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Maximizing Oracles Customer Data Hub:


Customer Data Cleanliness (ODL users only) ... to store, cleanse, view, enrich, and certify ... Establish process and frequency for merging / purging duplicates ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Maximizing Oracles Customer Data Hub:

Maximizing Oracles Customer Data Hub A
Presentation for the 2006 NCOAUG Training Day
August 11, 2006
Apex IT Who We Are
  • Apex IT is your Total Oracle Application
    Implementation Partner
  • We provide consulting services in support of the
    entire Oracle Applications Family
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • JD Edwards
  • Siebel

Apex IT and Oracle
  • Apex IT is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner
  • Apex IT is recognized as Oracles Go-To CRM
  • Apex ITs ERP Group was recognized in 2004 as
    Oracles Regional Systems Integrator of the Year
  • Apex IT was named Oracles Implementer of
    Choice for the early adopter program for its
    new Operational Dashboards product
  • Apex IT is also an Oracle application customer
  • We were the first in the country to go live on
    the PeopleSoft CRM 8.9 Sales Application
  • Moreover, we were the first to go live with the
    Blackberry integration for PeopleSoft CRM Sales
  • We are currently using Oracle E-Business Suite
    Financials to run our back office

Todays Presenter
  • Todays presenter . . . .
  • Mr. Don Yerger, Apex IT Client Services Manager
  • Former Oracle Employee and Product Consultant
  • Experience gained over numerous Oracle CRM
    product implementations
  • Trained at Oracle on the Customer Data Hub
  • Email

Todays Objectives
  • To provide attendees with an overview of the most
    compelling features of the new Customer Data Hub
  • To demonstrate how Customer Data Hub can be
    applied to help
  • Improve the overall quality of key enterprise
  • Create data consistency across all enterprise
  • To provide insight into Customer Data Hub
    implementation best practices

Apex IT Customer Data HubPresentation
  • So what is the Customer Data
  • Hub product, how does it work,
  • and what does it do?

What is CDH?
  • What is the Customer Data Hub (CDH)?
  • CDH is a tightly coupled Customer Online Solution
    and Data Library
  • Solution components within the Oracle CDM suite
    (Customer Data Management)
  • Provides business users with a window into high
    quality customer information
  • Supports realization of the 3cs of customer
    data management
  • Customer Data Consolidation
  • Customer Data Cleansing
  • Customer Data Completeness
  • CDH, in short, is a solid foundation for
  • customer relationship management and decision
  • making across an enterprise

The CDM Footprint
CustomerData Hub
CustomerData Spoke
  • TCA Data Model
  • Data Quality Management
  • Party Account Merge
  • DB Integration
  • Address Validation
  • Bulk Import
  • Single Source of Truth Records
  • Source System Management
  • Flexible Transport and Transformation Layer
  • Embedded Integration Services (APIs, Web
    Services, Business Event Triggers)
  • Flexible Data Maintenance

Customers Online
Customer Data Librarian
Cleanse Enrich
  • View, update, create any TCA data
  • Built-in duplicate prevention
  • Extended Relationship Management
  • 360º Transactions Viewer
  • Customer Profile Reports
  • CSV File Load
  • Duplicate Identification Resolution Tools
  • Import Management
  • Party Purge
  • Data Certification
  • Data Quality Reports

CDH Integration Benefits
  • CDH Integration Benefits . . . With Oracles
  • Data Management Suite
  • Customer Data Hub (CDH)
  • Central customer master data store across both
    Oracle AND non-Oracle systems
  • Infrastructure and tools (e.g. public APIs) to
    extend Oracle apps with custom solutions i.e.
    Customer Data Spoke
  • Customer Data Librarian (CDL)
  • Seamless access to data cleansing, bulk import
    and enrichment capabilities help build/maintain a
    consolidated, dupe-free customer database
  • With Oracle E-Business Suite, CO offers
  • Extensible transaction viewer with OOTB access to
    EBS transactions
  • Free access to CO for EBS application users

CDH Key Features
  • CDH Key Features . . .
  • Spoke and Hub Architecture
  • Industry standard integration points
  • Fusion Middleware component
  • Enterprise Customer Management
  • Comprehensive Relationship Management
  • Embedded Data Quality Management (DQM)
  • Reports
  • File Load

CDH Key Features
  • Distributed redundant complexity!
  • No single source of customer truth!

