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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pr

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  • Artfactories is an international platform for
    autonomous multidisciplinary art spaces , that
    are born from citizen and artistic projects 
    with a focus on contemporary creation and new
    cultural, artistic and social practices. It
    encourages mutual sharing of all kind of
    resources and collaboration between these spaces.
  • It is - a platform offering support,
    solidarity, advice, and meditation for existing
    or projected structures 
  •   - a tool that aims to encourage
    mobility, solidarity, exchanges, and multiple
    cooperation - both formal and informal - between
  • - a resource for converting our
    industrial and military legacy into
    multidisciplinary spaces to suit emerging
    artistic and social practices.

  • Reconversion of industrial sites into artistic
    and cultural centres.

Transformation, renovation, reconversion
  • Dairies
  • Warehouses Foundries
  • Train stations Farms
  • Covered markets All kind of
    disused factories
  • Military barracks Printing
    houses coalmines
  • Social centres
    Hospitals, etc...

Centres in the 70s in Europe
Ateneu (Barcelona - Spain)
  • Foundation date 1977
  • Former use asphalt plant and machines storehouse
  • Total surface 1.500m2

Ateneu today
  • It is a cultural centre open to the public, born
    as a result of neighbourhood residents' struggle
    to restore the area to public use.
  • Activities
  • circus, theatre, cinema, street animation, music,
  • These groups established the foundation of a
    management model in which decision-making is
    based on maximum participation and responsibility
    of all interested parties.

De Effenaar (Eindhoven- Netherlands)
  • Foundation date 1971
  • Former use linen factory
  • Total Surface 1.300 m2

The venue/club aims at offering a broad variety
of cultural activities - intended for young
people - which are of high quality, exciting and
new. Activities - Contemporary theatre  -
Music (Pop music...) - Contemporary dance  -
Multimedia - Cinema/Audiovisual -
Melkweg (Amsterdam- Netherlands)
  • Foundation date 1970
  • Former use sugar house
  • Total surface 3.200 m2

Melkweg today
  • It is a multi-disciplinary cultural centre,
    focusing on
  • - music (new dance developments, world music)
  • - theatre (new theatre with dance, visual arts,
    performance-art and new media).
  • - cinema (opinionated programming, peripheral
  • - photography (portraits, social and political
  • video-manifestations/new media
  • The Melkweg is an important player in the
    Amsterdam festival scene.

Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels - Belgium)
  • Foundation date 1974
  • Former use market
  • Total surface 2.200 m2

Halles de Schaerbeek today
  • It promotes young, innovative and non commercial
    artists, in partnership with various associations
    (from the arts, community or humanitarian sector)
    and welcomes some institutional or
    well-established productions (festivals, drama or
    dance companies, music agencies...).
  • Activities
  • - Music
  • - Dance
  • - Theatre
  • - Circus
  • - Childrens cultural activities

The Project (Dublin - Ireland)
  • Foundation date 1966
  • Former use new building built in 2000
  • Total surface n/a

  • Project was founded in 1966 by four visual
    artists. Its aim was to provide an alternative
    venue for performing and visual artists. In its
    early years, Project occupied a diverse range of
  • In 1991 the board of Project instigated a program
    of redevelopment to improve the venue and
  • During its redevelopment, from 1997 1999 the
    visual arts program at Project continued off site
    with a number of artists working in found spaces
    round the city and in Galway.
  • It now stands as a modern contemporary arts
    centre, with a national and international
  • Activities
  • All contemporary art forms (theatre, dance,
    visual arts, music jazz, electro, new music)

De Schlachthof (Bremen - Germany)
  • Foundation date 1979
  • Former use slaughterhouse
  • Total surface 1.836 m² / plus garden, skateboard
    field, open air stage

  • It schedules a music programme ranging from
    international to newcomer bands and local
  • It is initiating multi-disciplinary projects
    about social and political themes with the goal
    to bring different people together. The
    Schlachthof is the venue for school-theatre and
    youth theatre productions in Bremen.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, music, multimedia, cinema/
    audiovisuel, literature/poetry,
    solidarity/citizenship, press.

ufaFabrik (Berlin Germany)
  • Foundation date 1979
  • Former use Ufa cinematographic company
  • Total surface 18.000 m2

  • The UfaFabrik is a green cultural oasis in the
    middle of Berlin - a space for creation and
    culture, for innovative ideas, a productive
    surrounding for the citizens of Berlin and for
    artists from all over the world.
  • Activities
  • Theatre, music, danse, circus, multimedia, visual
    art, percussion school, lectures, production,
    agency, ecological programme.

