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A Doll


... widowed, she has come to the Helmers' home hoping Torvald can help her get a job. She & Krogstad were close at one time. Cast of Characters ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Doll

A Dolls House
  • Intro. to Drama Notes

What is Realism?
  • Literature that attempts to create the appearance
    of life as it is actually experienced.
    Commonplace, everyday life rather than
    extraordinary events (Oedipus) are the focus.
  • Records details of ordinary life
  • Concentrates on the typical/average Joe (not
  • Examines a slice of life

Realism Characteristics
  • Speak the way we speak in real life
  • Conflicts involve work, love, marriage, children,
  • Deals with factories, slums, bosses, social
    outcasts, shopkeepers, the rising struggling
    middle class
  • Portrays man imprisoned by forces he could not
    control or understand. Viewed society as

Realism on Stage
  • Attempts to create the illusion of real life on
  • Scenery is real
  • life-like language
  • well-made plots
  • 4th wall convention - actors address each other
    they do not speak directly to audience

Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906)
  • Father of realism and the modern drama
  • He moved away from romanticism and its use of
    stereotyped characters, exaggerated emotions, and
    flowery language
  • Explored controversial topics of his time

Ibsens style
  • Lack of metaphors
  • Presence of symbolism
  • Short, choppy, dialogue

A social problem play
  • Addresses controversial topics, problems in
  • A Dolls House inferior role of women
  • An Enemy of the People corrupt public officials
  • Want to teach about correct social probs
  • Danger is playwright has to create characters
    with whom the audience can identify otherwise
    play feels like propaganda

Major Themes in A Dolls House
  • Coming-of-age and loss-of-innocence
  • Loss of female identity that the inferior
    position of women in this society fostered
  • Concept that ones highest duty is to oneself,
    even if that duty appears to break all the rules
    of society
  • The idea that the appearance of things does not
    always mirror reality and, sometimes, may mask
    the true reality

Cast of Characters
  • Nora Helmer the protagonist, a young mother,
    with very few apparent responsibilities, she went
    from her fathers house to her husbands without
    having had any real contact with the world
  • Torvald Helmer Noras husband, her chief
    antagonist. He is a serious man who is concerned
    with the appearance of things.

Cast of Characters
  • Nils Krogstad a bank clerk. He was known to
    have been involved in a crime a while ago. He
    had also lent money to Nora without Torvalds
    knowledge, which was against the law.
  • Christine Linde recently widowed, she has come
    to the Helmers home hoping Torvald can help her
    get a job. She Krogstad were close at one time

Cast of Characters
  • Dr. Rank He is an old friend of the Helmers, who
    has been secretly in love with Nora. The doctor
    is suffering from tuberculosis.
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