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In 2002 the College of Computing Sciences at NJIT introduced a completely new ... Vacation Rentals e-Commerce Site (RESERVED) Graciela Diaz. Turnkey Properties. 13 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: College of Computing Sciences Senior Project Capstone Courses Prepared by

College of Computing
SciencesSenior Project Capstone
CoursesPrepared by  Osama Eljabiri Director
of Senior Project Capstone Courses
Presented to Introduction Class Session (Spring
Introductory Clip
  • One success story in a minute

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Your Course
  • In 2002 the College of Computing Sciences at NJIT
    introduced a completely new designed senior
    project Capstone course, utilizing projects from
    industry, faculty and students as the basis for
    team-oriented projects.
  • In these projects, student teams analyze,
    diagnose and model system requirements to produce
    well-engineered and well-documented software
  • The regular 491 or 492 course is offered as a
    one semester and may be extended to two-semester
    program during the Fall, Spring and Summer
  • This course is intended to provide senior
    Computer Science, Information systems and
    information technology majors real world
    experience in software engineering and
    interdisciplinary problem solving prior to
  • This course is team-based in which project
    mangers and team members are carefully and
    collaboratively selected to suit the task at
  • Course director/instructor solicit a revised
    selection of industry and real world projects
    from a broad array of sponsors. 

Your Schedule
  • Class meetings every week until the Spring break
    (as scheduled).
  • (training and presentations)
  • Teams to present after each Sprint
  • (5 sprints including the final presentation)
  • After Spring break, teams use class location and
    time for their meetings.
  • Review Master Calendar in excel format at our
    course homepage at
  • Our online calendar is available at
  • http//

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Your Resources
  • Course Information
  • Course Communication and Evaluation
  • http//
  • FAQs
  • http//
  • Samples and Examples
  • http//
  • Software Engineering Lectures
  • http//

Your Textbook
  • None and Every thing
  • No special book is required to buy
  • Use all previous books from other courses
    relevant to the task at hand
  • For the software engineering process, recommended
    references are
  • Modern Systems Analysis and Design by Jeffrey A.
    Hoffer, Joey F. George and Joseph S. Valacich,
    Third edition, Addison Wesley (ISBN
  • Software Engineering Theory and Practice,
    Second Edition by Shari Lawrence Pfleeger . Find
    book resources and online lecture notes at
  • Software Engineering A Practitioner's Approach,
    Pressman, McGraw-Hill, Fifth Edition, 2001.Find
    book resources and online lecture notes at
  • http//
  • More good books and references in software
    engineering can be found at the following URL
  • http//

Course Tools
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • SPSS (for research track)
  • PhP/Mysql
  • Camtesia (for presentations)

Course Events
  • Five Teams Presentations (including final
    presentation with a panel of judges)
  • Jan 30th OWASP
  • NJIT Open House
  • CCS Career Day
  • Capstone Showcase April 28th

Course Additional Training
  • Project Managers Workshop (TBA)
  • Jan 30th Open University Opening (including a
    mini career fair and PhP)
  • Open University Every Wednesday from 4-6PM
    starting from Feb 8th (First Three meetings
    Php/MySQL covered in three sessions)
  • Hands-On training in our laps (TBA)

Your Evaluation -1-
  • Final project Report CD (150 points)
  • Midterm Project Report CD by the second Sprint
    presentation   includes sprint 1 2 (70
  • Progress reports (100 points)
  • Introduce yourself assignment (on-time) (30
  • Capstone Showcase (100 points)
  • Sponsor evaluation form (250 points)
  • Class attendance Total 100 points but
    deductions may exceed 100 if very poor attendance
  • INCLUDING (-20 POINTS for every class you
    missed without a documented permission, -50
    points for missing last class)
  • Class/Online participation (50 points)
  • All thee presentations (including 60 points for
    Final presentation) (150 points)
  • Sponsor evaluation form , final
    deliverables/presentations , final progress
    reports , final short exam and attendance are
    CRUCIAL VARIABLES that can give extra push
  • This is your 1000 points (you need 900 for an A ,
    850 for B , 800 for a B, 750 for a C , 700 for
    a C, 600-699 is a D , and below 600 is an F).