City arts Centre (Dublin Ireland)
  • Foundation date 1973
  • Former use ship chandlers
  • Total surface 4.000 m2

  • It focuses on putting the arts to work in a
    relevant, practical and exciting way for
    individuals and communities often excluded from
    the cultural mainstream for social, economic and
    geographical reasons.
  • Activities
  • Visual arts, theatre, music, photography, comedy,
    debates, educational and training programs...
  • It is also involved in a busy outreach arts
    programme with the local community.

  • Centres in the 80s in Europe

Le Confort Moderne (Poitiers- France)
  • Foundation date 1985
  • Former use warehouse for electrical appliances
  • Total surface 4.000 m2

  • The main function of Confort Moderne is to serve
    as intermediary between contemporary artists,
    institution, professionals and the population,
    through the most diversified programming
  • Activities
  • Visual arts, music, video, books editing, techno
    conferences, childrens activities, local
    association meetings...

LUsine (Geneva - Switzerland)
  • Foundation date 1988
  • Former use gold trimming factory
  • Total superficie n/a

  • It is an open cultural and social alternative
    centre. It is a creative and productive area
    gathering diverse cultural operators such as
    architects, an hairdresser for the city and the
    theatre, photographers, sculptors, a disk
    store... It focuses on the mixing of visitors and
    art forms.
  • Activities
  • - Cinema,
  • - Contemporary music,
  • - Theatre,
  • - Architecture,
  • - Visual arts

WUK (Vienna - Austria)
  • Foundation date 1981
  • Former use locomotive factory
  • Total surface 13.500 m2

  • The WUK is a space for the living interaction of
    art, politics and social issues. It enables the
    manifestation of an extended notion of culture
    (liberation, critical art, interdisciplinarity,
    independance, autonomy) that transcends the
    meaning of culture in every-day usage.
  • Activities
  • Visual art, dance, theatre, radio, cinema, book
    editing..... as well as senior activities, job
    training projects, childrens activities.

Vooruit (Gent - Belgium )
  • Foundation date 1982
  • Former use village hall, from 1912
  • Total surface 10.000 m2

  • In 1982, the Village House was restored and
    became a new space for the contemporary art and
    artists. It essentialy concerns living art such
  • - theatre
  • - dance
  • - music
  • - photography

Centre dart Passerelle (Brest - France)
  • Foundation date 1986
  • Former use banana ripening room
  • Total surface 4.500 m2

  • Passerelle is the result of a meeting of art
    lovers, committed to activity in their town. It
    is a raw, naked industrial site, whose
    exceptional large spaces and natural lighting
    provide artists a good material for spatial
    expression, modifying perceptions and traditions.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary music, theatre, dance, visual art,
    heritage/architecture, literature/poetry...

Mejeriet ( Lund- Sweden)
  • Foundation date 1987
  • Former use dairy
  • Total surface 2.200 m2

  • Mejeriet is a multicultural venue with an
    emphasis on music of all kinds. Mejeriet takes a
    special interest in youth-culture but strives to
    be a meeting place for all generations both
    amateur and professional. Mejeriets goal is to
    offer a broad variety of cultural activities and
    to stimulate creativity.
  • Activities
  • Visual arts, theatre, dance, music, circus,
    multimedia, cinema, video, pedagogic film-shows
    for school....

