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Day 1 Time Frame: 10 minutes


The museum's collection of hip-hop objects should trace the music's inner-city ... DJs from the early days, such as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool and Afrika Bambaataa ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Day 1 Time Frame: 10 minutes

1 Hip-Hop and American History
Day 1 Time Frame 10 minutes
Hip-Hop is History at American Museum
Hip-hop will soon be accepted as an important
form of music in America. The Smithsonian Museum
in Washington D.C. has decided to create a
hip-hop exhibition. Rappers and DJs will be
alongside the greats from classical, jazz and
folk music. The museums collection of hip-hop
objects should trace the musics inner-city
origins in the Bronx in the 1970s to the present
day. The exhibition will be called Hip-Hop Won't
Stop the Beat, the Rhymes, the Life. It will
take over five years and two million dollars to
gather enough material to showcase hip-hops
roots. The museum plans to work with many hip-hop
artists and the music channel MTV. Smithsonian
spokeswoman Valeska Hilbig said Hip-hop was
born in New York but its now a global
phenomenon.Its here to stay, and its part of
American culture, just like jazz is part of
American history. Rappers and DJs from the early
days, such as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool and
Afrika Bambaataa have promised to donate records,
turntables, posters and a boom box to the
collection. Gangsta rap legend Ice-T expressed
his happiness with the project and said he would
send anyone interested in hip-hop to the museum.
What do you think of Hip-hop music?
a. What do you think of hip-hop fashion and
lifestyle? b. How would you define hip-hop? c.
Why does hip-hop sometimes have a bad image? d.
What do you think about hip-hop being showcased
in a prestigious American museum? e. Do you
prefer American hip-hop or that in your own
2 Romantic Love
Day 2 Time Frame 10 minutes
Romantic Love Lasts Only A Year
Italian scientists have discovered that a
chemical in the brain responsible for romantic
love fades in intensity over the course of a
year. This perhaps explains why that giddy,
euphoric, head-over-heels-in-love feeling that
takes our breath away at the start of a
relationship diminishes over time. Researchers
from the University of Pavia determined that
levels of a protein called Nerve Growth Factor
(NGF) greatly increase when a person first falls
in love. Raised NGF levels spring from the rush
of adrenalin, renewed vigor and confidence and
lust for life that occur when new love blossoms.
Levels of NGF greatly decrease over a year or so
as security within the relationship sets in.
There is then less urgency to constantly woo a
potential partner to ensure they are yours.
Are You romantic?
a. How many times have you been head over heels
in love? b. When was the last time you had happy
and wonderful feelings? c. Are you happy now
that you know the reason why romantic love
disappears after a year? d. Would you like
scientists to make a drug that keeps NGF at very
high levels in the brain for as many years
as you want? e. Do you wine and dine your
partner / Do you like to be wined and dined?
3 Happiest People On Earth
Day 3 Time Frame 10 minutes
Working Mothers Pass On To Stress Kids
Working mothers take heed. A new report published
in the journal Developmental Psychobiology
suggests that mothers who work in jobs that offer
little satisfaction and are emotionally draining
pass on their stress to their children. The
researchers, from the UKs Bath, Kent and Bristol
universities, found that young children are
particularly susceptible to picking up on their
mothers stress. According to the report, putting
a child in childcare, where youngsters will play
and happily interact with other tots, can help to
counter the problem. Co-author Julie Cobb said
childcare provides a sanctuary for children that
protects them from the adverse effects of their
mothers emotional exhaustion. Ms. Cobb urged
companies to support both mothers and children.
a. What do you think of the findings of this
study? b. Do you think it is a big problem when
mothers pass on their stress to their
children? c. Did your mother work and was she
stressed? d. How do you think a mothers stress
affects her children? e. Do you think mothers
and children should be given drugs to reduce the
levels of cortisol?
