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Town Hall Silver Spring


Town Hall Silver Spring – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Town Hall Silver Spring

Town HallSilver Spring
  • VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN
    (Ret.)Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and
    Atmosphere NOAA Administrator
  • January 20, 2005

Menu Slide
  • NOAAs Vision and Mission
  • Leadership Changes
  • Corporate NOAA
  • Employee Information
  • Updates
  • NOAA Budget
  • Current Events
  • Hurricane Response
  • NOAA in the Media
  • Ocean Action Plan
  • Challenges / Opportunities
  • One NOAA

NOAAs Vision
  • An informed society that uses a comprehensive
    understanding of the role of the oceans, coasts
    and atmosphere in the global ecosystem to make
    the best social and economic decisions

NOAAsMission Goals
  • To understand and predict changes in the Earths
    environment and to conserve and manage coastal
    and marine resources to meet the Nations
    economic, social and environmental needs
  • Mission Goals
  • Protect, restore, and manage the use of coastal
    and ocean resources through an ecosystem approach
    to management
  • Understand climate variability and change to
    enhance societys ability to plan and respond
  • Serve societys needs for weather and water
  • Support the Nations commerce with information
    for safe, efficient, and environmentally sound
  • Provide critical support for NOAAs mission

NOAA Leadership Changes
  • Corporate Functions
  • EducationLouisa Koch
  • Legislative AffairsEric Webster
  • Military AffairsCAPT (sel) R. Scott Steadly, USN
  • Decision Coordination Office Program
    Coordination OfficeTim McClung
  • Operating Branches
  • OARDr. Rick Spinrad
  • NOSJack Dunnigan
  • Program Goal Leads
  • EcosystemSteve Murawski (NMFS) (A)
  • Weather WaterGeorge Smith (NWS)
  • Commerce TransportationCAPT Steven Barnum
    (NMAO) (A)
  • Mission Support
  • Satellite ServicesGary Davis (NESDIS) (A)

Organizational chart available at
Corporate NOAA
Corporate NOAA
Employee Information
  • Workforce Management
  • QuickHire continuing to makeimprovements.
  • Contract expires Sept. 2006 We are working
    with Department of Commerce tocreate the best
    Statement ofWork to improve current systemor
    purchase better system.

QuickHire Login Screen
Employee InformationPay Banding Demonstration
  • NOAA working with Office of Personnel Management
    (OPM) to expand participation under the
    guidelines used by the DOC Pay Banding
    Demonstration project
  • In order to make this demo project permanent,
    NOAA is seeking OPMs approval to change from a
    demo project to an Alternate Personnel System
  • OPM has the next action
  • NOAA Workforce Management Staff meeting with OPM
    on January 26, 2006.
  • Pending positive meeting with OPM, NOAAs
    Workforce Management Office will conduct the
    necessary management and employee briefings,
    including negotiating terms with our bargaining

Employee Information5-Level Performance
Management System
  • Covered Employees GS, Wage System, Wage Marines
  • Linking individual performance with NOAA goals
  • Performance Awards linked to achievement of NOAA
  • Rollout
  • 11/05 03/06 union briefings, negotiations
  • 04/06 08/06 employee, managers training
  • 09/30/06 closeout of two-level system
    five-level effective 10/01/06

Employee Information NOAA Aviation Safety
  • November 29, 2004 Safety Stand-Down
  • July 1, 2005, Aviation Safety Policy, Executive
    Council approved
  • Full implementation required by October 1, 2006
  • Establishes a corporate NOAA Aviation Safety
    Board Aviation Safety Program
  • Brings NOAA into compliance with 41 Code of
    Federal Regulation102-33 Management of
    Government Aircraft
  • Provides for Aviation Safety Management
  • Interim Directive continuing safety stand-down

NOAA Combined Federal Campaign
Donations as of 1/18/06 Donations as of 1/18/06 Donations as of 1/18/06
NOAA Contribution 689,527
2005 Goal 651,115
of Goal 106
Parking at SSMCParking charge structure for
County Garage 58
  • Changes go into effect February 1
  • County will make similar changes throughout all
    County controlled parking lots
  • NOAA has no control over the changes, nor the
    effective date
  • Changes also coming to Foulger-Pratt Parking lot
    in SSMC IV
  • Public QA for NOAA employees, Thursday, January
    26th, 1230-130, NOAA Science Center Auditorium
  • Send questions and concerns to at

