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Welcome Multimedia


Hand out on the pyramid of learning. 'Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember ... DVD Digital Versatile Disc. Cable Modems - Bandwidth. Today ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome Multimedia

Welcome Multimedia
  • By John Sullivan
  • 2000

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  • Background
  • Defined
  • Why in CIS
  • Multimedia Program
  • PC Support
  • Future
  • Multimedia Lab

How did I get into this
  • Mini-research awards by RVCC
  • Business Themes in the Movies
  • CourseWare

Multimedia Services
  • Web Development Program
  • Computer Department
  • Art Department
  • Business Department

Why in the Computer Curriculum?
  • Association of Computing Machinerys
    Communications - Hand out
  • Computer Literacy
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Networking
  • Microcomputer Applications
  • PC Support
  • Design Issues -HCI or CHI
  • Web-Page Development
  • Jobs

Multimedia Defined
  • The term Multimedia is a redundant term. Multi
    means more than one, and Media is the plural of
    medium. Therefore you have many mediums.
  • However, the proper definition is
  • Multimedia is defined as an interactive
    computer-mediated presentation that includes at
    least two of the following elements text, sound,
    video, animation, and graphics. (Tannenbaum,

multimedia the use of multiple formats for the
presentation of information, including, text,
sound, video, images, and animation.
Computer-based interactive multimedia includes
hypermedia and hypertext
hypermedia computer-based system that allows
interactive linking of multiple format
information including text, sound, video,
images, and animation. Allow non-linear traversal
hypertext non-linear organized and accessed
screens of text and static diagrams, images, and
(non-linear text only)
The relationship of multimedia, hypermedia, and
hypertext (Tohurst, 1995).
In 1945, Vannevar Bush envisioned the development
of interactive media as a book with trails that
the reader could follow. This idea was the
precursor of hypertext.
Multimedia, circa 1945 Vannevar Bush's
publishes his landmark paper, "As We May Think,"
published first in the Atlantic Monthly and
subsequently in Life magazine.
Photograph available at http//www-eecs.mit.edu/
Multimedia how do we go about teaching it?
  • Vannevar Bush proposed a new profession of what
    he called "trailblazers" exclusively to create
    and manage non-sequential multimedia systems.
  • This new, highly skilled profession was not to be
    involved in content creation but creating
    structured information spaces from existing
  • Multimedia cannot be experienced without the
    technology because it is the technology that
    creates the experience. Multimedia is a fusion
    of both the medium and the message.

Multimedia cont
  • Issues relating to compression, latency, jitter,
    bandwidth, compression, and operating systems
    characteristics become important.
  • Those developing interactive television,
    multimedia video games, online film libraries,
    multimedia networks, or hospital information
    systems are just as much involved in the
    multimedia industry as graphic designers are.

Why Multimedia?
  • Learning Styles
  • It is generally agreed that most people retain
    about 20 percent of what they hear 40 percent of
    what they see and hear and 75 percent of what
    they hear, see and do.
  • Hand out on the pyramid of learning.

Tell me, I forget Show me, I remember
Involve me, I understand.
Benjamin Franklin
Tell me and I will forget show me and I
may remember involve me and I will
understand. Chinese proverb
Multimedia Building Blocks
  • Animation

The Multimedia Platform
Software and Hardware
  • The Multimedia Platform refers to the operating
    system of the computer system used to produce
  • It is important for a multimedia project to be

  • Selection of the proper platform for developing
    your multimedia project may be based on
  • Personal preference
  • PC or Macintosh
  • Budget constraints
  • Delivery requirements CD, Network, Internet
  • Type of material and content in the project

Multimedia Hardware Rules
  • Upgrade to proven products that lie in the calm
    water slightly behind the leading edge of the
    wave (Super drive).
  • Once youve tried it, you cant go back.
  • Hardware components wave tables versus sound
    cards, SCSI connections, etc.
  • You never have enough memory or disk space.

Vaughan, 1996
For Mono at the same sampling rate divide by 2
Multimedia Software Rules
  • Making good multimedia is picking a successful
    route through the software swamp.
  • The software in your multimedia toolkit, and
    your skill at using it determine what kind of
    multimedia work you can do and how fine and fancy
    you can render it.

