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Offshore Architectural and Engineering Services Through Washington Global Sourcing


The process of designing, planning, and constructing buildings is intricate and ... rendering of interior of store along with a montage of the exterior context. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Offshore Architectural and Engineering Services Through Washington Global Sourcing

Offshore Architectural and Engineering Services
Through Washington Global Sourcing
Washington, DC Fall 2006
  • Key Issues Facing US Architecture and Engineering
    Firms Today
  • Quality and quality control
  • Alignment with core competencies
  • Costs / margins
  • Offshoring as a Solution and its Benefits
  • Advantages of Offshoring through Washington
    Global Sourcing (WGS)
  • Services Provided and Team Information
  • Qualifications and Previous Work
  • Contact Information

Quality and Quality Control
  • The process of designing, planning, and
    constructing buildings is intricate and costly,
    requiring large amounts of time and money to be
    spent on staff, supporting technology, and
  • Designing and developing an edifice requires a
    team with a wide array of talents and skill sets
  • Each of these roles must be filled with capable,
    focused staff who should be trained, managed, and
    provided with the tools and techniques with which
    to perform work
  • Training and managing staff is costly and very
    time intensive

Project Team
Quality and Quality Control
  • Additional time and money must be spent on
    ensuring the quality of drawings, renderings, and
    models to prevent problems from arising during
  • Quality must be maintained from initial working
    drawings through the final, detailed shop
    drawings that are used by builders for
  • Failure to employ experienced, well-trained
    personnel can lead to problems that result in
  • Re-working and re-rendering of drawings
  • Modification of original conceptual design
  • Potential lawsuits arising from lack of attention
    to detail
  • Since these situations must be avoided at all
    costs, firms require highly talented and
    well-trained staff to perform quality control at
    each stage of the design process
  • While this is usually effective, it requires
    staff to engage in activities that, in many
    cases, are not creative, highly repetitive, and
    time consuming

Alignment with Core Competencies
  • While these activities are critical, they are
    time intensive and often less profitable than
    other design activities and may prevent firms
    from focusing on their core competencies and
    earning revenue
  • These activities include
  • Drafting floor plans for large,
    uniformly-designed buildings
  • Engineering diagrams and schematics
  • 3-D Modeling
  • As more and more of this work is performed, staff
    may lose enthusiasm for work causing
  • Costs to Increase Quality to Decline Profits
    to Fall

Offshoring as a Solution and its Benefits
Key Benefits
  • Looking to India for architectural services is
    the future and should be seen by firms as a
    competitive advantage rather than a trend to be
    feared or ignored
  • The offshoring of business processes or specific
    steps within processes is commonplace in
    information technology, medical transcription,
    financial services, medical care, and many other
  • Architecture, building design, and engineering
    are creative processes which along with a number
    of supporting activities, can be passed along or
    shared with competent and trustworthy partners,
    providing immense cost and time savings and
    numerous other benefits

Ensure Focus
Add Capabilities
Reduce Costs
Save Time
  • Already, architecture and engineering firms are
    seeing the benefits of sharing the workload with
    offshore partners to save money and time and
    allow themselves to focus on their core strengths
  • WGS and our providers allow firms to share work
    by providing not just the technical staff to
    perform architectural work but also an
    experienced management team to ensure satisfaction

Costs / Margins
  • In order to reduce costs, save time, and enable
    architects and engineers to retain focus, firms
    should look outside conventional areas for high
    quality, lower cost resources that can improve
    the bottom line and improve quality
  • Engineering and architecture firms should take
    advantage of the competent and well-trained
    workforce in India by partnering with top
    outsourcing firms who can provide high-quality
  • WGS combines the management consulting,
    technology, and project management experience of
    its chief officers with the industry competencies
    of its Indian providers to provide US firms
    access to top talent at a fraction of the
    conventional cost
  • Offshore costs typically range from 45-65 of
    existing costs (depending on specific client
  • WGS providers are capable of delivering a wide
    variety of offshore services and are
    highly-skilled professionals with years of
    experience in the U.S., Australia, India, and the
    Middle East and can be leveraged for projects of
    any size over a variety of disciplines

Advantages of Offshoring Through WGS
Global Presence
Strong Partnerships
Process Consulting
  • Offices in Washington, DC, USA and Bangalore,
  • Skilled professionals
  • Numerous years of experience in multiple
    countries and continents
  • Carefully selected partners via thorough vetting
  • In-depth technology experience
  • Experience applying technology in support of
    business needs
  • Belief that technology should be a key enabler of
    business rather than a focus
  • Extensive experience in process-oriented
    management consulting engagements
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Proprietary WGS methodology blending
  • Strategy
  • Process
  • People
  • Technology
  • Immediate access to both providers and clients
  • Easily-supported Service Level Agreements and
    quick response times
  • Reliable, trustworthy, and competent partners
  • High quality work products
  • Understanding of modern architectural and
    engineering processes and the impact of
    technology on these processes
  • Understanding of processes and ability to
    communicate them clearly to our providers to
    ensure success
  • Comprehensive view into architectural/
    engineering processes
  • Ability to easily understand and manage
    outsourcing processes

WGS Services Provided
  • Architectural
  • Architectural design
  • Design documentation
  • 3D modelling
  • CAD/CAM drafting
  • Construction drawings
  • Engineering
  • Engineering design and documentation
  • Structural
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Water/Plumbing
  • Fire
  • VRD (External Utilities)
  • Shop drawings

