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September 16, 2009


And, reducing just one health risk also decreases absenteeism by 2% ... at least two activities in the 'Nutrition' area and at least one activity in the ' ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: September 16, 2009


Lasting Investments Health is Your Wealth
  • September 16, 2009
  • HEAL Presentation
  • Kristine Barrett, M.Ed.
  • Club HIIP Coordinator

The Problem Our lifestyles across the country
  • Almost 65 of American adults (135M) are
    overweight or obese
  • Sedentary jobs have increased 83 since 1950

  • Americans work 164 more hours a year than 20
    years ago
  • People are less active due to transportation
    and technology
  • Slide presented at the CEO AHA Breakfast
    November 2008

Percent of Obese (BMI gt 30) in U.S. Adults
Percent of Obese (BMI gt 30) in U.S. Adults
Percent of Obese (BMI gt 30) in U.S. Adults
Percent of Obese (BMI gt 30) in U.S. Adults
Percent of Obese (BMI gt 30) in U.S. Adults
Percent of Obese (BMI gt 30) in U.S. Adults
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  • How did we
  • get this way????

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The Issue The cost of Cardiovascular Disease in
the workplace
  • 60 of Business Roundtable CEOs cite healthcare
    as their top cost pressure (Source Partnership
    for Prevention)
  • Preventable illnesses make up 70 of illness
    costs in the U.S. and at least 25 of those costs
    are due to modifiable health risks such as diet
    and exercise (Source WELCOA)
  • The estimated annual direct medical cost of
    illnesses related to physical inactivity is 76.6
    billion (Source American Heart Association)
  • Physical Inactivity doubles the risk of heart
  • (Source World Heart Federation)
  • An obese employee annually cost the employer an
    additional 460 to 2500 in medical expenditures
    and absenteeism (Source American Heart
  • Slide presented at the CEO AHA Breakfast
    November 2008

The Solution A culture of physical activity…
  • Adults gain two hours of life expectancy for each
    hour of regular exercise (Source Harvard Alumni
  • Employers can save 16 for every 1 spent on
    health (Source
  • Physically active people save 500 a year in
    healthcare costs (Source
    World Health Organization)
  • Fitness programs have reduced employer healthcare
    costs 2055 (Source U.S. Department of Health)
  • Reducing just one health risk increases
    productivity by 9 (Source Partnership for
  • And, reducing just one health risk also decreases
    absenteeism by 2 (Source Partnership for
  • Slide presented at the CEO AHA Breakfast
    November 2008


Club HIIP (Health Improvement Incentive
Program) Employee Wellness Penrose-St. Francis
Health Services
  • History of Club HIIP
  • 27 years old!
  • Rob Ryder created the HIIP program in order to
    motivate encourage associates to invest time,
    energy, and resources in the improvement of their
    personal quality of health and life.
  • The Club HIIP program is one of the longest
    continually running programs in the USA!
  • Penrose-St. Francis believes that it is important
    that we continue this program and support our
    associates toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • Many take their health for granted but our health
    is the most important aspect of our life.

American Heart Association Platinum
Fit Friendly Award
  • Penrose-St. Francis/HIIP is the first company in
    Southern Colorado to receive this award!!!
  • 2008 Platinum Award
  • Achieve all criteria for Gold-level recognition
  • Demonstrate at least one of the pre-specified
    positive outcomes in the Behavior Change
    category, or at least one of the pre-specified
    positive outcomes in the Cost Savings category,
    or a positive Return on Investment. 13
    decrease in workers comp. cost per employee
  • 2007 Gold Award
  • Offers employees physical activity support
  • Increases healthy eating options at work
  • Promotes a wellness culture
  • Employs a minimum of 25 people
  • Implements at least six activities in the
    Physical Activity, at least two activities in
    the Nutrition area and at least one activity in
    the Culture area.

Lasting Investments Your Health is your
  • What is important in our lives during difficult
    economic times?
  • What should we invest in for 2010?
  • Focus on what is worth more than money. Live your
    life for today, tomorrow and the future.

