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PHL 344 Ethical Issues in Health Care


Gain experience in discussing ethical issues in health care with others with ... Learn how to learn from people who disagree with you about ethical issues. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: PHL 344 Ethical Issues in Health Care

PHL 344Ethical Issues in Health Care
  • Fall 2000
  • Section 4
  • Howard Brody

Course Objectives
  • Learn the types of questions considered to be
    important and prevalent ethical issues in health
    care in the U.S. today.

Course Objectives
  • When presented with a paper or article presenting
    a stand and making an argument on an ethical
  • Be able to explain exactly what position the
    author is taking and why.
  • Be able to explain whether or not you agree with
    the position taken and why.

Course Objectives
  • For each of the questions surveyed in the course
  • Be able to give common arguments for and against
    the most common ethical positions.
  • Be able to state your own position on that
  • Be able to defend your preferred position against
    reasonable criticisms from others who do not
    share it.

Course Objectives
  • Gain experience in discussing ethical issues in
    health care with others with diverse perspectives
    and backgrounds.

Course Objectives
  • Learn how to discuss disagreements without
    indicating disrespect for other people.
  • Learn how to learn from people who disagree with
    you about ethical issues.
  • Learn how discussing disagreements can sharpen
    your appreciation and understanding of your own
    ethical stance.

Course Objectives
  • Learn how to explore ethical disagreements to see
    whether common ground lurks under apparently
    irreconcilable conflicts of value.
  • Become familiar with the most commonly used
    ethical theories and approaches for understanding
    the nature of ethical questions and improving
    ethical reasoning.

Course Objectives
  • Understand how ethical questions surface at
    various levels ranging from interpersonal
    relationships to broad questions of public
  • Distinguish ethical aspects of the formulation of
    health policy from the economic and political

General Question for the Course
  • What might it mean to demonstrate respect for
    persons in any or all aspects of health care?

Respect for Persons
  • Golden Rule-- treat others as you would wish to
    be treated
  • Religious concepts equality as divine creation
  • Autonomy each deserves respect as potential
    chooser of own destiny

Respect for Persons
  • The Patient as Person (Ramsey, 1970)
  • The gall bladder in 619
  • The doctor will see you now, George
  • Feminism and the problem of the benevolent
    oppressor oppression invisible to those in power
  • Standpoint ethics

Respect for Persons
  • Respect for persons in ethical dialogue
  • Can I respect someone whose ideas I disagree
    with? (Whose ideas I find evil?)
  • Can I form a compromise position on an ethical
    question without compromising my integrity?

Respect for Persons
  • Religious differences
  • Cultural differences
  • Mere tolerance
  • Learning from other cultures and belief systems

Respect for Persons
  • Philosophical questions underlying health care
    ethical issues
  • What is a person?
  • Problematic cases
  • Death, brain criteria
  • Persistent vegetative state
  • Fetus

Respect for Persons
  • Ethical guide to policy
  • Respect for persons as individuals
  • Respect for persons as members of community
  • How compares to economics and politics
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