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Nanotechnology For Students


anything manufactured in Oklahoma will be impacted by nanotechnology and it is ... 26 Oklahoma companies shared ideas through white papers on how they would seek ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Nanotechnology For Students

Nanotechnology For Students
  • Jim Mason, Executive Director
  • Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative
  • 405-272-4420

The next Big Thing is very, very, very small!
  • Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that
    will change the nature of almost every human-made
    object in the next century. -National
    Science and Technology Council -2000
  • This means anything manufactured in Oklahoma
    will be impacted by nanotechnology and it is
    happening more quickly than most people might

1 millimeter 1,000 micrometers 1
micrometer 1,000 nanometers Source "Nanotech
The Tiny Revolution" by CMP Científica (November
  • is already making todays products
  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Smaller
  • More Durable

  • Nanobatteries are 200 nm in diameter2 billion
    could fit on the surface of a nickel

  • Rice University NanoKids
  • The NanoKids program is an educational program
    headed by a Rice University professor.  The Web
    site includes a story with NanoKids as the main
    characters.  It also includes fun activities for
    teachers to use in teaching nanotechnology.

  • This is a great Web site for teachers to use in
    educating children about nanotechnology.  The Web
    site has a link for teacher resources that
    includes pre-visit and post-visit activities and
    worksheets. The Web site also includes videos,
    puzzles and games.

NASAs Web site
  • NASAs Web site features a page that explores the
    idea of nanotechnology.  The Web site includes a
    gallery of images, diagrams, Power Point
    presentations and videos. This could possibly be
    used for middle school students, but definitely
    for high school students.  

  • You Tube
  • ExcellentUC Berekely Excellent
    NanobotsNanomedicineRichard Feyman

  • USDA -
  • Exploring the Nanoworld National Cancer
    Institute Nanomission

Nanotechnology for Students video
  • http// for

  • When Things Get Small
  • This is a 27-minute video covering many important
    nanotechnology concepts in a humorous and
    entertaining way.
  • The NANO Revolution
  • Educators may request a free DVD copy of this
    introductory video about nanotechnology aimed at
    middle and high school students.

More videos
  • Nanotechnology What is it?
  • This short 1-minute video has a young boy and
    girl who quickly introduce the concept of
    nanotechnology. http//
  • "The Twinkie Guide to Nanotechnology"The Twinkie
    Guide to Nanotechnology is an entertaining new
    video featuring scientist Andrew Maynard which
    mixes the iconic American snack cake with humor
    to unlock the mysteries of nanotechnology.

Printed Material
  • "Big Things from a Tiny World" 12 page booklet
    from the National Nanotechnology InitiativeClick
    here to view publication

  • Nanoquest
  • A free, downloadable game where the player is
    shrunk to so small that they find themselves in a
    nanoworld., this game is aimed at getting 13-
    to 15-year-old children interested in
  • NanoMission
  • This educational online game educates students on
    the basics of nanotechnology. You must register
    before you are allowed to download the game.

Lessons for Teachers
  • What is Smaller than a Pygmy Shrew?
  • This lesson plan is from the University of
    Wisconsin and designed to help middle school
    students better understand the atomic world and
    the size, scale and structure of objects in it.
  • Ferrofluid Nanomedicine
  • Middle school students will work together to
    explore different methods of drug delivery,
    specifically focusing on the possibilities of how
    cancer could be treated in the future.

  • Giant Magnetoresistance
  • Students will participate in a hands-on activity
    where the concepts of nanotechnology and GMR will
    be introduced.  This program is tailored for
    middle school students.
  • Nanoarchitecture Forms of Carbon
  • This is a two-day activity where students will
    discover how the properties of materials change
    when atoms are connected in different ways. This
    program is also aimed at middle school students. 

Economic impact of nanotechnology
  • Market Size Predictions
  • (within six years)
  • 340B/yr Materials
  • 300B/yr Electronics
  • 180B/yr Pharmaceuticals
  • 100B/yr Chemical manufacture
  • 70B/yr Aerospace
  • 20B/yr Tools
  • 30B/yr Improved healthcare
  • 45B/yr Sustainability
  • 1 Trillion, growing to
  • 2.6 Trillion by 2014
  • Estimates by industry groups, source NSF and

So what does this have to do with me?
  • The real winners in nanotechnology will be the
    companies who adopt nano processes to improve
    their existing and emerging products.
  • In 2006, the Oklahoma legislature decided to
    leapfrog over other states and help Oklahoma
    companies be among the first to gain this
    competitive advantage by creating the Oklahoma
    Nanotechnology Sharing Incentive Act.
  • In two years, Oklahoma has grown from 6 companies
    involved in applications of nanotechnology to
    nearly 50 companies who are planning to utilize
    nanotechnology for their products.