FY10 July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
  • PREREQUISITES for eligibility
  • Complete Healthcalc RiskCalc Assessment
  • Attend an MTA Me Time Assessment
  • Provide health coaching and goal setting
  • Complete self care class
  • Attend our annual Health Screening
  • Attend at least 2 Education Classes
  • Attend/watch on video at least 4 Lunch N Learns
  • Participate at least 2 Fitness Activities
  • 1 fitness activity must be a Community

HIIP Award!!!!
  • Choice of either a Me Day (8 hrs of PTO)
  • ORgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgt
  • 125!!! Yes, that is right…we have increased the
    dollar amount by 25
  • This award is now available for
  • Per diem employees! They must work
  • 250 hours by Dec (REI Card) or 500 hours
    by June to be eligible (HIIP Award).

  • Congrats to 300 people who received the Club HIIP
    incentive award in FY09!
  • Increase in awardees by 23 from FY08
  • 10.5 of PSF earned the award (2 increase)
  • Enables us to apply for AHA Platinum award for
    2nd year in a row!!!
  • Congrats to 139 people who received the added
    incentive of 20 gift certificate to REI!!

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • What are our associates health risks?
  • Smoking, overweight, poor nutrition, stress, lack
    of exercise, family history
  • Health Risk Profilers HealthCalc conducts
    RiskCalc via website
  • 360 people completed HRP (RiskCalc) for FY 09
  • 73 people completed the NutraCalc Assessment
  • 65 people completed the HeartCalc Assessment
  • 4 people completed the FitCalc Assessment
  • Me Time Assessments(health coaching) give them
    appropriate tools to change
  • 305 in FY09
  • Provide information about past health screenings
    data for each individual
  • Allow you to make short term/long term goals
  • Follow up provided by HIIP staff

2009 Club HIIP Health Screening Around the World
in 6 Days Club HIIP offered blood pressures,
osteoporosis heel scan, cholesterol HDL, hearing,
vision, BMI, sit and reach, stress testing,
cancer information, pulmonary function, massage,
carpal tunnel/grip strength, smoking cessation,
and MORE. The participants included associates,
volunteers, and non-associates.
Around the World Tour
Everyone wanted to travel
around to destinations
such as Australia,
Ireland, Greece, Nepal, Brazil, etc!
of locations Old SF-63 Participants PH
370 participants SFMC 190 participants Breakd
own of participants Associates-564
Volunteers-35 Others-25 498 lab
participants 623 participants for FY09
Donations Collected for Villagers in Uganda,
  • Thank you to everyone who donated medical
    supplies, flip flops, and light clothing.
  • The screening collected Total 858.73
  • Sandals 147.79 Clothing275.78
    Medical Supplies 435.16
  • from participants for the Outreach Committee
  • The items collected were delivered to villagers
    in Uganda

Hypertension Intervention
  • Pilot program offered after Health Screening at
  • Sponsored by HIIP taught by Linda Anderson, RN
  • Session 1 12 participants
  • 7 lowered their blood pressure to qualify for 20
    gift card
  • Session 2 17 participants
  • 3 lowered their bp to normal ranges to qualify
    for gift card
  • Session 3 to be offered at SFMC in Aug

Invest in You Health and Spirituality
  • FISH Fatty Acids In Seafood are Healthy
  • (Sharon Jacob, RD and Chef Taylor at SFMC)
  • Spiritual Healing at the Reflection Pond/SFMC
    (Jackie Sward - Spiritual Care)
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • (Rosemary Partridge - Spiritual Care)
  • Laughter Makes You Younger (Yesim Mullin - EAP)
  • Hypertension Intervention
  • (Linda Anderson - Spiritual Care)

Invest in Your Family and Friends
  • Keeping Your Family Safe in the Wilderness
  • (Jason Loewe)
  • Circuit Training for Two
  • (Erin Heberlein, A.C.E. Personal Trainer-Club
  • Building Houses, Building Communities
  • Active Aging
  • (Home Instead Senior Care)
  • 4070 Talk
  • (Home Instead Senior Care)
  • Family Fun Fitness
  • (Kristine Barrett-HIIP Coordinator)

Invest in Your Education and Learning
  • Grocery Shopping on a Tight Budget
  • (Michelle Somers, Registered Dietitian-HIIP)
  • Digital Scrapbooking
  • (HIIP)
  • Microsoft Office
  • (Brenda Pate - HR)
  • Growing Your Own Garden
  • (Gary Morse-HR)
  • Get Tech to Keep Your Weight in Check
  • (Brenda Pate HR HIIP Staff)