Your Evaluation -2-
  • However , you will also notice on WEBCT plenty
    of extra credit opportunities as well (including
    project implementation or coding , project
    assessment extra credits , on-time video reviews
    extra credits , class participation extra credits
    , etc.).Some times your extra credits will be
    included in your original grade if the grade was
    above the highest score.

Course Rules and Policies
    .Their grades will be based on their percentage
    of contributions according to deliverables, PM
    progress reports and sponsor evaluation forms.
  • If a free rider was identified before the spring
    break and did not improve after three attempts,
    the PM has th right to fire him/her.
  • If the PM was irresponsible, the team has the
    right to change him/her.
  • If a student has very low or no participation
    in-project , in-team and in-class, he /she may
    not get a passing grade.
  • You can only join a team in the section you are
    attending. You cannot be attending a section and
    join a team in another one.
  • Only project managers can reserve a project. They
  • Deductions start to apply after missing deadlines
  • Attendance is required in all classes. You are
    responsible for signing the attendance sheet
    every time.
  • Attendance is for the entire class. Partial
    attendance is not accepted.
  • Laptops are only allowed in presentation
    sessions. They are not allowed in other regular
  • Listening in class is required for any team,
    guest, student or instructor.
  • You are responsible for all the information and
    instructions posted on our class website

Your Instructor
  • Biographical Sketch
  • Publications

How to contact me?
  • Osama Eljabiri
  • Lecturer and Director of Capstone Courses
  • Room 2315 A - GITC Building 
  • College of Computing Sciences _at_ NJIT
  • University Heights - Newark , NJ 07102
  • Tel  (973) 642-7123
  • Cell (973) 981-1049
  • Email
  • URL       http//
  • Calendar http//
  • Instant Messenger eljabiri2 (Yahoo)

Office Hours
  • Normal Office Hours (unless otherwise updated
    below ) 
  • Spring  2006 Regular Office Hours Thursdays 330
    -530 PM
  • Class-based extended help hours 15 Minutes
    before most classes and up to one hour after most
    night classes (when available).
  • Walk-ins are welcome any time based on
  • Online and in-class help hours are always
  • Online office hours Online assistance and
    orientation are available via email, webct,
    chatting, etc. (whenever possible)

Course Procedures
  • This semester teams are 4-5 people each
  • What projects are available?
  • How to reserve a project?
  • How to be a PM?
  • How to form a team?
  • How to join a team?
  • How to declare a team?
  • What to submit? What to present?
  • When to submit? When to present?

We are looking for good PMs?
  • Deadline is this Friday
  • Interviews are Thursday 330-530 and Friday
    2-5PM (please confirm if you have applied).
  • We need (6-7) in 002, (8-10) in 102 and (7-8) in
  • It is an extra responsibility but also an extra
  • You need to apply online
  • You need to be a leader not only an administrator
  • Background, knowledge and experience are very
    helpful but dedication is more important.
  • You need to respect and help your team members
  • You need to be an excellent communicator
  • You need to respect your project stakeholders and
    work closely and intensively with them
  • You need to communicate with your instructor
  • You need to read instructions carefully and apply
    them precisely
  • You need to be a role model in your team, the
    first who attend and the last who leaves!
  • You need to manage risk, change and be patient
  • You need to be available
  • PM workshop On Feb 1st 4-6PM in GITC 1100