4 Happiness
Day 4 Time Frame 10 minutes
Happiest People In The World
Australians are the happiest people in the world
according to a survey undertaken by market
researchers GfK NOP. The marketers conducted
door-to-door surveys and interviews with 30,000
people in 30 countries. They asked respondents
how satisfied they were with their overall
quality of life. Forty-six percent of Australians
proclaimed to be very happy and expressed
optimism about their future. Following them in
the very happy stakes was the USA (40 percent),
Egypt (36 percent), India (34 percent) and the UK
and Canada (32 percent). Hungary got the wooden
spoon, finishing bottom of the happiness chart.
Thirty-five percent of its citizens said they
were either disappointed or very unhappy,
followed by Russians at 30 percent.
Do you agree with the headline?
a. Are the people in your country generally very
happy? b. Are you very happy most of the
time? c. What makes you unhappy? d. Whats the
most miserable youve been? e. How happy are you
compared with your friends?
5 Children and Violence
Day 5 Time Frame 10 minutes
Violence in Japans Elementary Schools
Japanese elementary schools are becoming ever
more increasingly violent, according to
government statistics. This is beginning to
challenge the myth of Japan as an orderly society
in which schoolchildren sit attentively, respond
in unison and respect teachers. The number of
reported cases of violence rose to a record 1,890
during the past school year. This broke the
previous record of 1,600 cases set in 2003. A
government spokesperson attributed the violence
to children having difficulties expressing their
feelings or lacking patience. Japan began
surveying school violence in 1997 following a
string of macabre and disturbing crimes committed
by younger students. The most shocking crime was
the decapitation of a ten-year-old by a
What adjectives describe your feeling about this
a. Are you surprised there is violence in
Japans elementary schools? b. What is your
image of schools in Japan? c. Do elementary
schoolchildren in your country sit attentively
and respect teachers? d. What are the biggest
problems facing elementary schools in your
country? e. Did you witness or experience any
violence at elementary school?
6 Beauty And The Net
Day 6 Time Frame 10 minutes
Site For Beautiful People Only
Dear Guest, Welcome to the most beautiful and
coveted network in the U.S. This is the greeting
you receive at a new, elite and exclusive
Internet site that has just been launched in the
U.S. follows similar,
successful ventures in Denmark, Sweden and the
U.K. Membership requirements are deliberately
blunt you must be very beautiful or handsome.
If you dont have the curves in the right places
or your face isnt quite Hollywood, you are
rejected. The sites introductory spiel says it
introduces beautiful people to truly beautiful
people. It is a meeting place which is reserved
for people who, because of their attractive
appearance and personal qualities, stand out from
the majority.
a. Would you like to join b.
What do you think of people who want to join
this site? c. Do you think this site is just for
vain people? d. What does this kind of site say
about the world? e. Do you worry about your
looks and body?
7 Record-Breaking Weddings
Day 7 Time Frame 10 minutes
Everest Wedding
A Nepalese couple have become the first people
ever to get married on top of Mount Everest. They
felt, and were, on top of the world on their
wedding day. Moni Mule Pati, 24, and Pem Dorjee
Sherpa, 23, exchanged wedding vows on top of the
worlds highest peak. Their ceremony on the
summit truly was a match made in heaven. The
couple are now on cloud nine. There were no
wedding dresses, tuxedos or wedding bells. Just
oxygen tanks, climbing equipment and some plastic
flowers. The groom carried some traditional red
powder, which he put on his brides forehead as a
symbol of marriage. The happy couple and their
one guest had to climb down after ten minutes.
The conditions were bitingly cold and becoming
dangerous. The newlyweds had kept their plan a
secret. They were worried about not being able to
reach the top together. They also had concerns
over what their families might say about their
different cultural backgrounds. Pem Dorjee said
With our interracial marriage, we also wanted to
give the message that caste and race are no
barriers when it comes to marriage.
a. What do you think of the idea of Everest
weddings? b. What do you think of the Nepalese
couple? c. Are you surprised they are the first
couple to marry on top of Everest? d. Would you
like to climb Mount Everest? e. What wedding vow
would you make on top of Mt. Everest?
