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Founded in Tulsa, OK 1938 by O.C. Cash & Rupert Hall and has grown to over 30, ... Bing! ( Barbershop in Germany) DABS (Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: New%20Member%20Orientation

New Member Orientation

Session One The Barbershop Harmony Society

New Member Orientation
History Founded in Tulsa, OK 1938 by O.C. Cash
Rupert Hall and has grown to over 30,000 members
in more than 820 chapters in the United States
and Canada. It is the worlds largest all-male
singing society.

O.C. Cash
New Member Orientation
What Is Barbershop Harmony? Four-part,
unaccompanied, close-harmony singing Melody in
the second voice, called the "lead." Tenor
(counter-tenor voice) harmonizes above the
lead singer Bass sings the lowest
harmonizing notes
Baritone provides in- between
notes, to form consonant,
pleasing chords  

New Member Orientation
What Is Barbershop Harmony? Barbershop is a
"melting pot" product of African-American musical
devices, European hymn-singing culture, and an
American tradition of recreational music
Melodies in the vocal and skill range of the
average singer, with lyrical emphasis on simple,
heartfelt emotions love, friendship,
mother, moon June and the girl next

New Member Orientation
Membership in the Barbershop Harmony Society and
the following core values are intertwined
  • Singing
  • Fellowship
  • Fun
  • Enrichment
  • Creativity

New Member Orientation
  • Singing - We love to sing. Through singing in
    four-part harmony, we provide opportunities for
    personal expression, spread joy in performance,
    and enrich our lives and the lives of others.
  • We perpetuate and celebrate the barbershop
    harmony style.

New Member Orientation
  • Fellowship - We foster rich relationships. We are
    committed to inclusive and respectful
    relationships based on integrity, trust and
    reputation. Our companionship cultivates lasting
    friendships and a sense of belonging.
    Collaboration on common interests bonds
    people of diverse interests
    and backgrounds.

New Member Orientation
  • Fun - We have fun. We sing barbershop harmony for
    the sheer enjoyment of it. Singing is
    accompanied by laughter, playful camaraderie, and
    the happiness of sharing through a performance.

New Member Orientation
  • Enrichment - We seek personal growth and
    enrichment through singing. Education permeates
    all that we do. At every level of the Society,
    in every Society chapter, and through Society
    outreach, we teach and learn about four-part
    harmony. We also promote skills in composition,
    performance, interpersonal relationships,
    leadership, evaluation, collaboration and
    administration. A culture of lifelong learning
    encourages members to continually seek personal
    growth and enrichment as well as contribute to
    the evolution of the Society.

New Member Orientation
  • Creativity - We embrace and celebrate creativity.
    We create sound from silence. In that act of
    creativity, we may bring forth beauty, hope, joy
    and other artistic expressions.
  • As performers we experience the exhilaration of
    creation in soul and voice. We deliver these
    results to our audiences who, in turn, undergo
    their own emotional uplifting. A powerful core
    of creation inspires us to honor the art of song
    in everything we do. We are a vastly creative

New Member Orientation
  • Society Mission - We enrich lives through
  • We perpetuate and celebrate the barbershop
    harmony style.
  • We serve each new generation of singers through
    support of vocal music education.

New Member Orientation
  • We serve audiences through an uplifting,
    wholesome variety of a cappella musical
  • We serve our members by sharing fellowship,
    performance skills, and leadership development.

New Member Orientation
  • We help build better communities and a better
    world, bonding diverse people through the pure
    fun of a cappella harmony as we
  • Keep the Whole World Singing!

New Member Orientation
  • Society Vision
  • The Society, in alliance with other a cappella
    organizations worldwide, is committed to
    enriching lives in every generation and community
    through the lifelong benefits of a cappella
    harmony singing.

New Member Orientation
  • Society Code of Ethics The Society aspires to
    preserve for its members and for all future
    generations of prospective members the sacred
    right of men to seek haven from the burden of
    their daily cares through indulgence in old
    fashioned vocal quartet harmony, and to that end
    we do hereby pledge ourselves to abide
    by the precepts of this Code of Ethics

New Member Orientation
  • We shall do everything in our power to perpetuate
    the Society.
  • We shall deport ourselves and conduct the
    Society's functions in such a manner as to
    reflect credit upon the Society and its
  • We shall conform in all respects to the bylaws
    of the Society and the rules from time to
    time promulgated by its board of

New Member Orientation
  • We shall accept for membership only congenial
    men of good character who love harmony in
    music or have
  • a desire to harmonize.
  • We shall exhibit a spirit of good fellowship
    toward all members.
  • We shall refrain from forcing our songs upon
    unsympathetic ears.

New Member Orientation
  • We shall not use our membership in the Society
    for personal gain.
  • We shall not permit the introduction of
    political, religious or other similar
    controversial issues into the affairs of the

New Member Orientation
  • We shall, by our stimulus to good music and
    vocal harmony, endeavor to spread the spirit of
    harmony throughout the world.
  • We shall render all possible altruistic service
    through the medium of barbershop harmony.

New Member Orientation
  • Society Activities
  • Education of members and the general public in
    music appreciation, particularly barbershop
  • Advocacy at all levels of society to keep
    recreational and social singing an
    important part of our culture.