Our Selected Projects for Spring 2006?
NO Sponsor Contact Name Project Title
1 Department of Army (3 Projects) C4ISR - SEC ITED Dominic Motolla Suspense Tracking System Software Quality Assurance Tool Assessment Software Quality Assessment Video Presentation
2 Edentify, Inc. (Project 1) Terrence Defranco Advanced Reporting Module
3 Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater, Inc. Edward Dlugosz Electronic Traveling Environmental Festival (eTEF)
4 Morphos Financial LLC (Project 1) Enrique Nunez Test Environment Infrastructure
5 Career Development Services _at_NJIT Greg Mass Online Career Development System
6 Johnson and Johnson Ketul Patel Global Supply Chain Management System
7 IMS Health Gail Pecota Data Variation Tag Database
8 Homeland Security Technology Center _at_ NJIT Bill Marshall Emergency Preparedness System
9 Orthotic Enterprises, LLC. Frank Ferrari Reinventing Orthotics
10 Rational Solutions Corp (R.I.M.S) Milind Shah Brand Recognition Solution
11 Edentify, Inc. (Project 2) Terrence Defranco Name Parsing Routine
12 Edentify, Inc. (Project 3) Terrence Defranco Advanced Screening Results Extract
13 Turnkey Properties Graciela Diaz Vacation Rentals e-Commerce Site (RESERVED)
14 Saint Clare's Health Services Edward Madara NJ Self-Help Group Clearinghouse WEBSITE
15 Doherty Enterprises, Inc Shannon Doherty Doherty Office Resource Center
16 Schmitt Associates Sylvia Riben Schmitt Associates Intranet Development
17 (Project 1) Sunny Kancherla University Housing Interface for a Website
18 Morphos Financial LLC (Project 2) Enrique Nunez Financial Data Infrastructure
19 Collaborating Center for Nursing Geri Dickson Integrated Competency-Based Web Model
20 NexTec Group, Inc. Andrew Nunez eTimesheets
21 Consultants 2 Go Peggy McHale Recruiter Database
22 One Moon Scientific, Inc. Bruce Johnson AniTables, A Java tool to display tabular data.
23 ATIDO William Fisher Event Marketing and Management Website
24 UV Electric Laszlo Laskai Enterprise Resource Management
25 Morphos Financial LLC (Project 3) Enrique Nunez Information Security and Assurance
26 Graduate Studies Office -- NJIT Clarisa Gonzalez Graduate Studies Office Automation Initiative
27 Civic Engagement Computing Center John Crepezzi Secure Online Transaction Systems
28 Audio Browser Group Daniel Rodriguez Web Presence Development
29 LMI Technologies Cho Li Self-Optimizing Teaching System for 2006
30 (Project 2) Sunny Kancherla New Jersey Housing Map Painter
Why our project courses?
  • Students experience with traditional courses
  • Boring classes
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of variety
  • Exam and traditional homework pressure
  • Ineffective education
  • No connection to real world
  • No practice
  • One source for information
  • Limited timeframes
  • 12 weeks are too short with all other parallel
  • Learning opportunities are limited to class
    meetings and text book
  • No opportunity to jump start
  • No post course follow up
  • A huge investment with unpredictable return
  • No matter what you accomplish, no one knows
    about you
  • You cannot grow after class because it is over
  • No job opportunities

Why this course is different?
  • Students are very engaged!
  • They are producers of real value and NOT only
    audience and exam takers (Project Deliverables).
  • They are teachers of collective knowledge. They
    act as live résumés throughout the semester
    (Presentations and Showcases).
  • Classes are interactive and they offer a variety
    of learning methods.
  • All of this is in real world projects, with real
    world stakeholders and within real world

Why this course is different?
  • Students learn by more than just listening
  • They learn by doing
  • They learn by collaborating
  • They learn by communicating
  • They learn by market-driven training

Why this course is different?
  • This is not an internship program!
  • Students view sponsors as educators (not
  • sponsors view students as partners and
    collaborators (not employees).

Why this course is different?
  • Students are in charge!
  • Students select their projects
  • Students select their teams
  • Students become project managers and lead their
    teams and projects
  • Students fire free riders even if they were their
    project managers
  • Students administer many activities and roles

Why this course is different?
  • Students learn how to be global (not a single
    project) problem solvers!
  • They learn problem solving strategies in class
  • They use their projects as tools to learn about
    problem solving in general so they can solve
    other kinds of problems.
  • Simply put, we bring a problem solving package
    to our sponsors not a number of interns.

Why this course is different?
  • Students are trained on what they need to know
    not what they have to know
  • Class sessions are about today and tomorrow not
    about out-dated techniques and strategies.
  • Open university sessions and hands-on laps
    provide on-demand training free of charge for
    you, your family, friends and sponsors. You can
    even be a teacher!