8 Best Food In The World
Day 8 Time Frame 10 minutes
British Food Best In The World
A British restaurant that serves bacon and egg
ice cream has been voted the best place in the
world to eat. The Fat Duck restaurant, near
London, was at the top of Restaurant magazines
list of The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants. The
owner and head chef Heston Blumenthal opened his
restaurant ten years ago. He has quickly
developed a reputation for experimental and
unique dishes. His menu includes leather, oak and
tobacco chocolates, sardine on toast sorbet,
snail porridge, and mousse dipped in liquid
nitrogen. He taught himself how to cook and is
now famous for this new style of cooking, which
is called molecular gastronomy. It mixes
chemistry, physics, food and flavour to make
unusual taste combinations. Britain, the home of
fish and chips, is famous for tasteless and
boring food. However, it seems things are
changing in addition to the Fat Ducks award,
London was named in March by Gourmet magazine as
the Gourmet Capital of the World.
a. Was there anything in the story you cannot
believe? b. Did you agree with anything you
read? c. Which country do you think the writer
of this article is from? d. What do you think of
British food? e. Do you think your countrys
food is the tastiest in the world?
9 Movies And Children
Day 9 Time Frame 10 minutes
The 50 Must-See Childrens Film
BNE The British Film Institute (BFI) has
released a list of 50 movies that they say all
under-14-year-old children must see. More than 70
movie critics gave their top ten childrens
movies from around the world. The result is a
wide variety of famous Hollywood blockbusters,
such as ET and Toy Story, as well as more obscure
movies, like Where is the Friends House, an
Iranian movie released in 1987. The number one
film is Hayao Miyazakis 2001 movie Spirited
Away. Five of the top ten movies were not in
a. What do you think of must-see movie lists? b.
Are you surprised five of the top ten are not in
English? c. Have you seen or would you like to
see the four movies mentioned in the first
paragraph? d. How have kids movies changed over
the years? e. Do you prefer Hollywood kids
movies or non-American ones?
10 People Of The Year
Day 10 Time Frame 10 minutes
Bill Gates and Bono Times Persons of 2005
Time magazine has named Microsoft chairman Bill
Gates, Melinda Gates, and rock star Bono as its
Persons of the Year for 2005. All won the
annual award for their non-stop efforts to
improve public health around the globe and reduce
disease and poverty in Africa. Times editor
Nancy Gibbs said she wanted to honor Bono and the
Gates for being shrewd about doing good, for
rewiring politics and re-engineering justice, for
making mercy smarterand then daring the rest of
us to follow. Of course, they also have their
own incredibly busy and successful careers.
In pairs / groups, make your choices for Person
of the Year / Do-Gooder of the Year / Baddie of
the Year / Fool of the Year / Star of the Year /
Nice Person of the Year / Biggest Mistake of the
Year / Sports Person of the Year / Your
category Person of the Year. Change partners and
explain your choices and reasons.
11 Parenting
Day 11 Time Frame 10 minutes
Toddlers Mimic Smoking Parents
Parents who smoke and drink should be careful.
Children are looking at and remembering and
copying the behavior of their mothers and
fathers. This is the conclusion of a study made
by Dartmouth College in the American state of New
Hampshire. A research team asked kindergarten
children to role-play a shopping trip. The
researchers measured the thoughts and attitudes
of the students and found two-year-old toddlers
buying alcohol and cigarettes.
a. What do you think of this article? b. Why do
people smoke? c. Do you think the research made
is conclusive? d. Do you have smoking friends.
What do they say about smoking?