  • Oklahoma companies are world leaders in
    creating new and improved products thorough
    applications of Nanotechnology.
  • Since 2006 we have grown from six identified
    companies involved in nanotechnology to nearly 50

The Nanotech Report
  • Nanotechnology was incorporated into more than
    30 billion worth of manufactured goods in 2005,
    and this figure is projected to grow
    exponentially to more than 2.6 trillion in
    global manufactured goods by 2014.
  • There are more than 1,000 nanotechnology products
    currently on the market aimed at improving
    consumers lives and another 400 products that
    include nano instruments and test devices.

  • Nano shirt, slacks, tie, tennis racket,
    odor/ bacteria eliminating socks, nano car wax,
    and 2004 Chevy Impala with nano enhanced side

Products Anticipated
  • 2004-7 burn and wound dressings, water
    filtration devices, paints, cosmetics, coatings,
    lubricants, textiles, memory/storage devices
  • 2008-10 medical diagnostics, displays, sensors,
    drug delivery, composite materials, solid state
    lighting, bio-materials, nano arrays, more
    powerful computers, protective armor, chem-bio
    suits, and chem-bio sensors
  • 2011-15 -- nanobiomaterials, microprocessors,
    new catalysts, portable energy cells, solar
    cells, tissue/organ regeneration, smart implants
  • 2016 and beyond molecular circuitry, quantum
    computing, new materials, fast chemical analyses

Oklahoma Nano Legislation
  • The 2006 Oklahoma Nanotechnology Sharing
    Incentive Act established the Oklahoma
    Nanotechnology Applications Project (ONAP) which
    provides 2 million to OCAST to be used to
    promote and provide incentives to further
    applications of nanotechnology.
  • 26 Oklahoma companies shared ideas through white
    papers on how they would seek to incorporate
    nanotechnology into their existing or emerging
    products. The first five winners were

Access Optics
  • Access Optics makes the lens for endoscopes and
    other medical devices.
  • The ONAP program allowed them to develop a much
    better glass-to-metal seal using nanotechnology.
  • They are the only company in the world who solved
    this problem and will soon make the entire
    medical device.

Martin Bionics/OrthoCare Innovations
  • Martin Bionics was funded to develop a dry
    prosthetic device using a super-hydrophobic
    powder exclusively licensed from Oak Ridge
    National Labs They are the only prosthetic
    company who may have solved this industry

Rupture Pin Technologies
Rupture Pin Technologies, manufacturers oil
andgas pressure relief valves and is solving an
o-ring blow-out problem using a new o-ring
design and Carbon nanotubes to provide
strength and flexibility. This will allow them
to become a world leader in this industry.
High Quality, High Volume Carbon Nanotubes
  • Southwest Nano-Technologies is fast becoming the
    world leader in high quality, high volume, lower
    cost carbon nanotubes using an patented scalable
    process that will allow them to produce kilotons
    rather than kilograms of high quality carbon

Carbon Nanotubes
  • A single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) is unique
    among solid state materials in that every atom is
    on the surface.
  • Structurally, carbon nanotubes are 100 times
    stronger than steel and can conduct electricity
    better than copper.

Carbon Nanotube Composites
  • Nano Ridge Materials has developed a carbon
    nanotube strengthened composite that is 70
    stronger than metal and 40 the weight.
  • This very strong composite has potential for
    aircraft replacement parts.

  • XetaComp (Lawton) manufactures nanoparticles of
    titanium dioxide that enables the production of a
    clear, non-greasy, non-oily sunscreen called
  • Their nanoparticles may soon be in many other
    skin care products.

2008 ONAP Awardees
  • Four companies and four proof-of-concept awarded
    a total of 1.5 million this month
  • XetaComp Technologies new personal care
  • IMTEC - Dental Implant research
  • EKIPS Nano laser for Breathmeter
  • Charlesson Optic treatments with nano-
  • particles

Aerogel the worlds lightest solidAerogel is
an ultra-low density solid, a gel in which the
liquid component has been replaced with gas.
Nicknamed frozen smoke, aerogel has a content
of just 5 solid and 95 air, and is said to be
the lightest weight solid in the world. Despite
its lightness, aerogel can support over 2,000
times its own weight. One of thecurrent
applications is as insulation for space suits.
  • Nanoscale materials hold great promise as
    insulators because of their extremely high
    surface-to-volume ratio. This gives them the
    ability to trap still air within a material layer
    of minimal thickness. Insulating nanomaterials
    may be sandwiched between rigid panels, applied
    as thin films, or painted on as coatings.
  • Pioneer Builders (of Drumright) now offers
    Nanosulate spray-on insulation with an equivalent
    r-value of 50.