  • From the 90s till today

Culture Commune (Loos en Gohelle - France)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use former bank mine of the basement
  • Total surface about 30.000 m2

Culture Commune set out for the necessity of
establishing an ambitious cultural project for
the people of the coalfield region. One of the
contributing projects is the 11/19 project, an
abandoned mining closed site which has left
behind it a rich human history and industrial
heritage. The Centre has installed its
headquarters there and pursued its inter-communal
artistic action through a new tool  The
Theatrical Factory, a place for artistic
research, production and meetings between artists
and the public. Activities Theatre, dance,
street performing art, circus, music, urban
culture, youth activities, lecture, multimedia,
The Drum (Birmingham - England)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use Bingo Hall
  • Total surface 548 m2

  • The Drum is the National Centre for Black British
    culture and arts. Dedicated to developing and
    promoting contemporary art and culture of British
    African, Asian and Caribbean communities. The
    Drum aims to 
  •  - support the development of contemporary Black
    artistic practice 
  • - involve people from every section of the
    community in cultural activities that educate,
    inform, entertain, challenge and delight them.
  • Activities
  • Comedy, dance, digital arts, drama, literature,
    music, visual arts and media...

LAntre-Peaux /Emmetrop (Bourges - France)
  • Foundation date 1992
  • Former use building Leiseing
  • Total surface n/a

  • This was initially a group of Bourges Art College
    students and a few individuals from various
    artistic circles who decided to create an
    association to escape from the closed circuit of
    the art school and turn the everyday world into a
    place for experimenting concentrated in the urban
    social arena. The driving force for its wide
    range of actions stems from sixteen years of
    human adventure  team spirit, independence, the
    promotion of young creativity, of emerging
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, music, visual arts,
    circus, multimedia, presse....

Les Mémés fondateurs de
lassociation (Montpellier, mars 1992)
Lugar Comum (Barcarena - Portugal)
  • Foundation date 1999
  • Former use gunpowder factory
  • Total surface 2.000 m2 within 44 acres

  • This multi-purpose place, allowing presentations,
    finds its core on the different stages of each
    artistic project. Lugar Comum
    promotes and lodges young creators from all
    contemporary artistic domains. The inter, multi
    and trans-disciplinary proposals are a priority.
    The creation of a network gathering creators,
    technicians, thinkers, scientists, producers, is
    vital for them.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary dance, music, theatre, visual art,

Interzona (Verona - Italy)
  • Foundation date 1992
  • Former use former Verona General Warehouses
  • Total surface 10.000 m2

  • Among its aims is the improvement of run-down
    buildings with urban, architectural features, and
    emblematic areas from Verona's recent past,
    earmarked to be restored to a cultural,
    associative use for the town's inhabitants as a
    whole. It is open to all non- institutional art
  • Activities
  • Music, theatre/cinema, new-media, visual art,
    book areas....

La Laiterie (Strasbourg - France)
  • Foundation date 1992
  • Former use dairy industry
  • Total surface 13.000 m2

  • La Laiterie is a project site, defending a single
    cause  that of Art, Culture and its relation
    with the people. La Laiterie is undertaking new
    steps towards relations between the artistic
    approach and the people (Cultural Development of
    Neighbourhoods) it is a place for forms of
    artistic expression that are still rejected by
    art museums  Raw Art, Graffiti.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, music, visual arts,
    multimedia, street performing arts,
    literature/writing/, cinema/audiovisuel,

Les Labos (Aubervilliers - France)
  • Foundation date 1994
  • Former use ball bearings factory
  • Total surface 1.000 m2

  • In the Quatre-Chemins neighbourhood of
    Aubervilliers, Les Laboratoires has provided a
    workspace and research space for artists for some
    years now. In March 2001, the association's
    chairman, choreographer François Verret,
    entrusted three people, Yvane Chapuis, François
    Piron, and Loïc Touzé, with the job of planning
    and constructing a new artistic project on this
    site for research and reflection whose driving
    force is artists with their practices.
  • Activities
  • - Contemporary dance, theatre, music
  • - Visual arts
  • - Literature
  • - Press

LEchangeur (Bagnolet - France)
  • Foundation date 1996
  • Former use sewing studio
  • Total surface 600 m2

  • As an alternative, shape-shifting,
    multidisciplinary site, a true laboratory of the
    unexpected, lEchangeur tries to cut across
    different art forms and test out new artistic
    expression languages that go beyond the
    traditional picture frame. LEchangeur wants to
    contribute to encouraging the expression of
    differences, the free circulation of ideas, the
    sharpening of awareness by encouraging people to
    frequent the arts and artistic practices.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, music
  • visual arts
  • multimedia
  • street performing arts.....