12 Celebrities
Day 12 Time Frame 10 minutes
Tom Cruise Proposes In Paris
Hollywood heart-throb Tom Cruise has asked his
girlfriend Katie Holmes to marry him. Tom popped
the question at a very romantic setting the
Eiffel Tower, in Paris. The couple have had a
whirlwind romance. They only told the world they
were in love in April. Since then, Hollywoods
gossip reporters have been writing about the pair
nonstop. Of course, not all the news has been
true. Some tabloids filled dozens of their
columns about Tom and Katie. Many said that the
relationship was a publicity stunt. Gossip
columnists want to believe Tom is just helping
Katie to become a star.
a. Do you like Hollywood news (or news of other
movie stars)? b. What is your opinion of Tom
Cruise? c. What do you think of this whirlwind
romance? d. Do you think theyll both live
happily ever after - together? e. Is a diamond
engagement ring necessary?
13 Music
Day 13 Time Frame 10 minutes
Paul McCartneys Space Station Concert
Sir Paul McCartney has become the first musician
to sing live to an audience in space. The former
Beatle woke up the crew of the International
Space Station with special versions of two songs
that were carefully chosen for the space concert.
The first was the Beatles classic Good Day
Sunshine. The second tune was a track titled
English Tea from his new album Chaos and Creation
in the Backyard. NASAs own television channel
showed the songs and live images of the two-man
space audience listening to them. This is the
first time live music has woken up astronauts.
NASA traditionally uses recorded songs. Sir Paul
said he decided to sing Good Day Sunshine to
repay a favor. NASA used it to wake the Space
Shuttle Discovery crew earlier this year. The
song signaled to the crew that landing conditions
on Earth were perfect for their second attempt at
returning from space. The first landing was
canceled because of bad weather. Before his
performance, Sir Paul said I cant believe that
were actually transmitting to space.This is
sensational. I love it. Astronaut Bill McArthur
also seemed happy and told Sir Paul We consider
you an explorer, just as we are.
a. Do you like Sir Paul McCartney or The
Beatles? b. Do you think Sir Paul McCartney was
a good choice of artist to make the first live
broadcast into space? c. What song or
piece of music do you think should be transmitted
into space? d. How do you wake up in the
morning? e. Have you ever canceled anything
because of bad weather?
14 Jogging And Health
Day 14 Time Frame 10 minutes
Researchers Say Jogging Alone Is Unhealthy
A new report suggests that jogging could be bad
for your health, especially if you do it alone. A
team of researchers from Harvard University has
said that going for a run on your own is not as
healthy as people believe. Their research showed
that jogging as part of a group is healthier. The
experiments they did on rats showed that running
alone raises stress levels and slows down brain
cell growth. Professor Elizabeth Gould, the
research leader, said These results suggest
that, with no social interaction, a normally
positive experience can have a negative
influence on the brain.
a. What do you think of jogging? b. Is jogging
popular in your country? c. What are your
experiences of jogging or running? d. Do you
think jogging can be bad for you? e. Do you
agree with the conclusion of the professor in the
15 The Things We Eat
Day 15 Time Frame 10 minutes
Eating Fish Is Good For The Brain
Eating fish every week may keep our brain more
active during our older years. This is the
conclusion of research conducted by the Rush
University Medical Center in Chicago. The study
found that older people who eat fish regularly
have quicker and better memories. Over a lifetime
of eating fish, people could be three to four
years mentally younger in age. Lead researcher
Martha Clare Morris said We found that people
who ate one fish meal a week had a 10 percent
slower annual decline in thinking.People who
rarely eat fish have afaster decline in their
thinking ability over time.
a. Do you like fish? b. Have you ever thought
about the link between food and the brain? c. Do
you have a good memory? d. What would you do if
you noticed a decrease in your brainpower? e. Do
you worry about brain diseases setting in when
you are older?
16 Going On A Diet
Day 16 Time Frame 10 minutes
Breakfast Helps Girls Stay Slim
A newly published report says that girls should
eat breakfast every day if they want to stay
slim. Researchers from Americas Maryland Medical
Research Institute followed the eating habits and
weight of nearly 2,400 girls throughout their
adolescence. This ten-year period is a time when
girls put on a lot of weight, according to lead
researcher Bruce Barton. The conclusion of the
findings was that teenage girls who ate cereal
for breakfast three times a week or more were
more likely to stay slim.
a. What do you usually have for breakfast? b.