Why this course is different?
  • Our course opportunities start very early and
    never stop during class, after class or
  • Early bird and Pioneers.
  • I love to hear your questions, I love to see you
    in my office, I love to hear your voice, I love
    to be able to help you in every way possible.
  • Open help any time any where.
  • Virtual Web-based collaboration.
  • Continuous collaboration after class in various
  • Job opportunities (part time, full time and
    fully-paid internships).
  • We will always support our good students

Why this course is different?
  • Course that can be customized and personalized!
  • Project work progresses in an evolutionary
    prototyping fashion (Time Boxing).
  • Teams are adaptive to customer requirements,
    responsive to change, dynamic and flexible.
  • You select your project, your role and your team
  • You select to do technical development, research
    or even become an entrepreneur.

Why this course is different?
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Interdisciplinary teams from five university
  • Undergraduate /Graduate collaboration
  • High school / College collaboration
  • Large advisory community among sponsors, faculty,
    administrators and students.

Why this course is different?
  • Classes can be fun!
  • We creating friendly collaborative environments
  • Do what you like to do most
  • Learn from friends what you cannot do
  • Interactive classes
  • Competitions boast motivation
  • Movies, games, music, off-campus activities,
    presentation parties, showcases, press, rewards
    and more!

The Triple Win Multi-Stakeholder Satisfaction
Position Code Position Position Job Description/responsibilities Qualifications
01 Project manager Project manager In addition to managing the team, project managers will be responsible for project management deliverables including feasibility study. Should use project management tool (Microsoft Project Manager) to plan project tasks, allocate and mange resources, assign team members to complete tasks, compile team members' weekly time sheets, report task completion and actual hours worked on tasks, prepare periodic reports on project progress.  Receives extra credit when successful. In addition to the criteria stated in the previous section, background in software economics, process life cycle models and project management techniques is essential.
02 System Analyst System Analyst System analysts will be responsible for requirements gathering and documentation (Problem definition, requirements report, DFDs, process specifications, data dictionary , etc) and coordinating with other team members. Experience/ background in requirements analysis, requirements elicitation techniques, and project documentation.
03 Back-end designer 0301 Data Base Designer Responsible for designing the backend of the system including data structures, entity relation ship models normalization, SQL, normalization, system structure and other architectural models (repository , client-server, abstract machine model , object-oriented design in UML ,etc.) Experience/ background in DBMS, CASE tools and modeling techniques in software engineering.
03 Back-end designer 0302 Network Designer Responsible for designing the backend of the system including data structures, entity relation ship models normalization, SQL, normalization, system structure and other architectural models (repository , client-server, abstract machine model , object-oriented design in UML ,etc.) Experience/ background in DBMS, CASE tools and modeling techniques in software engineering.
04 Front-end designer Front-end designer Responsible for designing the user interface for users (including GUI components , forms , reports , navigation , etc. Experience/ background in HCI , cognitive psychology , user interface design, user manuals
05 Programmer Programmer Implementing the system at the unit level and system level. Testing and Maintaining the system Writing user manual . Experience in web programming and other programming such as C , Visual Basic , Java, and the like)
Projects Success RateRated by Sponsors
  • In the last 70 projects we did
  • 81 were rated between good and excellent
  • 40 were rated as outstanding
  • 9 projects were rated average and only 4 were
    below average

Testimonials (Silent Reading)
  • We have 50 NJIT student interns who are
    studying information technology and computer
    science, working on eight projects. Having them
    work for us has allowed us to jump ahead in our
  • Larry Gardner
  • CEO and Founder of Cyberextruder

  • This was a huge project and required much
    attention to detail. The team asked the right
    questions and we very helpful to Arc of Monmouth
    staff in deciphering what needed to be done.
    They provided many useful suggestions.
  • Sarah Logan
  • Office Manager
  • The Arc of Monmouth

  • I was so impressed with the whole process.
    I am amazed at how talented, professional and
    responsive the team was to the project. The
    group of students that worked on this project
    quickly understood the scope and was able to
    deliver the requested tool within a very short
    period of time. The entire experience was one
    that I am going to recommend to other managers at
  • Marilyn Mahon Group Manager, Quality
    Assurance IMS Health 100 Campus Road Totowa,
    NJ 07512 USA