LEchangeur (Fère en Tardenois - France)
  • Foundation date 1991
  • Former use (construction of a mill in 1920)
    until 1987, Moulin Canard made flour
  • Total surface 2.000 m2

  • L'Échangeur's mission is to support, co-produce,
    and promote artists in such fields as dance,
    music, the plastic arts, and multidisciplinary
    show formats. It assumes its full meaning in the
    relations maintained with a population.
  • Activities
  • Puppet show, contemporary dance, visual arts,
    atypical artists...

Sound Station (Liège - Belgium)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use Jonfosse Train Station
  • Total surface 1.900 m2

  • This former train station has been renovated into
    a very active cultural space. Its multifunction
    system and the various activities on the program
    make the area open to everyone.
  • Il is also a friendly buliding thanks to the
    international cooking in the well known
    restaurant on this Centre.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, music, visual arts....

Bains Connective (Brussels Belgium)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use swimmingpool of Vorst
  • Total surface 800 m2 (in evolution)

  • The building has become a social artistic
    laboratory with the meetings of experimental
    artists. They focuse on alternative projects in
    order to get involved in urban society and to
    rise up ecological, economical, creative issues.
  • Activities
  • Experimental music, contemporary dance,
    architecture, visual arts, solidarity,

La Caserne (Pontoise France)
  • Foundation date 1999
  • Former use military barracks
  • Total surface 44.000 m2

  • The "Caserne" is a cultural, artistic, and social
    location whose objective is to act as a
    crossroads and catalyst for the needs and
    requirements of culturally active people in the
    Cergy-Pontoise urban district.
  • However as a free-lending contract for 5 years,
    this Centre will close by the end of this year.
    It was the biggest pole for artists residencies
    in the Ile de France.
  • The buildings will be destroyed.

Chocolate factory (London- England)
  • Foundation date 1997
  • Former use sweet factory
  • Total surface 10.000 m2

  • Established in 1985, Haringey Arts Council is the
    principal agency for arts and creative industries
    development in the North London area. It leases
    space at the Chocolate Factory to provide studios
    for over 120 local artists, film, music, theatre,
    photography and crafts-based businesses. The site
    is shared with other organisations and
    businesses.The Chocolate Factory is a key centre
    of production for the creative industries in
    North London.
  • Activities
  • - Contemporary theatre, music
  • - Visual art
  • - Multimedia
  • - Cinema/audiovisuel
  • - Literature/poetry
  • - Community/unemployment training-festival.....

Collectif 12 (Mantes la jolie France)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use glaziery
  • Total surface 1.000 m2

  • Collectif 12 is a multidisciplinary collection of
    artists who have come together around a common
    project for developing a production site where
    the public can join in with their creative
    actions. Encouraging the establishment of
    artistic connections with the neighbouring
    townspeople, listening out for their projects and
    accompanying them in their plans for transforming
    their neighbourhood are among the prerogatives of
    Collectif 12.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, visual arts, street
    performing-art, circus, cinema/audiovisual,

Mains dŒuvres (Saint-Ouen France)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use a cultural and sports committee for
    employees of the French firm Valeo
  • Total surface 4.000 m2

  • Mains d'Œuvres is a cultural place open to
    contemporary research in the fields of arts and
    society. This place of work residencies, public
    events, meeting and experiences aims at welcoming
    artists from all disciplines, as well as
    associative and citizen experiences.
  • The functioning of Mains d'Œuvres relies on
    decompartmentalization, interaction, exchange and
    partnership with numerous public and private
    entities. The place is dedicated to all the
    people who seek synergies, interfaces.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary music, theatre, dance,
    heritage/architecture, visual arts, circus,
    street performing-arts, multimedia,
    cinema/audiovisual, radio/television/press,

Kaapelitehdas (Helsinki Finland)
  • Foundation date 1991
  • Former use cable factory owned by Nokia Ltd
  • Total surface 43.000 m2

  • The Cable Factory offers permanent and short-term
    space for all possible fields and forms of art.
    Also commercial events are possible.
  • Activities
  • Visual arts, music, dance, theatre, circus,
    radio, multimedia, drawing, video, architecture,
    photography, ceramic, magazines, children
    activities, disabled people education and art,

Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam Netherlands)
  • Foundation date 1896, cultural use 1992
  • Former use Gasfactory
  • Total surface 16 hectares

  • Wastergasfabriek opened on september 7th 2003,
    but not everything is quite finished.
  • Hosting cultural activities is in fact the key to
    the successful redevelopment of the complex.
  • It is a soil decontamination, park and
    architectural restauration project. The
    Westergasfabriek has thus become a unique project
    showing how existing buildings can be given an
    entirely new use.
  • Activities
  • Theatre, dance, music, photography, training

ZO ( Catania Italy)
  • Foundation date 2001
  • Former use sulphur factory
  • Total surface 1.600 m2

  • Zo is a "factory" planning and producing cultural
    events, connected in the net with similar
    international structures, that promotes the
    diffusion of all contemporary artistic and
    cultural expressions. Zo is a space continously
    changing itself, born in order to receive
    multidisciplinary events introducing each time
    different requirements and characteristics and to
    test, therefore, new ways of presenting events.
  • Activities
  • Music, theatre, dance, video, audiovisual...

Infrastructures/ Facilities
  • Whats happening inside these centres ?
  • What kind of activities and projects do they
    develop and promote?
  • These structures have been rethought in order to
    be adapted to the needs of contemporary art
    forms, and especially to create links between
    artistic creation, society, politics and social
    issues. Therefore, they offer specific
    infrastructures and activities to enhance the new
    cultural and artistic practices in their daily
    use, as for example
  • - artists performances (theatre, dance, music,
    circus, street performing-arts)
  • artists exibitions (visual arts, cinema,
  • festivals
  • educational projects (trainings, debates,
    libraries, resource spaces, citizen initiatives,
  • residencies
  • rehearsals, recording studios

Cafés- Restaurants spaces for conviviality,discus
sions, debates...
Exhibition rooms open to various artistic
Rehearsal rooms for all disciplines working
areas to contribute to artists projects
Concert, Theatre, Dance halls, big tops artists
performances diffusion
Multifunctional spaces according to artists
Artists performances
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Educational projects
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In the rest of the world
  • All over, the same initiatives are growing in
    different contexts,in different facilities, with
    different realities but with the same goal a
    strong mobilization for the artistic sharing
    between artists from different countries and
    between artists and citizen.

La Médiathèque des Diaspora (Cotonou- Bénin)
  • Foundation date 1993
  • Former use building under Martyrdom Square of
  • Total surface n/a

  • Its particularity is to be at the centre of
    artistic information in the region and to be the
    meeting point of numerious artists,
    producers,researchers, journalists. It maintains
    also a technical supervision and a support for
    artists management, young intellectuals and for
    structures looking for professionalism.
  • Thanks to frequent forums, social and regional
    minorities express themselves through festival,
    art and discussions.
  • Activities
  • Dance, theatre, street performing-art, music,
    visual arts, professional formations, education
    and activities for children and disabled people,
    books editing....

Sante Sidi El Houari (Oran- Algérie)
  • Foundation date 1991
  • Former use hospital
  • Total surface 5.000 m2 of which 3.500 m2 built

  • Their purpose was and is to resuscitate the
    history and heritage of the now run-down district
    of Sidi El Houari, Oran's original town centre.
    The association wishes to give Oran youth a
    vehicle for manifesting their desire to build and
    to get involved in the restoration and use of
    this architectural heritage and of their
    musical heritage too.
  • Activities
  • The complex provide an attractive social cultural
  • Traditional music above all arabo
    andalousian,theatre, visual arts, multimedia,
    professional training, workshops, education
    arts for disabled persons, activities for
    children, books editing, artistic education

18th Avenue Artists Compound (Quezon- Philippines)
  • Foundation date 2003
  • Former use Warehouse complex/ Painting press
  • Total surface n/a

  • The Compound offers young artists space to create
    and develop their work amidst an environment of
    community, camaraderie and professional support.
    A fresh and alternative site, it gathers artists,
    students, curators, writers, researchers, other
    members of the art community and the general
    public in a place dedicated to the support of
    Filipino contemporary art.
  • Activities
  • Visual art, educatioanl programs, video (to be