Healing Touch Seminars
  • Level OneHTI Healing Touch
  • Certificate Programfor Health Care Professionals
    and Others Committed to Healing
  • Level 1
  • Penrose Main Hospital
  • 2222 N. Nevada Ave.
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Cancer Center Rooms A-C
  • October 10-11, 2009
  • Certification by Healing Touch International,
  • Healing Touch International, Inc. is the
    non-profit professional membership and
    educational organization for Healing Touch. It
    was established in March 1996, to receive the
    AHNA Healing Touch Certificate Program and the
    process for Healing Touch Certification of
    Practitioners (CHTP) and Instructors (CHTI) from
    the American Holistic Nurses Association.
  • Endorsed by The American Holistic Nurses
  • The American Holistic Nurses Association is a
    nonprofit membership organization dedicated to
    the principles and practice of holistic nursing
    defined as the renewing and enhancing of the art
    of nursing and caring for the whole person

Offered May 30/31, 2009 Taught by Myra Tovey,
RN -10 participants -16 CEs Upcoming
seminars Level One October 10/11,
9am-5pm Level Two November 7/8, 9am-5pm
Upcoming LNLs
  • August Celebrate What is Good in this World
  • (Steve Tucker- EAP)
  • September Duathalon Challenge (Rachel Cline-
  • October Eat This, Not That (Michelle Somers,
  • November Body Image Loving Yourself at Any
    Size (Sharon Jacob, RD)
  • December How to Tell Someone You Love, You
  • are Worried About Their Health
  • (Paul Anderson- Spiritual Care)

Fitness Activities
  • Bike To Work Day June 12, 2009
  • 18 bikers also received a free breakfast in the
  • Community Walks/Runs
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Race for the Cure
  • American Heart Walk
  • March of Dimes
  • Relay for Life
  • Liver Walk
  • MS Walk
  • Memory Walk
  • Light the Night Walk
  • Buddy Walk
  • Neilson Challenge
  • Pikes Peak Challenge

  • American Heart Walk-June 09

Hiking Club
  • Paul Intemann Trail
  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park Geocaching
    Homestead Ranch
  • Waldo Canyon
  • Stanley Canyon
  • Goose Gossage Park
  • Red Rocks Canyon please come in October?
  • Walking Clubs
  • PH on Thurs at 715am (Michelle Somers,
  • Sharon Pletcher, Judy Lawson)
  • SFMC on Tues at 1000am and 1230pm
  • (Rox Norris)
  • SF/Foundation on Mon at 1130pm
  • (Tracy Miles)

Wellness Centers
  • Opened Jan 2005
  • 2000 square foot gym
  • Massage therapy
  • Locker rooms
  • Aerobics room
  • with wood spring flooring
  • Available at PH, SFMC, SF, ASC, (24 hrs/7 days a
  • 2017 PH gym members (115 paying members) FY08
  • 26,647 visits FY 2009 616 associates orientated

Extended Fitness Classes
  • Yoga/Yoga for the Healthy Back Beth McCarthy
  • Bootcamp/Sculpting Margaret
  • Belly Dancing Janet Reedy
  • Pilates Jennifer Cisneros

  • Body Toning Nicole Miller
  • Nia Loretta Milo, LaSheryl Olson
  • Colorado Springs
  • Employees are about to enjoy our fitness classes.

SFMC Wellness Center Grand Opening
  • Grand Opening in September 2008
  • Opening Olympic ceremonies with Rob Ryder
    (Founder of HIIP), Greg Morova (Team Handball
  • 1000 sq foot facility
  • Cardiovascular strength equipment
  • Massage therapy
  • Locker Rooms

Personal Training Fitness
  • Do you need some help getting
  • started on your fitness??? Call us for help!
  • Sign up by calling Erin Heberlein at 776-7394
  • Cost is 20/hour for 1 hour personal training
    sessions OR discounted rates for more sessions
    (upcoming Fall Deals to come!)
  • Cost is 20 for 2 sessions
  • (3 months apart) for fitness testing

Places to get F-I-T!
  • Wellness Centers
  • Available at PH, SFMC, SF, ASC, (24 hrs/7 days a
  • 2260 PH gym members (119 paying members)
  • 26,647 visits FY 2009 616 associates oriented
  • YMCA Partnership
  • Waive the initiation fee for PSF employees
  • 120 PSF partnership families belong
  • Villa Sport
  • 50 off new member enrollment fee
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Initiation fee 19
  • Employee- One club-29.99/month, All-club-
  • Family Add on- One club- 24.99/month, All-club-