WGS Team Information
  • WGS providers are aligned across multiple
    disciplines, allowing us to provide a full set of
    architecture and engineering services to our
  • If there is a need to increase the size of the
    project team, WGS can add additional resources
    through our provider firms or direct,
    project-specific hires
  • All provider and consultant staff are certified
    architects and engineers with numerous years of
    experience in their respective fields
  • WGS projects are led by WGS Principals who are
    highly experienced engineers and architects with
    graduate degrees from US universities and
    experience working with American clients
  • Typical 3D design teams are managed by architects
    with five years of US experience in 3D modeling,
    architectural design, and CAD/CAM work
  • Typical services projects are managed by
    engineers with eight years of US experience
  • WGS provides all clients with US-based single
    points of contact in order to ensure clear and
    timely communication of project goals,
    milestones, and issues

WGS Clients and Past Successes Private Media
  • Client Name Leading Media Firm, North-eastern US
  • Business Problem The client needed a number of
    detailed, accurate 3D models for an 18 hole golf
    course. The models are used for marketing
    brochures and the GPS system used by golf course
    visitors. The client required numerous,
    photo-quality images but wanted to manage cost on
    the work while retaining high quality.
  • Work Completed A photorealistic rendered view of
    18 hole golf course with the help of raw images.
    Multiple views were created for each hole.
    Specifically, the team was required to transfer
    all the details from the raw images to the final
    rendering to make it as realistic as possible.
    The entire project was executed in PhotoShop and
    Illustrator. The project required the team to
    interact with the parent company in the US and
    work in a controlled methodology laid out by the
  • Work Time Frame 800 hours
  • Customer Quote the work looks good!...thank
    you for your effort, I look forward to future
    work with the team

WGS Clients and Past Successes Data and GIS
  • Client Name Leading Data and GIS Firm, Canberra,
  • Business Problem The client needed a detailed,
    accurate set of 3D models for an extensive
    eGovernance project for the city of Canberra but
    did not have the staff to complete the work in
    the desired time frame
  • Work Completed A series of 3D models of 120
    existing buildings for an entire Canberra suburb
    were created. The project was implemented using a
    mix of PhotoShop, 3D Studio MAX, and proprietary
    JAVA-based software. The basic 3D model was
    wireframed in 3D Studio MAX based on satellite
    images and uploaded to the clients software. A
    virtual skin was created with the help of images
    and was wrapped around building models to create
    a realistic depiction of the existing area.
  • Work Time Frame 800 Hours
  • Customer Quotes the work from India all
    looks good in my bookthe team has effectively
    placed the textures and modeled detail into the
    model where needed. Well done!

WGS Clients and Past Successes Architecture
  • Client Name Paul Tapogna Architects, Pelham, NY
  • Business Problem Tapogna Architects completed a
    set of schematics for a residential kitchen and
    dining area but did not have the production staff
    to complete the necessary 3D modeling work
    required for visualization and client
  • Work Completed A detailed 3D line rendering of
    the kitchen and dining room with eight views from
    various angles to present a complete picture of
    the space.
  • Follow-on Work Based on the clear and accurate
    visualizations provided, Tapogna Architects was
    able to make design modifications and has
    requested the team to create a CD set detailing
    the kitchen and dining room layout.
  • Work Time Frame Model - 32 Hours, CD Set 80
  • Customer Quotes The clear and accurate modeling
    was not only helpful to us for presentation
    purposes, but it also worked as a great design

WGS Clients and Past Successes Architecture
  • Client Name Fox Diehl Architects, New York, NY
  • Business Problem Fox Diehl faced a tight
    deadline and lacked qualified production staff to
    complete bid and filing set for high-end
    residential addition and renovation project.
  • Work Completed Bid/filing set for 1200 square
    ft. addition to private residence. Set included
    floor plan, framing plan, lighting plan,
    demolition plan, elevations, sections, and detail
  • Work Time Frame 40 hours
  • Customer Quotes They came through for us when
    we were in a crunch. The quality of drawings was
    just as good as what we would have produced
    in-house and we were able to present the drawings
    to a very discerning village architectural board.

WGS Clients and Past Successes Private Retail
  • Client Name Giffords Ice Cream Company,
  • Silver Spring, MD
  • Business Problem Before beginning construction
    on their new ice cream parlor, Giffords required
    an interior 3D rendering to be completed and
    reviewed. Giffords did not have an
    architect/designer on staff and needed an
    accurate visualization of the space created as
    quickly as possible.
  • Work Completed Detailed rendering of interior of
    store along with a montage of the exterior
  • Work Time Frame 40 hours
  • Customer Quotes Your staff was very courteous,
    professional, and fast. We were able to make the
    last minute changes requested by our landlord and
    present them to the review panel immediately.
    We'll certainly be doing business again soon.

Contact Information
Web http//
  • India Office
  • Washington Global Sourcing
  • Golden Square Center
  • 102 Eden Park, 20 Vittal Mallya Road
  • Bangalore 560 001
  • Phone 91 80 2299 6505
  • Fax 91 80 2224 3863
  • Email
  • Office Principals
  • Srinath Advani
  • Principal
  • Phone 91 80 51235337
  • Fax 91 80 2224 3863
  • Email

US Office Washington Global Sourcing 1844
Columbia Road, NW Suite 103 Washington, DC
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