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CertifiedClinical Nurse Educator: The Advanced Nursing Role


Promote professional status of agency based nurse educators ... The Certified Nurse EducatorCM (CNE) Examination. ... Career Information Nurse Educator. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: CertifiedClinical Nurse Educator: The Advanced Nursing Role

CertifiedClinical Nurse EducatorThe Advanced
Nursing Role
  • Jennifer Hrivnak
  • Shannon Manning
  • Sarah Palmer
  • Hali Saucier
  • NURS 523
  • Pacific Lutheran University

Historical Development
  • 1860 Florence Nightingale
  • Introduced idea of formal nursing education
  • First training school
  • Closely related to apprenticeship system
  • 1893 American Society of Superintendents of
    Training in Schools
  • Correct inadequacies of nursing education
  • In 1926, became the National League of Nursing
    Education and later the National League for
  • 1940-1960 Nursing education shifted from
    hospital to Universities
  • 1987 National Nursing Staff Development

Barker, 2009 Chitty, 2005 NNSDO website
  • Idea originated in 1987
  • Organization established in 1989 to
  • Foster nursing education within agencies
  • Promote professional status of agency based nurse
  • Nursing research and clinical application
  • Publications
  • 1992 - Quality Indicators in Staff Development
  • 1995 Core Curriculum for Nursing Staff
  • 20 publications for Nurse Educators
  • Yearly convention
  • In collaboration with ANCC, developed
  • first certification exam for Professional
  • Nurse Developer in 1992

NNSDO website
ANCC Certification Professional Nurse Developer
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Current, active RN license
  • BSN or higher
  • Practiced as full-time RN for two years
  • 4,000 hours clinical practice in nursing
    professional development within last five years
  • 30 hours of continuing education in nursing
    professional development within last three years

ANCC, 2008
NLN Academic Based CNE
  • 1995 - Certified Nurse Educator (CNE)
  • 8 Core Competencies
  • Recognizes excellence in advanced specialty role
    of academic nurse educator
  • Mark of professionalism
  • Professional development for academic nurse
  • Use of core competencies in practice
  • Advanced Practice role?
  • As of March, 2008
  • 954 nurse educators nation-wide
  • have earned CNE

NLN, 2008
CNE Distinctions
  • Agency-based clinical educator
  • Staff developer or Professional Developer
  • Typically work in hospital setting, often on a
    specific unit
  • Function similar to CNS
  • Does NOT require a masters degree
  • Represented by the NNSDO
  • Certification in Nursing Professional Development
    through ANCC
  • Academic nurse educator
  • Certified nurse educator
  • Typically works in nursing schools
  • Masters or doctoral degree required
  • Represented by the NLN
  • Certified Nurse Educator through NLN

(NLN, 2002 NNSDO, 2008)
The Decline of CNEs
  • Current Statistics
  • 3,500 nursing programs
  • 300,00 nursing students
  • Predicted future need
  • 400,000 nursing students
  • 101 studentfaculty ratio 40,000 faculty
  • Currently have lt50 and is declining due to
  • Retirement of faculty
  • Limited of graduate nursing programs
  • Declining student enrollment

NLN, 2002
Top 10 Reasons to become a CNE
  • Work in intellectually stimulating environment.
  • Autonomy and flexibility.
  • Research creates knowledge and advances the
  • Work has value to society.
  • Teach anywhere in the world.
  • Teach from the beach or the slopes, using
  • Encourage and educate eager minds and rejoice
    when students surpass you.
  • Shape the future of healthcare.
  • Change lives.
  • Teach what you love.