Customer Data Hub and Spoke Architecture
CDH and Spoke Architecture
  • Simple yet Elegant
  • Applications need not be aware of each other
  • Complexity is moved from the applications to the
  • Interface changes are handled at the hub
  • Flexibility to add and remove applications
    without affecting your infrastructure
  • Delivered DnB data validation
  • Can provide data verticalization and security
    based on role

CDH and Spoke Architecture
Customer Data Librarian
Customer Data Librarian provides
  • Tools to import large volumes of data into a
    single global customer registry
  • Tools to identify resolve duplicate information

  • Direct integration with world-class data content
    provider Dun Bradstreet

Comprehensive RelationshipManagement
Direct relationships with contacts, competitors
and partners
Hierarchical relationships between subsidiaries
and parent corporations
  • Create new or edit existing relationships
  • Visualize each customer and all its relationships
  • Focus on a particular portion of a hierarchy and
    edit its structure
  • Create new hierarchies or
  • Purchase corporate linkages from 70M records
    using DB integration

Embedded Data Quality Management (DQM)
  • Rules based customizable
  • Smart Search
  • Search for customers and contacts using
    configurable DQM match rules
  • Choose between DQM and SQL-search based on
    business needs
  • Duplicate Identification
  • Mark potential duplicates and submit to the
    Oracle Data Librarian to review, map and merge
  • Data Quality DB
  • Use DB integration to enhance the data quality

Embedded Data Quality Management (DQM)
  • Duplicate Prevention
  • Automate the discipline to always search before
    you create a customer or contact record
  • Use Oracle DQM to identify potential matches
  • Tune match rules to create only new and unique
    customers or contacts

  • Data Quality Reports
  • Customer Data Enrichment
  • Dun Bradstreet
  • Customer Data Completeness
  • Define a 100 complete record
  • Benchmark customer database trends
  • Customer Data Cleanliness (ODL users only)
  • Prioritize duplicate sets within System Duplicate
    Identification (SDI) batches for merging

File Loads
  • Enables the import of desktop files
  • Replaces the CSV Import capability from previous
    versions of Customers Online
  • Takes advantage of DQM rules for de-duplication
  • Allows for online error correction whenever
    validation fails

Apex IT Customer Data HubPresentation
  • Applying Customer Data Hub to
  • Your Business

Applying CDH to Your Business
75 percent of leading companies are incapable of
creating a unified view of the customer.
Source It's really (almost) all about the data
Optimizing loyalty initiatives By Michael
Lowenstein, CPCM, Managing Director, Customer
Retention Associates07 Feb 2003 URL
Call Center
3 Customer Records for the same company
Impossible to get to the CUSTOMER
Web Sites
Order Entry
Data is never synchronized across systems.only
Sales Leads
Billings / Receivables
Some info never gets interfaced
Call Center
Integration Services
4. CDH sends customer record to every system
(i.e. spoke) connected to the Hub
All systems are synchronized with consistent
Customer Data Hub
Web Sites
OAS 10g
Web Services
Data Quality Services
Sales Leads
Billings / Receivables
Achieving a Single SourceCustomer View
How do you plan to achieve a single view of your
From Strategy toImplementation
  • Taking Strategy to Implementation . . .
  • Multiple Sources of Truth are Always Present
  • Everyone owns their piece of customer data
  • No one owns ALL customer data
  • The Implementation Constraint
  • Its not about eliminating sources of truth
  • The Solution
  • Its about unifying and reconciling sources of
  • No one owns ALL customer data

Enterprise Customer Management
  • Use enhanced UI to enable enterprise
    customer/contact management
  • Personalization features built into Oracle
    Applications (OA) Framework
  • Build and maintain cross-reference maps for
    records across multiple source systems
  • Create a Constituent Data HUB for the Higher Ed
  • Identify the most credit-worthy customers based
    on credit summaries from Oracle Receivables,
    Credit Management module or another non Oracle
  • Payment and Billing History
  • Receivables Aging
  • Credit Scores