New Member Orientation
  • Charitable projects on a local and national
    basis, including many funded
  • through the Harmony Foundation, the
  • Society's official charity.
  • Music publishing and distribution of recordings
    for entertainment and education
  • Contests in quartet and chorus singing at
    district and international levels

New Member Orientation
  • International champions are crowned in Chorus,
    Quartet and College Quartet at international
    convention each July
  • International Senior Quartet Champion is
    crowned at mid-winter convention each January

New Member Orientation

International champions are crowned in Chorus,
Quartet and College Quartet at international
convention each July International Senior
Quartet Champion is crowned at mid- winter
convention each January
New Member Orientation
  • Public performances enhance community cultural
    life, preserve the art form, and bring cheer to
  • Quartets and choruses contribute more than
    100,000 man-hours per year singing for more than
    half a million people at churches, schools,
    hospitals, senior centers, etc.

New Member Orientation
  • Society Educational Offerings
  • Harmony University- St Joseph, MO
  • COTS Leadership Training in EACH District
  • International Convention

New Member Orientation
  • Society Awards Recognition
  • Man of Note Award for recruiting a new member
  • 100 Club- FREE dues for recruiting 5 members in
    a year
  • Golden Oldie for 35-year members
  • Free Society Dues to 50-year members
  • Hall of Fame new members normally inducted
    annually for outstanding contributions
  • Honorary Life Membership awarded to non-members
    who have made outstanding contributions

New Member Orientation
  • Society Communication Tools
  • The Harmonizer Magazine
  • LiveWire

New Member Orientation
  • Subsidiary Organizations
  • Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors
  • Ancient and Harmonious Society of Woodshedders
  • Association of International Champions (AIC)
  • Association of International Seniors Quartet
    Champions (AISQC)
  • Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Champions (CBQC)

New Member Orientation International Affiliates
AMBS (Australian Association of Mens Barbershop
ing! (Barbershop in Germany)
                                BABS (British
Association of Barbershop Singers)
                             DABS (Dutch
Association of Barbershop Singers)
              IABS (Irish Association of
Barbershop Singers)
New Member Orientation

                                  SPATS (Southern
Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers)
NOBS (Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers)

New Zealand Association of Barbershop Singers)
New Member Orientation
  • Allied Organizations
  • Sweet Adelines International Harmony
    Incorporated Ladies Association of British
    Barbershop Singers (LABBS)
  • Holland Harmony Mixed Barbershop Harmony
    Quartet Association Contemporary A Cappella
    Society Tokyo Barbers Scottish
  • Barbershop Choruses Music Educators National
    Conference American Choral Directors

New Member Orientation
  • Society Board of Directors
  • The Society is governed by a volunteer Board of
    Directors responsible for setting the strategic
    of the organization.
  • Society Board of Directors Contact information is
    printed in every issue of The Harmonizer, as well
    as listed on the website

New Member Orientation
  • Society Headquarters Staff
  • The Barbershop Harmony Society is administered by
    a professional staff in
  • Nashville, TN.

New Member Orientation
  • Society Headquarters Staff
  • To contact the Society
  • call 1-800-876-SING (7464)
  • or visit their website at

New Member Orientation The BHS is organized
into 16 districts- each district is governed by
its own set of elected officers

New Member Orientation
  • Benefits of Membership
  • Publications
  • Online Resources, including the Members-Only
  • Conventions
  • Harmony Marketplace

New Member Orientation
  • Professional Development and Educational
  • Assistance from Headquarters Staff
  • Member Pricing
  • Use of the Name and Log
  • Competition

New Member Orientation
  • Harmony Foundation
  • The Harmony Foundation, a not-for-profit
    organization, was incorporated in 1959 as a
    charitable subsidiary of the Barbershop Harmony

New Member Orientation
  • Harmony Foundation
  • 2006 Highlights
  • Over 1,000 students attended Harmony Explosion
  • 100 chorus directors attended Director's College

New Member Orientation
  • Collegiate quartet competition scholarships are
    awarded to promising college quartets to attend
    Harmony University for intensive coaching
  • Collegiate tours sponsored by the foundation
    brought barbershop harmony to many new students

New Member Orientation
  • The President's Council, a leadership annual
    giving program, saw robust growth. Average gift
    size from members increased by twelve times over
    the last three years. Forty-nine percent are new
    contributors to annual giving.
  • The Ambassadors of Song giving program was
    launched, providing every chapter member the
    opportunity to make a monthly contribution of as
    little as five dollars.
  • A new Donor Choice feature provides annual
    giving donors a means of designating up to thirty
    percent of a gift to their chapter and/or

New Member Orientation
  • Harmony Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.
    Your contributions are tax deductible to the full
    extent of the law.

New Member Orientation
  • 2007 International Chorus Champion
  • The Westminster Chorus
  • Westminster, CA

New Member Orientation
  • 2007 International Quartet
  • Champion
  • Max Q

New Member Orientation
  • 2007 MBNA America
  • Collegiate Quartet Champion
  • Road Trip

New Member Orientation
  • 2007 Seniors Quartet Champion
  • Friendly Advice

New Member Orientation
  • Show Singing Is Life Video