NLN, 2002
Preparation for the CNE (Certified) role
  • Personal characteristics
  • Displays leadership and role model capabilities
  • Skillful in conducting research
  • Competent clinician
  • Facilitates learning with proper evaluation
  • Advances professional development of learner
  • Seeks opportunities to advance learners into
    educator role
  • Outside influences
  • Undergraduate faculty-identification of talented
    beginning students as nurse educators
  • Mentoring of novice students by senior
    faculty-promotes growth into role
  • Further implementation of a heightened focus on
    research and educational excellence to the

NLN, 2002
Certification for CNE (Certified) role
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Active RN licensure
  • Masters or Doctoral degree in nursing with
    emphasis on nursing education
  • gt 9 hours of graduate-level CE courses AND gt 2
    yrs of full-time employment as a faculty role
    within the past 5 yrs
  • Or
  • No CE courses AND gt 4 yrs of full-time employment
    as a faculty role within the past 5 yrs
  • CNE Exam offered through NLN
  • CNE after name
  • Good for 5 years
  • Renewal
  • Professional Development CEUs or re-taking the
    CNE examination

NLN, 2002
Preparation for the CNE (Clinical) role
  • Personal characteristics
  • Enjoys mentoring
  • Develops continuing education
  • Ability to teach, guide, and evaluate learners
  • Flexibility in ever-changing education trends
  • Derives satisfaction through thriving future
  • Professional characteristics
  • Responsible for JCAHO criteria
  • Designs curricula for continuing education
  • Opportunities to collaborate with health

Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow
Certification for CNE (Clinical) role
  • Eligibility noted earlier in presentation
  • Offered through American Nurses Credentialing
    Center (ANCC)
  • Certified in Nursing Professional Development in
    your specialty for 5 yrs
  • Renewal
  • Values and goals of certification
  • Validates nursing specialty knowledge
  • Demonstrates accountability and dedication
  • Career enhancement opportunities
  • Higher salaries and bonuses

1000 hrs practicing in area of certification
Certification Renewal
of CE credits
Retake and pass exam
American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2008
Core Competencies Nurse Educator
  • Facilitate Learning
  • Facilitate Learner Development Socialization
  • Use Assessment Evaluation Strategies
  • Participate in Curriculum Design Evaluation of
  • Function as a Change Agent Leader
  • Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the
    Nurse Educator Role
  • Engage in Scholarship
  • Function within the Educational Environment

Role Variations of Nurse Educators
  • Academic Based
  • FT, PT or adjunct
  • Deans
  • Administrative Nurse Faculty
  • Instructional Nurse Faculty in Doctoral, Masters,
    Bachelors and Associate Degree programs
  • Clinical Nurse Educator
  • Agency Based
  • Professional Nurse Developer
  • Staff Development Officer
  • Continuing Education Specialist
  • Many Nurse Educators function similar to a CNS
    in various different specialty areas
  • In some ways, all nurses are educators!!!

Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow, 2008
Advanced Practice?
  • Recognized APN Roles
  • CNS
  • NP
  • CNM
  • CRNA
  • APN Requirements
  • Graduate education
  • Practice experience
  • Licensure and certification
  • Direct patient care

Barker, 2009 Bryant-Lukosius et al. 2004 AACN,
Does CNE Role Meet APN Requirements?
  • Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Describes the work, or what nurses do in a role
  • Not clearly defined
  • Extends beyond traditional scope of nursing
  • Clinical practice, education, research,
    professional development, leadership, change
  • Advanced Practice Nursing
  • Refers to a whole field of a specific type of
  • Title-protected roles
  • Masters education
  • Direct patient care
  • Specific licensure/certification

The CNE role is considered advanced nursing
practice because of the advanced knowledge and
skill required.
Bryant-Lukosius et al. 2004
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
    (1996). The essentials of masters education for
    advanced practice nursing. Retrieved September
    13, 2008 from http//www.aacn.nche.edu/education/m
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    Nursing Professional Development. Retrieved
    September 25th, 2008 from http//www.nursecredenti
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    Essential Knowledge for the Profession. Sudbury,
    MA Jones and Bartlett.
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    nursing roles development, implementation and
    evaluation. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 48 (5),
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    Concepts and Challenges, 4th ed. St. Louis, MO
    Elsevier Saunders.
  • National League for Nursing. The Certified Nurse
    EducatorCM (CNE) Examination. Retrieved
    September, 25th, 2008 from http//www.nln.org/Facu
  • National Nursing Staff Development Organization.
  • Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow. Career
    Information Nurse Educator. Retrieved September
    25th, 2008 from http//www.nursesource.org/nurse_e
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