What would you like to eat for breakfast? c. How
have your breakfast eating habits changed over
the years? d. Do you think breakfast is the most
important meal of the day? e. Do you think it is
important to eat breakfast with your family?
17 Coffee And Your Health
Day 17 Time Frame 10 minutes
New Study Says Coffee Is Good For You
Coffee is good for you. That is the conclusion of
researchers at the University of Scranton in
Pennsylvania. A team led by Dr. Joe Vinson found
coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. Coffee
is the biggest provider of these vitamins in the
U.S. diet. Antioxidants help fight cancer and
reduce cell damage and the effects of aging. Dr.
Vinson said both caffeinated and decaffeinated
coffee provides similar levels of antioxidants.
He recommended no more than two cups of coffee a
a. Do you drink a lot of coffee? b. Do you
think about the health benefits of what you
drink? c. Do you do anything to limit the
effects of aging? d. Do coffee and tea play an
important role in your life? e. Do you ever go
to coffee shops? What do you like about them?
18 Your Health And Your Friends
Day 18 Time Frame 10 minutes
Friends Help You Live Longer
A new health report says that having good friends
in your old age helps you live longer. The report
also says that having close friends may be more
important than having close family ties.
Researchers interviewed 1,500 Australians over
the age of 70 about their social and family ties.
The results suggest that people with close
friendships were 22 per cent more likely to live
longer. The researchers said this is because of
the positive effects on the body of social
activity and recreation. The researchers analyzed
data from an Australian study, which began in
1992. The 10-year-long study measured how
behavioral, economic, environmental and social
factors affected the health of 70-year-olds. The
senior citizens were monitored annually for four
years and then at three-yearly intervals. The
team found that those with the strongest network
of friends were less likely to die by the end of
the ten-year period. This was true even when the
senior citizen lost a spouse. The message is to
keep in touch if you want to live longer.
a. Do you agree with the study that friends are
more important than family to help you live
longer? b. Would you rather be surrounded by
friends or family at 70? c. Are you worried
about old age? d. Do you think life is less
stressful for seniors? e. Do you think
friendships between 70-year-olds are stronger
than those between younger friends?
19 Robots
Day 19 Time Frame 10 minutes
Home Robots On Sale In Japan
A Japanese company started selling a futuristic
home robot on September 16. The meter-high
humanoid may make housework a thing of the past
for the rich. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries put its
internet-linked Wakamaru robot on sale at a price
of 150,000. Just 100 of these home helps will
initially be available. The robot is the idea of
Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita. He said his
creation was designed in the shape of a human
being so that it is not considered simply a
machine and that it has an independent
a. What do you think about Wakamaru? b. What do
you think of the idea of robots? c. Do you think
robots will become more intelligent than
humans? d. Do you think it will become difficult
to tell humans and robots apart? e. What would
you want your robot to look like?
20 Television and Health
Day 20 Time Frame 10 minutes
Television Shoes
An amazing new invention by a British student
will help children who are overweight. It will
also reduce the number of hours of television
they watch every day. The technology is nicknamed
Square-Eyes. It is a tiny, computerized sensor
that fits into childrens shoes. It measures the
number of steps the child takes during the day
and sends this information to the family
computer. Software then tells the child how many
hours of TV he or she can watch that evening. One
hundred steps equal one minute of TV. If children
use up all of their viewing time, they must do
more walking.
  • a. What do you think of the new invention?
  • b. Do you think this device will be popular?
  • c. How would you feel if you had to walk for
    four hours every day to watch
  • your favorite TV drama or news program?
  • d. Do you think kids will find a way to beat the
    walking counter?
  • e. How much TV did you watch when you were a