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CIVL 114 Civil Engineering Drawing


Save as a 'plain text' type (i.e. a text file), with ... Easting (6 digits 3 decimals), one space, Northing, one space, Point name. for example, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CIVL 114 Civil Engineering Drawing

CIVL 114Civil Engineering Drawing
  • Topic 8
  • AutoLISP program
  • Introduction to 3D drawing

  • AutoLISP program
  • Plotting with layouts
  • Inserting external reference and image
  • Introduction to 3D drawing
  • Reference reading

AutoLISP Program
  • For CIVL102 and 114 students only
  • A programming language for AutoCAD
  • Autoplot program
  • To plot 2-D points labels automatically

AutoLISP Program
  • Procedures
  • Download the AutoLISP program file from and open it with Word
    (or any word processor)
  • Save as a plain text type (i.e. a text file),
  • filename AUTOPLOT.LSP (include the quotes)
  • drive your AutoCAD program directory
  • (usually C\Program Files\ACAD2006)
  • (alternatively C\temp)
  • (if the computer does not allow you to save in
    Program Files directory)

AutoLISP Program
  • Create your data as a text file
  • each line MUST follow this format
  • Easting (6 digits3 decimals), one space,
    Northing, one space, Point name
  • for example,
  • 123456.789 222888.333 P5
  • 234567.899 333888.222 G5-Point8
  • i.e. E and N must each have 6 digits 3 decimals
  • Point name can have any number of characters
  • Do not hit enter/space when you finish
    typing the last point name, just save the file!

AutoLISP Program
  • Recommended data preparation procedure
  • (i) prepare the 3 columns of required data (E N
    name) in Excel
  • (ii) copy the data and paste to word (becomes a
  • (iii) Table Convert Table to Text Separate
    Text with (Others type one space)
  • (iv) delete any space(s) after the last character
    at the end
  • (v) File Save as (Save as Type Plain Text)
  • If you use the trial data on the web, make
    sure you use IE not Netscape to save it,
    otherwise there may be formatting problems.

AutoLISP Program
  • Run AutoCAD, and in the command line, type
  • (LOADAUTOPLOT) including the ( )
  • OR
  • (if program was saved on non-default directory)
  • Tools Options Files click on the in
    front of Support File Search Path- Add (enter a
    permitted directory such as C\temp)
  • and
  • (LOADC/temp/autoplot)
  • As program requests, select the saved data file
  • All points in data file are plotted and labeled

Plotting with layouts
  • Using layouts
  • Creating a new layout
  • Creating multiple views in one layout
  • Plotting multiple views

3D Drawing
  • User Coordinate System (UCS)
  • Tools New UCS -
  • Shortcut bar (Right click ACAD tick UCS)
  • Type UCS N --

3D Drawing
  • 3D orbit
  • View 3D orbit
  • Shortcut bar
  • (Right click ACAD
  • tick 3D orbit)
  • View
  • View 3D views
  • Shortcut bar
  • (Right click
  • ACAD view)

3D Drawing
  • Dice
  • 50 x 50 mm cube
  • 5mm-diameter hemispheres subtracted from the dice
    for the black dots
  • Fillet the edges of the cube with fillet radius

Reference reading
  • Textbook
  • More AutoLISP programs of interest to engineers
  • http//
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