1Aspace (Hong-Kong)
  • Foundation date approximately 2000
  • Former use cattle depot
  • Total surface 200 m2

  • It is a making contemporary visual art
    organization. Its aim is to promote the critical
    dissemination of contemporary visual art
    practices and affiliated artforms through the 1a
    programm of works dawn from Hong Kong and the
    international arena.
  • The art space is known for its experimental
    curatorial approach and creative interaction with
    the public.
  • Activities
  • Visual arts

CAP House (Kobe- Japan)
  • Foundation date establishment of a registered
    organization in april 2002 (preliminary)
  • Former use emigration centre
  • Total surface n/a

  • C.A.P (Conference on Art and Art Projects) is a
    group that seeks to promote cultural activities
    on a non-profit basis. It was formed in 1994 by a
    group of Kansai-based artists as a concern group
    on the city of Kobes art museum project. C.A.P
    has been exploring the possibilities for sites
    that support art in a manner that is closer to
    the artists perspective. It also seeks to
    enhance communication between the art field and
    the public.
  • Activities
  • - Visual arts
  • - Solidarity/Citizenship

Comuna de Pedra (Macau- Macao)
  • Foundation date 1999
  • Former use store Comuna de Pedra
  • Total surface 3.500 m2, plus a court-yard of
    2.000 m2

  • To protestest against an official art competition
    in 1995, a group of artist in Macao had gathered
    and became the core of Comuna de Pedra. Comuna de
    Pedra presents art activities of different art
    forms. In 2001, the group was granted a temporary
    usage of the former Old Lady's Home, which has
    become the base for art events including
    exhibition, performance, lecture and
    artist-in-residence program.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary dance, visual arts

Ruangrupa (Jakarta- Indonesia)
  • Foundation date 2000
  • Former use residence house
  • Total surface 260 m2

  • The main idea was to provide the intimate and
    autonomous art workspace for artists to live and
    work intensively within a period of time. This
    all started from the lack of working space for
    artists. Furthermore, ruangrupa works on
    theoretical investigation about art in relation
    to the social and cultural elements.
  • Activities
  • Visual arts, art journal

FDM- Faites de la musique! and Zest (Montréal-
  • Foundation date 1993
  • Former use fire station/can factory
  • Total surface n/a

FDM- Faites de la musique!
  • FDM ,has noticed that problems encontourned by
    the emergent artists were to be outsiders from
    the official networks, to get a quasi-inexistant
    support concerning creation, diffusion or
    management. Therefore, Emergent-Spaces project
    has been created in order to enhance a democratic
  • Activities
  • Music, visual arts, dance, theatre, street
    performing-arts, literature/poetry, cinema,
    projects with local communities, children

Fonderie Darling (Montréal- Canada)
  • Foundation date 1994
  • Former use foundry
  • Total surface 3.500 m2

  • Quartier Éphémère is a cultural association that
    supports the creation, production and
    dissemination of the work of emerging and
    established visual artists. Working
    simultaneously to preserve architectural and
    industrial heritage, the association establishes
    artists studios, technical facilities and
    exhibition spaces in abandoned or unused
  • Activities
  • Visual art, theatre, multimedia, music

Centre Culturel Aberdeen (Moncton- Canada)
  • Foundation date 1986
  • Former use secondary school
  • Total surface 36.000 feet square

  • Various organisms and artists are working in this
    cultural centre in a cooperating and mutual aid
    around four main sectors creation, production,
    diffusion and education. Aberdeen contributes to
    a quality of life, to an economical development,
    to the institution of a new cultural dynamic in
    Moncton and in the whole country.
  • Activities
  • - Painting, engraving, sculpture
  • - Theatre, dance, music
  • - Cinema, photography, multimedia
  • - Educational centre
  • - Literature
  • - Festivals

The Point (New York- United States)
  • Foundation date 1994
  • Former use historic american banknote complex
  • Total surface n/a

  • The Point is dedicated to youth development and
    the cultural and economic revitalization of the
    Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. They work
    with their neighbours to celebrate the life and
    art of their community, an area traditionally
    defined solely in terms of its poverty, crime
    rate, poor schools, and sub-standard housing.
  • Activities
  • Visual arts, theatre, dance, music, children
    activities, training programs, ecological