Silver Spring Traffic Light
  • Light for Pedestrian Crosswalk at East-West
  • East-West Highway is a State Highway and it is
    anticipated that the project will be completed by
    the middle of February
  • Montgomery County has responded to our concern
    over the pedestrian crossing
  • May impact traffic at peak times
  • Compromise for safety

  • Office of CommunicationsGoal to provide
    effective communications both within and outside
    of NOAA
  • Required notification to Hill on Office of
    Communications is at DOC
  • Chief Administrative Office working necessary
    steps to make Communications Office a reality
  • National Oceanographic Data CenterCelebrates 45
    Years this Week
  • Weekly Emails

NOAA Budget
NOAA Budget
( in Billions)
NOAA FY06BudgetTop 20 Impacts
Activity ( in millions) LO 06 PB 06 Conf Delta Comments
1 Absorbing Pay Raise of 3.1 NOAA (8.0) Absorbing 3.1 Pay Raise amounts to 10M cut.
2 Across the Board Rescissions NOAA (36.0) (36.0) 11M across the board cut and 25M carry over cuts.
3 Base Operations Systems OM NWS 745.3 730.2 (15.1) Cut Systems OM, Wx Research, AHPS, Air Quality Forecasts and did not correct labor issue.
4 DOC Working Capital Fund PS 40.7 34.0 (6.7) Cut could increase direct bills for Line Offices.
5 NOAA Facilities Maintenance PS 22.0 11.0 (11.0) Delays backlog of repair actions. Boulder rent issue.
6 Space Environment Center NWS 7.2 4.0 (3.2) Reprogramming needed to avoid staffing cuts.
7 NOAA Corps Salaries OMAO 4.3 0.0 (4.3) Payment from Line Offices not funded.
8 Data Centers NESDIS 33.6 25.1 (8.4) Reprogramming needed to avoid staffing cuts.
9 Rent Payments OAR 1.5 0.0 (1.5) Rent for Norman was not funded.
10 FSV 2 Completion OMAO 5.8 5.8 0.0 Funds equitable adjustment not vessel completion.
NOAA FY06BudgetTop 20 Impacts (contd.)
Activity ( in millions) LO 06 PB 06 Conf Delta Comments
11 Galveston Lab NMFS 2.0 0.0 (2.0) Delays completion of 3 year repair effort.
12 HPCC Computing OAR 12.9 6.4 (6.5) Impacts research computing and NOAA comms capacity.
13 Climate Observations OAR 69.2 39.9 (29.3) Delays GEOSS and impacts critical climate research.
14 NURP Centers OAR 10.5 4.2 (6.3) Could force closure of 3 East Coast Centers.
15 Response Restoration NOS 16.4 10.0 (6.4) Defers creation of 7th NRT.
16 National Sea Grant Program OAR 61.2 55.3 (5.9) Impacts critical ocean research activities.
17 Protected Resources NMFS 30.9 26.0 (4.9) Impacts ESA Section 7 Consultations.
18 Pacific Salmon Fund NMFS 90.0 67.2 (22.8) Alaska fully funded in mark, impacts other States.
19 GOES Satellites NESDIS 240.5 221.7 (19.1) Defers HES Instrument from 2012 to 2014.
20 Ocean Exploration OAR 22.7 13.8 (8.9) Impacts OE vessel completion research cruises.
NOAA FY06 Budget Successes
  • NPOESS request funded 100 and increased funding
    for Operations Research and Facilities by 24.6M
    over request
  • 8M increase for Great Lakes Habitat Restoration
  • Marine Operations and Services funded at 111.3M
    and increase of 11.5M over request including
    full year days at sea for HIIALAKAI and OSCAR
  • Fully funds Tsunami Warning Network and includes
    earmarks for enhanced program
  • 54.6M Emergency Supplemental Funds for Katrina
    and future hurricane related costs
  • Procurement Acquisition and Construction request
    fully funded including Supercomputing, NEXRAD,
    ASOS, AWIPS, WFO Construction
  • Includes 27M to construct joint NOAA/NASA
    facilities for the National Data Buoy Center

One NOAA vs. Budget Year 2007
  • In FY06.