(No Transcript)
  • An 8 week wellness program from May 29- July 23
    to increase physical activity and lose weight.
  • Over 196 PSF associates participated, equaling
  • 22 PSF Teams!
  • Top 3 Teams
  • The Puddin Chasers 44.4 lbs 2.6 total weight
    lost, and
  • an average activity level per person of 5688
  • The BBBs 25.6 lbs 1.7 total weight loss, and
    an average activity level per person of 4419
  • Latte Dolls 33 lbs 2 total weight lost, and an
    average activity level per person of 3925
  • Winning team for PSF won free personal
    training session with Erin Heberlein, ACE
    Personal Trainer
  • Top 3 individuals
  • Victor Zayac from the Puddin Chasers 4.6
    pounds3.1 total weight lost and 14,700 minutes
  • Pat McClaran from the Paper Weights 18.4
    lbs 7.74 total weight lost and 4152 minutes.
  • Hellen Ballard from the Puddin Chasers
    11.6 lbs 7.32 total weight lost and 5325

  • Opening Ceremony 5K Run/Walk

All PSF Lighten UP Colorado Participants are
automatically entered for FREE into the State
Games of America OPENING CEREMONY 5K!!!!
State Games of America Opening Ceremony Thursday,
July 30, 2009 4 pm at the World Arena Lighten Up
Colorado Winners and Medalists Advanced
Category- Puddin Chasers- Gold
Medal Intermediate Category- BBBs- Silver
Medal Intermediate Category- Youre Goin
Down- Bronze Medal
5K Run/Walk Sunday, August 2, 2009 730 am at
Memorial Park 5K Winners and Medalists Rox
Norris- Bronze Medal in her age group Patsy
Marshall- Gold Medal in her age group
Other Incentives
  • If you complete the program by December 16, you
    will receive an added bonus of a 20 gift
    certificate to REI
  • Tobacco free award anyone who has quit smoking
    beginning July 1, 2007 and been successful for 6
    months will receive 50 award. You must register
    with HIIP and meet the requirements.
  • Presidents Health Award presented by Margaret
    Sabin, CEO to employees who have made a
    significant lifestyle change!!! Congratulate
    those employees you see wearing the black

Weight Watchers
  • For the next session of Weight Watchers at Work,
  • it will cost less to weigh less!
  • 25 off if you are a current PSF WW program
    participant and you renew (130 - approximately
    45 savings)
  • 20 off for NEW enrollees (140 - approx 35
  • Also, Weight Watchers members who reach lifetime
    status and maintain their goal weight will
    receive a 50 American Express gift card from
    Club HIIP!!!!
  • Next WW program began in August
  • Normal price would be 175 for 17 week series

  • Dietetic Counseling (HIIP/HLC)
  • Dietitians 1-on-1 nutritional counseling
    available 3x/year (20 charge)
  • Massages Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy
    (Call x5595)
  • 1hr. full body/month 595 massages in FY09 HIIP
    schedules/bills for massage program

Pedometer Challenges
  • Offered to PSF, 6 elementary schools in District
    20, Colorado College
  • 8 week walking challenges
  • Colorado Tour, Walk to New York City, Cruise the
    Caribbean, Hike to Pikes Peak,
  • Destination Focus
  • Week 1 Oakley, Kansas
    Beauty/Body Friends
  • Week 2 Oakley to Junction City, Kansas
  • Week 3 Junction City to Kansas City,
    Missouri Eating
  • Week 4 Kansas City to St. Louis, Missouri Time
  • Week 5 St. Louis to Indianapolis, Indiana Work
  • Week 6 Indianapolis to Cambridge,
    Ohio Spiritual
  • Week 7 Cambridge to Baltimore,
    Maryland Family/Spouse Partner
  • Week 8 Baltimore to New York City Exercise/Learn

Lose BIG to Win 2 Weight Loss Challenge
  • Lose BIG to Win 180 participants lost 1039
    pounds in 8 weeks! Winner won 1800!
  • LBTW2 Participants lost over 520 pounds in 8

FY09 Success Stories
  • Sherri Rozwick- Trauma, Quit Smoking (Finished
    incentive program - 50 visa gift card)
  • Danielle Davis- CSSC, Quit Smoking
  • William Lewis- 3 East, Weight Loss
  • Charlotte Miller- OR, Quit Smoking (Finished
    incentive program - 50 visa gift card)
  • Mary Tanner- SFMC/Radiology, Quit Smoking
  • Nate Sadorus-SFMC/Radiology, Quit Smoking
  • Presidents Health Award presented by
  • Margaret Sabin, CEO to employees who
  • have made a significant lifestyle change!!!
    Congratulate those employees you see wearing the
    black shirts!!