Espacio Vacio (Bogota- Colombia)
  • Foundation date 1997
  • Former use storeroom
  • Total surface 300 m2

  • Espacio allows the physical and theoretical
    construction of the space, the opening to the
    public without a predetermined programmation, a
    privilege to the artists autonomy. Espacio Vacío
    is a laboratory where everybody works within a
    team, with links always made with universities,
    students, artists, other existing spaces,
    external institutions, the neighbourhood.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary artistic creation, visual art,
    spatial practicies...

In Central and Eastern Europe
Cultural Centre Lamparna (Labin Croatia)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use coalmine
  • Total surface 1.100 m2

  • The goal is to preserve the important part of the
    history of the site and to promote it through
    culture and art.
  • Concert space for 1500 people, cybercafé, café
    and galerie are only some of the things that
    LAMPARNA offers to its visitors today. Number of
    Croatian popular and demo bands have played
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, music, multimedia,
    visual arts, street performing-arts, cinema,
    radio, poetry, literature, solidarity....

Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art
- NPAK Yerevan- Armenia
  • Foundation date 1992
  • Former use Has been constructed as performing
    center, but had never been used as such before.
  • Total surface 1.418 m2

  • Its mission is to support and promote alternative
    and experimental art in Armenia, and to present
    it to the Armenian public, as well as taking
    Armenian avant-garde art to international forums,
    exhibitions, festivals, etc. NPAK has been
    responsible for first ever participation of
    Armenia at Venice Biennale, in 1995, and ever
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, avant-garde music,
    architecture, visual arts, cinema, street

Society Free Culture (St Petersburg-Russia
  • Foundation date 1989
  • Former use abandonned building
  • Total surface 1.400 m2 (1/4 part of a huge
    building 16.000 m2)

  • The SFC operates as a creative union of
    contemporary artists, musicians and other
    creative cultural workers. Now it has built a
    center of contemporary art - the Cultural Center
    Pushkinskaya 10.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, music, dance, visual arts,
    multimedia, literature/poetry, press...

Pekarna Magdelenske Mreze (Maribor-Slovenia)
  • Foundation date 1994 squat/ 1996 existing legal
  • Former use ex-military bakery
  • Total surface 6.000 m2

  • It supports civil-social initiatives and
    multicultural cooperation, formal established in
    1996 by three different existing associations
    (Association of dolphine friends, Alternative
    music workshop, Gallery house).
  • Activities
  • Exibitions, performances, concerts, cinema.
  • An independent project INFOPEKA which collects,
    edits and offers information (education,
    employment, media...) for youth between the age
    of 14 and 27 and also to parents, teachers and
    other interested public.

The Red House- Centre for Culture and Debates
  • Foundation date opening after renovation (?
    depuis 2002 pê est-il ouvert)
  • Former usehouse and atelier of the sculptor
    Andrej Nikolov  atelier for other sculptors
  • Total surface 1.270 m2

  • It is a multifunctional cultural and
    socio-political centre. It is designed as a space
    where artistic experiment and public debate on
    "hot" socio-political issues meet. After the
    reconstruction of the building, the Centre for
    Culture and Debate will be located in the
    house-atelier of the great Bulgarian sculptor of
    the first half of the 20th century Andrej
    Nikolov. Our aim is to bring life again in this
    unique space.
  • Activities
  • - Contemporary theatre, dance, music
  • - Heritage/ architecture
  • - Visual arts/ multimedia
  • - Cinema, audiovisual, television, radio
  • - Literature, poetry, press
  • - Solidarity/ citizenship

Rex ( Belgrad- Serbia)
  • Foundation date 1994
  • Former use Jewish community house, cinema,
    staorage space
  • Total surface 300 m2

  • REX is a laboratory for research of new fields of
    culture, starting from the fact that Belgrade
    needs many places where it can develop its
    artistic potentials. Being actively involved in
    current social and political movements, REX has
    offered the possibilities where official
    institutions couldn't or didn't want to offer.
    The centre is a member of the TEH.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, music, multimedia,
    visual arts, heritage/architecture,