NSF 5.6B
NASA 16.5B
  • NASA vs. NWS
  • NASA vs. OAR
  • NASA vs. NOS
  • NASA vs. NMFS
  • NSF vs. NWS
  • NSF vs. OAR
  • NSF vs. NOS
  • NSF vs. NMFS
  • NSF vs. NESDIS

Current Events
Hurricane Response
  • One NOAA response
  • Forecasts
  • Wetland assessment (satellites)
  • Citation flights digital imagery
  • Navigation Response Teams
  • Oil spill response
  • Environmental assessment cruises

NOAA in the Media
Max Mayfield
Robert Ricks
2006 NOAA Heritage Week
  • Treasures of NOAAs Ark Pioneers People and
  • Exhibit open February 6th-11th
  • 1100am-400pm NOAA Science Center

For more information
NOAA Education
  • NOAAs Environmental Literacy Grants Program
  • Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship
    Program (new in 2005)
  • Approximately 100 Scholarships last year
  • Interagency Ocean Education Coordination
  • Expand NOAAs Authority for Education and
  • NOAA Organic Act

GEOSSIntegrated Observations Data Management
GEO Moves ForwardWorking Towards Implementation
  • Received approval for formal GEO organization and
    10-year implementation plan
  • Held GEO-I in May 2005, and GEO-II in December
  • New GEO Secretariat Director, Jose Achache
  • Agreed to 2006 Work Plan and adopted a budget
  • Formally created GEO Committees
  • GEONETCast as tangible near term project to
    implement GEOSS
  • United States announced intention to move GOES
    satellite to a position to help offset the lack
    of sounder data over South America

Ocean Action Plan Progress
  • Legislation Transmitted
  • NOAA Organic Act Establishing NOAA within DOC
  • National Offshore Aquaculture Legislation
  • Reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act
  • Improved Governance
  • Improve Federal Coordination and Governance
  • Support Regional Partnerships
  • Support Marine Transportation
  • Earth Observations
  • Building an Integrated Ocean Observation System
    to support GEOSS

Ocean Action Plan Next Steps
  • Reinforce Regional Partnerships
  • Gulf of Mexico Alliance
  • Northeast Regional Ocean Council
  • Align Federal Actions for Coastal Development and
  • Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping
  • Integrated Ocean Observing System

NOAA Leadership
NOAA Opportunities
  • NOAAs Policy on Partnerships in the Provision
    of Environmental Information
  • NOAA Transition of Research to Operations/Applicat
  • Providing Clear and Easy Discovery of, and Access
    to, Data and Information Products
  • Incorporating the Capability to Measure
    Biological Data in Observing Systems including
    Data Policy and Management of Data
  • Sanctuary Designation of the Northwest Hawaiian

NOAA Opportunities Recapitalization
  • Operational Satellites
  • Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellites-R
  • National Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites
  • Fleet and Aircraft Modernization
  • Observing Infrastructure
  • Surface Observations
  • Ocean Observations
  • Facilities Construction and Maintenance
  • NOAA Satellite Operations Facility
  • National Weather Center Building-Norman, Oklahoma

SES Summit III
  • Highlights
  • Straight Talk
  • Stockdale Paradox
  • One NOAA

The Stockdale Paradox
Confront the most brutal facts of your current
reality, whatever that might be.
Retain faith that you will prevail in the end
AND at the same time
Admiral Jim Stockdale
  • NOAAs mission is complex, involving biological,
    chemical, and physical issuesall intertwined.
  • Large-scale (regional to global)
    multidisciplinary studies are necessary to
    achieve understanding of our environment.
  • A collective NOAA is critical to completing our
    mission and solving the major environmental
    challenges that face our nation and planet.

Communication is KeyBreaking the Bubbles
The Future Is Bright!
  • NOAA is
  • An Effective, Successful Organization With
    World-wide Recognition
  • Composed of Talented, Experienced Dedicated
  • Critical to Meeting the Nations the Worlds
    Economic Environmental Challenges
  • Organizationally Positioned to Provide Leadership
  • Where Science Gains Value
  • NOAA is All of Us Working Together With a Unified
    Vision Consistent Message

Thank you for your service!
Got Questions...?
For information on other NOAA activities http//w
Backup Slides
  • VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN
    (Ret.)Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and
    Atmosphere NOAA Administrator

Current ChallengesPresenting One NOAA
  • NOAA is one of the best-kept secrets in

Its remained a collection of somewhat separate
agencies as opposed to a coherent whole.
  • Andrew Rosenberg, member of the Commission on
    Ocean Policy and former deputy director of NOAA
    Fisheries.Government Executive, August 1, 2005

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