Tobacco Free Campuses
  • All PSF facilities went Tobacco free on August 8,
  • Communication conducted through Pulse Points,
    letters flyers, table tents
  • PSF Tobacco Coalition created and met monthly
  • Help available for smokers to quit (smoking
    cessation, QuitLine/QuitNet, pharmaceuticals,
  • Chantix now covered on FY09 United Healthcare
  • Offered a Grand Rounds for the physicians and

Classes are available for registration in
Healthcalc TODAY!
(No Transcript)
New Opportunities
  • Incorporate a greener culture for Centura as
    part of environmental wellness
  • Docuvault shredding/paper recycling
  • Offered in the PH cafeteria and PCH vending area
    for aluminum and glass
  • Thank you to the many departments who already do
    voluntary recycling programs (aluminum, plastic,
    sharp containers, aphaeresis, etc.)
  • Share best practices with Centura to enable all
    facilities to start wellness programs
  • Learn from Boulder Community Hospital
  • Healthy vending and continued healthy
  • choices offered in the cafeterias

Duathlon Through the Rockies
Mission An 8-week wellness program that
allows PSF Associates to increase their quality
of health and life by challenging themselves
physically as they travel VIRTUALLY through the
Colorado Rockies!
Implemented by Interns Courtney Grasmick and
Luke Smith Created by Rachel Cline
What is a Duathlon?
  • Biking and running/walking
  • PSF Duathlon mileage challenge
  • Youll travel on your journey through the tallest
    Colorado Rockies based on miles exercised
  • Going the extra mile The 14er CHALLENGE!

Duathlon Logistics
  • 8-week individual mileage challenge
  • Mon, Sept 21, 2009 Sun, Nov 15, 2009
  • Wellness component personal health goal
  • Registration Fee 20 cash or check made payable
    to PSF Wellness to participate
  • Sign up at the LNLS or the specific registration
  • Youll choose your mountain destination (mileage
    challenge) based on your current physical

Mountain Destinations/Mileage Goals
  • Wonderful Walkers 10-19 miles/week
  • 1st 4 mountains (Total mileage80)
  • Triumphant Trekkers 20-39 miles/week
  • 1st 6 mountains (Total mileage160)
  • Rockin Rikers 40-59 miles/week
  • 1st 8 mountains (Total mileage320)
  • Cyclonic Cyclists 60 miles/week
  • All 8 mountains and then back 2 mountains
  • (Total mileage480)
  • Anyone can bike to make up miles

Rocky Mountain Journey
  • Climb the 8 tallest peaks (14,000) in the Rocky
  • Each participant will move markers (shoes or
    bicycle) as they conquer each mountain to create
    healthy competition at each site
  • Posters/bulletin boards will be located at each
    gym site (your name will be listed alphabetically
    at the bottom of the chart at the location you
  • See where your co-workers are along the journey
    as well
  • Enjoy FREE information about each mountain

Going the extra mile The 14er CHALLENGE!
  • Doing other activities to earn additional miles
  • Conversion chart in packet
  • For example 30 minutes of light weight training
    1 mile
  • Or attending an extended fitness class Yoga for
    75 mins 4 miles

Mileage Challenge Completed
15 Gift Card to Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Youll receive a …
  • If you also turned in all the completed forms for

Invest In You!!
Future Vision for Centura Health
  • Follow by Example
  • Margaret Sabin CEO President of PSF has
    claimed that we are going to change the health
    care culture to one more of wellness instead of
    sick care
  • Teaching boot camp
  • class to associates!
  • She has inspired and
  • invigorated many PSF
  • associates to better
  • their health!

What Can I Expect if I Reduce My Health Risks?
10 to 20 years of extended, high-quality living
  • Invest in your health TODAY!! Dont wait for
  • stock market or healthcare reform.
  • Take advantage of our employee wellness
  • Support and encourage your employees to make
  • lifestyle changes. Show your leadership.
  • your associates who are making changes.
  • Bring fun back into the workplace!
  • Make your workplace the best possible place to
  • Prioritize your life and be
  • healthy, happy, and fit
  • so you can enjoy
  • your families?
  • A Healthy Lifestyle is HIIP…
  • Join the Club!