • loving, relating, encouraging
  • Educationcontent
  • How can they do it if we dont tell them what it
  • Tactics High ground Youll get about what you
    expect (if youre not being sabotaged)
  • Be not afraid
  • Take them by the hand and lead to God?
  • To prayer and the sacraments
  • To obedient surrender