  • If I had to pay a consultant to do the work that
    the NJIT students did for CIT as part of the
    Capstone Program it would have cost us hundreds
    of thousands of dollars
  • The program gives NJIT students a chance to
    integrate real world experience into their
    academic experience, which is invaluable to them
    and to us.
  • Harold Olmstead
  • Vice president of Systems and Technology Services
  • CIT

  • The solution for Cocomats created by the
    group reflected a keen assessment of both the
    weaknesses of Cocomats and the needs of the
    Office of Constituent relations
  • Ian Thomas Brennan
  • New Jersey Office of the Governor, Office of
    Constituent Relations
  • Aide to the Governor

  • This group was very prompt in implementing
    suggestions, very professional and timely. Based
    on the scope of work initially developed, we are
    very pleased with the results.
  • Juan Rosario
  • Newark Housing Authority
  • Acting I.T. Administrator

  • This group hung in there and were able to
    work around these problems and move steadfastly
    through the project. This group communicated well
    and worked very efficiently. They were always on
    time for the meetings and handled themselves in a
    very professional manner. I was very impressed
    with the work that they did. They fulfilled all
    of our needs and produced a product that is above
    and beyond what we expected. Overall all I was
    pleased and would look forward to participating
  • upcoming projects.
  • Jerri Drakes
  • CEO
  • The Workstation Inc.

  • Very well diverse group of dynamic individuals
    with many skills equipped to create a website,
    write a business plan, business marketing, hard
    working, and capable of delivering a complete
  • Henri Boll
  • President
  • Inc

  • As a whole the team preformed extremely well.
    The direction given by TMS was an outline. The
    team was able to understand what we were looking
    for and implement our needs into the finished
  • Sean P McShane
  • President
  • Transportation Made Simple

  • Jeremy (Jeremy Dela Rosa) has been very
    accommodating regarding my extremely busy
    schedule. He has demonstrated a strong ability
    to learn and adjust throughout this experience.
    Jeremy performed a terrific job in coordinating
    the efforts of the team, a task that is very
    difficult for any leader. He was also able to
    work well as a liaison between me and the team,
    ensuring that my requests were communicated
    properly to all the members. Additionally, as
    project manager, he was involved in nearly every
    aspect of the project, and demonstrated a solid
    understanding of every one of the teams
  • Jason Huang
  • Project Leader
  • Honeywell International Inc

New Statistics
  • Number of completed projects will reach at least
    250 full-scale projects
  • A minimum of 300 products or sub-projects
    carried out by more than 300 teams after 10
  • This is an average of 30 products per semester
    plus CIS490 first-phase teams.
  • Many of these projects have had multi-phases and
    some have involved multi-teams
  • Up to 6 semesters /phases for some large-scale
    projects. up to 4 teams in some extremely
    complex or demanding industry-projects .
  • Key sponsors offer more than one project every
  • (CIT provided 14 projects in Spring 2004 alone
    and Cyberextruder offered 9 projects in Spring
    2003 )
  • At least 1500 students have participated in the
    capstone program since Fall 2002 from CS , IS ,
    IT and HCI.

More Facts
  • Sponsors and projects diversity demonstrate a
    broad array of interest
  • Examples entertainment , finance ,
    health , education , public sector
  • Geographical Distribution These projects came
    from all round NJ (North , Central and South) ,
    NY or PA . We even had a project from Boston , MA
    . This expands our reach beyond short-distance
  • A number of companies have offered our students
    excellent support for their careers .
  • Examples CIT, Saint Clair health
    system , Edu-Global , Cyberextruder ,
    All-fine-dining , IMS health
  • Support forms Full time employment
    , part-time employment , internships , rewards ,
    financial support , research support ,
    recommendation letters , direct support calls ,
    software purchase , company resources , certified
    training , after graduation training.

Added-value Community Benefits
  • Sposnor-Sposnosr Collaboration
  • Open-house Participation
  • Collaboration across teams and across semesters
  • Non-Profit and public service projects
  • NJIT departments projects
  • Commercialization of students ideas
  • Students published empirical research
  • EDC bi-directional support
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