CDH ImplementationConsiderations
Successfully implementing Customer Data Hub
Analyze Needs then Build the Plan!
CDH ImplementationConsiderations
  • Some key Implementation Points/Position
  • Inventory Source Systems and Prioritize Data
  • Cleanse Master data not transactional data
  • Part of companys infrastructure not an
    infrastructure replacement
  • More than an applications installation
  • Will impact BI and Analyst activities

Analyze Needs then Build the Plan!
CDH ImplementationConsiderations
  • Some Keys to Success
  • Understand the business goals and the business
  • For the enterprise
  • For the
  • Have LOB participation near the architecture
  • Run a conference room pilot to confirm impact of
    rules, DQM procedures and reports
  • Phase the Statement of Work

Evaluate Your Customer DataUse Oracle CDM as an
analytic tool
Customer Data Considerations
  • Step 1 Centralize a master customer identity
  • Use the Hub to store, cleanse, view, enrich, and
  • Step 2 Analyze data issues root causes
  • Use Customer Data Librarian reporting
  • Do the hard work and set the basis for data

The ImplementationRoadmap
  • The CDH Implementation Roadmap . . .
  • Step 1 Centralize Customer Data Management
  • Define and model customers
  • Establish quality and governance policies
  • Step 2 Clean up dirty data
  • Use Oracle Custom Data Librarian
  • Step 3 Enrich data from 3rd party sources
  • Use Oracle Custom Data Librarian
  • Step 4 View all customer transaction data
  • Provide 360 Degree View in Customers Online
  • Step 5 Synchronize all sources with the Hub
  • Capture source transactions with an identical hub

Implementation Considerations - 1
  • Identify Business Owner for Customer Data. This
    will be the one who co-ordinates and initiates
    changes in the model, policies, processes
  • Identify key business areas that will create /
    use different aspects of customer data
  • Establish Business Processes for approving data
    for business use empower all organizations to
    collaborate control
  • Establish standards for naming formats and
    address formats
  • Keep a record of who uses various elements of
    customer data so that appropriate users are
    contacted for changes

Implementation Considerations - 2
  • Customer Centric models and software may be just
    beginning in your organization
  • Understand the change management implications
  • An organization with a well established
    definition of a customer may feel threatened
  • Early and often a change management plan to
    mitigate negative acceptance
  • Preach empowerment with the change eliminate
    feelings of loss of control
  • Example
  • A/R may feel threatened losing control of
    customer creation
  • But they will really have more control and less
    tedious work at the same time

Implementation Considerations - 3
  • Understand the change management implications
  • Realize the impact of empowerment
  • Stress may be created by empowerment
  • Take advantage of the DQM and provide resources
    to control data quality before and after creation
    in the enterprise

Implementation Considerations - 4
  • Model different ways in which data can be
    represented before deciding on a final approach
  • While it is possible to merge (and in later
    releases, possibly to split) it is a lot of
    overhead to undertake these tasks. So plan as if
    you do not have to.
  • It is important to take into consideration the
    impact of each application module on the TCA in
    its current state. Remember that some modules are
    more flexible with the TCA than others
  • Some EBS modules have not adapted to the CDH
    model. For example the quoting module. Order
    management allows a customer to be change,
    quoting does not. (merge, purge issue)

Implementation Considerations - 5
  • Establish consensus for criteria to determine
  • Establish process and frequency for merging /
    purging duplicates
  • If implementing eCommerce (or any customer facing
    modules) the impact of this will be key to the
    consistency of the model and therefore this will
    have to be taken into consideration.
  • When incorporating customer based pricing in
    Oracle Advanced Pricing, note that all modules
    may not behave the same way. For example,
    eCommerce or Service modules may not use the
    customer qualifiers the same way as Order

Apex IT CDH Workshop
  • Set your company for a successful Customer Data
    Hub implementation with a 2-Day Apex IT CDH
  • Understand how CDH can be specifically applied
    to your business and your technical environment
  • Develop and document an appropriate Customer
    Data Management approach for your company
  • Develop an actionable roadmap for your CDH
    implementation that includes
  • - Timelines
  • - Resource Needs
  • - Scope for each Phase
  • - Cost, Benefits and Risk
  • This workshop is available for a one-time Flat

Interested? Contact Mike Thyne at 651.287.9366
Thank You / QA
  • If you would like additional information, please
  • Mike Thyne
  • 651.287.9366