ARC Outdoors Broken Arrow
  • ARC Outdoors utilizes nano silver in making cloth
    for special purposes and currently has a line of
    anti-microbial clothing for hunters because the
    nano silver cloth eliminates odor/scent. These
    clothes are sold through Bass Pro Shops, Cabalas
    and some Wal-Mart stores.
  • ARC is working on developing a line of hospital
    uniforms that also will be anti-microbial.

Nano Cable
  • Nano Ridge Material and Boeing (Long beach) are
    partners on a 5.75 million Advanced Technology
    Program to develop Nano Cable by 2010. Nano
    Cable is a lightweight, highly conductive,
    electrical wire and cable that could bring
    significant gains in fuel savings, energy
    efficiency and operating costs.
  • The technology is based on carbon nanotubes which
    conduct greater amounts of electric current than
    copper while having only 1/6th the weight.
  • By 2010, the market for conductive polymer cable
    is expected to be 465 million lbs per year, worth
    1.4 billion annually.

Nano Coatings
  • Self-cleaning
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Anti-icing and anti-fogging
  • Antimicrobial
  • UV protection
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Waterproofing

Anti Stain Coatings
  • In 2002, Eddie Bauer apparel became the first
    brand to employ Nano-Tex stain resistance
    technology in its designs. Nano-Tex has now
    expanded to bring stain resistance to fabrics and
    other interior finishes. Nano-Tex uses a process
    that bonds to each fiber, making textiles
    last longer, retain their natural feel and
    breathe normally.

Behr Paints Offers NanoGuard
  • Behrs best line of paint uses nanoparticles to
    provide a long lasting, anti-fade, more durable
    house paint that also prevents mildew.

Automotive Paint Mercedes-Benz
  • The 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL series cars sport a
    protective coating of nanoparticles that provides
    a three-fold improvement in the scratch
    resistance of the paintwork.

Nanolight of Norman
  • Nanolight, Inc.- Nanolight, Inc. is a high-tech
    company whose mission is to research and develop
    semiconductor nanofabrication techniques for
    implementation in cutting-edge infrared laser and
    detector systems. The company also assists others
    with product development efforts by providing
    epitaxial-related services and acting as a
    distributor for nanofabrication equipment.

Self Healing Composites
  • Polymeric and composite materials are subject to
    weakening due to fatigue cracking. A self-healing
    composite has the potential to defend against
    material failure due to fatigue and to greatly
    improve product safety and reliability. Patent
    6858659 - Office of Technology Management
    University of Illinois Urbana Champian

Study of 200 Commercial Nano Products in
medical and health fields
  • Show enhanced platforms for drug development and
  • Nanoparticles such as colloidal gold, Quantum
    dots, liposomes, dendrimers and fullerenes are
    being used in pharmaceutical drug discovery and
    formulations for encapsulating drugs for drug
  • Other biophase materials offer promise for tissue
    engineering products

  • NanoBioMagnetics is an Edmond, Oklahoma company
    that has demonstrated the ability to move
    nanoparticles through the body to specific cells.
    In the future, companies like NanoBioMagnetics
    anticipate being able to attach a drug to the
    nanoparticle and then deliver it reliably to the
    site of a cancerous cell and kill it.

Nano Workforce Trends
  • Before 2010, the market for nanotechnology
    products and services is estimated to reach 1
    trillion in the U.S. economy.
  • This market will require anywhere from 800,000 to
    two million new jobs.
  • Most of these workers will require at least two
    year postsecondary degrees.

Nano Technician Training
  • OSU- Okmulgee has developed a Nano
    Instrumentation program that is included as an
    additional certification to their Electrical
    Engineering Associates program.
  • Tulsa Community College is offering electronic
    courses for Nanotechnology and MEMS (Micro
    Electrical Mechanical Systems).
  • Oklahoma City Community College offers
  • a Nanotechnology and MEMS program.
  • The Oklahoma State Dept. of Career and
  • Technology and OSU Okmulgee are
  • partnering on an NSF grant to create the
  • Oklahoma Nanotechnology Education
  • Initiative.

Nano Clearinghouse
  • The Oklahoma Nanotechnology Website will continue to grow as a
    one-stop clearinghouse for information with info
  • Grant opportunities and technologies available
  • Infrastructure, resources and incentives
    available to nanotech companies
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Updates on current nano activities
  • Oklahoma Nanotech companies
  • Researchers involved in Nanotech research
  • Nano information and Activities for students and

Getting Kids into Nano!
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