STANICA,Truc sphérique (Zilina-Slovaquia)
  • Foundation dateTruc Sphérique has been created
    on 1998 September 30th. The space  Stanica 
    opened on 18 September 2003.
  • Former use one- stored
  • building
  • Total surface 950 m2

  • Young professionals from contemporary arts and
    culture as well as social work and art therapy
    create Truc sphérique, with the aim to develop
    creativity to be open to the new forms of art. It
    organizises a film festival and is also a
    producer and organizer of a few international
    theatre, visual art and dance projects, short
    fiction and documentary films.
  • Activities
  • Creative workshops, theatre, reading, educational
    programs, voluntary centre...

Toaca Cultural Foundation (Bucharest- Romania)
  • Foundation date 1996 foundation- 2000 Toaca
  • Former use Cultural House
  • Total surface 400 m2

  • TOACA Studio intends to create an alternative
    framework for contemporary arts - focusing on
    three major components  1. Education  artistic
    education and cross-disciplinary training 2.
    Creation  arts productions, co-productions,
    supporting artists to develop their own projects
    as freelancers 3. Presentation - creating
    different cultural events.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, dance, music,
    architecture/heritage, visual arts, educational

Trafo (Budapest-Hungary)
  • Foundation date 1998
  • Former use transformer station
  • Total surface 1.200 m2

  • "TRAFÓ - House of Contamporary Arts" is the first
    place in Hungary that accommodates all forms of
    contemporary artistic expressions. It provides
    excellent conditions for artistic creation and
    inspires collaboration between artists working in
    all kind of media.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary dance, theatre, music, visual arts,
    multimedia, literature, architecture,
    cinema/audiovisual, circus...

MOZG (Bydgoszcz- Poland)
  • Foundation date 1994
  • Former use n/a
  • Total surface 800 m2

  • Mozg was established in 1994 with a main aim to
    promote contemporary arts as well as create a
    supportive environment for interested artists.
    Indeed, the people who are running the space are
    artists themselves. Artists are always chosen
    according to their artistic merit.
  • Activities
  • - Contemporary theatre
  • - Music
  • - Visual arts
  • - Cinema/video

Culture Information Centre K_at_2 (Liepaja-Latvia)
  • Foundation date 2000
  • Former use naval head quarters
  • Total surface ? (erreur sur le site)

  • It is a Culture and Information center that will
    try to cover a wide spectra of cultural
    activities for children and youth in the area and
    artists, writers, film and theatre people from
    other cities and countries. The aim with this is
    to give a chance for inhabitants in Karosta to
    work in a creative way and provoke this
    creativity through culture activities. We believe
    that the work done by K_at_2 will help to solve also
    social-economical questions as well as the
    integration of the society.
  • Activities
  • Contemporary theatre, music, cinema, radio,
    televison, heritage/architecture, visual arts,
    circus, literature/poetry, solidarity/citizenship,

Arts Printing House (Vilnius- Lithuania)
  • Foundation date in project
  • Former use Printing House
  • Total surface 3.300 m2

  • This Centre is the first space in Lithuania
    easily accessible for independent,
    non-governmental organisations, short term
    project groups with a view to developing and
    introducing performing arts projects. The
    priority of this centre is implementation of new
    alternative pilot projects with low budget, is to
    maintain the synergy of modern arts and cultural
    initiatives with public processes.
  • Activities
  • Performing arts, contemporary music, debates on
    different arts and culture issues, educational
    training programs...

  • Thanks to its availability, its guidance through
    its online resource centre and its documentation
    centre based at Mains dOeuvres (Saint-Ouen/
    France), Artfactories encourages and supports the
    establishment, development, and structuring of
    new sites through the sharing of resources
    between different cultural players.
  • It also spreads the virus of these new artistic
    values to society at large and brings out the
    value of architectural spaces, adapted to
    ever-changing creative needs and to public

  • Artfactories
  • Address c/o Mains dŒuvres
  • 1 rue Charles Garnier
  • 93400 Saint-Ouen
  • France
  • Tel 33 (0) 1 40 11 64 14
  • Fax 33 (0) 1 40 11 25 24
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