  • Problems with PowerPoint in developing Computer
  • Spaghetti code
  • Kiosk settings
  • On the Web - link to economics page

Software Screen Grabbing
  • PowerPoint
  • Html and embedded in Web site
  • MacroMedia - Authorware, Director, Sound Forge,
    Sound Edit.
  • Adobe - Premier, Reader.
  • PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop
  • WS_FTP, WinZip, 3D/FX, Bryce, CD-Recorder, Media
    Player, QuickTime, Read Audio and Video,

Trial Software on the Web
  • Software the future - ULEAD 3D Cool 2.5

  • Servers - Multimedia server
  • WS_FTP - Mail box
  • 250 Megabyte account from moving files between
    home and school
  • File Sharing - Our classes run multimedia over
    the networks.
  • Bandwidth - Microsoft site for testing bandwidth

Multimedia Curriculum
  • Intro to Communications Theory
  • Two Dimensional Design
  • Micro Hardware Software
  • Micro Computer Applications or Computer Literacy
  • Multimedia I II
  • Designing the New Media
  • Computer Graphics I II
  • Video Production
  • Internet
  • Speech
  • Web Page Development
  • Presentation Skills for Business Professions
  • Electives

CIS Dept.
Art Dept.
Web-Page Development Certificate
  • Microcomputer Hardware Software
  • Business Computer Systems or Microcomputer
  • Internet
  • Multimedia 1
  • Designing the New Media
  • Web-Page Development
  • Systems Analysis Design or Project Management

Multimedia Production I
  • Syllabus
  • Project One What is multimedia
  • Project Two Systems Analysis
  • Project Three Authoring a Distributed
    Multimedia Project
  • 1 Hal
  • 2 Mike
  • 3 Jonathan
  • 4 Debbie

CD-ROMs Created by Classes
Multimedia II Programming
  • Director and Programming in Lingo Scripting
  • College Annual Report - has in Visual Basic
  • Planetarium

Designing the New MediaBringing the Multimedia
and Web together
  • Virtual Reality - ipix.com
  • Phillips Lighting site

The Past
  • UNIX
  • CD-ROM burners - SCSI
  • Video Capture
  • Super drives
  • Win_Zip

Future 1995 DVD Digital Versatile Disc Cable
Modems - BandwidthToday MP3, Flash, Microsoft
media player, Trial software, Napster
  • Future
  • Virtual Reality refers to a computer-based
    application which provides a human-computer
    interface such that the computer and its devices
    create a sensory environment which is dynamically
    controlled by by the actions of the individual,
    so that the environment appears real to the user
    (Fluckiger, 1996)

Future cont
  • Future multimedia systems will probably include
    enhanced interactivity and virtual capabilities.
    Computers will become much smaller, more
    powerful, and more portable, perhaps even
  • Network connectivity and bandwidth will
    contribute to greater power for multimedia,
    because it may be shared in a client/server mode.
  • It seems possible that much greater voice
    communication will be possible, with voice
    recognition and synthesis software becoming more

Virtual Reality - VR
  • As a spoke of Multimedia
  • VR is interactive
  • The fundamental principle of VR lies in the fact
    that the computer creates a sensory environment
  • VR environments incorporate all the multimedia
  • The difference is the extent to which multiple
    multimedia objects must be played simultaneously
    and the importance of exact synchronization of
    playback of multimedia objects.
  • People who work in VR do not see themselves as
    part of multimedia. VR deals with goggles and
    gloves and is still a research field where no
    authoring products are available, and you need a
    hell of a computer to develop the real-time 3-D
    graphics. Although there is a middle ground
    covered by such things as Quick Time VR and VRML
    that gives multimedia developers a window into
    VR, people often confuse multimedia and VR and
    want to create futuristic environments using
    multimedia authoring tools not designed for that
    purpose. Takis Metaxas, Assistant Prof. Of
    Computer Science - Wellesley College.

Multimedia and Faculty
  • Schramm (1997, p. 13) observed that we must not
    forget that almost all teaching is multimedia.
    The name is new and fashionable, but the practice
    is ancient.
  • CourseWare
  • The Web and Online courses

Multimedia in the Art Show
  • Click here to move to art show exhibit

Multimedia Lab - Stand Alone
Virginia Tech Multimedia Lab
MIT Multimedia Lab
  • Fluckiger, F. (1996). Understanding Networked
    Multimedia applications and technology. New
    York Prentice Hall.
  • Klee, K., Austing, R., Campbell, R., Cover, F.,
    Little, J. (1999). Guidelines for Degree and
    Certificate Programs to Support Computing in a
    Networked Environment. New York, Association for
    Computing Machinery, Inc.
  • Schramm, W. (1965). The Process and Effects of
    Mass Communication. Urbana University of
    Illinois Press,
  • Tannenbaum, R. (1998). Theoretical Foundations
    of Multimedia. New York. Computer Science Press
  • Tolhurst, D. (1995, March-April), Hypertext,
    Hypermedia, Multimedia Defined? Educational
    Technology, 21-26.
  • Vaughan, T. (1996). Multimedia Making it Work.
    (3rd Ed.). New York McGraw-Hill.

EndBy John Sullivan
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